zerothis1nfs once worked for me but ever since trusty I can't seem to make it work. I just want to share one folder on my network to me other linuxum systems01:16
mijowhhello i've just installed lubuntu, still getting used to linux. trying to get rid of extraneous packages that came by default that are unnecessary. Why do i have both lubuntu software center and synaptic package manager? they both seem to serve the same purpose. could i just uninstall lubuntu software center? I usuallly use apt-file and apt-get anyway05:02
mijowhI don't understand why I have two different guis for package management05:03
ianorlinmijowh: lubuntu software-center is easier for new users to which synaptic could be confusing05:04
ianorlinactually synaptic doesn't take that much space up05:04
ianorlinon disk or on install05:04
mijowhso uninstalling lubuntu wont break anything?05:04
mijowhi like synaptics interface more anyway05:05
ianorlinno uninstalling lubuntu-software-center won't break anything although you shouuld problably reinstall lubuntu desktop if you want to upgrade05:05
ianorlinas that is just a metapackage05:05
mijowhuninstalling software center will remove that also?05:06
mijowhbecause i do plan on making use of synaptics updater05:06
ianorlinlubuntu-desktop basically is a package that gives you all the other stuff the lubunt install contains05:08
mijowhHm. I've already removed quite a bit that I knew I wouldn't ever use and have been installing ym preferred apps. would you compare lubuntu-desktop to a package "group" (from archlinux, like the gnome group including alot of different gnome stuff) because i think i understand that05:10
ianorlinlubuntu-desktop is what is known as a metapackage and bascially has a dependecy on stuff that it brings in so say if you wanted to install this you could only install say one thing in synaptic or the command line rather than having to select each package individually05:12
mijowhI see. emacs would be another one of these metapackages then, that depends on the actual emacs packages, so that installation/removal is simpler. thanks i think i understand05:14
ianorlinyes like for the game battle for wesnoth there is one that brings in like all the core campiangs06:06
mijowhthank you for the advice, appreciate it. Maybe you could also answer me this: my desktop is extended vertically (single monitor). What I mean by this is that if i mouse to the top of the screen, it scrolls, as if the screen was taller than it actually is06:09
mijowhhow can i get it to all fit?06:09
mijowhinstead of having to scroll to see the tops of windows06:09
ianorlinis this not in a virtual machine?06:11
mijowhno its not06:11
mijowhive never seen this before, but ive never used lxde before06:11
mijowhlike it fits perfectly horizontally, but vertically its like theres an extra 2 inches06:12
mijowhand i have to mouse to the top or bottom to "scroll" the entire screen06:12
mijowhhow do i adjust resolution? - i know, stupid question06:12
mijowhim thinking it may be video drivers06:12
ianorlinfrom the menu prefrences monitor settings06:12
mijowhive been having issues with my outdated geforce 840006:13
ianorlinmijowh: which driver are you using noveau?06:14
mijowhah, it was screen resolution, thank you. and I'm unsure, whatever would be the default06:14
mijowhhow do i check? It's embarassing asking questions that are probably so simple, but I'm new to the world of linux. been a windows only user forever06:15
ianorlinmijowh: which version of lubuntu you could try the save button if 15.04 or newer06:15
mijowh15.10, newest version06:16
ianorlinah yeah in menu prefrences monitor settings there sohuld be a save button06:16
mijowhunder additional drivers in meu preferences, it says i am using no proprietary drivers06:17
ianorlinin the montior settings there should be a save button06:18
mijowhyes noveua06:18
mijowhyeah i saved my settings06:18
mijowhsince it works ill leave as is for now, ive got a new graphics card coming in the mail. no point in messing with the driver atm06:19
mijowhthank you again06:19
mijowhnow, i like to use apt-get autoremove to keep my packages clean, but I'm foreseeing an issue with some of my code that uses boost. It's the only thing on my system that needs boost, but its not a package, just an executable, so i dont imagine the package manager would be aware that boost is actually being used, and upon an autoremove, would uninstall it. Is there a way to inform the system about what libraries my app depends on, so the06:21
mijowhunless i misunderstand how packages work06:21
ianorlinmijowh: I am not expirenced with programming with boost06:22
ianorlinalthough I think with 15.10 I remember someone talking about it being recompiled against gcc506:22
mijowhwell, any library really doesnt need to be boost. I just noticed that any lib that doesnt have any packages that have it as a dependency will be uninstalled with apt-get autoremove06:23
mijowhmy code isnt a "package", its just a compiled executable, and so i dont think the package manager will be aware of my dependency on library XYZ06:23
mijowhand will remove it thinking its not used06:23
mijowhdoes that make sense?06:24
mijowhi think this answers my question: http://askubuntu.com/questions/149768/mark-a-deb-package-as-used-so-its-not-suggested-for-autoremoval06:26
mijowhbtw the answer to my earlier question about packaging an app was answered in #ubuntu, all i needed was this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=910717 thanks again for the help guys06:57
mijowhif anybody was also curious, idk06:58
Paulobom dia10:36
Pauloestava aqui navegando e as paginas com criptografia estão aparecendo obsoleta,ate as de banco,o que pode ser10:38
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LangleyHow do I get HVEC to play in Lubuntu? Adding the lubde265 repository, it 404s on the package lists19:39
LangleyOh VLC can play it, nice19:41
geniiYou must be on Wily, that PPA was last updated 16 weeks ago so it has up to Vivid but not yet Wily19:42
LangleyVLC is fine... I just can't find it in the list of programs, when trying to set it as default for videos19:44
ianorlinLangley: in default apps for lxsession?19:49
ianorlinLangley: if you have downloaded a video file in pcmanfm the file manager try right click open with and sleect vlc and then pcmanfm will open with that file type19:49
Langleyianorlin: VLC doesn't show up in either... maybe I need to restart?20:55
ianorlinLangley: maybe log out21:01
LangleyEven though I set Chromium to be the default browser, links from Pidgin still open in Firefox21:34
alkisgHi, I'm trying to install lubuntu-desktop in a chroot and it's trying to also install unity-greeter and other unity-related stuff21:58
alkisgThose unity* packages are not installed in lubuntu normally though21:59
alkisgSo I'm not sure what's going on... lubuntu-desktop recommends unity but the cd seeds blacklist it?!21:59
alkisgI'm reluctant to use --no-install-recommends in case it prevents other important packages from being pulled in21:59
redwolfalkisg, unity-greeter or lightdm-gtk-greeter22:00
redwolfunity-greeter is not included in the package list22:00
alkisgapt-get install lubuntu-desktop does pull it though22:00
redwolftry first with lubuntu-core22:00
alkisgI'm trying to find the exact dependency chain that does that22:00
redwolfbut anyway that requirement is odd22:00
alkisglubuntu-core as well, pulls unity-greeter22:00
alkisgIt's in 14.04/armhf if it matters22:01
Unit193alkisg: apt-get install lubuntu-desktop^22:01
alkisgThanks, trying..22:01
alkisgUnit193: the same, unity-greeter, unity-settings-daemon etc are again included there22:02
Unit193Odd, but not surprising as the Lubuntu ISO is built without recommends.  I'd install the task (lubuntu-desktop^) without recommends then.22:03
alkisgThat does make sense, thank you, I'll do that after pinpointing the exact package22:03
alkisg(just out of curiosity)22:04
alkisg..probably lightdm...22:05
Unit193alkisg: ...Actually, try both the core and desktop tasks at the same time.22:06
alkisgYeah lightdm needs to put a Recommends: unity-greeter | kde_greeter etc | lubuntu-greeter at the end22:07
alkisgIt lacks the | ubuntu-greeter22:07
alkisg(however that is called... checking...)22:07
alkisgSo I'll install lightdm --no-install-recommends first, and check again lubuntu-desktop after that22:08
alkisgYup, that did it. A bug report should be filed against lightdm, to save people that start with chroots/server cds to avoid unity :)22:11
alkisg*save ... from installing unity22:11
alkisgThen again, it now pulls software-properties-gtk and other packages, so I'll just use the task^ and --no-recommends variant that good Unit193 proposed to me :)22:13
alkisgThanks a lot guys22:16
Unit193It does actually, with 'lightdm-greeter'23:30

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