cmaloneyApparently everything is getting a reboot now16:09
cmaloneyGretest American Hero16:09
jcastrodid someone say os/2?18:50
cmaloneyLet's do the OS/2 WARP AGAIN!19:25
cscheibI bet jcastro still has his OS/2 Warp with original packaging19:26
cscheibI'm not even joking19:27
jcastroI do19:30
jcastroblue spine!19:30
cscheibI don't think I've ever used OS/2 knowingly19:53
cscheibobviously it was on ATMs and such for a while19:53
cmaloneyI've only used it peripherally19:53
cmaloneystuff for work on one machine that was brought in by some other third party19:53
jrwreni loved os2 for a brief period.21:27
jcastroit is 73 degrees outside21:46
jcastroit is november 3rd.21:46
greg-gcmaloney: not CC, but, post-rock with horns: https://fractalpattern.bandcamp.com/album/no-hope-but-mt-hope22:47
greg-gas in, brass instruments22:47
greg-gI'm liking so far22:47

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