nhainespleia2: I'm glad you made it home.  :)02:58
pleia2nhaines: thanks :)03:18
nhainesI donated a copy of my book to the library for consideration, and they accepted it and are putting it into their circulation!03:18
pleia2nice! congrats03:19
jbermudesnhaines: Which library?03:25
nhainesMission Viejo Library.03:29
nhainesI'll tackle Orange County Public Library system tomorrow.03:29
nhainesMVPL said it might take 3 weeks to hear back but they called about 45 minutes later.  So I went back and signed it.03:30
nhainesTwo of the librarians had heard of Ubuntu before, but they only have one or two books about it there.03:30
jbermudesI'm trying to figure out if my copy would be more useful at the LUG's library or at the LA library04:19
nhainesIf SGVLUG has a library I'll donate a copy.04:22
jbermudesI mean, we have a bookshelf at one of the member's workshops that we have our hardware SIG meetings at and people are generally free to borrow those books for reasonable periods of time, but it's not formal04:27
nhainesYup, that's how it works for OCLUG too.04:33
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nhainespleia2: sabdfl replied to you on G+! Now you're e-famous!06:02
nhainesThe Ubuntu Online Summit is currently ongoing.  Mark Shuttleworth is giving the opening keynote now.  http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22614/mark-shuttleworth-uos-opening-keynote/14:22
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Online Summit Intro and Mark Shuttleworth's Opening Keynote - | The Summit Scheduler]14:22

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