rodolfojcjjrg: for anonymity I read some time ago about Tails (a Debian based distribution). I have no experience with that, however00:25
jrgi'm sure i'd have to take some extra steps to get the wifi working00:31
jrgsure wish everybody would just use an intel based wifi module in laptops that works in linux heh00:31
jrgrotzbub: only an i386 iso?00:33
tzvika1trying to upgrade to 15.04 from 14.0401:01
tzvika1getting could not calculate the upgrade error message01:01
tzvika1any idea?01:01
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elibaPRIVMSG eliSky hi06:25
elibaJOIN #ubuntu06:26
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gabrimonfahi all, I'm on kubuntu 15.10. I cannot find which package contains debug symbols for /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libQt5Qml.so.508:00
svend-evGood morning08:16
freiformHi, KMail is loosing my cutom shortcuts after a couple of seconds. I define ALT-A to archive Mail, this works for three, four mails, and then the shortcut is reset. A colleague has the same problem..08:23
ShishKababSomehow, when logging into KDE after using Gnome (the previous Kubuntu release was totally broken for me), somehow Abiword starts despite never having used it. It's not listed  under Autostart however.  How can I prevent this?09:52
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Margusdoes anybody experience repainting problems in Kubuntu 14.04?09:56
Margusfor me only kde/qt widgets are corrupted, gtk world is unaffected09:56
Margusit seems PyCharm corrupts all Qt graphics10:21
Margusit doesn't do it immediately, but after using it for a while, all Qt apps repainting, graphics is misaligend10:22
Margusthen, closing PyCharm, everyhthing will look okei again10:22
Margushow do I debug that_10:22
Margushow do I debug that?10:22
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chrisfromgreecehelp !10:52
lolmausI've installed fresh 15.10 and I'm missing Actions and Compress menus in Dolphin. How do I enable them?10:52
chrisfromgreeceThere is a problem with the newer kernel and amd proprietary drivers , when you try to install proprietary drivers system won't boot10:53
chrisfromgreece...is it fixed or not?10:53
chrisfromgreececan you see my text ?10:57
clivejochrisfromgreece: have you checked with the manufacturer of said propietary drivers?11:01
chrisfromgreecei know its a problem that will be solved in the future i allready used askubuntu11:03
clivejochrisfromgreece: who is solving it?  The Ubuntu kernel team or AMD ?11:07
chrisfromgreeceits just not supported by the newer kernel on ubuntu 15.1011:07
chrisfromgreecei dont know when will be solved11:07
clivejoYou will have to wait until the kernel team apply a patch/fix the problem and use an older kernel that works11:08
chrisfromgreecehow i can installer an older kernel on kubuntu 15.1011:09
clivejoit usually keeps an older version, when it installs a new old11:09
clivejodrop into the grub menu and see what options you have11:10
clivejoYou press and hold your SHIFT key while booting to access grub11:11
clivejochrisfromgreece: for more information about grub, see here - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:12
chrisfromgreeceam i gonna be able to see an older kernel version on grub11:16
chrisfromgreecethis thing was not supposed to happen11:19
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hateballack, they left too soon :\11:30
hateballit is a shame when people want help do not idle11:30
mike_staHi, I have a problem with the keyboard layout. It is stuck at English (US). Adding or changing the layout in the kcm module does not affect the actual layout. Using Kubuntu 15.10, KDE 5.15.0. Any ideas?12:07
hateballmike_sta: can you change it with setxkbmap ?12:08
mike_stahateball: yes12:15
hateballhmmm, sadly not got a plasma 5 machine handy here12:16
hateballbut someone surely will show up if you are patient :)12:16
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BluesKajHowdy folks13:17
Smurphyyo dude ...13:17
BluesKajhi Smurphy13:19
SmurphyBoring day. Loocking at pcap day in day out currently ...13:44
SmurphyAnd all thta, because customer's can't configure switches correctly :(13:45
BluesKajSmurphy, pcap?13:53
TJ-BluesKaj: packet capture; the network package file format used by libpcap, and the user tools tcpdump, wireshark, etc.14:04
BluesKajTJ-, ok thanks14:06
gombeanHi all.14:09
BluesKajhi gombean14:09
gombeanI am trying to set a default application for magnet links in firefox.  Ktorrent is the only app in the list, but I use qBittorrent.  When I click 'Choose Application', it just opens a dolphin(-like) window.  How do I choose qbittorrent from here?14:10
gombeando i just choose /usr/bin/qbittorrent?14:10
SmurphyBluesKaj: pcap -> packet capture of network data.14:14
BluesKajktorrent is default, remove it and qbittorerent should open the next time you invoke a torrent url , how ever FF doesn't do magnetic links  without configuration, copy the magnet link location and click on the add url in qbittorent14:14
Smurphyktorrent does magnetic links14:14
BluesKajyes, but ktorrent is a pita in other ways14:15
gombeanqbiitorrent does magnet links fine14:15
BluesKajgom yes it does if you don't use firefox browser14:16
gombeani got it by adding /usr/bin/qbittorrent to app list for firefox magnet links and setting this as default.  now clicking on a magnet will automatically open the magnet in qbittorrent14:16
gombeanunless I am missing something, this appears to work 100%14:17
gombeanis /usr/bin/[app-name] the correct executable to use and are there cases where it is not?14:19
BluesKajgombean, if you're unsure just use the locate packagename in the terminal14:25
gombeanBluesKaj: nice one, thanks14:27
BluesKajgom  where is the app list in firefox you just mentioned?14:29
gombeanBluesKaj: When I am on a 'certain' site and click on a magnet link... it just appears.  Ktorrent was the only one in the list until I added qBittorrent14:31
gombeanBluesKaj: But now I notice that for an actual *.torrent file, I only see KTorrent in the list....!?14:32
SmurphyBluesKaj: in what ways  is ktorrent a pita ?14:32
gombeanI will just uninstall KTorrent14:33
gombeanSmurphy: just personal preference for me really14:33
gombeanall good :)14:35
BluesKajgombean, I removed ktorrent , you eithe apt-get remove ktorrent in the terminal or use the packge manager , then qbittorrent will become the only alternative torrent cleint , hence the default14:36
dougielso I installed 15.10 and I have not network or wifi - any thoughts?14:38
BluesKajSmurphy, qbittorrent is more configurable for ports and download bandwidth etc..w're ikn the boonies and wife is a gamer so we needd more control overdownloading14:38
BluesKajdougiel, which wifi chip?14:39
dougielatheros 8151 if I recall... double checking14:40
dougielQualcomm Atheros AR8151 v2.0 Gigabit Ethernet (rev c0)14:41
dougielBroadcom Corporation BCM4352 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (rev 03)14:41
hegemon8o/ All14:41
hegemon8quick question, when if at all can i expect to see Muon software center to be back again? (The one with packages list like in synaptic14:42
hegemon8Discover is cool, but it lacks that small command tools that i could browse, You know the whole repo list?14:43
SmurphyBluesKaj: You're wife is a gamer ??? *lol* Cool. One thing we have in common then :D14:47
SmurphyMine is addicted to games. Check this out -> http://stargate.solsys.org/mod.php?mod=blog&user=2&section=23214:48
BluesKajdougiel, there's no reason why it shouldn't work . my bcm 4311 works just fine , most broadcoms do14:48
SmurphyBluesKaj: 3rd entry -> that's our gaming env.:D Parents gaming Env ! :D14:48
BluesKajSmurphy, wife is a LOTRO and DDO gamer mostly14:49
Smurphylol. Mine loves to play Skyrim, and we met while playing Left4dead. We still play left4dead2 on a regular base. I got a modded server at home for that :)14:50
hegemon8Left4Dead yay! ok, i'll ask my question again later, going to play now, Smurphy You've reminded me, that there are still zombies to kill...14:51
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BluesKajhegemon8, just install muon14:52
hegemon8see Ya :)14:52
hegemon8ok, is it a separate package then that Muon Discover comes with?14:53
BluesKajmuon discover and muon are 2 different packages, the old muon is much better14:53
hegemon8i had it in 14.04 with discover, and since 15.04 i guess it wasn't preinstalled14:54
Smurphyhegemon8: *rofl*: "Get up - there are zombies to kill and shit"14:54
hegemon8Smurphy: i know right? :D let me install muon then :)14:54
hegemon8BluesKaj: ok, thx for clearing this, btw, naming them 2 muon doesn't make it obvious, but what ever, now i know :)14:55
SmurphyProblem for me, that left4dead2 is not fluid under linux, and I don't know why. Metro last light is faster under linux than under windows.14:55
hegemon8and BluesKaj true, i liked that "synaptic" kinda style when i know what i look for, but not exact name.14:55
hegemon8Smurphy: it runs quite well on my s...tty laptop14:56
hegemon8and man, i'm on gforce 315m14:56
hegemon8well, depends i guess14:57
BluesKajI use muon as a package reference guide, more info about repos and dependencies etc,  even use it to purge or install stuff occasionally14:57
hegemon8BluesKaj: yes, i get Ya. Discover is nice to have and needed, i wonder if 2 coud get combined like "friendly view" and advanced ? Just an idea14:59
* Smurphy has 2 dedicated gaming rigs, 8GB Ram, i5 2.6Ghz Quad-core CPU's, GTX660 Ti GPU's and SSD Disks (5 year old, will be replaced next year)15:00
BluesKajhegemon8, I think muon discover is just a "dumbed down" gui for new useers15:00
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Guest49845how do you put the volure in plasma5 (kubuntu 15.10) over 100%15:03
Guest49845it used to be called 'overdrive'15:03
* BluesKaj and wife are an older retired couple who discovered the benefits of the internet after my retirement in '99, and it's given us something "to do" in our so called "golden years"15:03
hegemon8Guest49845: my lame way is to use vlc, but hopefully someone have better idea15:04
hegemon8and if this is mp3 or so, there was some volume normalizer command tool that i used to make my whole music collection to be at this same vevel, that makes a difference on a playlist.15:05
hegemon8BluesKaj: thats why i think its needed, but not preffered, as i'd rather update from cli instead from GUI - progress bar tells me nothing :) (i liked the way You could show details in synaptic and see the console output15:07
SmurphyBluesKaj: Niiiice... Well, we are just approaching the 50 ;) good to know we can still play after that ! :D15:07
Guest49845hegemon8: thanks - do you mean phoron-vlc?15:08
hegemon8nah, just simple vlc gui let me to go to 120% and i'm quite sure it was 200% before Guest4984515:09
hegemon8Guest49845:  try http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/02/how-to-increase-volume-over-100-in-kde15:12
hegemon8should work still i guess15:13
BluesKajhegemon8, there is a volume normaizer in vlc/tools/prefernces/audio15:13
hegemon8BluesKaj: right, but i try to think systemwise as You know, VLC is a player, and who knows what is his scenario ? :) Playing YT clips in vlc is a way, but...15:14
hegemon8Guest49845: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2136185  check post no 4 there as well15:14
BluesKajSmurphy, congrats, you and wife look much younger than 50 :-)15:15
hegemon8BluesKaj: Watching Kubu podcast today? :)15:16
BluesKajhegemon8, agreed abou the cli and updates etc, but as a reference for different packages and their uses muon has been a good info source over the yrs15:17
Guest49845hegemon8: cheers - don't think thats plasma5 compatible?15:17
hegemon8BluesKaj: yes, totally agre.15:18
SmurphyBluesKaj: Ah, that's because we behave a lot like teen-agers ;)15:18
BluesKajhegemon8, I tried , but I'm not a dev and so far not my cuppa tea.15:18
hegemon8Guest49845: i'm pretty sure it should, as not all  kde4 stuff was ported to plasma 5 yet they're there, but its easier to remove widget then ither soft in my opinion - les hassle.15:20
BluesKajSmurphy, wel, I hate to admit that i still play in a band at my age ;-)15:20
hegemon8BluesKaj: i'm not a dev myself ;( but updqates upgrades dist-upgrades autoclean autoremove and ping are always few arrows up away in my terminal, so, i lie to look to see if any "error" or so didn't pop in15:22
dougielneither of these 03:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4352 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (rev 03)15:22
dougiel04:00.0 Ethernet controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 v2.0 Gigabit Ethernet (rev c0) work on my fresh install of 15.10 suggestions welcome15:22
hegemon8BluesKaj: now You need to send us a link, i want to hear :) I play with guitar, but only to relax and piss off the neighbours, so i'd love to hear it15:23
SmurphyBluesKaj: Nice ;) Well, I don't really have time for these things... Work, then I have my hobbies etc. Had to make a choice.15:24
SmurphyMaybe I'll restart music later, when time permits it again :D15:24
BluesKaj_wife wants to watch the new Prime Minister swearing in cermony here in Canada. I normally use the TV as my monitor when we aren't watching tv, so I switched to the laptop to continue.15:30
hegemon8BluesKaj_:  You have cool wife, hard to say no :)15:31
hegemon8BluesKaj_: BTW any chance to check Your band somewere on the net?15:32
BluesKaj_yeah, she's always been cool, that's why I married her :-)15:33
hegemon8Lucky B! ;)15:33
BluesKaj_hegemon8, well, some of the guys are bit shy about recording, since we're basically a jam band.15:34
hegemon8fair enough BluesKaj_ - worth asking anyway :)15:35
BluesKaj_hegemon8, Np , my previous band had a wbsite with some tunes on it , but it got taken down after we broke up15:36
hegemon8ahh, pity, my friend's band had this same issue, and after they went their own way, all the vids got lost. He had 2 fav on pc, but rest... well15:37
dougielany ideas why no networking works on the latest and greatest 15.10?15:45
dougiel... just not sure where to look as I have the only hardware networking does not work on?15:46
BluesKaj_dougiel, sorry which broadcom again ?15:46
dougielyou get that info with lspci right?15:47
dougielBCM4352 AR8151 neither work - was in a bash for my raspberry15:48
ejayHi. How can I reset dolphins thumbs? I mean those small pictures that previews gfx files in a folder.15:49
dougielcfg80211              484040  1 wl15:51
BluesKaj_dougiel, install broadcom-sta-common15:56
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parveeni have installed kubuntu 15.10 on my laptop. but i can't find vlc medis player on its software center. can anyone help me on this16:10
hegemon8parveen: chceck if You have Canonical Partners sources checked in Your Sources list16:16
dougielBCM4352 AR8151 neither work - on my 15.10 install suggestions welcome... after googling it looks like I am the only one on the planet having issues16:33
dougielBluesKaj, you have to manually config network in 15.10 I don't recall doing anything intellectual on my 14.04 but am here now17:21
dougiel15.10 is running and I am connected via wifi17:21
Towkiranyone can help me generating a fingerprint ??17:54
SmurphyFingferprint of what ???17:55
Towkirwas trying to generate a OpenGPG fingerprint17:56
SmurphyFingerprint ? You have a private key yet ???17:56
Towkirwhich is needed for signing the ubuntu code of conduct17:57
Towkirnot sure17:57
Towkirhow to check pls ?17:57
SmurphyLol. Ah. Use the kgpg17:57
Towkirhow is that ?17:57
Smurphyit's an application. Install it, and use it.17:57
SmurphyGot a Ui.17:57
Towkirsearching :)17:58
TowkirIf I fail, I will ping you Smurphy :)17:58
Smurphylol. Do that :)17:58
lolmausI've installed fresh 15.10 and I'm missing Actions and Compress menus in Dolphin. How do I enable them?18:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1499530 in dolphin (Ubuntu) "Dolphin context menu is missing "Compress"/"Extract" entries" [Medium,Confirmed]18:14
Kwaadpeppersudo ln -s /usr/share/kde4/servicetypes/konqpopupmenuplugin.desktop /usr/share/kservicetypes5/18:15
rom1504Hi I have this bug where icons are small when starting a session in kubuntu, it goes back to normal after a few seconds but it's annoying http://download.rom1504.fr/stuff/bugkubuntu.png18:21
rom1504any way to fix that ?18:21
rom1504it's happening since 15.1018:21
marco-parillorom1504: I am guessing it is related to the push for better support on high-resolution displays. Some of the posters here are experienced in device driver selection (my guess on the root cause) and you can blacklist certain drivers.18:25
rom1504hmm how would I blacklist drivers ?18:33
rom1504(I'm using nvidia-352)18:33
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denza242rom1504: which drivers?18:56
VoyageSome times my skype and other GUI gets messed up. I think xorg got messed up when i sent an 'intrupt' signal by accident. How can i fix it?19:54
VoyageKubuntu LTS, dont know about chipset but its asus z97 k board http://pastie.org/1052968319:54
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frecelI posted the link to Scarlett's patreon campaign on the Linux Action Show subreddit20:09
frecelWe should get this campaign as much visibility as possible20:09
dougl15.10 buggy or is it may hardware?20:13
SmurphyDid you upgrade or did you do a fresh install ?20:14
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geniiCould be either or both20:16
SmurphyI had to practically eliminate the plasma config from 15.04 to get it working right.20:18
rom1504Smurphy: ah you do you do that ? it might solve my pb20:23
LeeJunFanIs there anywhere to get updated firefox-kde? The plasmazilla ppa is 4 versions behind.20:25
newbhi all20:27
newbcan someone tell me if kubuntu works on a non-pae cpu ?20:27
genii!docs > genii20:29
ubottugenii, please see my private message20:29
lordievadernewb: No, IIRC since 12.04 Ubuntu's kernels require pae.20:30
newblordievader: ok ok. is er een manier om dat te forceren ?20:33
lordievadernewb: This is an English channel, join #ubuntu-nl if you want to continue in Dutch ;)20:34
TJ-newb: is the CPU definitely non-PAE - some CPUs just don't advertise it in their flags and you can "forcepae" on the kernel command-line20:34
lordievadernewb: There is a check to see if the cpu supports pae upon install of new kernels.20:34
denza242LeeJunFan: hmm20:35
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newbhmm how can I check?20:44
newbsys info says .......ProcessorIntel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU         650  @ 3.20GHz, 3200 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)20:45
newbcant seem to find anything if this suka got pae20:45
lordievadernewb: i5 should support pae... What kind of problems are you getting?20:50
newblordievader: it says pae feature not present on the cpu20:51
newblordievader: ive checked the bios but couldnt find a thing regarding pae20:51
lordievadernewb: That is very odd. Where did that sys info line come from?20:52
txrxlordievader: win720:52
lordievadernewb: This is a physical install, not a vm install or anything like that?20:53
newblordievader: no its in vm orcale vitrual box20:54
lordievadernewb: Ah, that explains a lot. Is vt-x and vt-d enabled?20:55
newblordievader: hmm checking rite now20:56
newblordievader: solved!!! you r the man thx..installing as we speak20:57
lordievadernewb: Cool, good to hear.20:57
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robrI would like to know how to go about checking what is causing my HDD to fill up so fast22:36
=== gman_ is now known as gmanxp
Fritigernrobr: First us filelight or K$DirStat to find out which failes/folders are the largest on your system.22:43
FritigernSorry, fast typing.... the second program is called K4Dirstat22:44
* keithzg give three cheers for Filelight, one of the most useful GUI programs of all time22:45
denza242robr: Filelight is your best bet22:50
* denza242 cheers with keithzg22:50
denza242what does this mean W: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/vivid-updates/universe/binary-i386/Packages  Hash Sum mismatch22:56
* denza242 scared22:56
FritigernI prefer k4dirstat myself, because I don't care for that pie chart in filelight, and I also like having a tree menu that I can navigate besides the graphical depiction of the file/directory sizes.22:57
denza242what about fsview then22:58
FritigernHash sum mismatch most likely means that the transferred file got corrupt. Either on the server, during transfer, or on your own PC.22:58
FritigernI haven;t used fsview, I will see iif i can install it22:59
FritigernDoesn't seem to be in the (wily) repos.22:59
genii!info fsview22:59
ubottuPackage fsview does not exist in wily22:59
genii!info fsview vivid23:00
ubottuPackage fsview does not exist in vivid23:00
Fritigernfsview appears to have last been part of precise23:01
denza242i have fsview23:02
FritigernProlly from some PPA, or perhaps you decline the removal of packages after an upgrade?23:02
Fritigern(release upgrade, that is)23:02
denza242actually, i think it's part of another package23:04
denza242since I have /usr/bin/fsview23:04
denza242it's in konq-plugins23:04
clivejoinstalled by konq-plugins23:04
FritigernWait, konq is still not dead? In spite of dolphin and rekonq?23:04
bprompt_denza242:    but I believe you can use any of the konqueror plugins in rekonq anyway23:08
FritigernThat reminds me, before Wily, I had an action menu in dolphin, but that's gone now. It used to have actions like opening a terminal at that folder, rename with krename, extract/compress, and more. All that is gone now, but is there a way I can re-add that?23:21
* Fritigern is kinda set in his ways23:21
Supermanintightshas anyone had performance issues in 15.10?  I'm getting regular crashes (krunner being the biggest culprit), and more than 3-4 tabs and firefox grinds to a near standstill, or at least far laggy beyond acceptable use.  Occasional typing lag as well in different apps23:24
keithzgSupermanintights: first question, which graphics drivers are you running?23:25
keithzgWhat's the preferred way of installing Telegram on Kubuntu? I see there are PPAs out there, but those don't seem to be official. On the other hand, the official way Telegram documents installing is to use their own installer. This all then seems complicated by how it apparently upgrades itself via an Updater app, which would seem to complicate the packaging of it . . .23:58

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