Unit193PCLine__: So back to playing around?00:36
PCLine__Yes - Got time to reload Ubuntu on my Laptop.00:37
PCLine__and I have updated it.00:37
PCLine__now trying to make sure everything is loaded and running right.00:37
Unit193There's a slight problem with routing traffic through the VPS/VPN, a lot of things start giving you Metric and French.00:39
PCLine__I have never (yet) setup VPN on this setup - I have that on my wish list.  Not needed at this time.01:04
Unit193OpenVPN is a usual and good one, I use GVPE.01:05
PCLine__New Laptop is running 64Bit and I have 8Gb Ram - I can run a little more then before.01:06
PCLine__Want to setup an install with a desktop on it01:07
Unit193I'm a fan of Xubuntu. ;)01:08
PCLine__Can I just install XFCE on what I have?01:30
Unit193Yes, though if you don't install the xubuntu-core or xubuntu-desktop tasks, it won't have all the nice configuration.01:34
PCLine__Never mind - I loaded 14.04 so I could have LTS.  I will donwload the latest 15 something and try it. 01:37
PCLine__Installing System - Note you must change the boot order in HyperV to install the software!02:31
thafreakinstalled 15.10 vanila unity in a VM to try it out...still not a fan...17:22
thafreakTried kubuntu 15.10 live on an old laptop, that wasn't horrible...still don't like that weird desktop folder plasma widget thing though17:23
thafreakAnything else worth trying?17:24
dzhoI've been using xubuntu on a desktop and a laptop and it hasn't been horrible17:26
thafreakthe new werewolf version?17:26
* dzho looks up17:26
dzhooh, I see we've covered xubuntu17:26
dzhowell, mentioned it at least17:27
dzhoprobably not any new version, had it for a while now17:27
thafreaki may give that a shot...17:27
thafreakand the gnome version17:27
dzhomy firefox crashes a *lot* on the laptop though come to think of it.  whether that's xubuntu's fault or not I could say for sure, but I doubt17:27
thafreakI'm still a fan of gnome-shell on machines that can run it...17:27
thafreakwhat version of firefox? is it like the latest?17:28
dzhoprobably.  rolling releases and all that, right17:42
Unit193dzho: FWIW, I don't really crash Firefox.21:24
Unit193You could always use Openbox, thafreak. :D22:13
PCLine__XUbuntu needs 1024Mb of Ram in my HyperV setup :(23:45
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