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ovidiu-florinsgclark: received and distributed06:17
ovidiu-florinyou already got a patron06:17
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tsdgeosmck182__: http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/BzrFastImport09:09
tsdgeosseems to not be packaged in ubuntu?09:09
yofelit was in the past09:12
yofelDeleted on 2015-08-21 by Steve Langasek09:12
yofel(From Debian) RoQA; orphaned, unmaintained upstream, rc-buggy; Debian bug #74241609:12
ubottuDebian bug 742416 in ftp.debian.org "RM: bzr-fastimport -- ROM; orphaned, unmaintained upstream and rc-buggy" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/74241609:12
yofelvivid and older have it in the archive if you need it09:13
yofelmgraesslin: what do you think about the symbol diff at the bottom of https://launchpadlibrarian.net/224122678/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.kwin_4%3A5.4.2-0ubuntu2_BUILDING.txt.gz ?10:13
yofelIt looks like libepoxy 1.3 is namespacing things?10:13
mgraesslinyofel: yes, see https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/125883/10:14
yofelah, nice, thanks!10:14
mgraesslinyofel: if you have any additional input, please add10:14
yofelwhat a mess :S10:29
Mirvphew, running KDE on xenial on Qt 5.5.1, just in time to mention it in the Qt session12:16
yofeland nothing exploded? sweet \o/12:22
mamarleyMirv: I have been running your 5.5.x packages on Wily for quite some time now.  I like them alot because they fix an issue I had been having on some of my older computers where the mouse cursor would jerk alot when starting a Qt5 application.  Thanks!12:29
Mirvmamarley: you're welcome! :) and I moved the wily packages today to a new location as documented on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/QtTesting since I guessed some people will want to use them. that way they can be kept in a more permanent place than that landing PPA.12:31
mamarleyYep, I saw that when I suddenly had a bunch of "local or obsolete" packages this morning, so I looked at the wiki and found the new location.12:31
Mirvyofel: well, after fixing kwin symbols, nothing exploded. others recompiled without problems.12:32
Mirvbut no issues I can immediately see from user point of view when doing the siwtch12:32
Mirvmamarley: heh, good to have up-to-date documentation then12:32
mamarleyYep :)12:32
* mamarley probably won't be able to resist upgrading to Xenial for that much longer.12:33
ahoneybunyofel: the heck are you doing on trello12:41
ahoneybunremoving me from the cards and moving done cards over12:42
ovidiu-florinyofel:  I see you're moving everithing now12:47
ovidiu-florinI was planning to move the thing from promotion myself12:47
ovidiu-florinand then review each one if it's still valid or not12:48
ovidiu-florinbut I can go through the whole backlog12:48
ovidiu-florinand add labels12:48
ovidiu-florinto all of them12:48
yofelahoneybun: I didn't move anything that was actually marked was DONE12:51
yofelovidiu-florin: I didn't touch promotion, I'll leave that to you12:51
yofelahoneybun: sorry about the removals, I forgot to add people to the board *before* moving the cards -.-12:52
ahoneybunit's all good12:52
ahoneybunyofel: I'm just happy to see movement :)12:57
BluesKajHowdy folks13:17
mhall119FYI, http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22570/qt-for-1604-lts/ is starting now14:01
Guest91343como les va14:24
Guest91343mi jente 14:24
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sgclarkyofel: my computer was acting and had to reboot and missed most of qt uos, did you catch what we need to do to get 5.5 going?14:47
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yofelwell, 5.5 is mostly ready from what I gathered. So adding the landing PPA and reporting any issues we see would be the way to go14:47
yofelfor those of us that are running xenial at least14:48
sgclarkok, guess I should do that14:50
sgclarkI am about to release my trusty backports, look out for any issues and let me know all14:51
yofelthis should get a news post on the website14:52
yofelovidiu-florin: could you add that?14:52
yofelor give me Author permissions?14:52
yofelhm, python3-only on images session going on right now16:12
yofelthat would be a fun task....16:12
sgclarkso we have to get core-dev it seems yofel16:15
yofelto be on the release team? yes, Scott already told me that16:16
yofelthanks for telling me that someone replied though ^^16:18
sgclarkdo you know where we atart to get going on that?16:18
yofelwell, you need to gather some recommendations for the application and need to know how to work with software in 'main'16:21
yofelso we would need to work on something in there (e.g. Qt)16:21
yofeladditionally, you need to know how the release process works to not step on other people's feet during freezes etc.16:23
yofelbut that's already a MOTU requirement16:23
_RidgewingHiya guys _Ridgewing here !16:24
_RidgewingWhen the podcast due, today ?16:24
yofelif the schedule doesn't lie, 19:00 UTC16:25
* _Ridgewing already consumed numerous beers :-)16:25
yofelahoneybun: ^16:25
_RidgewingLooking forward to the hangout and getting wiki.kubuntu.org up-and running.16:26
yofelhm, installing kubuntu-desktop in a chroot and then apt-get purging python2.7 results in 63 removals16:26
yofelnot as bad as I thought16:26
_RidgewingWe could make it as good as the KDE one.16:26
alleesgclark: FYI: after 24 hours using your trusty staging-applications I've seen no regression.  Great work!16:37
sgclarkgreat :) thanks allee16:40
clivejoyofel: do you know who looks after node.js in ubuntu?16:42
yofelno, best ask in #ubuntu-devel16:42
clivejo:( do I have to?16:45
yofelhey, they don't bite!16:46
yofelwe're all ubuntu devs after all16:46
clivejoI beg to differ16:46
yofel#ubuntu-server might be another place16:46
clivejoIll just install for source16:46
clivejothis is weird, Ive had more problems with wily from it was release than the entire time it was in devel!16:48
yofelthat's the usual pattern...16:50
clivejomaybe I should upgrade to xenial16:50
clivejothat could be fun!16:50
yofelmake sure to also add the qt5.5 PPA17:03
yofelotherwise not much changed so far :P17:03
Riddellprth: yo?17:06
prthhi Riddell 17:07
Riddellprth: want to talk ubiquity?17:07
prthi'm planning to first port kde_ui.py so that other individual pages & plugins can be tested17:09
Riddellprth: do you know the project timeline?17:09
prthyes, 4 months till Feb I think17:09
Riddellfinish end of feb, loads of time17:10
prthyupp 17:10
Riddellmain priority being to port ubiquity to PyQt 517:10
Riddellwhich probably isn't so difficult17:10
Riddellis ubiquity using python 3?17:11
Riddellyes it is so that's fine17:11
Riddellprth: have you used PyQt before?17:11
prthyes but while creating patches for Ubiquity17:12
Riddellprth: I guess reading the general qt 4->5 documents would be worth doing as well as any pyqt specific ones17:13
Riddellprth: have you used bzr?17:13
prthsure, I have read it & will be referring it a lot17:13
prthRiddell, yes I have used bzr & am comfortable with it17:14
Riddellprth: presumably start off by making a branch for this port in launchpad17:14
prthRiddell, I have set up the project & started hacking on the VM17:15
prthRiddell, sure17:15
Riddellprth: did you read agateau's blog post about working on ubiquity?17:15
prthyes I followed that only17:15
Riddellprth: do you have a blog on planet kde? will you do a starting blog post?17:16
prthRiddell, should i use kubuntu 16.04 daily build because once the current build was buggy17:16
prthRiddell, no but I can.17:17
prthI'll publish the starting blog this weekend17:17
Riddellprth: use whatever works, I would think kubuntu 15.10 release is fine and will not be as unstable as 16.04 daily17:18
prthI'll open a bug report to add my blog's kde feed17:19
Riddellprth: presumably you're still at university during this time?17:22
prthyes Riddell 17:23
Riddellprth: do you have exams?17:23
prthyes first week of december17:24
Riddellok, so obviously those will take priority17:25
Riddellprth: hopefully you can finish off the qt5 port with plenty time to fix other bugs in ubiquity :)17:27
prthsure Riddell17:27
Riddellprth: have you ever used oem-config?17:27
prthno but i know about it17:28
Riddellprth: worth trying out an oem install to make yourself familiar, oem-config is ubiquity in a different mode and it's possible to break oem-config when working on ubquity17:29
prthok, i'll try it Riddell 17:30
clivejoanyone notice that the clock on the login screen seems to stand still?18:45
alleeclivejo: no. I've tried: Loggged out -> 20:02  Now it shows 20:0319:03
_RidgewingI see you in the video. Yay \o/19:04
_Ridgewing"Tings could go wrong" hehe.19:05
allee_Ridgewing: URL?19:05
wxlsgclark: saw your blog post. is the ppa the staging area for moving things into the official backports repos?19:06
sgclarkAfraid I do not know how that process works. ANother thing to learn. Going in blind on all this.19:07
sgclarkwxl: ^19:08
wxlokie dokie, sgclark. do you know who i might ask?19:08
sgclarkHe quit19:08
sgclarkyofel: might know19:08
wxlokie dokie19:09
yofelwxl: kde is so large and has so many dep relationships that we gave up putting it into the official backports years ago19:10
wxlyofel: ok, so then the recommendation for production machines running kubuntu is to add the backports ppas, then? is this documented anywhere?19:10
yofelthere is https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs19:11
geniiDo things ever get moved from Kubuntu backport PPAs to just the regular backport repositories?19:12
yofelwell, maybe single things, but usually that's just a lot of effort for little benefit19:13
geniiSo it's not some concious separation from the regular repos then19:13
* genii wanders back to struggling with sddm19:15
sgclarkdunno I think it may be worth it for point releases. I will look into it if I have time.19:15
yofelthe problem is that the backports also requires regression testing, so you're expected to test all rdepends of libs that you update for regressions19:16
yofelwith the size of kde that's a crapton of work19:16
sgclarkahh, perhaps if we get bigger with a larger tester ool lol19:18
alleeovidiu-florin: for the podcast. Wouldn't it help if you reduce the screen resulution to e.g.1280x1024  this way the installation window is almost as big as  your Monitor.   Makes no sense to transmist > 50% of an gray area.19:21
alleeovidiu-florin: k-menu->type info -> start kinfocenter:  kernel listed on 'about system' that is opened by default19:43
ovidiu-florinallee: please join in #kubuntu-podcast or #ubuntu-uos-showandtell19:44
ahoneybunyofel: can we program the bot to point to sections of the manual?19:52
ahoneybunlike !repos19:52
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate19:52
yofelwell, the factoids would need adjusting, so you need to talk to someone from the IRC team19:53
yofelgenii: ^19:53
geniiyofel: Putting me to work now? ;)19:54
yofelyou and unity are the only people I know :P19:54
yofelerm, Unit19:54
geniiPM some suggestions for what you want as Kubuntu-specific !repos or !install and I'll see what I can do20:00
valoriewhat a great podcast, guys20:01
yofelyep indeed, was fun to watch :)20:02
valorieheh, I was just thinking about factoids too20:02
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: https://kubuntu.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=2467&action=edit20:03
valorie!kubuntudocs = http://docs.kubuntu.org for instance20:03
ubottuvalorie: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kubuntudocs20:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kubuntumanual20:03
valoriesilly ubottu, why aren't you easy to edit like the amarok bot is?20:03
valorieok, bbl20:21
geniiubottu: docs-#kubuntu is <reply> Kubuntu documentation can be found at http://docs.kubuntu.org  General linux documentation can be found at http://www.tldp.org and http://rute.2038bug.com20:34
ubottuI'll remember that, genii20:34
* genii goes back to coffe20:34
ubottudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com20:37
ubottuKubuntu documentation can be found at http://docs.kubuntu.org  General linux documentation can be found at http://www.tldp.org and http://rute.2038bug.com20:37
geniiahoneybun: It only changes it in this case to be specific to the #kubuntu channel20:41
valorieoh cool20:41
ahoneybunthanks genii20:41
geniiI'll add one later for Kubuntu-specific !repo factoid also20:44
geniiThere was already a Kubuntu specific !repos which did not seem to need changing.  I did add a new one for !backports now however.21:05
ubottuIf new updated packages are built for an application, they may go into Kubuntu Backports, which is one of the official Kubuntu PPAs. See https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs for more information.21:05
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ovidiu-florinI was looking into this: https://trello.com/integrations and integrated a bot for telegram that shows trello updates in the telegram group we have21:11
yofelwould someone be kind enough to add me to that group?21:14
ahoneybunyofel: you have telegram?21:16
yofel@Yofel over there21:17
clivejosomething is badly wrong with Kontact :(21:41
* clivejo cries21:47
yofeldefine "wrong"21:51
yofelthere's a lot of "wrong" with akonadi.......21:51
clivejoits throwing a tantrum, so I took a backup and deleted all the accounts21:53
clivejotried to restore the backup and the tool crashed21:53
clivejoso trying to add the account manually21:54
clivejoStupid wizard wont work either21:56
clivejohas anyone upgraded their system to xenial yet?21:57
clivejocurious on how it running 22:04
ovidiu-florinclivejo: xenial?22:10
* clivejo nods22:11
clivejowhy not?22:11
ahoneybunat this point it really is just a nightly of wily22:15
yofelbragging rights are important ;P22:18
clivejojust the man22:19
clivejois QT5.5 in xenial yet?22:19
yofelno, still in the landing PPA22:19
yofelwill land sometime this month22:19
clivejoI guess nothing to test it with yet?22:19
yofelwell, you can test the _existing_ stuff with it22:20
clivejoor will you recompile old stuff?22:20
yofelMir_v already recompiled the necessary parts in the PPA22:20
clivejohave you tried compiling frameworks with it? 22:20
yofelno, I was hoping we could use the new tooling for that, but that's not at that point yet22:21
yofeland well, ENOTIME22:22
clivejoyofel: did you know rick has secured $500 of credit on Digital Ocean?22:22
yofelyes, he did say that in the meeting yesterday22:23
yofelthat'll be really handy for our CI setup22:23
* clivejo nods22:23
clivejoget some heavy CPU droplet running22:23
yofelnah, a 4GB or even 2GB one would be sufficient, maybe another one on demand if the queue gets too long22:24
yofelotherwise we're just wasting mondey22:24
yofelwhat a word invention..22:24
clivejohi santa_, how are the automation ng scripts coming along?22:27
santa_clivejo: good, I tested what I have so far today22:27
clivejowhat you test it on?22:29
santa_a test rebuild22:29
clivejokde stuff?22:29
santa_yes, now In just need to make the new-release script so it would be usable fo the next kde releases22:30
mamarleyyofel: If you guys need Digital Ocean credit, I have some laying around that I am never going to need.  It is only like $20 or $25, but you guys can use it if you want.22:30
clivejoI thought you could customise your droplet, ie 4 cores, 2 GB RAM,  20GB SSD and 1TB Transfer22:32
clivejofor building its all about the CPU :/22:32
yofelnot from what I can see, but the instances are still cheaper than EC222:34
clivejoyofel: is there such a thing as a distributed build server?  Kinda like the SETI Project, World Community Grid etc where you can donate unused CPU cycles?22:38
yofelnot that I know of, but I'm not sure that's something we would want to use for security reasons. (How do you guarantee that nobody tampered with the packages?)22:39
yofelok, for the CI that might not be much of a priority22:40
yofelbut if we can make the slave setup easy people can still donate build hardware (tanglu runs mostly on donated hardware)22:40
wxlwhat is the SC is KDE SC?22:46
yofelsoftware compilation22:47
wxlstrange thing to make an acronym out of22:47
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yofelmaybe that's why digikam dropped it22:48
wxlwell it's still on the wiki https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs22:48
yofelright, because they weren't updated in ages, the KDE SC is KDE422:49
yofelfor the new releases you have sepeare kde frameworks 5, plasma 5 and applications YY.MM22:49
wxlahh so SC is the intergration of frameworks and plasma22:50
wxl(i see apps referred to as a separate thing from the SC)22:50
yofelno, SC is obsolete branding for kde workspace 4 + plasma 2 + the rest of the applications22:50
wxloh ok22:50
keithzgI think at this point we just say "KDE" and then wave vaguely in the direction of both software and community ;)23:54

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