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* willcooke will update the HO details for people who want to be in the video shortly....#15:56
willcookeok, hangout details updates16:00
willcookefor those of you who want to be in the video....16:00
willcookejust getting everything set up....16:04
balloonsstarting in 3, 2, 1 . . .16:05
balloonswe've assigned everything to you, no worries Laney16:10
qenghoDon't we have some real-phone testing? I remember something from ara ~2 weeks ago.16:10
LaneyI just heard something about the HWE stuff16:10
Laneybut didn't catch what was being said16:11
ianorlinthere are also manual tests for servers I don't see run that often on the dailies16:15
willcookeLaney, you were wondering if we could use the HW Cert tests to gate 16.0416:17
Laneyoh right16:17
Laneywe have this pending -> current thing16:17
LaneyI wonder why you wouldn't hook as much as possible into that16:17
dupingpingabout HW cert, 12.04 is wider than 14.0416:18
dupingping14.04 will be wider than 16.04?16:18
willcookeLaney, right -  I don't know what sort of "status" we can get from the HW Cert boxes and if that can be tied in to LP automatically16:19
willcookebut yes, we should16:19
* Laney nods16:20
Laneyprobably lagging behind you16:27
LaneyI would make it not spit out an email...16:28
Laneyor, additionally some json file or whatever16:29
Laneyit would need to be triggerable on new images16:29
davmor2welcome brendand16:29
Laneylet me grab my headphones and come on16:30
willcookeLaney, thx16:30
Laneythe strange men have left now16:30
wililupyThank you.16:52
balloonsthanks all :-)16:52
brendandLaney, this is a good source of info - https://launchpad.net/checkbox-satellite16:53
brendandLaney, it's got all the logic used by the certification team for installs16:53
LaneyI got SSOed :P16:54
dupingpinghave done meeting? Please look http://people.ubuntu.com/~dupingping86/ and http://people.ubuntu.com/~dupingping86/trusty.html for HW Cert.16:55
brendandSSO = Suddenly Signed Out16:55
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Rick_TimmisHola Chico's18:55
Rick_TimmisHey sgclark218:56
mhall119hi Rick_Timmis, sgclark218:58
* Rick_Timmis Waves and Grins18:58
mhall119who's hosting the hangout?18:58
wxlhey folks18:59
mhall119cool, yofel do you know how to put the video and hangout links into summit?18:59
sgclark2Between allergies and lack of sleep I am not fit for human consumption18:59
mhall119ugh, allergens are hitting our place hard all of a sudden too19:00
Rick_Timmissgclark2: {{{{HUGS}}}}}}19:00
yofelmhall119: no19:00
mhall119yofel: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS/Sessions tells how, or you can just PM them to me and I'll update it19:00
mhall119or post them here, I guess there's no need to PM19:00
wxlsomeone ping me when we're up :)19:01
yofelok, give me a sec19:01
sgclark2hiyas wxl19:01
wxlhai sgclark2 :)19:02
marco-parilloIs there a video or IRC only?19:02
Ridgewingdunno ping mhall11919:02
mhall119yofel is getting it setup, give him a few minutes19:03
RidgewingShould be an open video ..19:03
Ridgewingcan anyone join ?19:03
mhall119yofel: ping me if you need help or if you need me to host the hangout19:04
yofelmhall119: can you please do it?19:05
mhall119yup, give me a couple minutes to set up19:05
yofelI got as far as youtube telling me to verify my account *-.-19:05
clivejo2probably doesn't believe your age :P19:06
mhall119https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYe8_qHwGDAJy7i0Ns3nPmxiHaCK6Tm5h2Cr6FWb9IjJXSDHEw?hl=en&authuser=0 is the hangout for anybody who wants to be on air19:06
Rick_TimmisI've had that happen to me too right on cue for a show19:06
mhall119can you guys join the hangout?19:07
MarcoAParilloNot in FF. Will try google-chrome.19:08
wxldoes hangouts not work in ff?19:08
wxldarn freedom haters19:08
* wxl kids, as he uses google-chrome exclusively :)19:09
wxlah something's moving19:09
mhall119wxl: it's hit or miss with firefox, I always use Chrome for hangouts these days19:09
sgclark2link again19:09
wxli think19:10
wxlyou should just be able to go to the video and click the link19:10
marco-parilloNow I see the video in google-chrome.19:10
kde_fan_2k2015© Canonical Ltd., Ubuntu Community19:10
mhall119kde_fan_2k2015: ?19:10
wxlKiera is like in a tunnel covered in fog.19:11
kde_fan_2k2015i paste wrong window19:11
Ridgewingwxl, yeah, I can't do the video, I don't have the bandwidth.19:11
RidgewingWow .. this realy is an old audio video.19:13
Ridgewing**sans old for odd.19:13
frecelwhat kind of a load are we talking about?19:16
mhall119it would be cool if you could use Juju to spin up a bunch of servers, run the workload, and tear it down as soon as it's done19:18
mhall119maybe jcastro can help with that19:18
RidgewingQUESTION: Will Plasma 5 be in Kubuntu 16.04 as standard ?19:18
marco-parilloIt already is.19:19
clivejo2can santa help out on that?19:19
marco-parilloThe question is 5.x (coordinating with upstream).19:19
Ridgewingmarco-parillo: Is Plasma 6 being worked on ? what is the address ?19:20
mhall119jcastro or marcoceppi19:21
marco-parilloI have heard nothing about Plasma 6. I think the Plasma team is working now on Plasma 5.5 due Tue 2015-12-08 (https://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/Plasma_5)19:23
Ridgewingok cheers.19:23
clivejo2had Jonathan not a mobile kci setup on scaleway?19:24
clivejo2for arm?19:24
mhall119is there still someone with upload rights in Kubuntu?19:25
mhall119archive uploads that is19:25
RidgewingI'm happy to join the Kubuntu team BTW.19:25
sgclark2yofel and I do , but not all19:25
alleeUOS2how does one join the hangout?  I can only watch it :-(19:25
alleeUOS2Ridgewing: thx that's what I'm using.  You see me in the but it seems I can't participate19:28
clivejo2need people19:30
clivejo2packaging etc19:30
mhall119if you want help recruiting new contributors, both the community team and community council would be more than happy to help19:30
clivejo2but also documentation on how people can help, if and when they got time19:31
wxli'd be happy to round up some testers if needed. just let me know.19:31
wxli can also probably get some docs people and perhaps some bug triagers19:31
wxlpotentially i can help with server maintenance19:32
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frecelI think having clear instructions on how to help, where the help is needed would be good19:35
TJ-Documenting the developer processes would help - in detail - so newcomers can figure it out and get up to sepeed (which source repos, where/what/how to upload, patch rules, which servers/access to, how to interact with CI, etc.)19:35
frecelI think there are people out there who would be willing to help but they don't know where to start19:35
frecelthere should be a big "Get involved" button on kubuntu.org19:36
TJ-True; even shadowing IRC for months doesn't help, and much of the knolwedge is word-of-mouth fragments hard to work out what is authorative19:36
clivejo2for me personally I think the KCC needs to be more involved, provide leadership in a way19:36
wxlQUESTION: is the only issue that of having developers?19:36
clivejo2I cant hear mhall19:40
wxlmhall119 has been infected by dpm19:41
mhall119microphone works a lot better when it's not on the top of my head :)19:43
marco-parillowxl: I believe if we have developers / packagers creating new and shiny, that will attract folks who want to test and publicize the new and shiny. Also having critical mass to look at bugs would encourge folks to write bugs. When you hear a random complaint, and ask what is the bug number, you frequently get 'I tried a couple of times, and I got WONTFIX or no response at all.'19:43
ovidiu-florinHow do I join the hangout?19:45
ovidiu-florinor I don't?19:45
shadeslayersgclark2: ^19:45
shadeslayerOr maybe mhall119 ^19:45
TJ-there's rarely a point in Kubuntu bugs since the direction is usually to report upstream.19:46
mhall119ovidiu-florin: shadeslayer: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYe8_qHwGDAJy7i0Ns3nPmxiHaCK6Tm5h2Cr6FWb9IjJXSDHEw?hl=en&authuser=019:46
shadeslayermhall119: I'm too exhausted to join, listening passively19:46
shadeslayerI've had a full day19:47
shadeslayerone more image to test xD19:49
ovidiu-florinmhall119: thank you19:49
wxlmarco-parillo: i know a few folks interested in packaging. maybe a little hangout to walk people through the process would help19:49
mhall119ovidiu-florin: np19:49
shadeslayerI doubt its feasible with the low man power19:49
mhall119can the translations packages not just be included in the current ISOs?19:50
sgclark2we are short on packagers, not really testers19:50
shadeslayermhall119: size limits iirc19:50
ovidiu-florinwhat's about the django CMS?19:50
ovidiu-florinwhat's that about?19:50
mhall119shadeslayer: is it using a full DVD already?19:50
shadeslayerWhich are artificial at best at the moment19:51
shadeslayermhall119: no I think the idea was to keep the size as low as possible19:51
mhall119ovidiu-florin: I was offering ot talk about what django cms has to offer as a possible wiki alternative19:51
sgclark2ovidiu-florin: for a wiki, folks feel moving to kde fractured us19:51
shadeslayermhall119: it's completely self imposed afaik19:51
Ridgewinghiya !19:52
* mhall119 isn't going to recommend moinmoin for anything, ever :)19:53
wxlamen mhall11919:53
wxlmoinmoin suckxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx19:53
shadeslayerI haven't used it in 2 years now \o/19:54
mhall119getting people contributing to docs using the bzr/launchpad workflow is a good way to transition them into contributing code using the same :)19:56
clivejo23rd that19:58
yofellets make that the git/launchpad workflow ;)19:58
mhall119for reference, http://opensource.com/business/15/6/why-ubuntu-developer-portal-moved-djangocms contains a lot of our reasons for using django CMS over alternatives like rst19:58
mhall119notes: http://pad.ubuntu.com/uos-1511-kubuntu-xenial-planning19:59
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clivejo2was the printer auto detection ever looked at?20:03
shadeslayerOK I'm done, cya later20:04
mhall119if you want to use ubuntuonair.com for public hangouts, we can do that20:06
clivejo2is there any way the Kubuntu CC can be more active and have a more leadership role?20:09
clivejo2the community needs a strong leadership to rally behind20:11
mhall119vote for sgclark2 when the CC voting starts :)20:11
* ahoneybun thinks sgclark2 will hurt mhall11920:12
clivejo2for example there has been loads of media attention on Jon standing down, but nothing about the new release manager20:13
sgclark2that is because we are not entirely clear on the process clivejo220:14
clivejo2where is the link?20:16
clivejo2thanks yofel20:17
clivejo2ovidiu-florin: totally agree20:21
clivejo2video drivers, getting printers to work20:21
clivejo2plasma crashing or slow for some reason20:21
yofelovidiu-florin: FYI: there's a thing called checkinstall in the archive, that tries to make a .deb out of "make install" so you can try to install such custom software in a more-or-less sane way20:22
frecelI think users need to be more aware of the fact that there are people actually actively working on fixing bugs, and that their report is not just going into /dev/null20:23
kde_fan_2k2015how long is this session for?20:25
mhall119kde_fan_2k2015: it was supposed to end 30 minutes ago :)20:25
mhall119sounds like it's time to revive 5-a-day20:27
* yofel is still in that team :D20:27
kde_fan_2k2015mhall119: i say i eat at 8 so my family cook food and now it keep going and going and i hungry LOL20:27
yofelthose were fun times20:27
mhall119kde_fan_2k2015: it's being recorded, so you can watch later20:28
ahoneybunmhall119: remember the laptop I had at SELF?20:32
ahoneybunwe were doing some scripts20:33
mhall119the one you were trying to get Unity 8 running on?20:33
ahoneybunin 15.10 the stylus works out of the box20:34
ahoneybunin 15.04 I had to use a fix from a launchpad page20:34
ovidiu-florinyofel: http://docs.kubuntu.org/docs/contribute.html20:35
yofeloh ok, yes, that's missing the direct link to the webchat20:36
clivejo2who is kiera? IRC handle?20:37
ahoneybunhttp://docs.kubuntu.org/docs/support.html yofel this has it20:37
yofelyou're assuming that people understand what channel to connect to20:37
yofelyofel: http://docs.kubuntu.org/docs/contribute.html has a direct link to the channel20:37
yofelthat's what you want20:37
mhall119clivejo2: he's Ridgewing I think20:37
yofelok, the contribute page on the docs has the correct link - even if it does a weird external application request instead of the webchat20:39
ahoneybunmhall119: that laptop would be nice with Unity 8 lol20:40
mhall119ahoneybun: bring it to fossetcon and show it off20:41
ahoneybunshould I wait till a few days later to grab the latest image?20:41
mhall119ahoneybun: no idea, ask in #ubuntu-unity they can give better advice20:42
Ridgewinggood idea : more often ubuntu podcast20:43
clivejo2when you are all together, do another session!20:49
valorieuh, did I miss the meeting?20:49
yofelvalorie: yep, it just finished (after ~50min overtime)20:50
valoriewth, time-zone crap20:50
yofelvalorie: we're still in the hangout if you want to join20:50
mhall119valorie: it's recorded at least20:50
yofelwe're just off air20:51
valorieomg, it looks like I have a dentist appt right now20:51
RidgewingLink to kiwiirc : http://www.kiwiirc.com/20:57
RidgewingDid you have that Kubuntu dev irc channel ?21:07
ahoneybunRidgewing: #kubuntu-devel21:11

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