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ponyofdeathI think ubuntu iproute2 might be too old for 4.301:04
a1faanyone running autossh, if so where did you put your startup script?01:48
a1facron, if-up.d, init.d ;} choices choices choices01:50
jak2000hi all04:42
jak2000anyone can guide me for install a ubuntu server04:44
jak2000i want try with lvm partitions04:44
tonyyarussojak2000: What do you need guiding on?05:13
jak2000i am created a lvm disk 18gb05:14
jak2000have 3 more05:14
jak2000how to add it to any partition05:15
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jak2000wich is wrong: http://pastie.org/10525809   not start the eth0 i need type this command for have network: sudo ifconfig eth0 up05:55
jak2000why not take automatically the configuration?05:55
jak2000adun153 hi06:05
jak2000wich is wrong: http://pastie.org/10525809   not start the eth0 i need type this command for have network: sudo ifconfig eth0 up    why not take automatically the configuration?06:05
adun153jak2000: Think of ifconfig as "manual" manipulation of the interface06:06
adun153what you want is "ifup eth0"06:06
jak2000but how do the changes permanently?06:07
jak2000why i need type ifup eth0?06:07
adun153Whatever is in /etc/network/interfaces is "permanent", when your computer boots up again, the settings will take effect06:08
jak2000its ok: http://pastie.org/10525809     ?06:08
adun153but it's just a text file. If you made the changes just now, you need the interface's running config to change.06:08
jak2000i restarted the server06:09
jak2000and not bring  up the network card06:09
adun153I see that there is a "safe" in there06:09
adun153I'm not familiar with that config option06:09
adun153Did it work?06:12
adun153no prob. :)06:14
alkisgHi, I want to see if this idea makes sense... I'd like to have a server in the link-local ipv6 address of fe80::1 so that the clients can reach it more easily (no control over the dhcp etc). Can the server have 2 link-local addresses? If not, is it a problem if I use only the fe80::1 one?06:55
theptri have an ubuntu server 14.04 i worked with iptables what is nice . Now i want to start with ufw . is it possible to import the rules in ufw ?09:19
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mdeslaurrbasak: I'm working on sponsoring the mariadb security update. Any plans to merge it from debian into xenial?15:04
rbasakmdeslaur: otto looks after that. I think I hold the lock on the merge probably though. I need to catch up with status but no plans this week.15:13
dannfhallyn: fyi, just e-mailed you another patch for qemu that'd help in backporting15:15
hallyndannf: ok, thx.  will be looking in the evening15:15
mdeslaurrbasak: ok, thanks, i'll upload the same change to xenial than, and someone can re-merge the debian differences at a later time15:22
EmilienMcoreycb, zul, jamespage: have you tested openstack gnocchi & aodh in trusty/liberty ? gnocchi looks absent and aodh broken15:49
jamespageEmilienM, nope they where autosyncs from Debian15:49
jamespageEmilienM, and indeed gnocchi is missing still for liberty15:49
EmilienMjamespage: so aodh should be good now? (if debian fixed it)15:50
jamespageEmilienM, generally my team will only have tested stuff in Ubuntu main - anything else ymmv15:50
jamespageEmilienM, there was a  fix on release day to aodh that I synced over from Debian15:51
EmilienMjamespage: ok, trying again. Thanks15:51
jamespageanything since then - we don't have in liberty at least15:51
herrkinTJ-, hello, are you arround?16:13
herrkinI have a problem with a program that has to execute like a service but as soon as I log out it exits16:14
herrkinI need it to remain active, even at startup16:14
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sarnoldwhy not write an upstart or systemd or whatever startup file for it?16:15
patdk-wksounds like work16:16
herrkinsarnold, I am using pm216:26
herrkinI am not sure it is using the correct parameters16:26
herrkinit created 2 files for the startup.16:26
herrkinI can share it here16:26
herrkinit created a file in /etc/initd called pm2-init.sh16:28
herrkinso I can do sudo service pm2-init.sh start and it works16:28
herrkinthe thing is it wont start up with the system16:28
sarnoldaha, great, then you've got the thing to start from :)16:29
sarnoldwhat error messages do you get?16:29
herrkinI cant see errors, there are no error logs16:29
herrkinthen if I log with my user and do pm2 start it starts like it wasnt online (it wasnt) if I log out from ssh the app stops16:30
herrkinif I log back again I have to do a start again..16:30
sarnolduse 'service pm2 start' instead16:30
herrkinits the same16:30
herrkinI just tried16:34
herrkinit behaves the same16:34
herrkinthe pm2-init.sh file has a variable called user which I populate the name of my user.16:34
sarnoldaha; do you get any messages logged to syslog?16:35
sarnoldcan you pastebin the pm2-init.sh?16:35
herrkinhow do I see the syslog? sorry for the ignorance16:35
herrkinplease remind me of the termbin expresion, its easier that way16:35
sarnoldre: syslog, that's "less /var/log/syslog"16:36
sarnoldherrkin: pastebin refers to sites like http://paste.ubuntu.com/16:36
sarnoldherrkin: you can use the "pastebinit" program from the "pastebinit" package to easily submit files and terminal output to pastebin sites16:36
herrkinok hold on a sec16:37
herrkinthis is my syslog16:39
herrkinthere seem to be nothing from pm216:40
sarnoldhow about grep -r pm2 /var/log --- does that show where it is logging?16:41
herrkinthis is my pm2-init.sh file16:41
herrkinI have a log file in my home folder16:41
herrkinit doesnt show any errors, nothing16:42
herrkinlike it didnt execute16:42
herrkinI think I am seeing the error.16:43
herrkinit says permission denied to my home directory16:43
herrkinthis command you gave me last shows some errors in /var/log/boot.log16:45
herrkinerror: connect EACCESS /home/saecosoft/.pm2/rpc.sock16:45
sarnoldherrkin: try ls -l /home/saecosoft/.pm2 /home/saecosoft/.pm2/rpc.sock16:47
herrkinwhat does it do?16:48
herrkinI am also seeing that even when I say in pm2-init to use saecosoft user it uses root anyway16:49
herrkinso that may be the problem16:49
herrkinI probably need to reinstall pm216:50
herrkindelete all the .pm2 folders including /root/.pm2 just in case16:50
herrkinsarnold, look17:03
herrkinit didnt17:06
herrkinit says starting but it wont start17:06
herrkinno errors17:06
sarnoldbut i'd expect to see an entry for starting the service just after the reboot command :/17:06
herrkinyes it doesnt show anything else17:06
herrkinI have to make it start manually17:06
herrkinits crazy17:06
herrkinlol its driving me crazy17:07
herrkinit stops as soon as I log out, it doesnt matter if I am root or sudo or normal user17:07
sarnoldherrkin: what happens with 'update-rc.d pm2 enable' ?17:08
herrkinor if I use service comand or pm2 directly17:08
herrkinis that a command_17:08
herrkinit says /etc/init.d/pm2 file doesnt exist17:09
herrkinit should look for pm2-init.sh17:09
sarnoldokay, how about update-rc.d pm2-init enable /17:09
herrkinI think17:09
sarnoldyeah, I just wondered since the name field in the insserv headers said it provided pm2..17:09
herrkinit is pm2-init.sh17:10
herrkinit says removing startup liks17:10
herrkinthen it added them again17:10
sarnoldtry another reboot, lets see if it tries to start the service at boot now17:11
herrkinno it didnt17:12
herrkinwait it keeps saying17:13
herrkinEACCESS /home/saecosoft/.pm2/rpc.sock17:13
herrkinok I am going to try something different17:14
herrkinhang on a sec17:14
herrkinI reinstalled pm2 as root and it worked but the list was errored17:17
herrkinit didnt look for /home/user/.pm217:18
herrkininstead /root/.pm217:18
herrkinthen it started but the list had an error17:18
applepiHi all.  Is there any reason that an ubuntu server 14.04.02 installation with a relatively default setup to be ARPing the subnet it's on?17:21
i-make-robotshello, all.  I have a live site on one domain and a test site on another.  When my test site sends emails they get caught by dmarc spam filtering (the test server says "from me@livesite.com" but the server is testsite.com).  How would you fix this so that I could see the emails being sent?17:21
i-make-robotsi really don't want to mess with the tested configs.  Can I change the mail server somehow?17:22
applepiI have an Ubuntu VM running on a windows PC; the IP of the PC ARP'd the subnet it was on last night in the middle of the night, but I can't work out what might have happened17:23
applepiTrying to rule out anything malicious.17:24
applepiMaking ARP requests for every IP on the subnet from 0-25517:28
i-make-robotsno idea17:29
sarnoldapplepi: iirc windows does some duplicate address detection; I don't know how it chooses to implement it though17:31
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herrkinsarnold, using it with the user root seems to work but there seems to be an internal error17:48
herrkinthe boot says to show more type show id17:48
sarnoldherrkin: oh, hooray, progress. I hope it's alright to run the thing as root..17:48
herrkinfor now it is17:49
herrkinbut there is another problem17:49
herrkinthe child app doesnt start17:49
herrkinit says errored17:49
herrkinif I restart the process manually via pm2 restart all it starts17:49
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heysomeonetotal beginner here18:01
heysomeoneI installed an ubuntu-server on a virtual machine18:02
heysomeoneand I can login with it via ssh totally fine18:02
heysomeonebut when I try to open it on the browser, it refuses the connection18:03
sarnolddid you install a web server on the machine? is it configured to listen to the ip address you used? if you used a cloud provider like amazon, did you configure the security groups to allow port 80 traffic too?18:03
heysomeoneum, don't know. I did install a LAMP server18:04
heysomeonebut I didn't configure anything with port8018:05
sarnoldalright, check sudo netstat -nltp and look for programs listening to port 8018:06
heysomeonein my vm?18:06
sarnoldalright, looks like there's no running webserver; do you prefer apache or nginx or something else?18:08
heysomeonewait, I want a lamp18:09
heysomeoneapache mysql and phph18:09
heysomeoneThat's all18:12
sarnoldokay, apt-get install apache2 -- then decide if you want libapache2-mod-php5 or php5-fpm or something else to execute your php -- then install the mysql-server-5.5 or mysql-server-5.6 for whatever version is uspported on your distro18:12
heysomeonesudo apt-get install lamp-server^ did the work18:12
heysomeonethanks a lot for your help!18:12
sarnoldhave fun :)18:15
heysomeoneoh well18:16
heysomeonenow I downloaded moodle to check if it runs18:16
heysomeonehow do I get to the install.php?18:16
heysomeoneor how do I install it?18:16
sarnoldheysomeone: check /usr/share/doc/moodle/README.Debian, it gives some overview18:18
bozeI'm using siege to test a server and I get a buffer overflow. In one of the issue que's it says to make sure your server's thread pool can accommodate the number of users I scheduled. How can I check my servers thread pool?18:52
smartasshi, what is the recommended way to set up cgroups in 14.04.3? cgroup-bin seems to be in some kind of limbo state...19:06
i-make-robotsWhen my test site sends emails they get caught by dmarc spam filtering (the test server says "from me@livesite.com" but the server is testsite.com).  How would you fix this so that I could see the emails being sent?19:33
i-make-robotsi *think* I can call livesite from testsite and say "please send my mail for me", but I don't know how to do that.19:33
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patdk-wkdmarc is a self imposed *issue*20:28
patdk-wkdmarc is not activated unless you ASK for it20:28
patdk-wkdmarc is not spam filtering20:28
acro458Hello, Linux newbie. I am trying to use curl to get the text from a device's webpage. I get a 503 service unavailable error. Where do I begin?20:34
dannfhallyn: thx for the upload!20:48
hallynyw :)20:57
urthmoverwhat would keep the ip addresses of my interfaces from showing up on the ssh banner?21:19
sarnoldit's probably a bad idea to show the ip address in the banner; thanks to port forwarding, NAT, proxies, the IP address that receives the connection may not be the IP address that the client addressed; and it might not be polite (or be useful) to print the IP address in the banner21:21
urthmoversarnold: maybe I misued the term banner.  When I ssh into a fresh ubuntu server I'm faced with the Welcome screen....some servers show the ip address for each interface...other servers do not show ip addresses at all21:23
sarnoldah :)21:24
patdk-wkor whatever that auto update motd package is called21:24
sarnoldurthmover: look into the update-motd manpage21:24
sarnoldaha, in the update-motd package, convenient enough21:25
urthmoversarnold: ok I'll look there thank you21:25
DalekSecsarnold: You won't like my solution (nor do I, been considering it past couple months), but ended up just installing a newer libssl on trusty to fix the incompatibility.  It's not a new SONAME, so shouldn't (and hasn't) caused any issues at least.23:02
sarnoldDalekSec: ooof. indeed, that's not ideal. :)23:03
DalekSecIn no means, but Xenial should be out soon enough and I can track libssl easily enough for a couple months.  I did notice Debian uploaded a new one, with a new SONAME too.23:04

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