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flocculant#info gmb currently disabled from testing re known bug07:32
flocculant#info call for first priority tests went out07:32
flocculant#info had 6 new people arrive at Xubuntu testers since cycle start07:32
flocculant#info had someone (akxwi-dave) join Xubuntu QA07:32
flocculant#info testcases all gone through 1 check, some new changes landed07:32
flocculant#info looking at adding QA 'stuff' to the new contributor docs07:32
flocculant#info QA trello set up so testers can see what's happening07:32
flocculant#info QA trello has a 'Disabled Tests' card there for information07:32
flocculantochosi: in here is simpler :)07:32
Unit193I expired, because not really a QA'er. :(07:33
flocculantI saw you expiring 07:35
Unit193I'd like to enjoy this moment where I don't have to compile everything 4 times, but it'll be over soon enough.  Is there a page that lists the exact purpose of Xubuntu Bugs team?07:38
flocculantdoubt it 07:39
flocculantwhy would it be any different than anyother LP team :p07:39
Unit193Dang, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin should likely have them but should https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunar-dropbox-plugin or another package that's seeded by us?07:39
flocculantlikely them what? 07:51
Unit193Xubuntu Bugs subscribed, like xfwm4 does.07:55
flocculantoh right07:57
flocculantnot sure that team does anything but ping people about bugs - which I guess it what it should do 07:57
akxwi_davebugger, ignore these keep.. keep losing window focus.. :-)10:15
bluesabremorning all10:51
Nairwolfmorning ;)10:54
ochosimorning everyone10:54
ochosiwell, "morning"10:54
knomewell i woke up about an hour ago...10:55
ochosilucky you, my day is already 6 hrs old10:55
knomeafter the meeting i will eat lunch and do something fun with my wife10:56
ochosino specifics on the latter please!10:56
* knome puts some more salt on the wounds10:56
knomeochosi, you sure?10:56
bluesabreI initially read that as "and do something with my life"10:57
akxwi_davelol snap10:57
knomebluesabre, that too...10:57
knomei mean, i still have a life, contrary to simon10:58
bluesabreits early and everything is not as it seems10:58
* knome gets mroe salt10:58
bluesabrebut I am here for the gnome meeting10:58
* knome pours salt on simon's wounds10:58
bluesabretoo bad ochosi is a snail10:59
bluesabrepoor guy10:59
knome^ and the cherry on the cake10:59
knomeafter all this, a wild krytarik appears10:59
knomeit must be the worst day of simon's life10:59
ochosi!team | hey everyone, it's meeting time!11:00
ubottuhey everyone, it's meeting time!: bluesabre, dkessel, flocculant, jjfrv8, knome, krytarik, lderan, micahg, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster, Unit19311:00
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Nov  3 11:00:28 2015 UTC.  The chair is ochosi. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.11:00
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick11:00
ochosio/ :)11:00
ochosi#topic Open action items11:01
ochosii don't see any open action items11:01
knomeyep, rc has gone11:01
ochosiall the others seem done too11:02
ochosik, let's move along then...11:02
* slickymasterWork is sort of here11:02
knomexubuntu-team to decide on default media player prior to alpha 2 in order to deal with usability and accessibility concerns 11:02
bluesabrehi slickymasterWork 11:02
slickymasterWorka bit in and out11:02
knomebut that's a work item11:02
ochosiknome: yeah, but that's in discussion11:02
knomeochosi, but it's an open action item :P11:02
ochosii'd rather re-define the workitem there11:02
ochosithe buraucrat strikes again...11:03
* knome pours more salt11:03
ochosi#topic Updates and Announcements11:03
ochosisoo, since there are no team updates anymore, what's new everyone?11:03
ochosii saw all the blueprints + tracker are set up for X, so we seem ready to go11:03
knome#info to see what people have worked on, check http://tracker.xubuntu.org/#tab-timeline11:03
ochosiknome: i hope you'll post that every time we do a meeting :D11:04
knomei'll try11:04
ochosianyone else any updates?11:04
knomei guess we should start building up the blueprints more11:04
knomei'm sure there are still work items that we need to do but aren't listed11:05
ochosistill mostly skeletons11:05
bluesabrenot much here, just really getting back into the swing of things11:05
bluesabreprobably going to be working on thunar bugs initially11:05
ochosimm nice11:06
knomework on bugs ++11:06
knomeochosi, did you get the #infos from flocculant ?11:07
ochosithanks for the reminder11:08
ochosi#info gmb currently disabled from testing re known bug (flocculant)11:08
ochosi#info call for first priority tests went out (flocculant)11:09
ochosi#info had 6 new people arrive at Xubuntu testers since cycle start (flocculant)11:09
ochosi#info had someone (akxwi-dave) join Xubuntu QA (flocculant)11:09
ochosi#info testcases all gone through 1 check, some new changes landed (flocculant)11:09
ochosi#info looking at adding QA 'stuff' to the new contributor docs (flocculant)11:09
ochosi#info QA trello set up so testers can see what's happening (flocculant)11:09
ochosi#info QA trello has a 'Disabled Tests' card there for information (flocculant)11:09
ochosiany other news or updates from your sides?11:09
knomewell as the tracker says, we set up the contributor docs process11:10
ochosiyeah, i guess there's no need to repeat what's already on the tracker11:11
ochosiso let's move along...11:11
ochosi#topic Discussion11:11
knomewell, i thought it was important enough to note ;)11:11
ochosi#subtopic 16.04 Wallpaper contest?11:11
ochosiso, i generally second the idea (as I've already mentioned here when the idea was brought up, i think by dkessel)11:12
ochosibut i'm a bit doubtful of what the best way to do this is11:12
knomewhen dkessel brought this up, i expressed some of my concerns11:12
ochosilast time was - in all honesty - more a "search for nice pics online and get the authors to submit" than really rely on what gets submitted11:12
knome1) who'll run the contest and do the work11:12
knome2) quality of submissions (as pointed out by simon above)11:13
knomeand i guess 3) licenses need to be checked and all that packaging work done too11:13
bluesabreI think we used the wiki for submissions last time, right?11:14
knome1/3 are the "easier" ones to sort out11:14
knomebluesabre, yep11:14
bluesabrelet's *not* do that this time :D11:14
ochosii'd personally add 4) what's our strategy when there aren't any good submissions? (keep the old ones?)11:14
knomeochosi, kind of related with 2), but yeah11:14
bluesabreochosi: we can initially submit the old ones as part of the contest11:14
knomere: platform for submissions11:14
bluesabremight even inspire folks to give us their best :D11:15
knomei would use something that either requires lno login11:15
knomeor if it requires a login, something that accepts a LP login11:15
ochosiyeah, that was the main advantage of the wiki11:15
ochosihaving the LP SSO11:15
knomebluesabre, not a bad idea11:15
knomebluesabre, though are we then really looking for *better* pics, or are "slightly worse" pics going to get a preference because they are "new" ? 11:16
ochosiyeah +111:16
knomebecause i'd prefer new pics over old ones11:16
bluesabreknome: well, it's whatever feels right.  If we get a bunch of crap, we choose the old11:17
knomebut i'm not sure if we can actually get "better" submissions at least for the whole bunch11:17
knomebluesabre, sure, but we need to be ready to give a rationale for this, and it would probably be a good idea to say it aloud before the contest begins11:17
knomebluesabre, so it's not a surprise to anybody, or that we can't be blamed for skewing the results11:18
knomethat's the part which takes likely the most work11:18
knomeso i think next we'd need volunteers11:18
bluesabre"You may notice a few familiar favorites in the competion. Our choice selects from the last contest are here to duke it out"11:18
bluesabreI was suggesting that I could potentially build a nice voting tool that compares each to the others and sorts based on +1s... wouldn't be terribly complex I'd imagine11:21
knomebluesabre, web interface?11:21
knomebluesabre, loggable to with LP?11:21
knomeif you write it in PHP, i can help ;)11:21
bluesabreknome: I'll investigate11:22
bluesabreand yeah, php for sure11:22
knome#action knome to send a mail about volunteers to run the wallpaper contest11:22
meetingologyACTION: knome to send a mail about volunteers to run the wallpaper contest11:22
ochosicool, thanks knome 11:22
knome#action bluesabre to look into creating a submission/voting interface11:22
meetingologyACTION: bluesabre to look into creating a submission/voting interface11:22
ochosiif that ^ fails and we don't find a volunteer to drive this, i guess bluesabre won't have to investigate ;)11:22
ochosioops, too late11:22
knomewell actually11:23
knomeochosi, ^ you need to do that, you're the chair...11:23
ochosi#chair knome, ochosi11:23
meetingologyCurrent chairs: knome ochosi11:23
meetingologyRemoving item from minutes: ACTION11:23
knome#action bluesabre to look into creating a submission/voting interface11:23
meetingologyACTION: bluesabre to look into creating a submission/voting interface11:23
meetingologyRemoving item from minutes: ACTION11:23
knome#action bluesabre to look into creating a submission/voting interface for the wallpaper contest11:23
meetingologyACTION: bluesabre to look into creating a submission/voting interface for the wallpaper contest11:23
ochosiok, ready to move on?11:23
ochosi#subtopic Media manager choice11:24
ochosiok, this better be fun11:24
ochosiyeah, i wonder whether there aren#t more options than A and B11:24
bluesabrethere's few of us around, so we have that going for us this morning11:24
knomeoptions C-> are really just "replace gmb with X"11:24
ochosibut yeah, i'm ok with only those two as well, makes things easier11:24
knomewhere X is a random media manager11:24
ochosiyeah, maybe we don't want that11:24
ochosiyou're right i guess11:24
knomebut personally, i would probably vote B atm11:25
bluesabrethe thing that bites about gmb is that is developed in a completely different language than all of our other apps11:25
ochosishould we make this dependent on whether the gmb-crash-on-close bug gets resolved?11:25
bluesabreso I'm quite a bit less effective for bug review there11:25
knomeochosi, well that's one of the questions of 11:25
ochosii mean it's just something to keep in mind, it's pretty much a showstopper from my pov11:26
knomeochosi, i mean, option A might not be valid11:26
knomeochosi, even if the crash bug was fixed11:26
knomeif people thought there are too many other problems with it11:26
knomeor not enough documentation11:26
ochosianyhow, is there much to discuss now from your povs?11:26
knomesince we want to resolve this issue ASAP...11:27
knomei would probably start by voting on whether we want to ship *any* media manager or not11:27
knomeeg. option B or A/C->11:27
Nairwolfin which language is writtent gmb ? 11:27
knomeNairwolf, perl11:27
knomeochosi, what do you think?11:28
bluesabrea media manager is not so essential I feel11:28
knomeas i see it11:28
knomeit's very essential for many people11:28
bluesabresince parole can still *play* everything, the functionality of xubuntu is not immediately degraded11:28
knomebut it's so essential that we can't ever please everybody11:28
knomebecause the choice is very personal...11:28
bluesabreand if I wanted a media manager, I'd want it to manage videos as well11:29
knomebluesabre, except some of my DVDs11:29
* knome hides11:29
* bluesabre cries11:29
Nairwolfsorry if my question is stupid, why not using vlc ? It seems to work much better than parole, and it can play videos and music. 11:30
ochosiNairwolf: that comes up time and time again11:31
knomeNairwolf, depends on qt11:31
bluesabreNairwolf: vlc does not use GTK (instead uses QT) and brings in additional requirements for a single app11:31
ochosithe answer is always the same...11:31
ochosiyeah, i'm in favor of B too11:31
knomeochosi, third time's the charm... answer it!11:31
bluesabrego go go!11:31
Nairwolfsorry guys, I didn't know that11:32
Nairwolfmost of xubuntu apps use GTK ? 11:32
knomenone of them use qt11:32
knomeand yeah, *all* of them use gtk11:32
ochosiok, it's qt11:33
ochosithat's the problem :)11:33
knomeso maybe we should set up a poll for keeping a media manager or losing it11:33
bluesabre(though vlc is a fan favorite of many/many users)11:33
knomethey can install it with the qt dependencies the first second after the installation has finished :)11:34
ochosiyeah, i guess a poll would be the right thing to do11:34
knomeochosi, since it's a huge thing for many, would you, as XPL, run that?11:34
NairwolfDo you already have some feedbacks about the media player ? 11:35
akxwi_daveRythmbox and VC first thing installed for me on anew install11:35
knomeNairwolf, check the link i pasted above.11:35
ochosi#action ochosi to set up a poll for voting on option A) or B) from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/X/DefaultMediaManager11:35
meetingologyACTION: ochosi to set up a poll for voting on option A) or B) from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/X/DefaultMediaManager11:35
ochosialright, ready to move on then?11:36
ochosi(don't wanna get into the actual discussion here and now11:36
knomeakxwi_dave, you mean rhythmbox and vlc? because i can't find rythmbox or vc from the repositories ;P11:36
knomeochosi, yep11:36
bluesabreknome: you troll11:36
bluesabreochosi: let's go11:36
ochosii always knew knome was not a gnome but a troll!11:36
akxwi_davelol.. sorry bad typing  :-)11:36
ochosi#topic Schedule next meeting11:36
knomewho's in turn11:37
bluesabreochosi draws a name out of his fancy top hat11:37
ochosimeh, can't login on LP now11:38
ochosican someone else check the meetings page?11:38
knomeQA: flocculant 11:38
ochosioh gee, finally...11:38
ochosi#action flocculant to schedule the next meeting11:39
meetingologyACTION: flocculant to schedule the next meeting11:39
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Nov  3 11:39:15 2015 UTC.  11:39
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2015/xubuntu-devel.2015-11-03-11.00.moin.txt11:39
ochosithanks everyone!11:39
knomethank you11:39
bluesabrethanks ochosi!11:39
ochosiand minutes are up and i'm out11:40
ochosihf and a nice day everyone!11:40
ochosi(meh, B) is an emoticon ...)11:41
knomenow, seriously off ->11:43
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flocculantthanks all 12:35
flocculantthough I'm pretty sure I was lower down the list ... 12:35
flocculantknome: re media manager - I wonder if the information from the poll that was done vivid would be helpful 12:36
flocculantthinking about it - didn't need the info's anymore - though not all of that's on blueprint so no-one would know those things12:41
flocculantbluesabre: 11 utc ok for you in general? 12:46
jjfrv8today's daily boots - finally!  I can start package testing on hardware now :)12:59
flocculantjjfrv8: you know you just needed to apply the fix :)16:12
jjfrv8flocculant, not on my hardware. I couldn't get recovery mode to get me to a point where I could apply it.16:26
flocculantjjfrv8: well that's possibly a reportable thing in itself :)16:27
knomenot any more ;)16:27
flocculantochosi: scrollbars in thinkgs like synaptic - doing that hide what you're trying to click on issue - not got a clue what to report that against :( do you :D16:29
mozmckis there a utility to make bootable usb thumbdrives in xubuntu?19:13
flocculantI install and use gnome-disk-utility 19:15
ali1234if you just want to make an installer you can just dd the iso to the drive19:31
flocculantknome: how can I link to a section id= in one file to another with this docbook? 19:49
flocculantI assume there's a way :p19:49
flocculantwell I thought I worked it out - but guess something's missing :) failed to load external entity "C/olinkdb.xml"20:16
pleia2flocculant: social mediaed the package testing call (including twitter)20:20
flocculantpleia2: thanks :)20:23
flocculantthanks krytarik - xref worked :)20:48
flocculantslickymaster knome - why is that people push to lp:~yourusername/ubuntu-manual-tests/mychanges but if you try and do that with xubuntu-docs it has a fit?21:03
flocculantI shall look for an answer another time - as I'm now off :)21:04
Unit193'gmb is that is developed in a completely different language', yeah, perl.  I like perl better. :P21:30
knomepleia2, cheers21:39
knomeflocculant, ping me when you're back21:39
Unit193lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings (NEW) 1.2.0-1 uploaded by James Lu21:44
flocculantknome: I'm back 21:56
knomeok, so what's the real question :)21:57
flocculantyou can ignore the first one I sorted that with krytarik's help :)21:58
knomeso the other one21:58
knomewhat's the problem with pushing to lp:~flocculant/xubuntu-docs/mychanges?21:59
flocculantjust wonder why I can't bzr push lp:~flocculant/xubuntu-docs/xubuntu-docs/qa like I canbzr push lp:~flocculant/ubuntu-manual-tests/flooblefarble if I so wish 21:59
flocculantknome: it fails with some perm error21:59
knomelet me try that...21:59
flocculantbzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "Cannot create 'qa'.22:00
krytarik"lp:~flocculant/xubuntu-docs/xubuntu-docs/qa" - sure with two "xubuntu-docs"?22:00
knomethat was what i was thinking too22:00
Unit193That usually means something else, right.22:00
knomeworked for me with lp:~knome/xubuntu-docs/test22:01
Unit193knome: See my paste on the docs?22:01
flocculantkrytarik: ok - so a double x-d failed it then:) 22:01
knomeUnit193, maybe not, depends what you are referring to22:01
knomeUnit193, yes i saw that and will keep ignoring it because you clearly know how to push to personal branches and do MP's22:02
flocculantknome: ok - so I can delete the odd branch I have here called /xubuntu-docs/xubuntu-docs ?22:03
Unit193knome: *Hopefully.  Yes, but if you're not interested and just going to reject, I have no interest in yet another bug/mp going down the drain.22:03
knomeflocculant, likely so :D22:03
knomeUnit193, no, it looks good22:03
knomeUnit193, as i said, it's not all prepared yet22:03
knomeUnit193, fwiw, i don't mind how we organize the Makefile22:03
Unit193OK, good then.  You're fine with contributors → contributors-html was the biggest question I suppose.22:03
knomewell at least in the sense i'd have something against something proposed22:03
knomeUnit193, yeah22:04
flocculantjust want to make sure nothing's going to go boom after the other night :p22:04
knomeflocculant, have you done new changes you want to merge?22:04
knomeflocculant, or was it all in the MP i handled?22:04
flocculantI have - but I just redid it 22:04
knomeoh, ok...22:05
flocculantknome: there's nothing from me for the user docs pending now at all 22:05
knomeif it isn't in that branch, then feel free to delet22:05
knomeflocculant, mhm, good22:05
knomeflocculant, i saw a mail or something about contributor doc changes22:05
flocculantyep - that's the new other stuff 22:05
flocculantright - just proposed those now 22:06
flocculantnot sure why I ended up with xubuntu-docs/xubuntu-docs in the first place22:06
flocculantUnit193: I hope that's not aimed at me :|22:07
Unit193Well, I already committed, so my merge may be screwed.22:07
knomeslickymaster, FYI, i just turned off automatic translation exports for the docs for xenial22:08
knomeflocculant, so i didn't say this to you (or anybody else yet), but let's try to keep the id's in order22:10
knomeflocculant, i was thinking something like "team-topic-subtopic" for the template22:10
knomeor "team[-topic[-subtopic]]"22:10
flocculantlike /contrib/QA/pages ? 22:11
Unit193knome: Also, you 'touched' style before push at some point, or I think it was you.  My merge only ran 'make clean' before submission.22:11
knomeflocculant, no22:11
knomeflocculant, in the markup22:11
knome<section id="tags">22:12
flocculantthen no real clue what you mean - try and remember this is all something new22:12
knomecould be <section id="qa-bugs-tags">22:12
flocculantaah right 22:12
knomethat way figuring out the link target would be easier22:12
flocculantknome: ok - if we want to go with that ^^ then I'll do that now and repush it 22:12
knomeflocculant, if you have the time, sure; if not, i can do that when i merge22:12
flocculantnope - I can do that now 22:13
knomeflocculant, cheerio22:13
flocculantnot working tomorrow ... 22:13
knomeUnit193, did you see the discussion about porting the scripts to work with two docbook templates?22:13
Unit193I don't believe so, are you sure they don't almost support it though?22:13
knomethey almost do22:14
SwissBotfeed xubuntu-docs had 20 updates, showing the latest 322:14
knomebut they have 'desktop-support' hardcoded22:14
knomewhat am i typing22:14
knomeso they should likely be able to take a parameter that told which template we are talking about22:14
knomewe figured out it would be sanest if the specifying the template was obligatory, but feel free to disagree22:15
knomeflocculant, another thing for $some_time is figuring out if we want to use the entities for urls in the contributor docs as we do with the end-user docs22:17
Unit193knome: I'd leave desktop-guide as a fallback, personally.  But doesn't matter much I'd suppose.22:17
knomeUnit193, that would work for me too22:17
flocculantknome: ok did that tag thing22:18
Unit193I didn't poke the changelog, bah.22:18
knomeflocculant, thanks!22:18
flocculantwelcome ofc22:18
knomeflocculant, one more thing :P22:18
flocculantcertainly better to do that now than later 22:18
knomei'll make slickymaster write this in the guidelines22:18
flocculantknome: pushing it ... :p22:18
knomedo not use capital letters in id names...22:18
knomethat throws me off D:22:19
flocculantha ha ha 22:19
knomeotherwise, thanks for the work22:20
knomei'll take some time tonight to merge that22:20
knomeUnit193, i can wait for another revision :P22:20
knomeUnit193, also, want to collaborate on the script tonight so we can get it sorted out?22:20
flocculantknome: there you go - don't say I never do anything for you ;)22:21
knomeflocculant, i won't!22:21
Unit193Maybe, depends on 'tonight'22:22
knomeUnit193, next few hours?22:22
flocculantknome: so next thing is - how does a contributor read this stuff? 22:22
Unit193Sounds good.22:22
knomeflocculant, we have to figure out the building stuff (which i'm just trying to do with Unit193), then we can build it automatically and make pleia2 update docs.xubuntu.org with it22:23
flocculantok - ta22:23
knomeflocculant, and with 16.04, we will most likely ship the documentation with the system22:23
flocculantyep 22:23
Unit193knome: FWIW, my daily already has it.22:23
knomeUnit193, you and your dailies ;)22:23
flocculantknome: when that's done - we can make the site contribute/page a sensible lenght again22:23
knomeflocculant, yep22:23
flocculantadded that to the bp22:26
flocculantgoing to talk to akxwi about one of the qa work items 22:27
Unit193I: xubuntu-docs: font-in-non-font-package usr/share/xubuntu-docs/libs-common/fonts/OpenSans-BoldItalic.ttf22:29
Unit193I: xubuntu-docs: font-in-non-font-package usr/share/xubuntu-docs/libs-common/fonts/OpenSans-Italic.ttf22:29
knomeUnit193, there's no open sans package22:30
Unit193Yeah I only found the first file in texlive-fonts-extra and xul-ext-lightbeam.22:31
knomethat said, it would be nice to have open sans in a package..22:31
Unit193Not gonna do it.22:32
knomenot that it would make a lot of difference for me..22:32
Unit193Oh, that might not have been directed to me. :D22:32
knomenope, just generally22:32
knomei'm such an art geek i have the whole google fonts repository22:32
Unit193I agree, just figured I'd point out the informational messages.22:32
knomeam aware it isn't the "beautiful" way... but what do you do22:33
Unit193!info fonts-hack-ttf xenial22:33
ubottufonts-hack-ttf (source: fonts-hack): Typeface designed for source code, TrueType fonts. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.015-1 (xenial), package size 381 kB, installed size 1549 kB22:33
knomebut open sans isn't designed for source code22:33
knomethe silly thing is22:33
knomethe reason we need those ones is that droid sans doesn't have italic22:33
knomeand open sans is "close enough" so people won't notice22:34
Unit193Hah, oh geez.22:34
Unit193knome: Not as is, but could something like https://sigma.unit193.net/~unit193/docs/branches.html be added?22:41
knomeUnit193, totally22:41
knomei plan to migrate all of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Processes to this documentation too22:42
Unit193It's in asciidoc format now (s/.html/.txt/), but of course it'd likely be better entirely re-written. :D22:42
flocculantknome: well - if we're doing that then there's no reason to get rid of as much of the "I'll just wait for 20 minutes to login to wiki" stuff as we can 22:43
knomeflocculant, absolutely.22:44
flocculantI can help22:44
Unit193I've wondered about something that can show expected attendance at a meeting.22:45
flocculantso have I22:47
Unit193But, not on the wiki... :P22:47
flocculantha ha 22:47
flocculantI wasn't turning up - but now it's taken 2 weeks to login I found a slot :p22:48
knomeflocculant, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/xubuntu-docs/xenial/revision/47422:49
flocculantknome: do you want people to help with moving processes? 22:53
knomeflocculant, i can do it22:53
flocculantokey doke22:53
knomeflocculant, i'll likely figure out how i want the stuff organized while i move that22:53
knome...aand revision 476 pushed with Unit193's changes and the changelog telling flocculant did someting - FOR ONCE22:53
flocculant\o/ 22:54
Unit193knome: Might be able to use bzr-builddeb.22:54
knomeUnit193, for what?22:54
knomeopen sans? ;)22:54
Unit193Hrm, maybe not.  git-buildpackage can construct d/changelog from commits, I just guess it's far better than bzr-builddeb. :---D22:55
flocculantright - I'm done - night all 22:56
knomenighty flocculant 23:00
knomeUnit193, who's maintaining bzr-builddeb then?23:01
Unit193Not a clue.23:03
krytarikknome: I think I have an idea how to make symlinking 'libs-common' unnecessary :P - if you agree.23:13
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knomekrytarik, yes, it we can still maintain the files only in on eplace23:15
krytarikBut only after creating a subdirctory for the end-user guide too.23:16
krytarikI guess I'd go with "user" and "contributor", respectively.23:18
krytarikOr "contrib" even.23:18
Unit193desktop-guide and contributor-docs is current. ;P23:20
krytarikUnit193: Not when built.23:20
krytarikI'd leave the source dirs as is.23:21
krytarikDepends on how much we want to shuffle around though.23:23
krytarikknome: Tell me when you think it's my turn :P - reg. that, the Makefiles, and the scripts.23:50
knomekrytarik, now! :P23:54
knomei'm fine with changing the dir names23:54
knomeand i think it would totally be best to have both in subdirs23:54
krytarikSource dirs too though?23:55
krytarikI think that might be problem for the translations done?23:56
knomei can't say i would know how it goes from the top of my head, but then again, i don't think it's a huge issue23:57
knomewe have the .po files23:57
knomeand we can always reimport them23:57
knomebut if you are worried about that, it's ok to keep the source dirs as is23:57
knomeat least the names now are descriptive23:57
krytarikYeah, one could search & replace in the .po files.23:58

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