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PrabakaranHello Team, I have created a new bug for my charm and after linking bug id to the trunk branch in the lauchpad. As discussed over the IRC chat i have subscribed bug to charmer and it has been more than 12 hrs even though my charm is not reflecting in the review queue. Please advise on the same.05:10
stubtvansteenburgh: I think the review queue is stuck06:00
firlany openstack charmers on:"06:36
PrabakaranHello Team, I have created a new bug for my charm and linked that bug id to the trunk branch in the lauchpad. As discussed over the IRC chat i have subscribed bug to charmer and it has been more than 12 hrs still my charm is not reflecting in the review queue. Please advise on the same.06:44
marcoceppifirl: o/06:45
marcoceppiPrabakaran firl stub the review queue does appear stuck. Unsticking06:46
marcoceppiPrabakaran: rebooted the review queue, it's processing the backlog now06:47
firlhey marcoceppi06:47
firlI have found a weird state in which it seems the openvswitch-agent doesn’t pick up the rabbitmq connection06:48
firlI am upgrading to the latest version of openvswitch-agent to test it06:48
marcoceppifirl: that's weird, an openstack chamer would be best. I just now realized thats what you asked for06:57
marcoceppifirl: they should be on in a few hours06:58
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PrabakaranHey Marco, I am able to see old charms now but my new charm is not reflecting in the review queue. Could you please check on this?07:47
bloodearnestIn the juju state server, what is the 'local' mongodb database for, and why is in >1Gb (and growing), when all other db's are 10s of Mbs? This is with manual provider.10:12
bloodearnestseems it the oplog for replication. Which is odd, as I only have one state server. Can I disable replication? Or reduce oplog size (set via the cli to 512)10:26
bloodearnestlooks like agent config files support setting oplog size explicitly (local provider sets it to 1Mb). Is there anyway to set this in the environment config?10:52
bloodearnest(this is a development setup)10:53
blahdeblahHi all - quick Q: is it possible to configure juju in such a way as to use LXC containers on a remote machine?  (Sort of like a combination between the local provider and the manual provider?)12:40
blahdeblahBasically I want to have a big box (whether VM or bare metal - it doesn't really matter) that hosts all my containers for juju deployments, but I want to control it from juju on my laptop.  Is that possible?12:41
rick_h__blahdeblah: so you've got hte gist of it currently. You'd have to setup the lxc containers and add them with manual as 'machines'12:47
rick_h__blahdeblah: the team is working on adding lxd support which will be single host, but with lxd it's possible to come back in the future and allow those lxd containers to be on another machine since lxd can handle that for us12:48
blahdeblahrick_h__: I don't want manual; I want it to be able to spin up containers automatically like it does with the local provider.  So that will need to wait for a full-fledged lxd provider?12:48
rick_h__blahdeblah: but the work for this cycle is just the single host scenario unfortunatley12:48
rick_h__blahdeblah: yea, really lxd provider 2.0, 1.0 is in progress now12:48
rick_h__blahdeblah: it is a use case that's come up, you're ahead of us on it12:49
blahdeblahrick_h__: so the only currently-available driver that will allow automatic container creation is the local provider?12:49
rick_h__blahdeblah: yes12:49
rick_h__blahdeblah: the lxd one will be in 1.26 scheduled for release in jan12:49
rick_h__blahdeblah: should be in beta ppa in dec12:50
blahdeblahI guess I can work around that by just doing the juju on that other box12:50
rick_h__blahdeblah: hmm, commision that machine in maas and have juju on one machine ask maas for the lxc containers?12:51
rick_h__blahdeblah: just to add more stuff to the mix12:52
blahdeblahrick_h__: I thought about that, but I don't really want the overhead; I might just run it with the local provider and work remotely12:52
jamblahdeblah: so with manual you should be able to "juju add-machine" and that gets added as say machine-113:01
jamthen you can13:01
jamjuju deploy --to lxc:113:01
jamand it will create an LXC instance on machine-113:01
jamthat actually lets you get to a point where you have more than one of these big machines, but you still have to tell us where you want the container to exist13:02
jcastroanyone have the variable handy to force juju to show the new status by default?13:38
rick_h__jcastro: not sure but filed https://github.com/juju/docs/issues/728 to get it added to the docs13:44
rick_h__natefinch: wwitzel3 do you recall? ^13:45
jcastromarco has it memorized but he's in japan still13:45
rick_h__yea, I've seen it but not set it so not in my shell history13:45
PrabakaranHey Marco, I am able to see old charms now but my new charm is not reflecting in the review queue. Could you please check on this?13:49
PrabakaranHello Team, Could someone help me on this?13:50
bloodearnestblahdeblah, I think you just need to do juju bootstrap remotely. After then, assume all the ports are accessible, then the juju client should be able to control that local env remotely14:30
wwitzel3jcastro: JUJU_CLI_VERSION=214:39
arosaleskjackal: welcome to the juju channel15:18
arosaleskwmonroe: cory_fu: admcleod- ^ kjackal will be woking on big data with you15:19
kwmonroewoohoo - welcome kjackal!15:20
PrabakaranHey Marco, I am able to see old charms now but my new charm is not reflecting in the review queue. Could you please check on this?.15:28
admcleod-kjackal: welcome15:32
cory_fukjackal: Sorry, was in a UOS session.  Welcome!15:55
PrabakaranHello Team, Newly submitted charm is not reflecting in the charm review queue. Please advise on this.16:20
IceyI just tore down an amazon environment and have re-bootstrapped and deployed charms, they have been 'allocating' now for over 10 minutes16:32
Iceyjuju's debug logs just show  error fetching public address: public no address]16:33
Iceyover and over16:33
cory_fuPrabakaran: Can you provide a link to your charm?16:33
cory_fuAnd the bug report16:34
PrabakaranMy charm link is https://code.launchpad.net/~ibmcharmers/charms/trusty/ibm-platform-rtm/trunk16:36
PrabakaranBug link is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ibmcharms/+bug/151021616:37
mupBug #1510216: New Charm: IBM Platform RTM <IBM Charms:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1510216>16:37
firlanyone know if there is an easy way to tell the juju client to re run all the config values on a host?16:46
firlfor example: I have to ssh into a machine and tell it to reload via “sudo service jujud-unit-neutron-openvswitch-21 restart"16:47
Iceycannot start instance for machine "1": tagging root disk: timed out waiting for EBS volume to be associated16:53
cory_futvansteenburgh: Do you by chance have access to the RQ?16:55
PrabakaranIs there any changes in the process of creating a bug and subscribing to a charmers group as my new charm is not reflecting under review queue.17:16
lazypowerPrabakaran : no change in process so far.17:38
lazypowerPrabakaran: Marco restarted the revq ingest, and it may be several hours behind. We'll be tracking this, as marco is in Japan. once he's available we'll circle back and check on the RQ status of your bug. Thanks for teh bug link, we'll use it to cross reference17:39
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jamespagenarindergupta, hey - around?17:47
narinderguptajamespage: yeah17:47
jamespagenarindergupta, looking at https://code.launchpad.net/~nuage-canonical/charms/trusty/nova-compute/next/+merge/27666917:48
jamespageis that change related to the query you sent me via email last week?17:48
narinderguptajamespage: yes17:48
jamespagenarindergupta, was that specific to an openstack release?17:48
narinderguptajamespage: nuage mentioned that its needed for kilo as well17:48
jamespagenarindergupta, it is but its probably been working in kilo OK as the old deprecated option had not been removed17:49
narinderguptajamespage: what are deprecated options?17:50
narinderguptajamespage: i can look for those options with Nuage.17:50
jamespagenarindergupta, the change is fine - the openstack projects normally support old configuration options for a few cycles when the get moved around17:51
jamespageso before this was a DEFAULT section item (neutron_ovs_bridge=alubr0) now its a section config option17:51
jamespagenarindergupta, anyway its landed17:51
narinderguptajamespage: could be but thanks17:52
jamespagenarindergupta, it is :-)17:52
narinderguptabut i am sure other plugin might face similar issue17:52
narinderguptajamespage: thanks17:52
jamespagenarindergupta, just an observation - but no need to resubmit merge proposals every time you push to a branch - the existing MP will be updated automatically17:52
narinderguptajamespage: ok thanks for letting me know. I was unaware about this feature.17:53
jamespagenarindergupta, ok I've landed all of the merge proposals you detailed earlier18:03
narinderguptajamespage: thanks james18:04
narinderguptajamespage: i will update nuage accordingly18:04
narinderguptajamespage: i have meeting with Subu today evening and will ask to update the nuage specific review comments as well.18:04
tvansteenburghcory_fu: no i don't18:15
PrabakaranThanks  <lazypower>18:32
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aisraeltvansteenburgh: Just ran into a bundletester dependency issue: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13105165/20:12
aisraelFresh vm, after I ran `pip install bundletester`20:12
aisraeland a different error after I manually installed it: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13105175/20:13
aisraelI fixed that with `pip install -U bundletester`, but then ran into http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13105186/20:14
aisraelAm I installing it wrong?20:14
tvansteenburghaisrael: charmbox installs it via pip https://github.com/juju-solutions/charmbox/blob/master/install-review-tools.sh20:15
aisraeltvansteenburgh: Odd. Maybe I missed installing one of the dependencies. After I finish with rq, I'll wipe the machine clean and reinstall and see if I can recreate it20:16
tvansteenburghaisrael: run bundletester with -Fvl DEBUG instead20:16
tvansteenburghaisrael: it should install its own deps20:17
aisraeltvansteenburgh: ack, thanks20:18
tvansteenburghaisrael: i just ran bundletester inside the latest charmbox, no errors20:18
tvansteenburghaisrael: the -v should give you more output, hopefully that'll help20:18
urthmoverthe first node that I am attempting to add is outputting iscsistart cannot make a connection to (-1,101)  during the PXE boot process.  How do I fix this?21:18
urthmoverI'm booting the 14.04 LTS amd64 image21:18
urthmoverthe maas server does appear to be listening tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      -                off (0.00/0/0)21:19
urthmoverI was able to create a private network within vmware and once the gateway was available PXE worked and I'm at a login prompt21:41
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urthmovercan I run juju without using the wakeonlan fuctionality, I do not mind having every node on all the time ?21:54
opencelli create a charm for my open source billing software : https://github.com/opencellsoft/juju-charms21:57
opencellto use it i need to deploy postgresql charm21:58
opencellthen to add-relation between opencell and postgresql21:58
opencellmy question is about add-relation21:58
opencellif i do "juju add-relation opencell postgresql:db" before opencell charm is fully deploy, it don't work21:59
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opencellso my question is : is there a way to wait that charm deploy is finish before do the add-relation  ?22:00
opencellfor information at the end of my install hook, i've add : status-set blocked "Waiting for active database connection"22:01
thumperopencell: hey there22:17
thumperwith juju 1.24 and above, the unit can set its status, along with a message22:17
thumperso when the install hook runs, it can download and install bits it knows it needs but not start the service22:18
thumperand leave a message saying it is blocked until the postgres relation is added22:19
thumpermake the actual starting not happen until the db hook joined gets called22:19
thumperhmm, just finished reading all you said22:19
thumperyes, yours status-set is the right thing22:20
thumperI'm not sure what you mean by not worknig if you add relation before it is deployed22:20
thumperthe hooks are called in a defined order22:20
urthmoverIs it possible to run juju without the power functionality.  I'm inside of a hosted vmware environment and do not have shell access to the ESX5.5 hosts.22:35
opencellsorry thumper23:20
opencellwhat i do is juju add-relation opencell postgresql:db when charm message is Waiting for agent initialization to finish23:21
thumperthat should be fine23:24
opencellhum my bad, really sorry ... i try to reproduce again, but all is fine23:31
opencellsorry again to disturb, i'm beginner with juju, so i was maybe do something wrong before add-relation. Thx a lot for you're time and long life to juju witch is a great tool !23:37

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