* tsimonq2 facepalms01:56
tsimonq2h00k: what happened?01:56
h00ktsimonq2: someone joined and spammed junk, then left02:42
tsimonq2h00k: so were you gonna transfer contact position to me, or what?02:55
=== tsimonq2 changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-wi to: Welcome to the Official IRC channel for the Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Team | Join our meet and greet Hangout *TODAY* from 7 PM to 8 PM *CST*. More details here: http://is.gd/UqDXlS | Join the *NEW* mailing list: http://is.gd/dYqnkC | Take a look at our wiki page here: http://is.gd/Qi8ry5 | Please mind the guidelines: http://is.gd/r3bNJS | This channel is publicly logged: http://is.gd/qsmi
tsimonq2h00k: we forgot the IRC logs link, and I changed it from Tuesday to Today12:51
tsimonq2h00k: (the topic, that is)12:52
h00ktsimonq2: sweet action13:18
h00ktsimonq2: good call on both13:18
tsimonq2h00k: and you will be there, right?14:33
tsimonq2h00k: and regardless, can you manage the meetingology bot, because although I have the command list, I am not comfortable using it yet. And being and IRC op, I am assuuming you have14:38

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