djX3Nhello everyone from lubuntu wily on the raspberry pi 2 :)07:18
ianorlinwow it had been more than 2 weeks since my last bug report my family life sure has been a mess07:19
djX3Nshh i'm making a screenshot ianorlin :)07:21
djX3Njk, though, seriously. i kind of know the feeling, though it's a bit different on the fatherhood side of things.07:22
djX3Nback again on the pi.07:24
djX3Nwatching a video about how lubuntu 15.10 is broken, ironically. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nraL-6GErbk07:25
djX3Nhe's complaining pulseaudio needs to be installed. and here i am happily running hdmi audio with no problems.07:25
djX3Nthe crazy thing is that the usb wifi dongle worked right out of the box, too. bizarre.07:26
ianorlinI don't want hdmi and turn it off in uefi and view that as a motherboard feature07:27
djX3Ni thought you had an hdmi display?07:27
ianorlinyes but I am connected over dvi07:27
ianorlinand no integreated speakers07:27
djX3Nwhy don't you like hdmi?07:27
djX3Ntsimonq2: you're probably asleep but hi, from the pi.07:28
ianorlinI do it is just my speakers would plug into headphone speaker jack07:29
ianorlinwhich would just plug into the back of my monitor07:29
djX3Nhdmi audio no workie or just an alsa pita (many non-standard things are)07:29
djX3NOH your speakers only input is a mini-jack or whatever they call them07:30
djX3Ni'm honestly shocked this works without doing anything else07:30
djX3Neither flexiondotorg worked some major magic, or something else is going on.07:30
djX3Nomg there's no freaking pulse on here either07:31
djX3Nonly output on the BCM2835 card is a PCM. curious07:32
ubot93Launchpad bug 1512963 in lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings (Ubuntu) "settings allow arbitarly large user pictures which makes the user lock themselves out at lightdm. " [Undecided,New]07:34
djX3Noh wow that's fun07:36
djX3Nwas that your discovery? :)07:36
djX3Ngood job, man!07:36
ianorlinI told people not to reproduce on a production machine07:38
djX3Nwxl: shorten this https://img.bi/#/Wq7O5rW!TPaSocZVgZ_AG6wurxPYmAd6B8hxHqD15D6ArTVl07:40
djX3Nnote to self, don't mind me07:40
djX3Nbut check out the search for the 42nd fibonacci at the botom right07:41
djX3Nanywho i'm hitting the hay07:42
* ianorlin understands07:42
djX3Nget some sleep, buddy07:42
tsimonq2wxl = djX3N?12:41
flexiondotorgHappening in a few mins ^^^^^^^^^14:53
phillwmissed the start, I'll download it once completed15:22
phillwflexiondotorg: just watched the recording, excellent session. Thanks for the explanations !20:06

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