XethronGood morning good morning, hello Everybody!04:47
pieter2627morning all05:02
magespawngood morning06:01
magespawnhi mazal 06:35
mazalHow goes magespawn ?06:35
magespawngood and you?06:37
mazalOk thanx06:37
mazalLooking forward to May. Want a new Ubuntu06:38
magespawngot to go out, chat later all07:10
inetprogood mornings08:01
inetproreminder: Ubuntu Online Summit starting at 16:00 today08:02
pieter2627mazal: Want a new Ubuntu?09:17
mazalpieter2627: Yes , the next LTS09:20
mazalI only use LTS09:20
pieter2627oh, that sounds like a boring wait :)09:21
ShadowComplexhi hi10:25
pieter2627hi ShadowComplex10:44
Kilosafternoon superfly thatgraemeguy Cryterion inetpro ShadowComplex and others13:04
superflyhi Kilos13:31
pieter2627hallo oom Kilos13:32
Kilosdag se pietertjie13:40
pieter2627hoe gaan dit met oom13:49
magespawngood afternoon13:53
Kilosgoed dankie en self seun14:00
Kiloshi magespawn 14:00
Kilosim going soon to have papers notarised so will bbl14:01
magespawnanybody know of a command/program that will display a clock in the terminal14:10
magespawnthis is a pretty cool 404 https://github.com/wekan/wekan/issues/38014:15
Kilosaw tomorrow14:19
Kilos bad when one has to plan trips according to petrol price fluctuation14:20
magespawnis there a petrol price decrease?14:26
Kilosdecrease tonight14:28
magespawnokay then14:28
Kiloshavent seen how much yet14:28
Kilossis says radio said 26c a litre14:37
magespawnokay, not too much, but every little bit helps14:41
magespawnchat later just going home14:42
Kilosgo well14:42
pieter2627goed dankie Kilos15:18
* pieter2627 hopes to be back later15:18
Kilossnow on the berg and lesotho in november16:22
Kiloshaha superfly whats with all the monkeying around18:31
superflyKilos: I don't monkey around. They around me.18:31
Kilosi enjoy your pics and comments ty18:32
magespawngood evening18:45
Kiloshi magespawn 18:49
Kilosyou arrive when im getting ready for bed18:49
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:50
magespawnahh i one of those night19:21

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