smosernatorious, hey. i can promise you some time later today, but the meeting in 2 minutes i can't really attend.14:58
natorioussmoser: k, sounds good.14:59
natoriousdid find a bug w/ ephemeral disks that are not formatted w/ a filesystem in 0.7.x.  The mounts module seems to add an fstab entry thats invalid causing reboots to break in certain cases.15:23
smosernatorious, clearly making reboot hang sucks15:44
smoserbut if you declare a ephemeral disk, cloud-init assumes a filesystem on it.15:44
smoserbut if mount fails, shoudl rpboably warn and not leave the fstab entry there.15:44
natoriousright.  From a provider standpoint, secure erase would surely be done.  Our pub cloud ephemeral disks I believe come formatted ntfs too15:47
natoriousit shouldn't be adding a raw block dev that isn't a partition to fstab thou15:47
natoriousoh, I'll add some log data to that issue, one sec15:48
flyinbut1sHello! Quick question...  when I'm creating a new image...  how do I tell cloud-init to run the init stuff on next boot?16:01
natoriousflyinbut1s: if you build a new instance from that image, it should detect that its different and run everything as new16:03
natoriousif your just testing things out, you can rm /var/lib/cloud and either reboot or run your init stages again16:04
flyinbut1sahah, excellent. Wasn't clear if I had to toggle a flag somewhere or not.16:04
natoriousit tracks whats been ran via /var/lib/cloud/instances/{uuid}/data etc16:04
natoriousso your datasource should be changing the instance info16:05
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