khodHow do I find out if I have the newest sdk i intalled with the repo and its version 1.22100:22
khod:-1: error: security_policy_version_matches_framework (game/game.apparmor): 1.2 != 1.3 (ubuntu-sdk-15.04) anyone seen this error before, just trying to run the bacon2d example no changes on my nexus 4 running 15.04 r2601:35
khodah commited bug had to delete some of it for google to find something01:36
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ahayzenkhod, looks like the apparmor profile version is incorrect (not matching your framework) check in your .apparmor file and try changing the policy version to 1.302:09
khodah thanks so much02:10
khoda security policys window pops up allowing me to add to the list but nowhere to change it to 1.302:13
ahayzenkhod, you should be able to select "JSON" and manually type it02:23
ahayzenor just open the file in a plain text editor02:24
khodthanks again02:40
khodthat is fixed but i get this error, module "Bacon2D" is not installed which the template was already there. is there a way to check I thought this was all part of the sdk but i did try to install like the github said02:59
ahayzenkhod, probably best to ask kenvandine when he is about as he has made most of the Bacon2D stuff03:12
khodwill do I talked to him earlier today03:42
khodshould I email (the one from git hub) him or would the most polite way be to wait till he gets back on the irc03:43
nhaineskhod: probably depends on how quickly you need the answer, or if you want to discuss back and forth.03:54
khodgood call i've never got anything solved in one ask, better wait to get more answers haha03:57
nhainesYup.  :)03:58
khodeh, im just a little odd i guess, didn't see when I installed it mentions that what I did is outdated and has a link and now everything works fine. Learning to code is gonna be real hard if I dont read lol and I havent even started yet.04:09
nhaineskhod: well, now you're off to a good start.  :)05:09
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alexforsalecan someone help me with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/13090385/ ?09:15
alexforsalesomehow it doesnt mount the /firmware partition09:16
alexforsalethe device detected by lsusb, but no adb09:16
=== chriadam is now known as chriadam|away
alexforsaleinit: Failed to spawn adbd main process: unable to execute: Permission denied09:18
alexforsalebtw is this the right channel for porting?09:20
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abeatotsdgeos, morning, did you already try silo 9 again?09:32
tsdgeosabeato: yeah i did, the ui freeze is still there09:32
tsdgeosabeato: you can't reproduce it?09:32
abeatotsdgeos, nope09:32
abeatonever happened to me09:32
abeatotsdgeos, is the other error gone?09:32
tsdgeossounds to me you're just doing sync dbus calls that freeze the ui09:32
tsdgeosthe other error was gone since i reworked the code09:33
tsdgeosso i don't know if you fixed it or not09:33
tsdgeosi can try the testcases if you want09:33
abeatowell, I guess you can go back to your older code if you prefer that09:33
tsdgeosabeato: yes the other bugs seem to be fixed, or at least the testcases now work09:38
tsdgeosabeato: want me to record a video of the ui freeze i speak about so you can see it?09:38
abeatotsdgeos, that could we good, also the output of dbus-monitor can be interesing09:39
abeatotsdgeos, how many tracks do you have around?09:39
abeatotsdgeos, btw, I noticed that in some cases the "play" icon does not change to "pause" when starting to play a song from the scope09:41
abeatoalthough the song starts playing09:41
tsdgeosabeato: and can you scroll the list in that case?09:42
tsdgeosabeato: i have 10 tracks09:42
abeatotsdgeos, I play it direvtly from the Music scope09:42
abeatoI see there 2 songs, one from an album with more songs, the other is the only one from that album09:43
abeatono scroll09:44
abeatotsdgeos, re: the freeze please attach output of unity8-dash too09:44
tsdgeosabeato: so you are not following the steps the bug mentions to reproduce09:44
abeatoweird it is only 10, I have actually some more and all is smooth09:45
abeatoI was not talking about the bug09:45
abeato---> I noticed that in some cases the "play" icon does not change to "pause" when starting to play a song from the scope09:45
tsdgeosi don't know what we're talking about :D09:45
abeatoabout that ^^09:45
tsdgeosabeato: yes, it does not change to pause because it's frozen09:45
abeatounity8 is not forzen09:45
tsdgeosyou don't know since you can't scroll09:46
tsdgeosdo you?09:46
abeatoI can09:46
tsdgeoshow do you know it's not frozen?09:46
tsdgeosyou jus said you couldn't because there was no scroll!09:46
abeatoit's a different issue09:46
abeatoI thought you were talking about the scroll in the daparment09:46
tsdgeosok, let's restart :D09:48
tsdgeoswhen you say you press play and it doesn't turn to pause09:48
tsdgeoscan you scroll that view up/down ?09:48
tsdgeoswhile that happens?09:49
abeatoagain, I was talking about a separate issue to the freeze09:49
abeatothe icon never changes09:49
abeatoit is not that there is a delay09:49
tsdgeosnever? i have not seen that09:52
tsdgeoshow do you reproduce it?09:52
abeato2 songs, one is a single, the other is from an album09:52
abeatoplay the one from the album in Music scope09:53
abeatothen play the single09:53
abeatoit starts playing normally09:53
abeatobut the play icon does not change09:53
abeatoadmittedly I do not have the latest version of the scopes silo though09:54
abeatobut I can try to install it09:54
tsdgeosabeato: you play both from the Music scope, that right?10:01
tsdgeosok, i'll have a look later, wonder what it is :/10:04
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Tuesday, and happy Sandwich Day! 😃10:18
Guest42341hi all, i have question11:15
victor_bqHi all11:46
victor_bqany body knows how to gather logs from battery stats¿11:46
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jibelvictor_bq, what do you mean by 'logs from battery stats' exactly ?11:58
victor_bqwell, I just want to know how to pull logs about battery. How it drops for example11:59
jibelvictor_bq, if you want the current status of the battery you can query upower12:00
jibelsomething like : upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_battery12:00
jibelvictor_bq, the kernel also provides data about the state of the battery in /sys/class/power_supply/battery/12:01
victor_bqgreat, does it show battery consumption history or similar?12:01
victor_bqit's ok for now I'll try :)12:02
mcphailI'd like to know if it is possible to tell what has consumed battery over the past 24h. I had an abnormally high drain on Friday12:02
Guest42341power consumption per app would be nice12:02
victor_bqthat's exactly what I want to gather from costumers :)12:02
Guest42341we need more data12:02
victor_bqthat's reported I think12:02
victor_bqohh my mistake, I reported about mobile data consumption per app12:03
jgdxvictor_bq, IIRC this [1] discussion had a lot of good tools/ways of generating data. [1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/powerd/+bug/137241312:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 1372413 in Canonical System Image "Extensive battery drain on RTM" [Critical,Fix released]12:03
victor_bqthank you guys12:04
victor_bqI've got a friend with 60% consumption in idle during the night :o12:05
victor_bqI'll try to get fresh logs12:05
victor_bqGuest42341 I take your suggestion for a bug if is not already reported :)12:06
Guest42341victor_bq, on the stable channel? i have now 0-1% / night on rc-proposed arale12:07
jibelvictor_bq, there is no history AFAIK. But you can do a cron job or a small shell script to gather the data periodically. It won't run when the device is suspended, tough. Best thing to measure real power consumption is a multimeter.12:07
Guest42341victor_bq, the stable is 100 times more buggier than rc-proposed12:07
Guest42341victor_bq, i have no idea why people use the "stable" channel12:07
victor_bqyes, devices on stable channel has this problem :)12:09
ogra_Guest42341, because it gets the most QA12:09
jibelGuest42341, where does your 100 times buggier comes from?12:09
victor_bqall bugfixes from rc-proposed are moved to stable channel so it should be equal right? =)12:10
Guest42341ogra_, you have to live with the bugs for months12:10
Guest42341not than pleasant12:10
Guest42341jibel, random()12:10
ogra_victor_bq, yeah, at OTA ... between the OTAs rc-proposed can indeed be less buggy but is also nearly untested as a whole12:11
Guest42341and besides all the devs probably use the rc-proposed12:11
ogra_the final image tests for an OTA only happen at the end12:11
jibelGuest42341, heh, like the battery graph ;) j/k12:11
mcphailThis was my drain on Friday. Played a podcast in the morning, but otherwise no real use - http://themcphails.uk/drain.png12:12
ogra_wrt battery graph sturmflut once did an interesting research comparing the little-kernel (bootloader kernel) with the actual system kernel and found quite some discrepancies12:12
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ogra_i wonder if many of our issues stem from that12:13
ogra_(and i dont think anyone looked further, but given that the little-kernel actually initializes the hardware that would be my first area to look)12:13
mcphailI've been bitten by differences in what the "phone" thinks the charge is, and what "Ubuntu" thinks. That may be the system vs little kernel issue12:14
mcphailOS was reporting 64% charge, whereas phone would not switch on without USB power as battery flat12:17
popeymcphail, did you use the camera at all?12:17
mcphailpopey: no12:17
popeySomeone at OggCamp said he opened the camera, it froze, he swiped away, and immediately after that he saw dramatic power drain like yours12:17
mcphailpopey: just podbird in the morning12:17
mcphailpopey: might have been the Ubuntu podcast, so I'll blame you12:18
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dholbachhas anyone seen display problems with kernel messages like this on arale? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13091195/12:40
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Mirvrenatu: hey, thanks for testing, please edit the https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/584 and set it to "Ready for QA"14:29
renatuMirv, doing that right now14:30
renatuMirv, thanks for the the fix14:30
renatuMirv, could you check that? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtpim-opensource-src/+bug/146298914:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 1462989 in qtpim-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "containsItems returned wrong value when checking all day event" [Undecided,New]14:30
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Mirvrenatu: ok, I'll provide a PPA for that next14:33
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abeatotsdgeos, I've been digging in the freeze issue, it looks essentially like a storm of dbus calls due to too many qt signals being emitted14:49
abeatotsdgeos, I can mitigate it, but also it looks like the playlist is being re-created each time a song is selected, even if it is already in the current playlist14:50
abeatotsdgeos, so it might be worth making sure that playlists are not recreated in that case and see if performance improves in that case14:51
ahayzenabeato, that sounds possibly similar to the issue i'm having with the music-app freezing/taking ages when you make a playlist for the second time14:52
abeatoahayzen, yep, it is the case I'd say14:53
abeatojhodapp, ^^14:53
ahayzenabeato, what are the steps you are performing to cause this issue?14:53
jhodappoh interesting14:54
jhodappahayzen, don't do that ;)14:54
ahayzenabeato, if its a small playlist (1 album) it seems to be ok, but when 1) click on the first track in Songs (creates playlist 250 tracks) 2) press back 3) click on the first track in Songs (recreates 250 track playlist) it appears to be stuck indefinitely14:54
ahayzenjhodapp, ;-)14:55
abeatoahayzen, well, it triggers doing a playlist for a second time, exactly like that14:55
tsdgeosabeato: yes, the playlist is recreated each time14:55
ahayzenok so we both have the same issue :-)14:55
tsdgeosabeato: it has to be recreated, that's the design14:55
abeatojhodapp, QMediaPlaylist::syncControls() seems to be the main culprit14:56
jhodappabeato, what are you testing when this happens?14:56
ahayzeninternally we would be doing Playlist.addTracks() Playlist.clear() Playlist.addTracks()14:56
abeatotsdgeos, even if you play a song that is already in the list? I know it's a workaround, but might help things14:56
jhodappabeato, syncControls's purpose is to copy the initial networkPlaylistControl's items into our version of the playlist14:56
jhodappwhich are the initial items14:57
tsdgeosabeato: it is because it has to change the order of the tracks14:57
abeatojhodapp, it adds media one by one14:57
abeatowhich is crap14:57
abeatoit should use your new function ;)14:57
abeatotsdgeos, ok, got it14:57
jhodappabeato, update it...syncControls was written before addTracks()14:57
ahayzenabeato, music uses the new function but that still has the issue14:57
ahayzenbut i'm not sure if its causing our saveQueue to be hit for *every* track or something lol14:58
jhodappabeato, I agree14:58
tsdgeosabeato: can't we not do those dbus calls on the main thread so it's not blocked?14:58
jhodapptsdgeos, wouldn't the main thread be the context that would block?14:59
tsdgeosjhodapp: bad english construction, i mean "do dbus calls not on the main thread"15:00
tsdgeossorry ^_^15:00
jhodapptsdgeos, right ok, we'll have to do something like that if we can't get it performant enough15:00
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nhainesI guess the UK hates having cell phones.17:20
Stskeepswonder how that applies to OS makers in UK17:20
zaolin1Yep, that's a good question.17:20
zaolin1I guess all products coming from canonical must have a backdoor...17:26
nhainesPresumably it would only apply to cloud service storage, which Ubuntu doesn't offer.17:27
sil2100alecu, kgunn, Saviq: hey guys, I would need a final decision on which team should be the one 'owning' (subscribed) to the unity-api package: unity-ui-team or unity-api-team17:37
sil2100I want to include unity-api in main and it's required for us to get a proper team owning it17:37
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khodKenvandine, i want a clean template with bacon2d so do i only need to delete from the main.qml and the whole ball.qml?17:40
alecusil2100: sounds like it's unity-api-team17:44
sil2100alecu: hm, I suppose you should become an admin of unity-api-team - does that sound correct?17:45
alecusil2100: yes, it sounds ok17:45
alecusil2100: several people on my team are admins there, so I'll ask to get admin too.17:46
sil2100I'll make you the admin now17:46
Saviqalecu, if you want it, I won't fight you :)17:46
sil2100I would like you guys to sort it out and we can then subscribe the proper team and get it included in main17:46
alecusil2100: thanks17:47
alecusil2100: what's the lp project for that package? https://launchpad.net/unity-scopes-api ?17:48
sil2100alecu: by looking at the commiters, I thought more about unity-ui-team, but looking at the naming, unity-api-team is more fitting17:48
sil2100That's why I wanted you guys to decide who should be the final owner17:48
omgCATSi think there is something wrong with mediascanner17:49
omgCATSit's killing my battery (arale)17:49
* omgCATS from now on i am keeping an eye on what drains the battery 17:50
sil2100Saviq, alecu: if you guys could give me a final decision soonish than I could continue on pushing the MIR request17:55
Saviqalecu, I think we know more about what unity-api is, probably more sense for us to own it17:55
alecusil2100: I think saviq is right17:57
Saviqsil2100, /us, then17:57
sil2100Saviq, alecu: ok, thanks!18:00
sil2100Saviq: ok, I see that since I'm not an admin at unity-ui-team, could you subscribe the unity-ui-team on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-api ?18:00
sil2100Saviq: so that all bug-mail would be sent to that team18:01
sil2100It's a req for main inclusion18:01
Saviqsil2100, done, I think18:01
sil2100Saviq: yes, thanks :)18:01
kenvandinekhod, sure, you can do that18:06
kenvandinekhod, so you started out with the game template?18:06
khodIs there a better way18:10
kenvandinekhod, nope, just making sure it all worked for you :)18:13
khodYes it took me a bit of doing and mostly help in here.18:13
khodI had to go into apparmor as a plain text file and change the number 1.2 to a 1.3 or the app would force close as soon as it opened. That happend on both the desktop and the phone (n4 not an emulator)18:14
kenvandinei guess i need to update the template ;)18:15
khodIn the zip for you main.qml on pathwind i dont see much of anything inside is your main program file somewhere else in the zip?18:27
kenvandinekhod, zip?18:29
kenvandineoh, did you download the source from github as a zip file?18:29
kenvandinekhod, you should look at the ubuntu branch, not master18:31
kenvandinethat's the main qml file18:32
kenvandinenot much too it18:32
kenvandinekhod, this is more interesting https://github.com/kenvandine/pathwind/blob/ubuntu/qml/GameView.qml18:32
kenvandinekhod, and this is the playing scene https://github.com/kenvandine/pathwind/blob/ubuntu/qml/PlayingScene.qml18:33
khodNow were talking!! Thanks again18:34
khodI want to make a side scroller akin to the favorite part of an old snes game18:35
khodBut pathwind will help alot in me finishing it i believe18:36
khodIt will still be very different not trying to step on toes lol18:36
kenvandinekhod, no worries18:38
kenvandineyou should look at the flappy bird example though18:38
kenvandineit's using the newer  API18:38
kenvandinekhod, that flappy bird example uses an InfiniteScrollEntity18:40
kenvandinein fact, that's why we added that component :)18:40
kenvandineit would make pathwind simpler18:40
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kenvandinekhod, basically pathwind is a pretty old example of a bacon2d game, in fact it doesn't even work with the latest version of bacon2d :)18:41
khod2Kenvandine sorry still here judt lost my nick on a disconnect for some reason18:43
khod2I will check flappy bird first the more basic the better18:44
kenvandinekhod2, you can hang out in #bacon2d too18:44
kenvandinepaulvap wrote the flappy bird example, usually hangs on in that channel to18:45
kenvandinenot there now though18:45
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khod2Is zbird the flappy bird game you mentioned kenvandine19:20
khod2I just want to make sure it is the same because he mentioned a flappy bird on touch useing the newer api19:25
kenvandinekhod2, no19:25
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
kenvandinekhod2, https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CB0QFjAAahUKEwjGsPLc_fTIAhXBHT4KHegJAc8&url=https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2Fpaulovap%2Fbacon2d-flappybird&usg=AFQjCNHk-RfYe8KgGRwE3jKHaTXw_jMscw&sig2=dj8YubBUIxJygeBnIXa6mA&bvm=bv.106379543,d.cWw19:25
kenvandinekhod2, ^^19:25
brendandballoons, yoyo19:31
balloonsbregma, oi19:31
brendandballoons, hey i only had the wrong channel :P19:31
khod2Kenvandine It hasn't hit the ubuntu store yet?19:31
* brendand waves at bregma19:32
brendandballoons, i feel an illness coming on, is it possible to shunt my session to thursday?19:32
brendandballoons, better safe than sorry19:32
balloonsbrendand, let's see what space we have19:33
balloonswe certainly can shift it19:33
brendandballoons, i wasn't really prepared anyway so maybe my bodies helping me out :P19:34
brendand no slides you say? quick, a fever!19:34
balloonsbrendand, 1500 on thursday>19:35
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brendandballoons, sorry, yeah that's good20:43
Ubuntouchhow's everyone doin g21:41
Ubuntouchany love for an ASUS Nexus 7 2012 wifi? Not sure what the dev status is for touch on this old tablet. Not in the active dev section or in the abandoned area...21:43
balloonsUbuntouch, the old nexus 7 has a very difficult gpu21:44
=== Foxmaster is now known as zz_Foxmaster
UbuntouchHey, thanks for the reply balloons.21:45
UbuntouchAre there any stale images for this device? Running CGM on it right now and just wanted to play around with touch and get the feel for it, my Nexus 10 is my primary tablet.21:47
Ubuntouchif by "difficult gpu" you mean artifacting/freezing/etc I could probably live with that just to take a look at it, unless you think it will brick/softbrick the tablet.21:48
UbuntouchI thought this thing had an NVIDIA Tegra III?21:50
balloonsthe gpu driver is buggy and also locked down afaik21:55
Ubuntouchbummer, I see on the Tube that people have been installing full on ubuntu on these, I would imagine that would be pretty damned buggy... lol..21:56
UbuntouchThanks for your input balloons. Have a nice day.21:56
balloonsUbuntouch, the 2013 nexus 7 works like a champ21:57
UbuntouchYeah, I still don't want to shell out the 140+ bucks for one, the 10" tablet is more than enough for me atm21:57
Ubuntouchand the 7" was a hand-me-down because of the usb/sound board issue, going to replace that and wanted to mess around with some different OS'es in the meantime.21:58
UbuntouchThanks for the link balloons. By far the best IRC experience I've had in years. People generally just park and PM in virtually every IRC I have joined in the last 10 years... lol...22:01
UbuntouchWhen the live-chat link took me to an IRC room I was like "oh great, (insert cricket chirping sounds)"22:03
dobeythe last images that were built for the grouper (2012 n7) were entirely unusable22:09
dobeyso i wouldn't even waste time trying to get one running on it22:09
UbuntouchYeah dobey, I have been reading up on it and even the sources are deprecated so it's more of a pain in the @$$ than it used to be. I am over it already... lol...22:17
UbuntouchSad though, it's gone the way of my old Moto Electrify 4G... Motorola promised to push ICS to these devices then silently released 2.3.5 OTA which locked the bootloader. All the devs gave up on it due to moto being proprietary jerks22:19

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