ubottuYou have lag, I don't have lag17:32
Picik1l_: did you pm bereiyx ?17:39
k1l_Pici: no17:41
wevahello guys, I just received continuous harassment from this user: http://is.gd/ScukAb, http://is.gd/LL0VEr17:42
wevanow ignored, but wanted to report17:43
k1l_yes, please tell #freenode so the admins can get hold of him17:43
wevak1l_ haha, I already did, the way they got hold of him was to tell me to use /ignore,  not taking any further action as "they cannot enforce morality"17:46
geniiJust updated the #kubuntu !ops call to reflect current operators active there23:33
bazhang@random okbro HURD emacs23:37
bazhangsack this bot immediately!23:37
valorieemacs = foreign OS23:38
bazhangsuperb os and irc cleint, sucky no editor23:39
valoriemy apologies to all those of the emacs religion23:39
bazhangand by that we mean CHU23:43
bazhangI wonder if he has gesundheit on highlight23:44
valoriebless you23:51
geniibazhang: Almost certainly "lisp" anyhow23:52
bazhanggenii, he could get that corrected with some dental surgery!23:52
genii< rolls eyes>23:53

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