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daftykinswindows 7 will no longer be allowed to be sold on PCs as of October 31st 201605:25
mappsthere's eng subs also05:28
MooDoomorning all06:12
knightwisehey everyone07:25
mappshey knightwise07:26
knightwisehey mapps, how are you :)07:27
mappsnot bad pal07:27
mappsgot internet again finally!07:28
mappshad it for a week then it died;907:28
knightwiseyou fell off the broadband planet ?07:34
mappsnow im back in the game07:37
mappsmy tv uses my internet.i get sky/uk chans/beIN:D07:37
mappslike Sergei Lahov said " if it looks like a terrorist, if it walks like a terrorist , if it soeaks like a terorist -- it's a terrosit"07:41
mappsso many spies09:07
mappspeople ask of my facebook and twitter09:07
mappsbut its wothless to most - i speak russian on facebook and twitter is 50/5009:08
mappsno use for them at all:D09:09
ali1234I'm going to buy a USB 3.1 card. should I buy one with type A ports or type C ports?09:12
SuperMattwell nothing uses type c yet, but you may need it in the future09:15
ali1234but i can just use an adapter right?09:15
SuperMattI have no idea09:15
ali1234by the time type C stuff is common i will probably have a new computer with type C ports09:15
SuperMattI remember that it took an age just for usb to take off, so give it about 5 years, and then you'll need something with a type c connector09:17
SuperMatt(please bear in mind that I could be very very wrong)09:17
davmor2Morning all09:28
MooDoohowdy davmor209:29
* zmoylan-pi remembers all the usb ports on 486 systems for years before win95b staggered along and started using them... ;-)09:33
ali1234USB 1.0...09:36
zmoylan-piof course by then i had a super cheap pc so i needed to find a pci card to add usb ports to my amd k6-2 system...09:37
zmoylan-pibut when my boss spent a fortune on a 128mb usb drive it became the most used bit of hardware in the office overnight09:40
davmor2and this is the monstrosity of a song stuck in my head this morning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M6samPEMpM09:41
SuperMatt128M? I couldn't even fit my po^H^H photos on there09:41
zmoylan-pieven if i had to install drivers for every pc in the office to use it from a zip drive/cd09:41
zmoylan-pilast week i picked up a 64gb for €2509:41
davmor2SuperMatt: You have photos of pooh, what about tigger and piglet?09:42
zmoylan-piimpulse purchase at newsagents...09:42
zmoylan-pidon't be silly, he's not interested in silly antics of tigger and piglet09:42
SuperMattyou don't know me!09:51
* zmoylan-pi would have put you down as an eeyore fan... :-)09:53
SuperMattis it because I'm so depressed?09:55
zmoylan-piwho doesn't like a good donkey?09:55
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Tuesday, and happy Sandwich Day! 😃10:17
davmor2JamesTait: I present you with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfR9iY5y94s10:21
davmor2the worlds worst sandwich I doubt even popey would eat one10:21
popeyOoh! Good idea. Marmite for breakfast10:24
zmoylan-pibeetroot sandwiches ::spits::10:25
davmor2popey: Vegemite is like Marmite evil twin10:25
davmor2popey: it's even worse when you don't like Marmite trust me10:25
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:27
JamesTaitdavmor2, how can yo not like Marmite? 😝10:27
davmor2JamesTait: Well it starts with having tastebuds10:28
zmoylan-pichoosing not to eat something that was designed to use up the waste from another industrial process...10:30
JamesTaitSo, you don't like crunchy bites either?10:31
zmoylan-piif i want crunchy i'll chuck a few rashers on my sandwich like god didn't intend :-)10:32
davmor2zmoylan-pi: if god didn't intend it he wouldn't of made pigs from bacon ;)10:37
foobarrymarmite is just matured earwax10:37
mappsi need someone to block betfair10:40
mappsmake me a script i can install10:40
* mapps is an addict10:40
zmoylan-piadd it to block list on your router?10:41
mappsbut i can bypas it10:41
mappsi know i have a problem that why i ask10:41
mappsi wont be posting on instagram or facebuuk10:42
mappsim struggling10:42
MooDooyou're technical, no matter what we suggest, you'll know how to bypass it10:43
mappswhat ca i do10:43
zmoylan-pigamblers anonymous?10:44
mappsim a loser sure - i just need some help10:45
zmoylan-piisn't it better to talk with people who have dealt with the same problem?10:45
mappshsbc an barclays told me i cant get anymore credit10:46
zmoylan-pithere are councillors who could help 1 on 1 but more expensive10:46
mappsand ive been gambling it all away10:46
davmor2mapps: you just need a script that plays this every time you go to the site https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgSPaXgAdzE10:46
mappsi owe 27.5k to mbna10:47
mappsand 15k to hsbc10:47
mappsevery month10:47
mappsi hope for a good month..and lose it all10:48
zmoylan-piyou know this to be true, that gambling got you into this hole and it is not going to get you out10:48
mappsi had £1900 on chelea to get me out of thi10:48
mappsand it didnt10:48
MooDooCitizens advice bureua, that's all I can advise really10:48
davmor2mapps: serious you need to get help10:49
mappsi know10:49
zmoylan-pithey are there to help.  looking for help here is a sign you want to change but you need to talk to people who can offer more than ideas and moral support10:49
mappsi cant cope much more with repayments10:49
davmor2mapps: no you don't need to shrug it off with I know, you need to go get help!10:50
mappsi have to pay about 2500 a month on debts10:50
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:51
mappshey bigcalm10:51
zmoylan-pii was paying about €500 a month around 2000, could barely make those payment. took a few years to dig myself out of debt10:51
mappsyea i can pay just10:51
zmoylan-piyou just have to try and add a few extra bob every 2nd month and after a few months you'll see the monthly payments start to decrease till every month you have a little more.  of course you have to stop the outgoings10:53
mappsim not a stupid guy -- it just  went all wrong10:53
zmoylan-pipeople who are addicts are not fools, they're just vulnerable to bad ideas they know are bad10:54
mappsbut i have them all?10:55
mappsi smoke..i drin..i gamble10:55
zmoylan-pi“The mind commands the body and is instantly obeyed. The mind commands itself and meets resistance.”10:55
mappsi need uni again10:56
mappsat uni i was less bad10:57
zmoylan-piyou need to go and live on an island were there's no drink, tobacco or gambling.  but that's not an option.  you have to be that island10:57
zmoylan-pithe only one who can stop you is you10:57
foobarryand also accept that ulmtimately you lose with galmbling10:58
* bashrc wonders if he accidentally subscribed to #philosophy10:58
foobarrycut losses and run away10:58
zmoylan-pibut always remember callahans law, 'shared pain lessens, shared joy increases, thus we refute entropy'10:58
foobarrymy local screen session is laggy :(10:59
mappsirritating mbna gave me a limit of £25k what happened10:59
mappsi blew most of it10:59
zmoylan-pibe happy they didn't give you a bigger limit10:59
mappsi used to be so happy before10:59
foobarrydo gamblers ever quit by themselves?10:59
foobarrymost need external help i expect11:00
mappsits this damn gamblin11:00
zmoylan-piprobably, but they would be the rareity11:00
mappsim lucky11:01
mappsina way11:01
zmoylan-pinot at the moment you're not11:01
mappsmy dad transferred my rent money11:01
zmoylan-pidependng on luck is a sure way to failure as it will run out11:01
mappsto his account11:01
mappsbecause again11:02
mappsmy rents £120011:02
mappsi just manage t11:02
zmoylan-pican you find somewhere cheaper to live?11:02
* mapps slaps NET||abu- around a bit with a large trout11:02
mappsin spain yea11:02
zmoylan-pieven if you switched to e-cigs rather than smoking it would save a bundle11:02
mappsbut i dont want to11:03
zmoylan-piyes you do, you complained about it earlier11:03
mappsi have a drink problem too though11:03
zmoylan-piyou might see it as the lesser of drinking and gambling but you still mentioned it11:03
Laneyis it possible to buy radiator valves (or something) which Nest can use to only heat the room I'm in?11:03
mappsso i wanna be close to work]11:03
Laneyirritating heating the whole house when I'm only in one room all day11:03
zmoylan-pii just wear heavier jumpers laney :-)11:04
mappsit all went downhilll 12 years ago11:04
zmoylan-piand only you can turn it around mapps11:05
mappsi have no excuse now its me11:05
zmoylan-pibut you CAN get better11:05
ali1234hey laney11:05
ali1234were your lights flickering this morning?11:05
Laneyhi ali123411:06
Laneycreepy question...11:06
mappsunlikely innit:)11:06
Laneydon't think so11:06
mappsil bloody sort this out and then drop dead zmoylan-pi11:06
zmoylan-pimapps: only unlikely if you do nothing11:06
ali1234mine were. about 7:30 to 8:0011:06
zmoylan-pimaybe but then you won't owe a penny to nobody mapps and that feels wonderful, trust me on that11:07
ali1234must just be the substation11:07
ali1234or my fuse box11:07
mappsi hope so zmoylan-p11:08
* zmoylan-pi remembers going to post office to pay last credit bill last bit of dosh i owed... :-)11:08
mappsit wont hapen for m11:08
davmor2ali1234: pfff Laney is still in bed coding now you don't think he is up at that ungodly hour do you ;)11:08
mappsme damn11:08
zmoylan-piit can and will if you set your mind to it mapps11:08
mappsnever ill sadly11:08
zmoylan-pionly if you refuse to let yourself from helping yourself mapps11:09
mappsive been here 14 months noones come to see me11:09
zmoylan-picontact gamblers anonymous, what's the worst that could happen?11:09
zmoylan-pian hour or two away from temptation?11:09
zmoylan-piwell loneliness is the cause of many problems11:10
mappsi just have no friends or family sadly11:10
zmoylan-pitry ga, you might make friends there11:10
zmoylan-pifriends who are in the same boat you are11:10
mappsi try and do my spanish learning11:12
mappsbut i get bored:(11:13
zmoylan-piget out, meet people, the more time you are out of the house the less time you have to go online and gamble11:13
zmoylan-pi1) today find were the gambling addict resources near you are, 2) tomorrow is about working up the courage to go.  but today concentrate on (1)11:14
zmoylan-pilittle steps11:14
mappsi agree11:15
mappsi assume its little little in gib11:15
zmoylan-pimilitary base nearby, i'd suspect not11:16
mappsman i suck..my spanish is bad.my russians bad...all i do is hold a job down11:17
zmoylan-pithat's a start11:17
zmoylan-pinow build on it11:17
zmoylan-piof course the first castle might fall over and catch fire in the swamp but keep going :-)11:18
zmoylan-piright time for me to head to library to try and get distraction free zone to learn python... o/11:19
davmor2zmoylan-pi: Oh that's easy, it's hiss, hiss, hiss, hiiiiissssss, hiss, hiss, hissssssssssssss11:22
zmoylan-pii thought that was asp for 'bite you where?!'11:23
GaryHey, how is everyone!12:24
mappshi friend12:29
Garyhow have things been in #ubuntu-uk land?12:30
mappsnot bad12:42
foobarrydoes firefox not restore previous session by default any more?13:00
foobarryah, foudn it13:06
Azelphuromg...I just found an amazing button on my new monitors13:29
Azelphurthey support 4xPBP 2k...I could emulate 16 2k monitors o.O13:29
AzelphurI think the 2k is downscaled to 1080 though, so it's a little pixelated13:31
Azelphurbut yea, if I had a mountain of GPUs and used DP + 3x HDMI, I could have 16 "monitors"13:31
Azelphurthis would kick ass with a synergy setup and multiple machines though13:31
diddledan_isn't 1920x1080 2k anyway?13:32
Azelphurdiddledan_: people generally refer to 1440p as 2k, but yea I can see your point13:32
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AzelphurHmm, I am running backups on my machine, I have the program doing the backups set to nice -n 19 ionice -c3, yet the whole machine continually goes really slow, like 15+ seconds to load a terminal sometimes. Load average is like >9, any ideas?14:31
daftykinsi spotted a £150 IPS HannsG 2560x1440 today for someone, could be neat if they read their email... :>14:42
daftykinsoh 27" too14:43
loptaAzelphur: What are you using to backup your machine? What software and backup medium?14:51
Azelphurlopta: attic14:51
Azelphurand a local server14:52
loptaAzelphur: Over gigabit Ethernet?14:53
loptaI'm not familiar with Attic.14:53
daftykinsAzelphur: nice 8 port gigabit switch on amazon black friday for £14 today :P14:53
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daftykinsNetgear one14:53
Azelphurdaftykins: black friday? wat that's not till later this month14:54
daftykinsactually it's weeks long now14:54
Azelphurdaftykins: stuck it on my purse wishlist, I get it for £7 :P14:56
daftykins^_^ what on earth is a purse wishlist o014:56
Azelphurdaftykins: basically I set up a wishlist on Amazon, I list it on purse and say "I'll pay you X BTC if you buy this stuff for me"14:56
AzelphurX BTC is generally between 50-80% of the value of the items14:57
daftykinsoh ok14:57
daftykinsyou and your funny money ;D14:57
Azelphurmy funny money is going nuts atm14:57
daftykinswhat's especially funny about me saying that is normally it's Guernsey bank notes getting laughed at14:58
Azelphuryup, gone up almost $100 in the past few days14:58
daftykinsis that a standard original or some kind of sub-named variant once more?14:58
daftykinsall the *coin names they spun off14:59
Azelphuryou mean is purse an altcoin? no it's a service that uses Bitcoin15:00
AzelphurI don't really buy into the whole altcoin thing15:00
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daftykinsnah the current value gaining coin type you're referring to15:01
Azelphurnope, that's plain old Bitcoin15:02
daftykinsah ok :>15:02
Azelphurhttp://bitcoincharts.com/charts/bitstampUSD#rg10ztgTzm1g10zm2g25 it's a good day to be holding Bitcoin :P15:02
awilkinsI was going to buy some last week15:21
ali1234did it break 400 yet?15:24
foobarrysell now!15:24
ali1234i already sold today15:26
Azelphurali1234: my boss is getting screwed by this it's kinda funny, he didn't pay me on time yet still owes me BTC @ $25415:28
Azelphurlast time I calculated it was like $1300 this is gonna cost him15:28
foobarrywhat job do u do Azelphur15:35
Azelphurfoobarry: I'm a developer15:35
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diddledan_people are moaning about linus again: http://news.softpedia.com/news/linus-torvalds-attacks-the-work-of-kernel-developer-with-hash-language-again-495636.shtml16:40
bigcalmIs he turning into RMS? Required but ignored16:41
jpdsdiddledan_: People clearly don't know enough about writing good code16:42
daftykinsi see folk wanting to follow the UOS from the comfort of their fine FOSS distro are coming up against requiring the flash player?16:43
daftykinsis the irony there wasted on anyone? :D16:43
bashrcI think that's the problem of all dictatorships. Once a project gets big I think who is doing the maintaining should be subject to vote16:45
zmoylan-pihe produces code AND administers a huge important software project.  he comes from a culture were they use all the words16:45
bashrcby his own admission, I don't think linus writes kernel code anymore16:45
daftykinsyeah i read he doesn't write16:46
zmoylan-piif he's personally reviewing the code patches submitted then he is producing code as he judges it16:47
bashrcreviewing patches != writing code16:47
zmoylan-piit is to my mind16:48
zmoylan-pihe is adding something16:48
bashrche's acting as an editor16:48
zmoylan-piit's like the -2000 lines of code... http://www.folklore.org/StoryView.py?story=Negative_2000_Lines_Of_Code.txt&sub=HN016:48
bashrcas a developer and reviewer myself I can say it's much easier to criticise code in review than to write it16:49
zmoylan-pitrue but i still would let him have his rant if he wishes16:49
bashrcsubmitting even a one line patch can sometimes take a lot of research16:50
zmoylan-pisome of the hardest edits i have done to code has resulted in 1 day = 1 line of code16:50
daftykinsugh a client wants to drive 2 x 2560x1440 res screens from a laptop and wants me to find one with a budget of £300-40016:56
daftykinswhat a joke!16:56
zmoylan-pisome fresnel a4 sized lens stuck to a chromebook... :-)16:57
daftykinshe's honestly dreaming17:02
zmoylan-pior inserting the earbuds too deep... :-)17:03
popeyI know someone who used to use a fresnel lens while playing flight sims17:14
zmoylan-pithey used to sell them in 60s to make your tv bigger17:18
mappthis traslating is tough17:18
daftykinswell well, displayport multistream hubs seem to be the trick - http://www.amazon.co.uk/StarTech-DisplayPort-Multi-Stream-Transport/dp/B00XXPYGPO/17:30
daftykinsbeats buying displays with the two sockets built in17:35
daftykinsAzelphur: you haven't got an 'xrandr' kicking around for your new toys have you? :)17:36
zmoylan-pithat pesky word unlimited strikes again... http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/11/microsoft-drops-unlimited-onedrive-storage-after-people-use-it-for-unlimited-storage/17:48
diddledan_I saw that a little while ago17:49
diddledan_they've also made apple icloud a cheaper option for storage on windows than microsoft's own offering17:49
zmoylan-pievery time that happens they should administer beatings to the marketing department to make it not happen again... :-P17:49
diddledan_oldie to newbie: "don't ever end up like fred".. newbie: "why what happened to fred?" oldie: "he used the word 'unlimited'. he was seen going into the ceo's office and he never came out..."17:53
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Azelphurdaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13093671/18:23
daftykinsty sir18:25
diddledan_I wonder what OS apple use in their datacentres?19:17
diddledan_would be silly to use OS X because that's not a server OS and windows is made by a rival so they'd not want to use that and linux is not OS X so they won't want to use that19:18
diddledan_maybe they'll use the bsd userland on top of mach but not the full os x19:19
diddledan_i.e. no gfx19:19
diddledan_no desktop etc.19:19
daftykinsa mate who works for them in London told me most of their gear used to be run from mac minis =|19:28
marshmnhi all; I just upgraded from 15.04 -> 15.10, but it's no longer booting into graphical environment :(19:29
diddledan_daftykins: http://www.macminicolo.net/19:29
daftykinsmarshmn: tried appending 'nomodeset' to kernel boot params?19:29
daftykinsyour drivers might have been killed19:29
daftykins(if you need any)19:29
marshmnoriginal install was ubuntugnome19:29
marshmndaftykins: ok, will try19:29
marshmnmachine is Dell XPS 15 laptop19:29
marshmnis the correct way to append that to hit 'e' at the grub menu?19:32
marshmnand then add it to the bottom of the list in the editor it gives me?19:32
marshmnthen hit F10?19:32
diddledan_if you do that you need to find the right line19:32
diddledan_it'll start with "linux"19:33
marshmnis there an easier way?19:33
daftykinsit's a manual edit.19:34
daftykinsah yeah that sounds like the one with the nvidia graphics19:34
marshmnit has Nvidia and IntelHD19:35
marshmnTBH, I thought I was only using the intel chipset19:35
daftykinsyeah optimus machine19:35
marshmnso, add 'nomodeset' to the end of the linux line after hitting e?19:35
marshmnand then just hit F10?19:35
daftykinswhere it says 'quiet splash' , add it before or after19:37
daftykinsyep F10 or ctrl+x i think19:37
marshmnok, so I've done that - now I just get a blank screen19:38
marshmnI get the ubuntu logo with animated dots first19:38
marshmnthen after a few seconds blank screen19:39
marshmnbefore adding that, it was dumping me out to console mode with messages19:39
marshmnbut now just blank screen19:39
diddledan_some may remember I moaned about a wonky 24inch monitor - turns out that some of the capacitors in the power supply were bulging so it may be just a case of replacing those to fix it - Dad's ordered some so we'll see.19:39
marshmnif I take that back out, so that I can get back to the messages it gives on the console, it gets as far as "[OK] Reached target Basic System."19:41
marshmnthen the next line looks garbled:19:41
daftykinsmarshmn: so you got a working TTY?19:41
daftykinsdiddledan_: :D i like those fixes19:41
marshmn"[OK] Started LSB: Tool to automatically collect and submit kernel crash signatures....ut down.....19:42
daftykinsmy brother stubbornly ignored my advice on checking ebay for even a full straight up PSU swap19:42
marshmndaftykins: I can get to a working TTY with Ctrl+F119:42
marshmnwell, F219:42
daftykinsah ok, log in and do a "dpkg -l | grep nvidia"19:42
daftykinssee if any are installed at all19:42
marshmnyes, there are a few things for that19:43
marshmnsuch as nvidia-34619:43
daftykinssudo apt-get purge nvidia*19:43
daftykinsthen reboot19:43
daftykinscheck there's no /etc/X11/xorg.conf before reboot too19:43
marshmnthere is xorg.conf.019:46
marshmnshould I leave that or remove?19:46
daftykinsnah that one is ok19:46
daftykinsas long as /etc/X11/xorg.conf itself doesn't exist, that should be set - so reboot now19:47
marshmnok, rebooting19:47
marshmnhard to work in console mode on a 4k screen :/19:47
marshmnstill same on reboot19:47
marshmnsame console output as I wrote above19:48
marshmnoh, no, actually19:48
marshmnit seemed to get beyond target "System Initialization"19:48
marshmnis that before or after "Basic System"?19:48
marshmnlast message before garbled line is now "[OK] Listening on CUPS Scheduler"19:49
daftykinsand nothing from all ctrl+alt+Fx combos? F1 through F12 that is19:51
marshmnI see normal TTY login prompts on F1 through to F619:52
marshmnon F7 I just see the console output19:52
marshmnnothing else19:52
daftykinsdoes that thing have wired LAN?19:53
daftykinsor a USB adapter capable of19:53
daftykinsyeah Xorg log or lightdm troubleshooting would be next i'd think19:53
daftykinsif you can get it online i'd "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"19:54
marshmnI have a USB network adapter if need be19:54
daftykinsyeah that should work19:55
marshmnactually, wifi still appears to work19:56
daftykinsweird, assuming that log is dated with a sensible timestamp to be right now, that seems to have come up just fine19:57
marshmnhow can I tell whether I'm using gdm or lightdm?19:58
marshmnand is it worth me trying the other, whichever it is?19:58
daftykinshmm i forget the file that suggests it, no idea what gnome uses20:00
daftykinsyou could check for running services and see which one is up20:01
marshmngdm is running20:01
marshmnlightdm is not20:01
daftykinsprobably depends now how much time you want to put in, could keep digging into logs or just nuke it with a clean 15.10 and restore your /home from backup if it's not on a separate partition20:01
marshmnis that likely to work?20:01
daftykinsif a 15.10 live session works yeah, it's probably just the upgrade that's gone nuts20:02
daftykinsmight not hurt to ensure it fully completed with a "sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade"20:02
marshmnI guess I'll have to download that and try it20:02
marshmnhow can I try lightdm?20:02
marshmn(just in case)20:02
daftykinsi don't think that'd be a worthy approach20:02
daftykinsnow nouveau is back in use instead of nvidia proprietary, nomodeset might be of more use again too20:03
marshmnso maybe try that again? ok20:03
marshmnnope, no dice20:04
marshmnjust blank screen with that again20:04
marshmnI didn't really want to have to start from scratch since I'd gotten everything set up nicely how I want it :/20:05
marshmnbut if that's what I have to do then I guess I have no choice20:05
diddledan_most of the config will be in your home folder so if you retain that you should only have to reinstall any extra applications20:05
daftykinsit could be a 15.10 kernel + optimus quirk20:06
daftykinsmy experience level definitely isn't high enough to troubleshoot properly20:06
* daftykins pats Windows and ducks20:06
diddledan_windows ftw?20:06
daftykinswell, i think all OSs suck equally still :D20:07
marshmnI didn't really care too much about getting 15.10 - I only upgraded because it prompted me to :/20:07
marshmnwish I'd not bothered...20:07
marshmnnow I've just made myself a world of pain20:08
daftykinsi shall avoid speaking of backups so i don't get a sharp jab to the side :>20:09
marshmnI have backups, that's not an issue20:09
marshmnbut still, I now need to download 15.10 image20:09
* diddledan_ pokes daftykins with a pokey thing20:09
diddledan_pokey poke poke20:09
marshmnnext issue is that I don't have a USB stick to hand to put it on20:09
marshmnso it might be 24 hours before I get it all sorted20:10
daftykinsyeah if i were upgrading and had the time i'd probably clonezilla disk image a machine prior :)20:10
daftykinsthen it'd just be a case of throwing it back on and it'd be like travelling back in time20:10
marshmnthanks for your help anyway20:12
daftykinsnp :)20:14
marshmnI'll just sulk & play some Go for now and deal with it later :)20:15
marshmndaftykins: switching to lightdm seems to have fixed it :)20:37
daftykinsbit weird o020:37
daftykinsyou may want the nvidia driver back on ultimately too20:37
daftykinsnvidia-352 being the newest in 15.10 repos20:39
daftykinsi think20:39
foobarryxubuntu users based in EU: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/3r9f52/looking_for_xubuntu_users_for_academic_research/20:44
foobarryget paid to xubuntu/xfce20:44
ali1234sidi is a cool guy20:44
ali1234but you have to use chromium20:45
foobarryknow anyone who might be interested?20:48
foobarrycan't remember the xfce users in here20:48
ali1234only me20:48
ali1234but... i don't want to use chromium20:48
awilkinsThere's a -355 version of the nvidia driver in a PPA20:49
foobarrymarshmn had the black screen lightdm problem?20:50
foobarryi had that today and fixed it, but might be different scenario20:51
marshmnI had an issue when using gdm - on upgrade to 15.10 with gdm it was failing to switch into graphical mode20:51
marshmnswitching from gdm to lightdm seems to have resolved that20:51
foobarryah ok. there were lots of words, didn't read them all20:53
foobarrydoing a market research survey that asks about interesting tech startups - anyone think of any new small ones?20:54
ali1234there's so many that i can't think of one20:55
daftykinsjust murdered my first mince pie of the season :D21:15
diddledan_far too early!21:22
diddledan_next thing you'll be eating xmas pud21:22
* daftykins drops a spoon21:27
* diddledan_ spoons21:27
ali1234wow, a patch i sent to AOSP got pulled after 2 years :)23:02
ali1234i totally forgot about it23:02

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