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perphilhello need some help here11:00
elachecheHow can I help perphil11:01
perphilhi elacheche, i reinstall ubuntu utopic, and can't install gnome flashback, want metacity11:02
elachechewhy not :/11:03
perphil"There isn’t a software package called “metacity” in your current software sources."11:04
elachecheperphil, that's normal11:04
perphiland can't find a good ppa for x86 p411:04
elachecheI just checked Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) reached End of Life on July 23, 2015"11:05
elachecheYou shouldn't install Utopic11:05
perphilits possible to install 12 LTS without unity, have poor graphics card11:06
elachecheperphil, why not install Ubuntu MATE ;)11:07
elachecheOr wily https://ubuntu-mate.org/wily/11:08
elachecheperphil, MATE is the fork of the old GNOME 211:08
perphildon't have access to hight net link right now11:09
perphilmaybe there is some alternative ppa tha could install metacity on utopic even its outdated?11:10
elachecheperphil, what do you have right now?11:10
perphilonly utopic11:10
elachecheperphil, that's not recommanded at all!11:10
perphili know, but i've some work to finish and don't have ways to get another one right now11:12
craigbrashperphil: where r u11:12
perphilCap Verd westcoast Africa11:13
elachecheperphil, what other ISOs do you have?11:13
perphilok, let forget new install, help me with this real issues11:15
perphilneed to install xampp-linux-5.6.8-0-installer.run, have made chmod +x, but say permission denied11:15
perphili'm root11:16
perphilor because it's not more supported nothing is gone work with utopic?11:17
perphilonly have utopic now11:17
elachecheperphil, can I know: pwd && ls -al xampp-linux-5.6.8-0-installer.run ?11:17
perphilsays -rw------- 1 perphil perphil, i used chmod ugo+rwx11:20
perphil-rw------- 1 perphil perphil 125180584 Jul  7 07:35 /media/perphil/linux/progs/OS/linux/Deb`s/xampp/xampp-linux-5.6.8-0-installer.run11:21
elachecheperphil, that hd partition is a NTFS partition isn't it?11:21
perphilyes have made it on w711:22
elachecheperphil, move the file to the Linux partition, the EXT one.. Then you'll be able to chmod+x it..11:23
elachecheThat should solve your problem.; I should go eat.. BRB11:25
perphilthanks very much now11:25
perphilworking now11:25
perphilcraigbrash: are you here?11:27
craigbrashi am now12:06
craigbrashok i see he is gone12:07
* elacheche is back12:44
elachecheA quick question, OTRS vs RT!14:15
elachecheNo personal feedback?14:20
craigbrashunfortunately i am not a sysadmin only a reasonably skilled user :)14:21
elachechethx craigbrash14:32
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Kiloshellooo africa15:58
Kiloshi cbj15:58

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