dupingpingpopey, hi.02:13
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davidcalleMorning o/09:31
dpmhey davidcalle09:33
* dholbach relocate to the office - brb10:31
dholbachdpm, I won't be able to make it to the UOS session tomorrow, but I have an additional data point already :)12:24
dholbachdpm, UOS was a great venue yesterday to bring teams together12:24
dholbachalecu+kyrofa brought up their thougs about phone and snappy which was great12:24
dpmdholbach, nice!12:25
dholbachand awe+morphis brought up their thoughts on frameworks and landing stuff like bluetooth and connectivity on snappy12:25
dpmdholbach, yeah, for some reason yesterday this felt a much solider UOS than the previous one12:25
dholbachso whatever the future is going to be like, it'll be good if sessions can be set up very easily and are announced broadly well in advance12:26
dholbachthis would also be nice for ad-hoc sessions across the cycle12:26
dholbachthat a reminder is sent to some mailing lists12:27
dholbach... or something12:27
dpmthanks dholbach. Quick q: do you happen  to know the max number of participants in a UOS hangout? It used to be 10, but I think it got increased to 1512:28
dholbachwasn't it 10 for regular accounts and 15 for canonical accounts?12:28
dpmthat's what I thought, but I couldn't find a reference12:29
dholbachdpm, https://www.google.com/work/apps/business/products/hangouts/12:32
dholbach"Hosten Sie Hangouts für bis zu 15 Personen – ob Mitarbeiter oder externe Teilnehmer."12:32
popeyVideo calls can have a maximum of 10 participants12:32
popeyGoogle Apps for Work: The maximum is 15 participants12:32
dpmthanks all :)12:39
dholbachdavidcalle, did https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/developer-ubuntu-com/1511676/+merge/276253 look all right to you?12:41
davidcalledholbach, it's smart :) Haven't tested it yet, but looks good12:49
dholbachof course it's smart - I stole the idea from you :-)12:51
davidcalledholbach, smart*er* then ;-) Will test in a short moment, first I need to figure out if we can announce a date for the scopes contest in the session in 1h, or if we should defer, preparation is not finished.12:53
dholbachtake your time12:53
dholbachit's not superurgent12:53
dholbachdavidcalle, mhall119: I followed up on the django upgrade MP13:49
dholbachI did some more testing - let's chat about it tomorrow13:49
dholbachmhall119, and we might need Daniele's help again13:49
davidcalledholbach, +113:50
dholbachunfortunately the importer's status is still in "it's complicated"13:50
mhall119dholbach: ack13:58
balloonspopey, are you setting up http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22598/community-core-apps-qa/ or no?14:50
popeyballoons, i wasn't. i thought it was yours14:51
balloonspopey, no worries. just making sure14:56
balloonsI'm setting it up14:56
balloonsdavidcalle, can you do the show and tell session happening right now?14:58
balloonsor czajkowski or hggdh? I'm in a session and they need help14:58
balloonsit's the ras pi session14:58
davidcalleballoons, czajkowski, hggdh, can't :/14:59
balloonsdholbach, mhall119, popey, dpm ^^ Can you help out perhaps?14:59
dholbachno, in a session15:00
mhall119balloons: the Pi maker one?15:00
joseyou need a host?15:00
balloonsmhall119, yes15:00
balloonsjose, yes, a host for martin15:00
dpmballoons, what kind of help are you looking for?15:00
joseballoons: I can do that for now15:00
balloonsjose, awesome, ty15:00
dpmoh, on show & tell, got it15:01
popeyjose, can you join #ubuntu-uos-showandtell15:01
dpmseems you got it sorted, jose saving the day :)15:01
balloonsjose, set it up and edit the page. then ping flexiondotorg15:01
balloonsthanks all!15:01
popeytwice in one day!15:01
joseballoons: gotcha15:01
mhall119thanks jose!15:02
balloonsI see dpm has already promoted Jane's q and a15:52
jcastroman, here i am running the cloud track like a chump and desktop is dropping USC?16:07
jcastroHAPPY DANCE16:07
mhall119you misspelled champ16:13
* davidcalle relocates16:34
czajkowskiballoons: sorry I was around yesterday not today17:16
balloonsczajkowski, that's why we have several folks who can help out :-)17:16
czajkowskiballoons: cool was just worried onlybsaw ping now been in a day long sprint17:17
jcastrohey anyone know how to fire up a hangout on air from hangouts.google.com?17:36
jcastroinstead of this obviously depracated g+ page I've been using?17:36
dpmyay, second UOS day is over, great sessions throughout!19:59
popeyyeah, had some really good discussions today19:59
dpmI've been impressed with the level of in-hangout participation20:00
dpmgiven the fact we've not done anything different than previous UOSs wrt organization20:00
popeyYeah, dunno what has triggered this20:03
wxlis it possible that someone on the CC can vote on this re-verification? one of our 5 members is a member of the loco and has abstained. another one has been MIA and we've been trying to get in touch to no avail, yet. i still have hope, but they expire tomorrow. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-locoteams/+bug/150819022:44
ubot2wxl: Error: launchpad bug 1508190 not found22:44
wxlpleia2: consider this a response to your comment on the bug ↑22:44
mhall119wxl: bug not found23:12
wxlmhall119: yeah it's private. i figure you guys have super powers. i can add the cc23:12
* mhall119 has only alright powers23:13
wxlmhall119: cc now added23:15
mhall119wxl: you need a vote to reach quorum?23:17
wxlmhall119: with the (hopefully temporary) absence of our one council member and the loss of jose, we really need another seat. i've seen one nomination so far, but i'll take it. i'm not sure if there are rules for how many nominations we need to make a vote on that.23:17
wxlmhall119: yeah, i need one more +1 to reach quorum.23:17
wxlmhall119: and pleia2 must abstain too as she's also a member of the LoCo XD23:17
mhall119wxl: done23:18
wxlmhall119: thanks!23:18
mhall119no problem, thanks to you and the LC as well23:18
wxlno problem XD23:18

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