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swaveckGreetings Ubuntu team and fans !13:37
dpmwelcome everyone o/13:43
dpmall set for the opening plenary?13:44
Guest42341am i late?13:44
Guest42341is it over yet? :(13:44
DanChapmanGuest42341: not started yet :-)13:45
Guest42341phew :D13:45
James_MulhollandHi DanChapman :)13:45
James_MulhollandHi all!13:45
mhall119hi everyone!13:45
DanChapmanHey James_Mulholland o/13:45
Guest42341who is this mark guy?13:45
mhall119just some guy who works at Canonical13:45
Guest42341i see13:46
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Ozzyboshi_michael hall?13:46
mhall119no, I'm Michael Hall, Mark is someone else13:46
Ozzyboshi_mak shuttle13:46
* Guest42341 -14 min13:46
Ozzyboshi_to the take off?13:47
Guest42341to the lift off13:48
* Ozzyboshi_ slaps pietroalbini around a bit with a large fishbot13:48
Guest42341omg my dog is chewing my balloons13:50
popeyIs that an euphemism?13:51
mhall119I hope not, that sounds awful13:51
swaveckbetter than chewing some cats :)13:51
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balloonseveryone should have their own balloons. Just keep the dog away from them13:53
Guest42341oh LOL!!13:54
RidgewingOla !13:55
jcole62from za!13:55
cheerockieCześć, from PL!13:56
RidgewingIs MShuttleworth doing his video , yet ?13:56
Guest42341he's at makeup13:56
balloonsshould begin in a bout 5 mins13:56
RidgewingAwesome !13:56
RidgewingTell me when the video's live, cheers !13:57
Sharifwhere is everybody13:57
jcole62Go Mark go!13:57
jcole62im keen for dev apps next13:57
RidgewingI'm scurrying 'round doing reddit posts ...13:57
dpmhi all, good to see more folks joining in :)13:57
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QUESTIONhi all13:58
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* olli waves14:00
peter_muszynskihi everyone14:01
* ogra_ taps foot14:01
dholbachgo go go! :)14:01
UBUFAN2K15has started???14:01
core_apps_police14:00 UTC, somebody is late ...14:01
omgCATSit's over14:01
omgCATSyou are late14:01
peter_muszynskistarting soooooon....14:01
chris97plIt should start now14:01
UBUFAN2K15omgCATS: oh okay thank you14:01
UBUFAN2K15sad i missed14:01
omgCATSUBUFAN2K15, i was joking! :D14:02
sabdflhello all14:02
tassosGo go!14:02
omgCATShi mark14:02
omgCATSsabdfl, are you still at the make up?14:02
hancevhello when is the keynote from now?14:02
omgCATSand live14:02
mhall119going live now14:02
RidgewingQUESTION: Hi Mark, I spend 3 or 4 hours a week doing the Q&A posts on reddit and ubuntu-discourse. I never get paid for these, but after recent surgery I realise that, sometimes, even if it's the reddit gold that I need to make 'posting easier' - I believe that I form an active contribution to the Ubuntu social experience. My Question is that I would wish to continue spending hours doing the posts but I need $30 to have 14:04
ogra_popey, thats the totally wrong colour :P14:05
vitimitiI'm in a really noisy place and I can barely hear it T_T14:05
omgCATSyeah the sound volume is a little bit low14:06
mhall119ogra_: dd4814 is correct: http://design.ubuntu.com/brand/colour-palette14:06
popeyor indeed, http://dd4814.com/ :)14:06
kyrofaHmm... I apparently can't watch this without flash in firefox?14:06
RidgewingQUESTION: continued #2: continue spending hours doing the posts but I need $30 to have reddit gold for a year. Would you seriously consider affording me that stipend - as I believe it is well worth it to the active community in reddit and  Ubuntu discourse ? signed Nathan14:07
ogra_mhall119, but i want #77216f !14:07
popeyRidgewing, we have a process for applying for funds14:07
popeyRidgewing, http://community.ubuntu.com/help-information/funding/14:07
mhall119ogra_: why do you hate community? :)14:07
Ridgewingpopey: Ok, thanks,  - I'll latch onto that, cheers.14:07
Ridgewingpopey: Can I do a different question, then ?14:08
ogra_mhall119, because i am canonical ! as usual :P14:08
mhall119Ridgewing: I'm not sure we're going to have time for Q&A, but if we do you're not limited to just one14:08
mhall119ogra_: you evil corporate overlord14:08
* ogra_ sends out the snappy skynet drones to mhall119 14:09
* mhall119 is looking forward to watching all those Show & Tell sessions next week14:09
hancevman you should buy a real microphone14:09
ogra_(to fill up the GE fridge ... it called for it !)14:09
RidgewingQUESTION: Looking back at the 2013 Stallman video from Muktware where Ubuntu was refered to as SPYWARE by RMS, simply because you have to turn off the shopping lens option in the settings. My question is what does Mark think of that much refered to spat with Jono Bacon in 2013 (?), what does he feel about RM's views in general concerning Ubuntu (?) and, would a simple option to turn off this setting that could be "asked"14:10
ogra_Ridgewing, that option exists since3 201314:10
RidgewingQUESTION continued : .... Ubiquity to allay any fears the Libre software community has about this important issue (?)14:10
mhall119Ridgewing: it's all a moot point with the changes in Unity 814:10
ogra_and yeah, what mhall119 said ...14:11
ogra_unity8 makes that moot14:11
popey(unity7 ships in 16.04 for years, so it's potentially moot, not yet moot)14:11
ogra_well, the config option exists for unity714:12
alecuEnjoy the summit, and eat your vegetables!14:12
vitimitiStill, you can deactivate it in the settings14:12
* tsdgeos_web claps14:12
mhall119technical difficulties, please stand by14:12
omgCATSomg you've lost mark!!!14:12
RidgewingQUESTION: Slightly easier, this one. What input can the community have on "Suggesting extra products" for the Ubuntu store on the Ubuntu website ?14:12
mhall119omgCATS: well we know he's in Prague *somewhere*14:12
ogra_dont yu have some intermittant music ?14:12
cm-tRidgewing, i beleive the privacy issue was not about shopping lense but about every lens that fetch internet without getting noticed in home lense. Unity8 seems to work in a different way, you select a scope or a agregator scope14:13
nhainesogra_: yes, but it's all in Ogg Vorbis format and nothing plays that.  :)14:13
* Ridgewing sends out a search team to find Mark .......................14:13
dholbachogra_, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJkxFhFRFDA14:13
skay200 Mark OK14:13
rickspencer3skay, lol14:13
mhall119cm-t: in theory it's about every remote content scope, in practice people only cared about Amazon14:13
* ogra_ slaps dholbach 14:13
Ridgewing#crickets in-background14:14
vitimitiThis is the first time I'm watching Mark live14:14
cm-tMhall119, true14:14
vitimitiI actually like the Amazon scope14:14
cm-tmark wearing his movember stuff :)14:15
mhall119I like the wikipedia and github scopes14:15
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vitimitimhall119, those too14:15
RidgewingThe video's a bit jerkey .14:15
mhall119and google drive scope, combined with local files scope14:16
RidgewingAnyone else ?14:16
vitimitimhall119, but if I try to install the github one, these are uninstalled on Unity7: ubuntu-desktop unity unity-scope-home unity-tweak-tool :I14:16
omgCATSold image LOL14:17
mhall119vitimiti: hmmm, that's not good, sounds like a package version conflict somewhere14:17
vitimitimhall119, I'm on edge right now, but happened on stable, too, I don't know why, really14:17
mhall119vitimiti: you mean xenial/wily?14:17
vitimitimhall119, yeah14:17
mhall119we don't have edge or stable14:17
ogra_convergence !!14:18
vitimitiI meant xenial, yes14:18
mhall119omgCATS: that's prettier isn't it :)14:18
dholbachyes yes yes14:18
omgCATSmhall119,  yeah )14:18
gangsarhello. werewolf \m/14:18
dholbachif you have questions for Mark, bring them up and make sure you prefix them with QUESTION:14:18
vitimitiConvergence is looking so pretty already14:18
popey\o/ Daniel Wood14:18
Ozzyboshi_i think it would be better to ask the user if he wants explicitly to use amazon aggregator scope14:18
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nhainesI am already looking forward to lunch after my session.  :)14:18
cm-ti know that desktop :')14:19
dpmwe're collecting the questions and Mark will be answering them after the keynote. So if you've got any, please remember to prepend them with QUESTION14:19
vitimitiQUESTION: is there any news on whether WhatsApp will arrive Ubuntu phone or not?14:19
ogra_vitimiti, up to whatsapp really14:19
RidgewingQuestion: Would Canonical consider doing a "Fat-big Convergency party" for Ubuntu-users , in 2016, to err, converge ? Kinda like a UDS - but just a party for Ubuntuists !14:19
vitimitiI just need it because of my family14:19
omgCATSQUESTION: any plans for an ubuntu home router?14:19
mhall119Ridgewing: UbuCon in January out in California :)14:20
nhainesQUESTION: Are you happy with the pace of Ubuntu phone hardware development worldwide?14:20
nhainesRidgewing: yes, Ubucon Summit in Pasadena California is going to be awesome, and you're invited too.  :)14:20
mhall119Ridgewing: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22611/ubucon-summit-organization/14:20
Ridgewingmhall119: Here in Europe, we were all thinking about one in London.14:20
vitimitiI'd love so much to be able to attend one of those summits14:20
nhainesQUESTION: What's the next form factor for Ubuntu and why is it a smartwatch?14:21
mhall119Ridgewing: there's another UbuCon happening in Europe14:21
mhall119nhaines: :-P14:21
Ridgewingmhall119: Yeah ? Where ?14:21
ogra_Ridgewing, https://svij.org/blog/2015/06/05/announcing-ubucon-europe-2016/14:21
nhainesmhall119: I think he's the only one I haven't asked yet.  :)14:21
mhall119^ there14:21
Ridgewingok, cheers.14:21
cm-thaha pebblebuntu, would love it :')14:21
* ogra_ tickles sturmflut with a snappy skynet antenna 14:22
* balloons puts on tinfoil hat and hums quietly14:22
omgCATSQUESTION: any plans on bringing apps to home routers? i would like to install an irc server on my router from the store14:23
Ridgewing#Drones ! When do they get accepted into the postal service ?14:23
vitimitiomgCATS, that'd be woah14:23
ogra_omgCATS, yes, snappy brings that feature14:23
dobeyomgCATS: put an irc server in the store, and install it, then :)14:23
ogra_omgCATS, https://code.launchpad.net/~ogra/+snap/ircproxy14:23
l_ukasz[QUESTION] Ubuntu convergence, Mir/Wayland, containers - Ubuntu 16.04 or later?14:23
mhall119l_ukasz: that's not really a question14:24
dobey"+snap" ?14:24
Ridgewingogra_: Is ubuntucon.eu your website, then ?14:24
nhainesl_ukasz: those are already in Ubuntu now.  \o/14:24
ogra_dobey, yeah ... LP builds your snaps now :)14:24
ogra_Ridgewing, nope14:24
nhainesSnappy is a pretty awesome idea.14:24
dobeyogra_: neat. too bad phone isn't snaps yet14:25
AmarSinghQUESTION: Can we expect any more Ubuntu devices on the market soon (phones, tablets etc)?14:25
ogra_dobey, bright is the future !14:25
dobeygood thing i have these joo janta 200 super-chromatic peril-sensitive sunglasses14:25
l_ukasznhaines: I mean on relatively stable solution for the end user set by default.14:26
RidgewingSnapcraft is the new packaging tool, then COOL.14:28
ogra_it is and it is awesome :)14:29
core_apps_policewhere we can discuss the chromium or firefox for the next LTS?14:29
mhall119core_apps_police: #ubuntu-desktop or their mailinglist, the discussion is already started I think14:30
RidgewingQUESTION: Shall Mark be using a Mycroft IOT home-hub in his Isle of Man house ?14:30
l_ukaszcore_apps_police: I never understood these discussions. It seems to me that Firefox is a good option as the default browser. You can always install another.14:30
vitimitiFirefox seems to behave better with my RAM, that's for sure, so I'm staying with it whether the default is FF or Chromium14:31
mhall119l_ukasz: default app selection is always being re-evaluated14:31
dobeywebbrowser-app is the new default browser14:31
l_ukaszvitimiti: +114:31
Yahndobey: for desktop Ubuntu14:31
vitimitiI'd love to use webbrowser-app but I'm still missing extensions (specifically ad block) and being able to download files without needing another browser14:32
dobeyi'm pretty sure it'll be the default for Ubuntu Personal14:32
mhall119dobey: you're stirring up trouble now :)14:32
mhall119vitimiti: downloading files is indeed a big obstacle with the current webbrowser-app14:32
justCarakasQUESTION aren't you scared mycrosoft will steal ubuntu's thunder with continium14:32
vitimitimhall119, yeah, I could bare not having ad block, but the download...14:32
mhall119vitimiti: I also miss view source14:33
Ridgewingwhat's continium ?14:33
ogra_justCarakas, they copy us ! thats the biggest honor they can give us ;)14:33
dobeyi couldn't deal with not having ad blocking14:33
mhall119Ridgewing: it's Microsoft's implementation of convergence14:33
vitimitimhall119, oh, yeah, that's important for some people14:33
dobeydownloading, i can use wget if i need to14:33
Ridgewingoh ok , that's a baddie thing !14:33
mhall119dobey: yeah, but that requires a copy/paste and window switch14:33
vitimitidobey, yeah, me too, but I'm not very good at using it and I end up using FF for downloads14:34
ogra_Ridgewing, nah, it isnt, it just proves that our ideas are right :)14:34
jcole62anywhere where i can watch this after live?14:34
dobeymhall119: well, that's nowhere near as bad as what's required to block ads in webbrowser-app :)14:34
AmarSinghit'll be on the ubuntu on air youtube channel I think14:34
Yahnjcole62, it'll be on the youtube channel14:34
mhall119jcole62: same place, the live video will be replaced by a normal youtube embeded video14:34
dobeyjcole62: the same youtube url where it's live14:34
nhainesjcole62: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru6cQMEt52s14:34
Yahnwhere you're watching it now14:34
ogra_jcole62, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru6cQMEt52s should have it14:34
jcole62Thanks @mhall11914:34
jcole62thanks guys14:34
vitimitiHahaha, massive answer14:35
dobeysame for all the session videos. the live url is the same as the post-watching url14:35
* omgCATS waiting the phone updates14:35
mhall119yup, everything on summit.ubuntu.com will be available to re-watch later14:35
Ridgewinghe's lost me now . LXD ? what is that - a Lexus ?14:37
Yahnmost of this is over my head14:37
nhainesmhall119: for only $9.99 pay-per-view right?14:37
mhall119Ridgewing: it's a control daemon for LXC (Linux Containers)14:37
YahnRidgewing: http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud/tools/lxd14:37
mhall119nhaines: I can get it to you for $4.99 ;)14:37
balloonsIt's lowe overhead virtualization14:37
kyrofaRidgewing, allows for lxc container migration in openstack, etc.14:37
Ridgewingok, thanks.14:37
mhall119\o/ Community Council14:38
* mhall119 hugs them all14:38
Yahnwill Mark be doing a Q&A?14:38
popeyThat's rather nice of him to say.14:38
AmarSinghyeah i think so14:39
YahnAmarSingh, same format as the regular Ubuntu-on-Air? ie QUESTION:14:39
AmarSinghyeah, a few people have asked questions already, myself included ;)14:40
AmarSinghsame format14:40
vitimitiQUESTION: Are there any plans on recovering the Ubuntu One cloud? I liked it a lot14:40
ShankeyCanonical when we will see 4g ubuntu phones in india??14:40
* Ridgewing shudders as he realises who's re-iterating the Questions.14:41
dobeyvitimiti: no, the cloud storage isn't coming back14:41
vitimitiAw, thank you14:41
Yahnvitimiti: I think the infrastructure still exists. My guess is if/when Ubuntu on devices takes off then we'll see a return14:41
dobeyShankey: i don't know which phone is in india, or what the frequenecies are there, but the meizu mx4 has 4g i think14:41
omgCATSQUESTION: any ubuntu phone news?14:42
Yahndoeby, the Meizu is not being sold anymore14:42
dobeyvitimiti: the server was open sourced, and you can take it and run it yourself14:42
Ridgewingsabdfl: Good video - I'm from the Isle of Man opening an OpenSource-suite in an IOM-gov-run-community-center. We'd love you to come and open it when your next on the Island ?14:42
vitimitidobey, thank you, but I can barely run FF with 5 tabs open already on this notebook14:43
Shankeyi know meizu mx4 is in india..but its only avaliable with android OS i need ubuntu edition. the whole users are waitng for ubuntu phone in india14:43
RidgewingQUESTION: Lets get down to basics - WHEN is the Ubuntu convergence phone aiming for delivery ?14:43
mhall119Shankey: the Ubuntu edition was probably available to ship to India, before they sold out14:44
kyrofavitimiti, yeah you need a server :)14:44
kyrofavitimiti, ownCloud is an option as well14:44
vitimitikyrofa, yeah, I don't have anything but a small, cheap notebook14:45
YahnQUESTION: Aside from convergence, what are some of the key differentiators between Ubuntu on phones and the competition (iOS, Android) for your average consumer?14:46
ShankeyIf anyone here is associated with canonical or in touch with there developers please pass on this message to them "please bring ubuntu phone to india" i dont want android at all14:46
YahnShankey, Ubuntu phones are already sold in India through snapdeal.com14:46
mhall119Shankey: Bq phones are available in India14:46
nhainesI wish that rms would stop being right about basically everything.14:47
vitimitiHe isn't right about something, he forgets part of freedom is choice, and I like Steam14:47
clrQUESTION: How long before we see a functional desktop on Snappy with all the basic desktop apps14:47
ShankeyThat BQ aquaris is Ok But its hardware is not upto the mark atleast there should be 4g support..because 4g android  phones are cheaper than ubuntu phones...14:48
mariogripQUESTION: What do you think about the Ubports project?14:48
mhall119a secure, app-enabled home router would be awesome14:48
dobeyShankey: tell your provider you want ubuntu14:48
nhainesQUESTION: Will Ubuntu Personal enable a desktop Ubuntu experience on a device like a Raspberry Pi Model 2?14:48
nhainesjcastro: good morning!14:48
Ridgewinglost the video, very jerkey ....14:48
Ridgewingrickspencer3: HI Rick are you there ?14:49
nhainesI would totally be happy with an OpenWRT-style snappy router.  :)14:49
nhainesI would like a nethack snap.14:49
* ogra_ would prefer a ufw snap router :)14:49
Shankeyproviders are giving more stress on android..thats the main issue14:50
dobeynhaines: build one ;)14:50
nhainesdobey: I'm the last person that anybody wants to build a router.  ;)14:50
Ridgewingrickspencer3: ping14:50
dobeyShankey: canonical doesn't build hardware. tell your provider and handset makers that you want ubuntu. tell your friends to do the same.14:50
mariogripQUESTION: What is ubuntu touch strategy/plans to  fix the "users needs app and apps need users" problem?14:51
YahnQUESTION: Will we see a refreshed icon theme for 16.04 & Unity 7?14:52
bmullanquestion - status Xenial of  LXD and  running openstack and openstack payloads all in LXC14:52
Shankeymy whole friends circle wants ubuntu...im so eager for ubuntu phones that am not even buying any phone just cz im waiting for ubuntu phone with good hardware specs by BQ or meizu14:52
mhall119multitasking on Ubuntu phone is far better than Android, IMO14:52
kenvandinemhall119, it really is14:52
dobeyprivacy is certainly better on ubuntu than on android14:52
Ridgewingbmullan: Ask QYESTION, in caps ... do nit again , but only have 10 mins left I think.14:52
Shankeybut there is no response from them..reguarding this14:52
AmarSinghI'd love to see Unity 7 refreshed with Unity 8-like icons and themes14:53
bmullanQUESTION - status Xenial of LXD and running openstack and openstack payloads all in LXC14:53
vitimitiShankey, http://www.snapdeal.com/products/mobiles-mobile-phones/filters/Form_s~Smartphones?sort=plrty&q=Form_s%3ASmartphones%7COperatingSystem_s%3AUbuntu%7C14:53
skayI would love a tablet14:53
YahnJoey from OMG! Ubuntu! mentioned that we might see a new icon set land for 16.0414:53
vitimitiSo would I, skay14:53
ogra_QUESTION: will we ship lxc and lxd by default everywhere in 16.04 ?14:54
skayI have one that is too old for me to install ubuntu on14:54
mhall119udsbotu is working \o/ thanks Pici14:54
udsbotumhall119: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:54
* omgCATS slap udsbotu 14:54
ogra_we really need to hook these IRC bots into mycroft to make them cleverer ;)14:54
mhall119omgCATS: don't provoke the bots14:55
Shankey@vitimiti - i Know that but its hardware is not well atleast it should have 4g...cz i have to do one time investment14:55
YahnShankey, a BQ phone designed for Ubuntu convergence is due to be announced early next year14:55
mhall119if you don't get your questions answered here, join any relevant sessions going on this week and ask them there14:56
mhall119also don't forget that we have Jane Silber's Q&A at 1700 UTC tomorrow14:56
Ridgewingsabdfl: "Classy revolution" ... that sounds sassy.14:56
vitimitimhall119, did he answer about WhatsApp? I think I missed it completely14:57
vitimitiIf he did*14:57
mhall119vitimiti: yes14:57
dobeyvitimiti: whatsapp coming to ubuntu is up to whatsapp, not ubuntu. same answer as always :)14:57
Shankey@yahn- what!!!! are you serious??....plz plz plz tell me its a brand new smartphone what are its specs??14:57
yoann54will the mx4 still get updates ? i mean cauz it seems to be abandoned project by meizu14:57
nhainesShankey: it will be announced by BQ next year.14:57
tedgWe need T-shirts. Marx: Class Revolution, Mark: Classy Revolution14:57
vitimitidobey, ah, I didn't hear. I was hoping some news, thanks14:57
AmarSinghThere's no news on the specs yet14:57
nhainestedg: +114:57
mhall119yoann54: not abandoned, just replaced by a new model14:57
YahnShankey, no specs or any details at this stage. Announcement hopefully sometime early next year14:57
RidgewingHe needs to answer the question about the convergence phone delivery.14:57
Ridgewingi.e. the date.14:58
ogra_Ridgewing, "soon"14:58
mhall119Ridgewing: device dates will be announced by the OEM, not by us14:58
nhainesRidgewing: November 18th gives a pretty good start to it.14:58
Ridgewingthat's not good enough.14:58
yoann54a new model from meizu ?14:58
nhainesRidgewing: that's how all cell phones work.14:58
ogra_Ridgewing, but thats the reality :)14:58
Shankey@yahn- my waiting is extended14:59
nhainesAlthough that reminds me that I need to harass the design team about getting the FCS wallpapers into the phone.  :)14:59
ogra_Ridgewing, if both parties are pleased with the quality (oem as well as canonical) ... if you find that better to understand :)14:59
Ridgewingnhaines: But it's "our" phone !14:59
ogra_Ridgewing, no, we only make the SW14:59
yoann54is nexus 4 the best quality/price device to try ubuntu touch ?14:59
divyesshyoi want to know what are ubuntu's plan for mycroft14:59
AmarSinghMycroft has a show and tell on thursday I think15:00
ogra_yippie !15:00
mhall119yoann54: if you're in North America, yes15:00
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Yahnnhaines, what are FCS wallpapers?15:00
nhainesyoann54: only if you can't get ahold of a retail phone with Ubuntu preinstalled.15:00
dobeyyoann54: in the US, probahbly yes. in EU it's probably better to buy an official BQ device15:00
cm-tThanks you !15:00
yoann54why north america ?15:00
divyesshyoand h in there any new ubuntu phone under development15:00
who_meThank you Mark.15:00
wililupyThank you Mark.15:00
nhainesYahn: the alternate default wallpapers availble in Ubuntu 15.10 as part of the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase submissions.15:00
ksantacrthank yous15:00
AmarSinghThanks all15:00
Ridgewingyoann54: Think it is ! https://swappa.com/buy/nexus-4-unlocked15:00
vitimitiThank you, guys15:00
Yahnnhaines, ah thanks15:00
dholbachnice one!15:01
rickspencer3thanks dpm15:01
mhall119yoann54: because the Bq and Meizu phones aren't available here15:01
dpmrickspencer3, \o/15:01
dpmthanks everyone for joining and the great questions!15:01
divyesshyoya in india bq isn't available15:01
yoann54but nexus 4 has better specs15:01
Yahnargh I wish I had time to prepare some better questions15:01
nhainesThanks dpm, mhall119, and sabdfl for the opening keynote.  :)15:01
sabdflRidgewing, sure, contact claire.newman@canonical.com15:01
sabdflcheers all15:01
sabdflhave a great week15:01
dholbachdavidcalle, http://ubuntu.snapdeal.com/15:01
dholbachdavidcalle, oops15:02
dholbachdivyesshyo, http://ubuntu.snapdeal.com/15:02
Ridgewingsabdfl: great video ! cheers for the reply.15:02
dpmnhaines, yw, see you later on on your session :)15:02
nhainesdpm: yay!  :)15:02
mhall119btw, everybody please register at http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/registration/ so we know how many folks are attending this online session15:02
mhall119that will also allow you to mark any sessions you want to attend, and give you a personal schedule of them15:02
Yahnso are we now on to App & Scope development?15:02
divyesshyosorry i mean to say meizu is not available in india  i need meizu mx4 in india15:02
davidcalleYahn, in #ubuntu-uos-appdev, yes15:03
mhall119divyesshyo: I don't think the MX4 is available anywhere anymore15:03
Yahndivyesshyo, the MX4 isn't being sold anywhere anymore15:03
Yahnsnap mhall11915:03
Shankeythanx all15:04
pavakpaulisn't it the time for Ubuntu-on-air?15:05
Shankeymark had left15:05
Shankeyyou are 1 hour late approx.15:05
pavakpaulI am asking about the QA thing which starts this time every time15:06
RidgewingCan someone direct me to the commmunity session, that is going on right now , please on youtube ?15:07
Yahnpavakpaul, I don't think it's happening given that the online summit is on15:07
omgCATSpavakpaul, check the shedule http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/2015-11-03/15:07
pavakpaulahh i see15:07
pavakpaulthanks :)15:07
nhainespavakpaul: check the schedule for this week here: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/15:07
nhainesomgCATS: you beat me to it.  :)15:07
pavakpaulI wasn't around here last 2 weeks so...15:08
Shankeyso meizu mx4 is not avaliable to purchase anymore??15:08
pavakpauldidn't know15:08
YahnShankey, no15:08
omgCATS18:00 - 18:55 UTC Community Team Q&A ( Community )15:08
pavakpaulShankey: not at the moment15:08
Shankey@yahn-bad news for us15:08
YahnShankey, I'm more interested in a phone designed from the ground up for Ubuntu15:09
Yahnso hopefully the upcoming BQ device15:09
Shankeyi want ubuntu phone atleast which has 4g support thats it...i dont want any type of crappy whatsapp or any other app...just want ubuntu15:09
YahnShankey, would you really need the speed that 4G offers if you don't have any applications to use it with?15:10
Shankeyyes i need it i know that alteast common apps will be avaliable...and i dont care of whatsapp15:11
Shankeyits all upto facebook whethr dey want to make it or not and im too much eager that if i meet mark shuttleworth i will convince him to launch high end ubuntu phones in india15:12
YahnShankey, there aren't any high end Ubuntu phones anywhere, let alone India. At this stage it's just a waiting game15:13
Shankeyin Europe and china mx4 had hit flash sales but not in our country15:14
Shankeycanonical should know that india is 2nd biggest market for smartphones15:14
nhainesShankey: Canonical doesn't produce hardware.15:15
YahnShankey, we're talking about a platform that is marketed for early adopters. It's still very early days15:16
Shankeybut atleast they can give suggestions to the providers or else they can look for more smartphones providers15:17
ShankeyBoth BQ and meizu are not taking care about ubuntu phones15:18
YahnShankey, all of that happens behind closed doors. We have no idea who they are/aren't talking to15:18
Shankeyatleast they should have lauched other smartphones of ubuntu15:18
YahnShankey, sure with unlimited money and manpower15:18
Yahnbut it's not like that15:18
Yahn3 devices in one year for a platform in it's infancy is a good start15:19
YahnI agree that the BQ hardware available doesn't really get the blood pumping15:19
Yahnbut it's more than a case of clicking your fingers and making high end hardware appear15:20
Shankeyyeah it is but i wish that developers can go through this IRC so that they will be came to know tha how eager we are for ubuntu phones15:21
Shankeyonly we can do is "finger crossed"15:21
YahnShankey, I feel the same way. I want a flagship Ubuntu phone15:21
Yahnthe Ubuntu Edge was a dream come true15:21
Yahnshame it didn't make it15:22
Shankeyyeah ubuntu edge 4 gb of ram OMG!!!...what a phone that was15:22
YahnI wonder how far it went through prototyping15:23
Shankeyhttp://techfrag.com/2015/10/10/ubuntu-touch-almost-ready-oneplus-one-heading-soon-oneplus-2/ look this oneplus phones will have ubuntu OS15:23
YahnI want an official device though. I don't want to rely solely on a community build15:23
Shankeythat will definitly come if canonical generate money for maufacturing15:23
YahnI tried to flash Ubuntu on my OnePlus One and it was not a great experience15:23
ShankeyOne plus is community build??15:24
Yahnyeah let me find the link15:24
Shankeydamn!!! now this disappoints me15:24
Yahnis the OnePlus One popular in India?15:24
YahnWhen I was over there I ended buying a cheap MicroMax emergency phone15:25
YahnI have no idea what OS it ran. It wasn't Android15:25
Yahnthis was about 6 years ago now15:25
ShankeyTO an extend...But poplular phones are samsung micromax and xiaomi...people buys android phones in india because they are cheap in price15:27
Shankeyand one most special reason to buy android is to join whatsapp15:28
Yahnwhat about iPhones?15:29
Yahntoo expensive?15:29
Shankeyyup its too expensive15:29
Yahntoo expensive everywhere IMO15:29
Shankeyi phone 6s current price is 65000/INR approx...and same quality android phones are 8000/ with 4g support15:30
Shankeywho wants iphone it sucks15:30
Yahnwell they're nice devices but far too expensive15:30
Yahnis that price for the cheapest 6S btw?15:31
Shankeyalso depends on internel memory size15:31
Shankeyi hate apple cz15:31
Shankeyno downloading at all....bluetooth supported only to apple15:32
Shankey....no songs support from extra source15:32
Yahnthat same model is 57867 INR here15:32
Yahnyou can copy music on to an iPhone15:32
Yahneven without iTunes15:32
Shankeyyup for that we need to sync to itunes15:32
Yahnyou can do it with Ubuntu I'm pretty sure15:33
Yahnit's been a long time since I've used iOS & Ubuntu together15:33
Yahnyou're right in saying iOS is restrictive though15:33
Yahnsomething simple as adding a custom ringtone was a nightmare for such a long time15:33
Yahnsuch basic functionality15:33
Shankeywe both hope that ubuntu phones would be in our hands soon15:34
Shankeyso that we can do anything d way we want15:34
Yahn2016 will hopefully be an interesting year15:34
Shankeyyup may be15:34
Shankeyand thanx a lot for giving me such a precious time15:35
Shankeyit was nice talking to all users specially you thanx alot15:35
frecelpopey: how is it that generally speaking people on official ubuntu hangouts have significantly worst mics than the average person on jb mumble?15:49
TJ-Why was it the live feed for Firefox 41.0.2 on 15.10 reported 'no suitable codec' but the recorded video is fine? (HTML5/Video enabled) ?15:56
who_meTJ-, missing Flash perhaps?15:56
who_meTJ-, livestreams use flash15:57
TJ-Flash? In this day and age!?15:57
TJ-That seems like a very poor choice.15:59
who_meCan you point us to a stream using  just HTML5 TJ- ?16:00
who_meI've yet to see one and it's not like the major browsers flock to support HLS either16:01
TJ-who_me: The recorded video of the plenary is delivered over HTMl5/Video but the Live was unavailable; Youtube reported missing codec, but said nothing about requiring FLash16:01
frecelyou can probably open the stream in vlc16:01
who_meTJ-, might've not said it, but for me it flashed the warning and the went to flash16:02
dragonbiteREPORT: The box for logging in to join the IRC via the browser is too small to display the captcha images AND the part that tells you what to click on.  I had to guess from the collection of pictures what it was wanting me to click on.16:16
josedragonbite: mind reporting it on #ubuntu-website? I'll follow up with you there16:28
frecelAre people actually rating all their music?16:39
frecelI've never used that16:39
=== hikiko-lpt is now known as hikiko
dragonbiteQUESTION: Where has Ubuntu enjoyed the greatest adoption rate?  e.g. Asia? Europe? India? USA? South America?  Has this adoption been as expected, better or worse?17:03
who_meTJ-, I looked more into the issue. YT does indeed use DASH for streaming but FF 41 (and older) seem to support it fully. On FF41, visiting YT Gaming and choosing a live stream gives me the flash player. On firefox-trunk (aka nightly) I get the HTML5 player and all the various resolution options like 720p60, 1080p60...17:09
dragonbiteQUESTION: Any other announcements like Microsoft using Ubuntu for their Linux-based Azure offering?17:09
who_meseem not to*17:10
TJ-who_me: thanks for testing. I disabled firefox-trunk after the 15.10 move; I had it with 14.04. That may explain why :)17:11
mhall119dragonbite: the keynote has ended17:12

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