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rvrToyKeeper: dobey: Ok, I just saw something very strange trying to verify the fix. I cancelled, but... the app was installed!01:22
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Mirvrenatu: the silo 024 qtpim avatar import fix has a comment from QA in trello06:06
Mirv014 OTA-8 bugfix made 026 dirty, forcing ubuntu-push rebuild - the commits itself in 026 stay the same obviously06:11
Mirvanother to get the updated trunk for real06:40
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abeatoMirv, hey, robru uploaded yesterday the  qtmultimedia-opensource-src package to silo 9, but I think we also need to upload the derived package qtmultimedia-opensource-src-gles09:14
Mirvabeato: ok, I can handle it. I also remind you that I really hope no API migration mess will come out of this, ie those changes have not been submitted to upstream or accepted by them. but Jim has told me he does not expect trouble this time.09:25
abeatoMirv, noted, thanks09:26
rvrMirv: ping09:57
Mirvrvr: pong10:08
rvrMirv: Hey10:08
rvrMirv: I left a comment on the card for silo 2410:09
rvrMirv: The photo is correctly imported from Google, but not correctly exported (or at least, Google doesn't read the photo).10:09
Mirvrvr: right, I pinged renatu already about that, but he's in another timezone. I'm just providing the packaging, renatu is the lander here so I can't comment on the export case.10:11
rvrAhh, I see10:12
cjwatsonsnakefruit (various archive cron jobs, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/, etc.) going down soon for a RAM upgrade10:46
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Mirvhmm, are xenial images unbootable on mako currently?11:08
Mirvmine is just stuck in Google screen, even after doing a bootstrap flash11:09
Mirvok wipe + bootstrap did the trick11:24
cjwatsonsnakefruit back11:30
Mirvah, nope, that was vivid accidentally, xenial still shows just Google screen so I guess it's dead at the moment11:38
renaturvr, hey what is the problem with the avatar export?11:38
rvrrenatu: I exported the vcard and imported it back to Google, and the contact didn't show the photo11:39
renaturvr, did you try import it on android?11:40
rvrrenatu: So I don't know whether it is a problem of Google or what11:40
rvrrenatu: I don't have any android around, just using the web11:40
renaturvr, works nice on android11:40
renatuI never tried import on gmail11:40
renaturvr, we have this bug for iphone: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/address-book-app/+bug/151025911:41
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1510259 in address-book-app (Ubuntu) "contact cannot be shared with iPhone" [High,In progress]11:41
renaturvr, the fix is on silo 211:41
rvrrenatu: I see11:41
rvrThe contact is shared11:41
rvrIt's just that Google doesn't like the photo field11:42
renaturvr, the field looks correct to me, and works nice on android and iphone. Maybe we need something special for google11:44
rvrrenatu: Ok11:45
rvrrenatu: Mirv: I am approving the silo, just wanted to have some feedback about this11:45
renaturvr, I will report a new bug about that11:47
renaturvr, but this is not related with the silo changes11:47
Mirvrvr: renatu: thanks!11:51
* Mirv publishing11:51
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renatualesage_, crash fixed on silo 2. You can continue the tests.14:09
dobeypopey: hi. can you approve the com.canonical.payui 15.01.135 sitting in the store review queue please?14:19
popeydobey, will do14:24
dobeypopey: thanks14:25
popeydobey, done14:26
mardy_Mirv: good session! And now it's time to feed the cat! :-)14:27
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Mirvmardy: thanks! and yeah :)14:29
dobeyrvr: hi14:39
rvrdobey: Hi14:39
dobeyrvr: so, the issue you found seems to not be new. i am able to recreate your issue with the old pay-service too. can you file a bug about it, so we can figure out how best to deal with this case, and we can move forward with the current landing?14:41
rvrdobey: Sure14:44
dobeyrvr: thanks14:45
rvrdobey: Assign it to the correct project, if wrong https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/151309314:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1513093 in pay-ui "App price displayed in already-purchased app" [Undecided,New]14:47
dobeypay-ui is probably where we'll need to fix it14:48
dobeyrvr: do we need to wait for ToyKeeper? looks like she went through the test plan just fine from the comments15:01
rvrdobey: Let's wait for her approval, as she's the one that did most of the testing.15:05
Mirvsil2100: hey Texas! any idea what's up with xenial images? I can't get past Google logo (have tried --bootstrap --wipe), but the phone is not bricked since I can (continue) to use vivid15:40
pmcgowanMirv, xenial images totally busted, foundations looking at it15:40
sil2100Mirv: hey! Yeah, as pmcgowan mentioned, they be b0rken15:42
sil2100It's a known feature of our xenial images15:42
Mirvpmcgowan: sil2100: thanks! I'd have demoed xenial phone Qt 5.5.1 in my session but had to do with demoing xenial KDE on Qt 5.5.1 :)15:44
robrucihelp: s-jenkins builders are really broken. I had to disable a few of them15:46
fgintherrobru, thanks. Looking into the problem now15:49
psivaarobru: i assume you're talking about prodstack-worker-5 and the rest?15:49
robrupsivaa: yeah15:49
robrufginther: thanks15:49
robrupsivaa: I've had problems with 2, 5, 6, and 7.15:49
dobeyi wonder when toykeeper will be around today15:50
robrufginther: psivaa: "problems" as in random java tracebacks unrelated to my actual branches15:50
psivaarobru: ack, thanks.15:50
robrupsivaa: fginther oh god there's only 2 nodes available and the queue is out of control16:13
fgintherrobru, yes :-) it's not good16:14
fgintherrobru, more nodes are coming back now. Not sure what happened, but they are much happier after a reboot16:34
robrufginther: yaaay16:34
rvroSoMoN: Approving silo 3916:51
oSoMoNrvr, thanks!16:51
dobeyso many queuebot notices18:00
dobeyrobru: btw, force merge didn't work. it fails without an MP or sync source18:07
dobeyToyKeeper: please ping me when you're around.18:10
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ToyKeeperdobey: Hi, didn't see your message until now.21:13
ToyKeeperdobey: I have early onset cold symptoms and crashed last night before finishing.  Looks like the silo is unblocked now, at least.21:14
dobeyToyKeeper: yeah, rvr wanted to wait for your approval before moving the landing ahead any further though. hope you're feeling better after resting21:16
ToyKeeperSo far, yes.  :)21:16
ToyKeeperI doubt there will be any more issues with the landing.  It was just rvr's bug holding things back, and non-overlapping time zones.21:17
dobeyyeah. there was a rebuild of ubuntu-push required though. i guess that needs retested?21:18
alecuhi trainguards: I see that silo 046 shows as "QA Granted". Do we need to do anything else to land it?22:49
* alecu has not completed any landings with the new dashboard yet...22:49
sil2100alecu: hey! No, we need a core-dev to take care of those22:49
sil2100cyphermox: would you have a moment to look through the publishable box on the train? https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/publishable22:50
robrualecu: generally speaking the answer is yes, once you see 'QA Granted' it is your responsibility to click the publish button. if your silo doesn't contain any packaging changes then you will be able to publish it yourself22:53
cyphermoxsil2100: compiz, nux, unity for the silo 11 are missing diffs... I'm not comfortable publishing things that mention unity with no diff.22:53
robrucyphermox: I'll try to regenerate diffs and see what happens...22:54
cyphermoxsilo 16 introduces a "sync with main" changelog entry, UNRELEASED, in between other entries for stuff already released, this looks very very wrong -- that was ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gles22:59
robrucyphermox: sil2100: the build job in silo 11 suggests that those diffs are empty because the version in the silo is the same as the version in distro22:59
cyphermoxso, why?22:59
robrucyphermox: it appears as though silo 11 was published already, just 4 hours ago, but only bamf was rebuilt since then23:01
cyphermoxwell, i'm not going to sign off on that23:01
robrucyphermox: so the ones that have empty diffs are really empty diffs, can be safely ignored (publish job won't republish redundant versions)23:01
robrucyphermox: bamf has a diff tho23:01
robrucyphermox: sorry, bamf and indicator-appmenu23:02
robruTrevinho: perhaps you could explain the situation in silo 11. it was published, then you rebuilt bamf and indicator-appmenu, now you want to publish again?23:02
robrucyphermox: this was published by Laney23:03
Trevinhorobru: indicator-appmenu was not correclty rebuilt against new bamf, and so it was missing the wrong dependency23:03
Trevinhorobru: so Laney told me to do this....23:03
Trevinhorobru: indicator-appmenu and bamf published have to be updated with these new ones23:04
robruTrevinho: ok well it looks ok to me train-wise. I was worried the empty diffs were some kind of bug but it all looks legit. I'm not sure why cyphermox won't sign off23:04
cyphermoxsilo 46 adds tests and does cleanup that doesn't appear in the changelog?!23:05
cyphermox-Vcs-Bzr: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity-lens-music/trunk23:07
cyphermox+Vcs-Bzr: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity-lens-music/saucy23:07
cyphermox^ wat?23:07
cyphermoxoh, this one is amazing, it lists a ton of changes in changelog but I can't match them to stuff in the changes: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-042-1-build/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/unity-lens-music_content.diff23:08
cyphermoxmaybe all the changes in the other silos and uploads got merged there? :D23:09
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cyphermoxI think that's all of the "publishable" things, right?23:14
sil2100Crazy stuff23:14
cyphermoxit was entertaining23:14
cyphermoxI'm starting to think we'd benefit from core-dev review for some of these by people who have a better idea what the code does at all too thought23:15

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