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Unit193aeden__d: Remember about the VPN?  Well it's a slight "problem" that my VPS is in France. :P01:22
aedendUnit193, I'm not sure what you mean by "problem"? I've pretty much given up on trying to figure out how to stop dns leaks01:30
Unit193aedend: Heh, well in this case means sites think I'm in France, so Google is in French and wunderground.com gives me Metric.01:33
aedendUnit193, ah, I run into that when using tor-browser.01:35
aedendwhich in my case it's sometimes in German, French, Italian...01:36
cyberangerI have no issue for metric, I get that with a few of my sites01:37
cyberangerbut yeah, while I'm working on learning french, that is a bit much01:37
Unit193cyberanger: Eww! :P01:38
aedendUnit193, “http://google.com/ncr”01:39
cyberangerWhat, it's helpful for Québec01:39
cyberangerand I do like Montréal, QC01:40
cyberangerAhem, httpS://google.com/ncr01:40
cyberangerhttpS://google.us works too01:41
aedenddoes it matter if your vpn is listening on 6697?01:41
cyberangerMine isn't01:41
aedendor 44301:41
cyberangerSometimes that helps with restrictive firewalls01:44
cyberangerbut not the dns leak issue01:44
aedenddon't mention dns leaks... I swear I'll start to twitch lol01:44
cyberangerGranted, I'm really thinking your not having a leak issue, the tool is flawed01:44
aedendI've completely started from scratch since the last time we explored those problems01:45
cyberangerI've been upgrading all that since last weekend01:47
cyberangererr, I guess the weekend before last now01:47
cyberangerI was in Canada and found some changes to how Hulu and some others do GeoIP detection now, and made adjustments for that01:47
cyberangerand I made preperations for a border search, and they didn't bother searching01:49
cyberangerThey will next time (or the time after next, if I get my end of the year roadtrip to happen)01:49
cyberangerI have to fly at the begining of next year, that'll likely cause them to do a border search involving the laptop01:50
cyberangerGranted, my laptop stickers will be intresting then01:51
cyberangeraedend: do you use virtualbox?01:58
Unit193"The requested URL /ncr was not found on this server. That’s all we know"02:33
cyberangerhttps://www.google.com/ncr doesn't work?02:41
Unit193cyberanger: That does, https://google.com/ncr does not.02:47
Unit193Yep, and .us redirects to .fr02:48
cyberangerNow that shouldn't happen02:49
cyberangerhttps://www.google.us/ncr ?02:50
Unit193ncr doesn't allow search.02:52
Unit193Seems the best I can do is append hl=en&02:54
Unit193(ncr uses session cookies, which is fine for most use cases, just not mine.)02:56
fn001010ctcp version aedend11:26
* cyberanger wonders17:58
cyberangerI need to be better about maintaining my pgp key's expire value19:03
cyberangerIt expires for a day before I realize20:45
cyberangerA day or two20:45

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