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nhainesczajkowski: good morning!14:25
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czajkowskinhaines: I think it was you but there is a SF meet up on Mission St. tonight14:38
nhainesczajkowski: oh, unfortunately I'm 7 hours south, what a shame.14:46
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dpmhi all, just setting up the session, bear with me 1 minute :)15:03
czajkowskidpm: np thanks15:05
dpmok, session links set up on http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22610/community-roundtable/ for those who want to join15:06
nhainesI'm watching now.  :)15:07
czajkowskinhaines: hmm all I see Live stream is starting soon15:08
nhainesczajkowski: that's all I see too, but it *is* soothing.15:08
czajkowskinhaines: if you say so :)15:09
popeyHello hello15:10
nhainespopey: hello!15:10
vthompson\o (think differently)15:13
ahayzenvthompson, you broke my Mexican wave :-P lol15:13
bannannasdo you guys smoke?15:13
ahayzenCommunity Convergence \o/15:15
bannannaswhat is popey drinkin?15:15
bannannasis that a cat in background?15:16
cm-tI've heard #ubucon !15:16
bannannasit looks like the cat is on popey shoulder :D15:16
mhall119bannannas: popey's cat is a staple of Ubuntu Online Summits15:16
bannannascat star15:16
cm-tPromo for those in france this month: Paris ( https://ubuntu-paris.org ) Rouen ( https://ubuntu-rouen.org ) and Toulouse ( https://2015.capitoledulibre.org )15:18
cm-t ( #ubucon in france (15:18
dpmthanks cm-t!15:18
Mirvthe cat is very thorough in cleaning its butt15:19
mhall119Mirv: as all cats are15:19
nhainesNow the cat is sleeping.15:19
Mirvthe males sometimes are a bit more messy...15:19
nhainesNo, there it goes again.15:19
Mirvlike my white one15:19
bannannasis that an unreleased ubuntu phone on popey upper shelf?15:19
bannannasor a table?15:20
cm-tQuestion: When i plug the usb power to the sliport adapter, the phone show itself to be charging. do i still will have issue with batterie with that nexus4 pluged for 2 days15:22
bannannasdoes that logitec work with the unreleased ubuntu phone?15:22
ksantacrnice keyboard :D15:22
nhainesI found one of those over at Best Buy last week.  They do look like nice keyboards.15:22
ianorlinmhall119: maybe ask if you could borrow ahoneybun if he has one15:23
mhall119I think he only has a bt mouse, which I also have15:23
ianorlinask loco mailing list?15:24
mhall119ianorlin: yeah, good idea15:24
cm-ttaking ubucon word is not bad idea: We at ubuntu-fr do ubucon under the name of ubuntu-party since 2007, but we are now feelling bad because our hashtag #ubuntuparty is 'stolen' sometimes when a political party called ubuntu party is doing some hashtag :(15:25
popeybannannas, which tablet?15:25
czajkowskidpm: http://pad.ubuntu.com/ep/pad/view/uos-1511-community-roundtable/latest15:25
popeybannannas, (i have no unreleased devices)15:25
bannannaspopey: :)) sure15:26
bannannaslunchpad mmm15:31
bannannaswho's hungary?15:31
czajkowskiincreasing or decreasing ??15:32
cm-tNot sure where to ask: I wanted to order some sticker pack. I choose €. i select 2 sricker pack. when i checkout, i can see it will be 0.02kg, means it's ok with fees, should be close to postcard prices. But less expensive option is 11pounds. Of course i will not order that, will wait a community event to get some, really not giving tjat money to ups for 0.02kg15:32
cm-t11£ just for delivery, while the 0.02kg item cost itself less thab 5€15:33
josedpm: what about putting a little jar for tips at events and that collected money going to the fund?15:36
mhall119jose: somebody would have to make that donation15:37
mhall119it'd probably be better use to just apply the tip jar funds to the loco team running the event15:37
josemhall119: maybe for huge events like scale it may bring some extra money?15:38
czajkowskijcastro BINGO!15:38
czajkowskipeople don';t know what they can ask for in the fund and know people everyday do15:38
ksantacrkisses for money :D15:39
dshimerAs "just a desktop user", I try to donate each release.  I love the sliders but agree that a couple could be merged or at least explained.  I would  use an "I Donated" button especially on G+.  And is there an official Flattr avenue to donate?15:49
mhall119I don't think we have anything on flattr for Ubuntu as a project15:49
mhall119individual contributors might have their own15:49
dpmwe don't have it, no I don't think15:50
James_MulhollandThe amazon thing is a good one, as it comes at no extra cost to the user. Amazon just provide a kickback form their own profit for the referal15:50
nhainesI know I've been encouraging everyone to buy my own book through my website and the affiliate link there.  It doubles my royalty, basically.15:50
dshimerI always keep some cash in Flattr and just subscribe to favorite projects.  Sure it isn't much but I go with the philosophy "if everyone did a buck or two"15:50
mhall119nhaines: smart :)15:51
nhainesmhall119: and hey, someone in September clicked *right* past my book and bought like 10 Star Wars comics and that earned me $6.  :)15:52
cm-tWhen i make a donation, shouldn't i be invited to suscribe to a newsletter or something about where thz found went, action that was made and all ?...15:52
nhainescm-t: the reports are quarterly and sort of fuzzily remembered.  :)15:53
dshimerOne more mention of Flattr it does monthly subscriptions15:53
cm-tI mean, i don't remeber i could suscribe to a diggest when donating15:53
nhainesI still have a bit of bitcoin floating around.15:54
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joseaction item for me15:55
joseand twitter has been fixed15:55
josecalendar as well15:55
dpmthanks everyone on IRC15:58
Ridgewingthanks everyone.15:58
dpmjose, even without being on the hangout, you managed to get a WI ;)15:58
dpm"well done" :)15:58
ahayzenthanks guys :-)15:58
joseuonair is a difficult topic... I'd have to explain a lot of things re the videos15:59
josebut if you want some input on that, thursday I'm available for the roundtable15:59
joseI'm in class right now15:59
dpmjose, cool, we can perhaps talk about it then16:02
josesounds good16:03
dpmnhaines, omw16:03
nhainesdpm: do you have the link?16:03
dpmnhaines, actually, not. The link on summit takes me to the G+ event, but not to the actual hangout16:05
dpmnhaines, do you have the hangout link?16:05
dpmfor those of you wanting to contribute to or follow the notes about the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase ^16:07
Ridgewingcheers !16:16
Ridgewingnhaines: That was me .. that was my domain !16:20
nhainesRidgewing: oh great!  Then please know that I felt really bad for losing your email.16:21
Ridgewingnhaines: That's ok .. I'm using the website for Ubuntu Q&A now, the domain was http://www.wilywerewolf.com/ .. you can check it out , later ...16:23
RidgewingUbuntu Q& A , I mean : posting my specs to get (e.g. the sound working etc) www.wilywerewolf.com/SonyVaio-VGN-FS285B.html16:24
Ridgewingnhaines: Can we possibly have more than one song on this disc ? please, possibly, pretty please ?16:30
Ridgewingnhaines: thanks - cheers for that !16:32
Ridgewingnhaines: My only improvement : Is that could we please have a wallpaper of a fantastic architectural building, in the crop-of-wallpapers that get admitted ?16:35
RidgewingQUESTION: Could nhaines give out his email address & twitter name  for the community so that if we have any other suggestions - We can get in touch ?16:42
Ridgewingcheers for that.16:43
Ridgewinggot it !16:47
RidgewingQuestion: Do think the showcase could be incentivised financially (as a prize of some sort) to give higher quality of submissions ?16:48
RidgewingQUESTION: Why don't you just offer an Ubuntu phone ? At least it can take video and photo anyway !16:52
Ridgewingok I think we're done, for now, thanks .16:54
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nhainesRidgewing: thanks for joining us.  :)16:56
Ridgewingnhaines: that's OK , can you keep chatting for a minute or two ?16:57
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nhainesRidgewing: yup, I'm free.16:58
RidgewingOk, great - first of all I don't want to freak you out or anything but I'm a Nathan too ... (!) .. just sayin'16:59
nhainesHaha, another one!  :)16:59
RidgewingI was thinking about changing it thou .. to curran.16:59
nhainesThat's not a common name.  It's very distinctive.17:00
Ridgewing(almost Nathan .. but I use cru-buntu (Crouton chromebook ubuntu) .. so it kinda fits for me.17:00
Ridgewingnhaines: I know it's distinctive .. I hate when people misprounce it annoyingly as "Nation" , which is the reason for the change .. that what do where I live, a_lot.17:01
Ridgewing*what they do where I live ...17:02
nhainesMy friends' son sometimes says my name in German as a nickname, without the /th/ sound.  But that's cute at least.  :)17:02
RidgewingWhat Na-an , is that it ?17:02
RidgewingAnyway.. I'm getting off-topic .. I want to talk about something else ....17:03
RidgewingI'm thinking about getting the xenial webaddress and putting the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase as a mediagoblin sub-domain on it.17:04
nhainesLike "Nah-tan"17:05
nhainesI don't know much about mediagoblin, so I'll have to look that up.17:05
nhainesIt looks nice.17:06
Ridgewingnhaines: Oh how cute .. abit like "Han solo" with a Na .. yes I've had people in Ireland say that in Kerry too.17:06
Ridgewingnhaines: What does ?17:06
RidgewingOh yes, I'm ion contact with the developer - so it would be a good start ...17:06
nhainesOne problem, though, is that it becomes Yet Another User Account that people have to sign up to submit to the contest.17:06
Ridgewingnhaines: Yes, but I think you can use google plus for that sorta thing, though. I don't think that's an issue (at large).17:07
RidgewingMY question is : could you get canonical to back my website, if it is done in a proper manner, so that we can have the Ubuntu showcase etc ? I'm part of the IOM Lug and a genuine community ,member. I just feel I'm falling on deaf ears as far as promoting Ubuntu (in Canonical).17:10
nhainesWell, Canonical doesn't really have much to do with the contest.17:10
nhainesI'm a little reluctant to make a big change during the LTS cycle, but I could definitely see using mediagoblin for xenial+1.17:11
RidgewingBUT I need canonical backing, if I'm to do an Ubuntu Showcase sub-domain so that we can use their trademark etc .. perhaps you could have a think about it and we could talk later in the UOS ?17:12
nhainesYou don't need Canonical backing to use the Ubuntu trademark in reference to Ubuntu.17:12
RidgewingReally, Didn't you hear about the "FixUbuntu.com" fiasco ?17:13
nhainesYes, an intern sent out a letter and was immediately reprimanded.17:13
nhainesAnd then Canonical legal confirmed that the letter was not sent validly and no trademark license was needed, and they gave one anyway.17:14
Ridgewingok, fair enough, maybe you are correct - but could we at least " have a think " about this stuff and talk later in the UOS ?17:14
nhainesI can always be reached at nhaines@ubuntu.com.17:15
nhainesIf you just want permission, we can get that for you, but you shouldn't let that delay planning or development.17:16
Ridgewingok, no probs , just try not to 'loose' it - and I shall be in touch, Cheers \o/17:16
nhainesGreat, thanks!  \o/17:16
RidgewingOK - big hugs & back to my sandwich (it has bacon in it so I can't ignore it any longer  :)17:17
nhainesOh yes, I'm going out for lunch and then I'll come back and watch more sessions.  :)17:18
nhainesEnjoy the bacon!  :D17:18
Ridgewingdragos: Hello there, how are you ?17:39
dragosRidgewing: are u a dev?17:41
dragosand im ok17:41
RidgewingI do the reddit posts.17:42
dragosbut are u a ubuntu dev?17:42
Ridgewingdragos: No , not exactly a dev ... https://redd.it/3muy6a I do these.17:43
dragosi make ubuntu desktop widgets17:44
dragoshi hikiko17:45
nhainesRidgewing: oh btw, those are insanely useful and also an insane amount of work.  :)17:46
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dpmok, next up, the Ubuntu Community Team Q&A as part of UOS this week :)17:50
nhainesI should go get that lunch.  :)17:50
dragosi shoud g to eat cause im hungry :)17:51
Ridgewingnhaines: Yeah - only 10 minutes now - oh and go heavy on the Hellman's mayonnaise - you've earned it !17:53
Ridgewingdpm: are we nearly ready for this ? http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22612/community-team-qa/17:55
dpmRidgewing, yes we are :)17:55
Ridgewingawesome ..17:55
* Ridgewing slides everyone a beer who's attending UOS so far ! \o/17:56
wxlslow down, Ridgewing. some of us are still at work XD17:58
wxlto be frank, i'm still working on the first cuppa tea17:58
Ridgewingwxl, Sorry I nearly spilt some then ... (over 35 people) I only have two hands. ghehe17:58
balloonsdpm, presumably we need to update ubuntuonair as well17:58
dpmballoons, it's up-to-date17:59
balloonsdpm, the irc channel is wrong17:59
balloonsfixing i17:59
balloonsfixing it17:59
Ridgewingballons are you on the etherpad too ?17:59
balloonsnot atm17:59
dpmok, ready to hit broadcast :)18:00
Ridgewingballoons: Well, it's up & ready to-go !18:00
Ridgewinglive now.18:00
* balloons watches for the moment18:01
wxl"find the tab" does not necessarily sound right18:01
mhall119any questions for us, on any topic, ask them here starting with QUESTION18:01
Ridgewingwxl, I concur with you.18:01
RidgewingQUESTION: Could the presenters also log into the etherpad too. So we can action things please .18:02
* mhall119 hopes he doesn't end up with action items from a Q&A18:02
Ridgewingyou won't.18:03
Dragosquetion: why when i delete the .trash_1000 folder from usb nautilus freezezs on18:03
Dragosubuntu 15.1018:03
RidgewingDragos: You need to put a question mark at the end , and also put your QUESTION: in caps like I did. Ok ?18:04
mhall119question mark isn't necessary18:05
DragosQUESTIONL Why when i delete .trash_1000 folder from usb nautilus freeses?18:05
DragosRidgewing: are u an dev?18:05
bluedragon77QUESTION: Are there any tiling WM fans in Canonical? If yes, how can I contact them?18:05
RidgewingDragos: No. I told you I'm not.18:05
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Any updates on the telegram app for ubuntu phones? :D18:05
Dragosoh yea ...18:06
frecelQUESTION: is there a recommended hardware I should get to be able to plug in a screen mouse and keyboard to my nexus4 to test convergence features?18:06
Dragoswho is a dev?18:06
RidgewingDragos: Your on the wrong channel, for that - this is community.18:07
wxlQUESTION: Do we still need nominations for positions on the Community Council or the LoCo Council?18:07
mhall119he can ask any questions, even if we're not developers18:07
Ridgewingmhall119: Can you paste in the dev channel on irc for Dragos ? please.18:07
RidgewingYoBoY: Aloha!18:08
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: How are you all doing?18:08
mhall119Dragos: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+filebug18:09
Dragosthanks mhall11918:09
mhall119no problem18:09
DragosQUESTION: is there any desktop widgets for unity?18:10
ChloeWolfieGirl"Soon" that could mean "In a few hours" or "In a few weeks" its like Ahhh plz xD <318:11
walloonsQUESTION: why are so many russian scopes in ubuntu store?18:11
RidgewingQUESTION: In the community roundtable with popey and JCastro etc - An action was asked about getting Jono Bacon on a christmas ubuntu-on-air, or sometime this year. Could we make sure that is actioned, as he keeps saying he wants to-do one on reddit ?& we miss the metal-guitar song at the end !18:12
nhainesChloeWolfieGirl: if they ship it now, it will break your phone. :)18:12
CheeseBurgQUESTION: What is the current state of the App Store? Can we (1) buy apps, (2) donate to open source apps, (3) in app purchases, and (4) subscriptions.18:12
wxldpm: fwiw you are REALLY quiet compared to mhall11918:12
Dragoscan ubuntu phone replace ubuntu desktop? :D18:12
wxlDragos: convergence, man. ubuntu phone is ubuntu desktop.18:12
RidgewingDragos: never !18:12
popeyRidgewing, jono knows where we are :)18:12
nhainesQUESTION: dpm, can you send your extra Bluetooth keyboard to mhall119 so he doesn't have people using the touch keyboard on the TV?18:12
dpmhaha, nice try, again :)18:13
walloonsQUESTION: will bq launch the bq aquaris X5 with ubuntu?18:13
walloonsQUESTION: is it possible to run firefox desktop on Ubuntu phones?18:14
wxlmhall119: LoCo council nominations appear to end this Thursday. http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2015/10/15/loco-council-call-for-nominations/18:14
CheeseBurgQUESTION: What happened to the design videos for both apps and unity8?18:14
Dragoswill there will be ubuntu phone for s4 active?18:15
Dragosunity 818:16
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: what app do you miss the most or which was available for ubuntu phone the most?18:16
walloonsQUESTION: what happened to Ubuntu next image?18:16
mhall119ChloeWolfieGirl: find karni on IRC and ask him if you can get a copy of the 2.0 alpha18:16
wxlQUESTION: dpm could you please turn up your input so your volume matches that of mhall119 ? XD18:16
CheeseBurgwalloons: I second that question18:16
bluedragon77A professional question. How does one become a combined developer and community manager? I am an IT student and I did dabble a bit into communication classes.18:17
wxlbluedragon77: fwiw, i use awesomewm, though i'm using lubuntu not ubuntu.18:17
Ridgewinglost video ...18:18
Ridgewingoh, there it is ..18:18
bluedragon77QUESTION: A professional question. How does one become a combined developer and community manager? I am an IT student and I did dabble a bit into communication classes.18:18
Dragosim 1018:18
nhainesI'm available to jump into the video call if there are any LoCo or Ubucon Summit questions now, having finished lunch.  :)18:19
bluedragon77QUESTION:Do you have any information   will the AMD driver bug be fixed soon in 15.10?18:19
nhainesbluedragon77: that got fixed last week.  Install fglrx-updates.18:19
walloonsQUESTION: any news from mycroft on ubuntu phones?18:20
AmarSinghmycroft has a session here on thursday18:20
* wxl considers changing his nick to whaines18:20
nhaineswalloons: they have their own session on Thursday.18:20
SergiWhen will we have libreoffice in Ubuntu Touch?18:20
walloonsSergi: prefix with QUESTION18:21
SergiQUESTION: When will we have libreoffice in Ubuntu Touch?18:21
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: how about Satya Nadella for a guest for Ubuntu Q&A that would be an intresting one tbh xD ;P18:21
Dragoscan i install ubuntu desktop apps on ubuntu phone?18:22
wxlChloeWolfieGirl: honestly, that would be rather interesting, considering how opensourcey MS appears to be going18:22
nhainesDragos: not yet, but soon.18:23
ChloeWolfieGirl"Sooon"! xD18:23
DragosI have plenty of time. I am only 10 yo18:23
nhainesDragos: probably by January, but almost certainly by May.18:24
Dragosok thanks18:24
ChloeWolfieGirlwxl Defiantly would be interesting, I'd love to see the questions asked as well xD18:24
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Is there an ISO for testing Unity8/Snappy Personal on desktop? Will there be one soon for broader testing?18:25
wxlChloeWolfieGirl: i don't know if i believe them, though18:25
wxlChloeWolfieGirl: they have had a tendency to appear to join the club and then take over18:25
DragosHow can i bee an ubuntu developer? i just want to feel special18:25
nhainesCheeseBurg: there is no ISO, and there probably won't be one until after 16.04 LTS.18:26
nhainesDragos: to be an Ubuntu developer, you just have to help fix bugs in Ubuntu.  So study programming!18:26
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Is canonical heavily branching out to try and get support from other software venders I'm sure a few people at canonical are trying to talk to people like the guys at whatsapp but is there alot of effort there and how are the talks going?18:26
wxlDragos: you start developing18:26
ChloeWolfieGirlexl Yeah I agree.. like 3 q&A's later "Welcome to Microsoft Ubuntu Q&A" no thank you18:27
ChloeWolfieGirlDragos https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/18:27
DragosQUESTION:How can i bee an ubuntu developer? i just want to feel special18:27
wxlChloeWolfieGirl: i will say i *WANT* to believe, and certainly the landscape of software has changed. open source is a common thing now.18:27
AmarSinghDragos try find a task http://community.ubuntu.com/contribute/find-a-task/#!/toplevel/develop18:28
CheeseBurgnhaines:16.04 will have Unity8 as an option correct?18:28
ChloeWolfieGirlwxl: Yeah I'd like to see MS supporting Ubuntu and Ubuntu phone but highly unlikely to happen, like have you seen how old our skype version is?18:28
RidgewingDragos: Can you code in QML yet ? It'd be a good start.18:28
wxltrue, true. however, i think linux hasn't reached the same status open source has. soon.18:29
RidgewingDragos: Do a task like AmarSingh said, then.18:29
ChloeWolfieGirlDragos make some apps or try to fix some bugs in other apps?18:30
RidgewingQUESTION: There is an action on Etherpad that needs completeing ....18:30
nhainesCheeseBurg: well, it's had one since 13.04, but it's not nice.  :)18:30
CheeseBurgmhall119: There used to be design Q&As, I can't find them now but I did fine this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8fNU3iH5u018:32
RidgewingQUESTION:  Can we use firefox extensions on the Ubuntu browser - Is This Scheduled ?18:32
dpmwxl, done that, let's see if it'S any better now18:32
CheeseBurgnhaines: That isnt Snappy personal tho18:33
DragosQUESTION: will there will be ubuntu phone for s4 active?18:33
wxldpm: well we'll see if nhaines ever shuts up :)18:33
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Hows Mycroft for the ubuntu phone going, any of you tried it?18:33
wxldpm: hate to say it but not really18:34
RidgewingDragos: Here's the updated list of phones that work : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices18:34
nhainesCheeseBurg: snappy personal doesn't exist yet.  But the roadmap shows probably May-June ish.  Maybe a little earlier as a preview.18:34
DragosQUESTION can someone guess my age? im 1018:35
wxlDragos: um, 10.18:36
RidgewingChloeWolfieGirl: Good question !18:36
RidgewingDragos: Keep ubuntu-ing !18:36
SergiIn desktop I have to go to Archlinux because of a video driver (xserver-xorg-video-tdfx).18:36
Dragosi find that you can run X.org apps on ubuntu phone like libreoffice or firefox18:36
ChloeWolfieGirlRidgewing: thank you :)18:37
SergiQUESTION: Is Archlinux driver more updated that that one in 15.10?18:37
CracknelYou can always download the driver directly from AMD.18:38
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: will there be a good way to separate to look at apps only optimal for desktop use?18:38
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESION: Any update about the HUD?18:38
SergiCracknel: The open driver in Archlinux works fine.18:39
Ridgewingdpm: I think we need to start speeding through all the questions .... soon.18:39
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Have there been any plans for bringing a background image under scopes and other customisability options such as  changing the way the keyboard looks etc?18:40
Dragosmhall119: i find that u can run xorg apps on ubuntu phone over mir desktop manager18:40
ChloeWolfieGirl"soooooon" xD18:40
AmarSinghI miss the background image in scopes18:40
AmarSinghimo it looked nicer18:40
frecelif we can't do WhatsApp maybe at least we can get a potato salad18:42
CheeseBurgQUESTION: How the situation with the overall Ubuntu community? With several Kubuntu developers leaving, the narrative from the news sites is that Ubuntu's community is shrinking.18:42
DragosQUESTION: is there an ps3 emulator for ubuntu?18:42
UbuntuFun_deHi there18:42
CracknelSergi: you can use a newer kernel from the hardware enablement stack, the mainline builds from kernel.ubuntu.com or build it yourself18:42
CheeseBurgDragos:Such a thing does not exist. Period.18:43
RidgewingCheeseBurg: Yeah , good question : What the hell is happening with Kubuntu 16.04 now Mr Riddell has left ?18:43
RidgewingUbuntuFun_de: Hiya !18:43
RidgewingDragos: Your using the wrong console : https://launchpad.net/xbox360/18:45
RidgewingxD yourself.18:45
SergiCracknel: Thank you. I'll think on it. But for me is easier to use a distro where it works well.18:46
wxlRidgewing: it's still moving along.18:46
AmarSinghQUESTION: Are there any design mockups of what a finished Unity 8 might look like? Some of the concepts that people made attracted quite a bit of attention :)18:46
Ridgewingwxl, what is moving along, the video (?)18:47
wxlRidgewing: kubuntu.18:47
Ridgewingoh Ok. so it'l be happening then (Kubuntu 16.04) ??18:47
wxlyes, Ridgewing18:48
Ridgewingphew, thank cheesus for that !18:48
nhainesbye, Dragos!18:49
Ridgewingnhaines: Will there be a mac and windows version of the Ubuntu browser ?18:50
wxlnooooooooooooooooooo not more browsers18:50
RidgewingYes yes yes , for it is written !18:51
Dragoswhat can i join?18:51
wxlDragos: in relation to what?18:51
AmarSinghWhat do you mean Dragos?18:51
Dragosit sad that i have a few years to join what?18:52
wxldragos: in general, this is open source. you can join whatever you want. :)18:52
Ridgewingthe samaritans ?18:52
wxlRidgewing: but only the good ones!18:52
Ridgewinghave you ever met a bad samaritan ?18:52
Dragosmhall119: what can i join? u sad i have a few years that i can join something18:52
wxlwell for something to be good, there has to be bad18:53
wxlthey are relative words :)18:53
* Ridgewing walks on both sides of the roadc at once !18:53
Ridgewingwxl, I think "the bad" is in this case, the customer and/or user . So you've got the good, the bad, I'll let Kim Kardashian be the ugly.18:55
Dragoswhat session has ended?18:55
AmarSinghThis session18:55
Dragoswhat session?18:55
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wxlDragos: the ubuntu community q&a session18:56
wxlDragos: in fact, all the sessions for this hour have officially ended18:56
wxlbut obviously we're still going on :)18:56
Dragoshow can i join canonical?18:56
wxlDragos: become of age to get a job :)18:57
AmarSinghThanks all18:57
Ridgewingdpm: Your audio is awfull.18:57
Dragosbut he sad i can join canonical18:57
wxlDragos: when you do, there are remote work opportunities available http://www.canonical.com/careers18:57
UbuntuFun_deThank you guys18:57
wxli'm going to go check out the kubuntu session18:58
wxlthanks dpm nhaines mhall119 for all your hard work in the community18:58
nhainesWell that was fun.  :)18:58
nhaineswxl: thanks!  Of course, you do a bit of work yourself.18:58
Ridgewingnhaines: Maybe you should mention that Kubuntu has a session on directly after this.18:58
wxlnhaines: a bit XD18:58
dpmyeah, it was a fun one :)18:58
dpmyw wxl18:58
Dragosdpm: can i join canonical at 10?18:59
RidgewingDragos: You may need a note from your Mom, but yes.18:59
Dragosmy mon and my dad let me18:59
Dragosand how?18:59
RidgewingJoin Launchpad then ...19:00
Dragosok bye19:00
dpmGenerally it's about having the right skills for the right job, and not about age. That said, with 10 you might want to concentrate in school first, and then see if software development is the career you want to choose19:01
nhainesTrue.  Once that dark path you have gone, forever will it dominate your future.19:01
dpmwxl, ah, I found out what's up with my audio. It was picking up the wrong source - internal mic instead of the better webcam's one19:04
wxldpm: doh hahahah19:05

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