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do2kdHallo . i look for help. i try to filter noise out of Shortwave transmissions in real time. Ubuntu studio is installed. all works fine i can say. Jackrack is one of my friends but i have not found the right filters yet. Ideas? Questions, Infos you need?19:58
zequencedo2kd: If you can determine the approximate frequencies by ear, the usual eq and filter tools should suffice. Not sure if there are any all-in-one plugins for that purpose20:19
zequenceI would assume you won't need anything below 100-200hz(depending on voice), and nothing above 7000-10000Hz(also, depending on voice)20:21
zequenceIf there's a clear hum, like a note, then you will need to use a steep notch with an eq to get that note out. With shortwave radio I don't know about transients. With transients you would need to take care a few as well20:22
zequenceIf the note is say 100Hz, the natural transients would be 100, 200, 300, 400, and so forth.20:23
do2kdzequence: the transmission has only a bandwidth of 3khz . . so the frequencies max 3000hz. the notch filter i know. my biggest problem are the "noise" from atmospherics / interferences. could you understand it . sorry my mother language is german and english learned 30 years ago :) Thanks or your help22:27

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