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dholbachhey hey15:01
elopiowho gives me the link to the hangout?15:02
brendandelopio, good luck15:05
dholbachelopio, is somebody helping you set up the session?15:06
elopiodholbach: fgimenez.15:07
dholbachok cool15:07
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balloonselopio, still having trouble?15:08
balloonswe need to add the link so the video shows on the page15:08
dholbachdavidcalle, ^ are you around to help them?15:08
elopioballoons: trouble with what? I don't have the link.15:08
dholbachclick on "edit hangout details" on the session page in summit15:08
balloonselopio, I thought you said you were all set for this15:09
elopioahhh, now I understand your question from before15:09
elopiosorry about that.15:09
dholbachhttp://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22623/testing-snappy/ → edit hangout details15:09
balloonselopio, no worries. Sorry. I was trying to ask if you knew about setting things up, not the information, heh15:09
elopioballoons: yeah, I misunderstood. I don't have a hangout details link.15:09
balloonselopio, ok, so simply create a new hangout on air15:09
balloonselopio, it's documented here Sessions15:10
balloonselopio, but you make an on-air hangout, then we simply update the page with the details15:11
elopioballoons: on it15:11
balloonsI'm sorry for not being clear earlier. It's too early to be vague about these things :-)15:12
elopiothere's no on-air button.15:12
elopiogive me a second15:12
elopiogot it.15:13
elopioballoons: dholbach: http://youtu.be/tAAarof9u4E15:14
dholbachelopio, page updated15:15
mvo_uosyay, I have a video15:15
ogra_video !15:15
ogra_(well, starting soon ...)15:15
mvo_uosI can see elopio15:15
balloonselopio, all set, we see you15:15
brendandelopio, i see you15:15
dholbachelopio, thanks for hanging in there15:15
tedgelopio: We can hear you!15:15
loolelopio: can see you live15:15
roadmr+1, I can see/hear15:15
IceyI can see you live15:15
Iceyand hear you15:15
loolelopio: and hear you fine15:15
mvo_uoselopio:we hear you15:15
brendandelopio, and hearing :)15:15
rmescandoni can hear it, confirmed15:16
skayhearing okay15:16
ogra_yep,. all fine15:16
dholbachthat means a delay of 1 minute or something :)15:16
tedgWell, we don't *know* it is live. He could have prerecorded the confusion.15:16
ogra_i hear you15:16
elopiosudo ubuntu-device-flash core rolling --channel edge --developer-mode -o ubuntu-snappy-rolling-edge-amd64-generic.img15:22
elopiokvm -m 512 -redir :8090::80 -redir :8022::22 -redir :8000::8000 ~/Elŝutujo/installers/ubuntu/snappy/ubuntu-snappy-rolling-edge-amd64-generic-220.img -snapshot15:23
sanoyis this talk happening?15:26
sanoyor not?15:26
ronswiftyes it is15:26
ogra_it is running, yes15:27
elopiosudo snappy install hello-world15:29
ronswiftwill there be notes for this and the other presentations15:29
balloonsronswift, the pad is availible for notes, but we would have to ask elopio what he would recommend for documentation if that's what you are after15:31
ogra_ronswift, the video will be available afterwards and there is th eetherpad15:31
ronswiftyes, documentation15:31
elopiosudo snappy hw-assign hello-world.canonical /dev/kmsg15:34
dholbachI put Leo's messages from IRC to the etherpad15:35
balloonsok, so I'll just ask for you ronswift.15:35
balloonsQUESTION: Where can I find documentation for snappy, and in particular, for testing snappy?15:36
ronswiftQUESTION: What are the hardware requirements for testing snappy15:37
fgimenezballoons, for general info about snappy the guides is a great place to start https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/, we have a readme about how to run the automated integration tests in https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/blob/master/_integration-tests/README.md15:38
balloonsronswift, &&15:38
balloonssorry, ignore that15:39
ronswiftgot it thanks15:40
fgimenezronswift, for running snappy locally as elopio is doing take a look at https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/#snappy-local; for running the tests localy you need autopkgtest, ubuntu-device-flash and kvm, more on https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/blob/master/_integration-tests/README.md15:41
elopiogo run ./_integration-tests/main.go --ip localhost --port 8022 --filter infoSuite15:48
balloonsso fgimenez, what hardware can be used for testing? is most testing done via kvm?15:48
fgimenezballoons, we use kvm for executing the suite locally on the amd64 architecture, you can also execute the tests on armhf (beaglebone and rpi2) with the board connected, snappy installed and using the -ip and -port flags mentioned by Leo15:51
fgimenezballoons, in fact the tests can be executed in any hardware running snappy, just specifying the means of accessing it (ip, port and ssh keys)15:52
sturmflutFive minutes until mzanetti shows us the future of computing15:55
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mzanettiat least tries to15:55
mzanettihere's a game, whenever something crashes, everyone drinks a schnapps15:56
balloonstoo early for such things in the states, hah15:56
balloonsthanks fgimenez and elopio!15:58
roadmrthanks elopio !15:58
elopioyour welcome roadmr.15:59
dobeyballoons, mzanetti: ^^ :)15:59
balloonssorry again elopio. The questions are in the pad. fgimenez answered as we went15:59
elopiomzanetti: I'll play!15:59
elopioballoons: awesome. Thanks fgimenez.15:59
fgimenezelopio, np, thank you :)16:00
dobeys'mores schnapps16:00
davidcalleWe'll start in 2 min!16:00
unity9hi all16:03
davidcalleHi hi :) About to start16:03
unity9can't wait16:03
sturmflutunity9: Now that's a bold nickname16:03
* unity9 i'm from the future16:04
mhall119do they have flying cars there yet?16:04
ubufan2k15has this session started yet?16:04
ubufan2k15okay versagod16:05
unity9no, not that distant in the future 202116:05
davidcalleubufan2k15, in one minute :)16:05
davidcalleIf anyone feels like joining the hangout -> https://hangouts.google.com/call/7jcodlmyr7wpmoef3ishh7r4ria16:06
unity9are you guys showing new phones?16:07
davidcalle@all, please prepend you questions with QUESTION:16:08
sturmflutunity9: At least I am not ;)16:09
unity9maybe popey? he has a lot of unreleased phones16:10
unity9QUESTION: any plans on working towards an initial definition of Unity8 api?16:12
unity9something that other devs can build upon and not break with the next update16:13
unity9tiny tv16:14
unity9i can't see... :(16:15
roadmrdavidcalle: don't forget to have mzanetti focus his presentation user16:15
roadmrdavidcalle: otherwise all we see is the hangout where his audio is coming from (empty wall)16:15
CheeseBrgAre we supposed to see something?16:15
roadmrthere you go16:15
unity9better now16:15
unity9why is the top bar so big?16:15
unity9or is it? what's the resolution?16:16
justCarakasQUESTION I bought a slimport that also has usb port for my nexus 4 will I be able to use them while also using the HDMI post ?16:17
unity9why are the icons so big?16:17
unity9QUESTION: why is everything so big?16:18
justCarakasQUESTION are there plans to make the phone/tablet usable as a trackpad while extending the screen16:18
CheeseBrgQUESTION: How does it handle multuple screens? My setup has 316:18
anpok_justCarakas: as far as I know you can only use the extra usb port to power the device while using the hdmi outpu..16:18
justCarakasanpok_: mine does have a micro usb port for power and a real usb port, an SD-cart reader as wel16:19
anpok_justCarakas: that sounds like an mhl adapter which is a different hdmi embedding protocol than slimport16:20
mhall119justCarakas: I believe the slimport's micro-usb port is only for power, not other devices16:22
justCarakasmhall119: ow snap :p16:23
brendandjustCarakas, it will not do adb/mtp16:23
mhall119mzanetti: I belive he's asking about an API for extending Unity 8, like plugins16:23
mhall119QUESTION: is the side-stage going to be available in desktop mode?16:27
unity9QUESTION: any news regarding the tablet mode?16:27
seb24QUESTION: What is the plan for Scopes and dash for Dekstop16:27
seb24with Unity 816:28
mhall119QUESTION: is the HUD coming back to Unity 8 for the desktop? I miss the HUD16:28
AmarSinghQUESTION: What sort of compiz-like functionality can we expect in Unity 8? Things like window spread, workspace naming and hotcorners for example are quite useful, but I understand that these things are not high priority at the moment. I just want to know if they will make an appearance eventually.16:29
CheeseBrgI feel like Mycroft + HUD = Siri like service for Unity816:32
mhall119yeah, that would be awesome16:32
unity9QUESTION: how will the unity8 desktop work like? on unity7 we can put pictures and folders and etc16:32
CheeseBrgQUESTION: Is there a testing ISO specifically for Unity8 testing on Desktop? Or instructions for 15.10?16:33
unity9ok, thanks16:33
AmarSinghah I thought that was the alt+tab switcher16:34
unity9QUESTION: can i write a paralax wallpaper in QML and replace the current static wallpaper?16:34
mhall119QUESTION: Who in the design team should we ping with all these design-related questions?16:35
davidcalleapt-get install unity8-desktop-session-mir16:35
mterryapt-get install unity8-desktop-session-mir16:35
CheeseBrgI'll try that now16:35
justCarakas I tried apt-get install unity8-desktop-session-mir on ubuntu 15.10 but only saw a black screen16:36
CheeseBrgin a VM16:36
mhall119QUESTION: When will Unity 8 gain all the wonderful keyboard shortcuts that Unity 7 has?16:37
unity9QUESTION: when will the "desktop" widget land? like scrollbars, menus and such16:37
unity9radio buttons16:38
CheeseBrgThe Ubuntu Design videos stopped a long time ago unfortunately16:38
mhall119mostly I want super+# for app switching :)16:39
gustwwwwwUnity8 Convergence when will fist iso be made. 16.10 or later16:41
seb24QUESTION: With Unity 8 on phone the update/upgrade system is different. Do we will have the same update system on Desktop ?16:41
mhall119QUESTION: any new features coming in Unity 8 that didn't exist in Unity 7 which you are particularly excited about?16:41
AmarSinghI quite like the browser16:42
mhall119seb24: that's more of a desktop team question, they have a session tomorrow: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22576/developer-desktop-plan-1604/16:42
unity9woa... nice browser16:43
mhall119QUESTION: can we get the calendar widget in the datetime indicator when in phone mode? It's quite handy16:43
sturmflutunity9: The browser also works quite well on an "actual" desktop with Unity716:43
unity9sturmflut: nice16:43
* mhall119 is looking forward to the notifications indicator on the desktop16:44
mhall119much nicer than the current desktop one16:45
CheeseBrgQUESTION: Think you answered this but will Uniy8 support plugins?16:45
seb24QUESTION: What is the plan to manage muti-workspaces ?16:45
AmarSinghI think they answered it earlier16:45
AmarSinghthe plugin thing16:45
mterryCheeseBrg, answer was not yet, we have too much stuff to get working in normal everyday mode right now16:45
davidcalleCheeseBrg, already answered, priority is on getting everything to work, then they are not opposed to it16:46
CheeseBrgThat's what I thought16:46
KugiQUESTION: Any chance we'll get to set the "resolution" or UI scaling when connecting to an external display? Everything seems big as of the moment :)16:47
mhall119davidcalle: can you switch the video to his desktop?16:47
mhall119Kugi: that was answered earlier, it's work in progress16:47
KugiOops, sorry, just joined. Thanks anyway :)16:48
mhall119QUESTION: how will multiple windows for an app work in that switcher? Is it window-based or app-based?16:48
CheeseBrgQUESTION: Is the choppy performance of Unity8 becuase of the hardware of the phone or becuse it is still work in progress?16:48
unity9QUESTION: when will unity8 be able to run with nvidia, amd's proprietary drivers16:48
CheeseBrgperformance in the video I mean16:49
mhall119CheeseBrg: it's probably caused by Hangouts16:49
sturmflutI have to drop out of the Hangout, don't have all the fun in the last five minutes without me!16:50
mterrysturmflut, ok (everyone!  bust out the party balloons!)16:50
unity9bye sturmflut16:50
mhall119example, if you have multiple browser windows open16:50
sturmflutmterry: Damned I knew it!16:50
KugiQUESTION: Any news when we'll get multiple app instance support in Unity8? or is it even planned for phones/tablets?16:50
unity9i like balloons16:50
balloonscareful now, careful16:51
* balloons floats out of reach16:51
mhall119looking forward to seeing that in action16:51
bregmare: vendor support for Mir:  *soon*16:52
unity9thansk all16:53
CheeseBrgbye guys16:54
thecoder15im 17 year old self taught software engineer and im wondering what its like to work at canonical16:54
mhall119thank you mterry and mzanetti for this session, and thank you davidcalle for sheparding the questions16:54
AmarSinghThanks all16:54
mhall119thecoder15: it's the most fun stress you'll ever have :)16:54
thecoder15awesome can you suggest what to learn to get hired16:55
mhall119thecoder15: depends on your interest, python and go are very popular, and of course QML and C++ if you're interested in working on the phone/desktop UI16:55
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mhall119thecoder15: mostly just pick a project and start contributing to it as a community person, it's a great way for hiring managers to see what you can do and more importantly how well you work with the team16:56
thecoder15k im ok at all those languages except QML i will start messing around and working on some project16:56
mhall119lunch time!16:56
mzanettithat was a fun session in the end16:57
* genii cleans out the coffee machine16:57
mzanettiI thought I couldn't fill an hour with the stuff I prepared16:57
mzanettithanks for all the questions16:57
mhall119mzanetti: thanks for the demos too16:57
davidcalleUgh, sorry everyone, my laptop crashed16:57
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davidcallemzanetti, mterry, so, thank you for the great session guys!16:58
davidcalleNext session is Lunch time, a bit early in some areas, but sounds about right in any case :)16:59
davidcalleEnjoy the rest of your UOS!17:00
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dholbachballoons, do you need help with the session or shall I set it up?17:51
* tedg waves17:51
balloonsdholbach, go for it. I'17:52
dholbachplease interrupt if you have any questions or anything18:05
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mrmaxmHello there. Just saw video with PlayCanvas example, and get to here. Looking forward to see watch where it goes.18:07
mrmaxmI'm actually one of PlayCanvas core developers, so will be glad to chat and help about our engine and tools.18:08
elopiomrmaxm: welcome.18:08
elopioif you have questions, just shoot and Ted will reply.18:09
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kyrofaQUESTION: If I install two ROS snaps (which both bundle ROS master) will each one automatically get a different port?18:21
robobuilderQUESTION: have you tested this with catkin build rather than catkin_make?18:24
nullagentany special issues with using launch files or changing those auto configured params like MASTER_URI?18:24
sergiusens__Ted show snapcraft help catkin18:25
sergiusens__and sources and plugins18:25
kyrofasergiusens__, where are you on there?18:26
sergiusens__I cannot speak. in bed18:26
kyrofasergiusens__, ah poor guy, I'm sorry18:26
sergiusens__isolated was recommended by Dirk18:26
* dholbach hugs sergiusens__18:27
dholbachhope you'll feel better soon again18:27
kyrofatedg, when you have a massive project with a lot of moving pieces, launch files coordinates it all. The really just need to be in the ros path18:29
nullagentOh the ROS master of the building host? Just confused because I saw an auto generated parameter in your wrapper18:29
nullagentYep makes sense18:31
sergiusens__We can support that with snappy config18:31
nullagentWill have to play with the example some more18:31
dholbachif you have any more questions, just ask :)18:31
sergiusens__or in the future with capabilities iirc18:31
nullagentYou mentioned support for ROS2, how far along is the planning there?18:32
robobuilderOne of ROS's great features is its modularity, it seems like snaps with ROS limit this a bit. Is there a way to make that more flexible?18:32
dholbachrobobuilder, any specific bit of flexibility you're looking for?18:32
robobuilderloading of many different nodes and being able to pick which ones to run.18:33
kyrofarobobuilder, it's really meant as a deploy. It'd be tough to develop with it18:33
robobuilderIt seemed from the example that it would just run all of the nodes in the snap, which would have to include all of the nodes from the start18:33
robobuilderI guess that speaks to ktrofa's questions about launch files...18:34
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robobuildermakes sense :)18:34
kyrofarobobuilder, right. The workflow I imagine is: develop your ROS system, with all the nodes and configurations on .deb-based. Once you come up with the final launch file for the system, deploy as snap and have snappy exec the launch file as the service18:35
dholbachor if you have specific examples you'd like to see discussed or need help with, the mailing list snappy-app-devel@lists.u.c would also be a good point18:35
kyrofatedg, ^^ which is why launch files are needed18:35
ogra_you can definitely do some fancy things with snappy config and modify launch files on the fly here ...18:38
kyrofaogra_, which would be great for tweaking the running system, yeah18:38
ogra_(a bit more effort, but then you could blindly ship all modules and use snappy config to fiddle with stuff)18:38
ogra_but thats a bit beyond snapcraft :)18:39
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mattywgood evening folks, is anyone around or will I be talking to myself?18:57
balloonsI've been lurking19:13
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