n8shi there channel00:33
n8sanyone around to help me with a mouse question?00:33
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didrocksgood morning!06:15
darkxstseb128, bug 151154207:06
ubot5bug 1511542 in unity (Ubuntu) " [2.26 Regression] binutils assertion fail ../../bfd/elfnn-aarch64.c:4631" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151154207:07
seb128good morning desktopers07:07
seb128hey darkxst07:07
seb128what about it?07:07
didrockshey darkxst, seb12807:08
seb128re didrocks ;-)07:08
darkxstseb128, webkit2gtk build failure07:08
darkxsthey didrocks seb12807:08
seb128darkxst, right, see backlog from yesterday, Laney pinged doko about it to know if there is a workaround07:09
seb128but I don't think he got one07:10
darkxstI don't think there is one07:15
darkxstupstream seem to know what the problem is, but no patches as yet07:15
larsu_good morning!07:46
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seb128hey larsu, wie gehts?08:02
larsuseb128: great thanks! Sitting in a cafe drinking orange mint juice08:03
larsuhow about you?08:03
seb128orange mint, interesting ;-)08:03
larsuhey Trevinho!08:03
TrevinhoHey larsu08:03
TrevinhoThis "new life", made me become an early bird... :o08:03
seb128larsu, I'm good thanks, played some tennis yesterday evening and now I just moved from morning-email-reading-in the couch to my desk (with some bread&jam&coffee in between)08:03
seb128hey Trevinho08:04
Trevinhohi seb12808:04
larsuseb128: tasty!08:04
didrockshey larsu, Trevinho!08:07
larsumorning didrocks! Ça va?08:07
Trevinhohi didrocks08:07
didrocksça va et toi ?08:07
seb128larsu, thanks for the notify-osd fix!08:19
larsuseb128: yw!08:20
didrockshum, do I miss anything obvious? https://travis-ci.org/ubuntu/ubuntu-make/builds/8917349008:38
didrocksI do install python3-yaml08:38
didrocksruntests is /usr/bin/env python308:38
larsudidrocks: weird!08:41
didrocksisn't it?08:41
larsuworks locally in my system (but it is xenial)08:41
larsumaybe some issue with python3-yaml in t?08:41
seb128didrocks, dpkg -L python3-yaml | grep .so ?08:42
didrockscan be, but I think we would have noticed first (and the tests on the jenkins dc works)08:42
didrocksseb128: yeah, I guess I'm going to do that (forced to push a branch for each commit though)08:42
didrockslet's see https://travis-ci.org/ubuntu/ubuntu-make/builds/8917496608:43
seb128the deb seems fine, weird08:43
didrocksbut it passed the other imports before failing08:44
didrocksyeah, the deb seems fine in the env as well08:45
* didrocks tries to prepend runtests with "python" in case /usr/bin/env python3 refers to python2…08:46
didrocks(that would be silly, but meh)08:46
larsuthat website is pretty cool08:47
larsudidn't know they updated logs without refresh08:47
didrocksyep no, didn't work…08:48
larsuare you sure python is 3?08:48
larsuit's not for me on x08:48
didrockslarsu: see python --version on top08:48
* larsu nods08:48
didrocksthe weird part is that other imports work first: https://github.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-make/blob/master/runtests#L2108:48
didrocksok, at least that confirms: https://travis-ci.org/ubuntu/ubuntu-make/builds/8917623808:55
* didrocks tries with another non built-in module like pexpect08:58
didrocksok same: https://travis-ci.org/ubuntu/ubuntu-make/builds/8917678308:59
didrocksso, it means that non of built-in modules are working, I guess it's the triggers compiling them in .pyc failing08:59
didrocks(or not running)09:00
seb128could well be09:00
didrocksfound it: http://docs.travis-ci.com/user/languages/python/#Travis-CI-Uses-Isolated-virtualenvs09:01
didrocksso, it means I have to roll back on testing in virtualenv (meaning, compiling python-apt not available in pip)09:02
didrockshey Laney!09:05
seb128hoi Laney09:06
didrocksoh right, but python3-gi isn't available either on pypy… :/09:07
Laneyhey didrocks seb12809:09
Laneyhow are you?09:09
seb128good! had fun at tennis yesterday09:11
seb128what about you?09:11
Laneyare you good enough to compete now? ;-)09:11
Laneyclimbing + pub quiz was good09:11
Laneythere was a question about germany which I knew from my trip!09:12
seb128I'm good enough to play matches with other beginners and have fun09:13
seb128I even sometime manage to challenge people that a better technically than me so it's good ;-)09:13
seb128which one?09:13
Laneywhat was the capital of west germany?09:14
Laneywouldn't have known that before09:14
* Laney youth09:14
seb128yeah, I wouldn't have known either09:16
larsumorning Laney!09:22
Laneyhey larsu!09:28
Laneyyou good?09:29
larsuLaney: very, thanks. Did you win the quiz?09:30
LaneyI didn't know what the name of the first Rolls Royce car was09:30
Laneyor the area that the McFlys live in in Back To The Future09:31
larsuwow, hard questions09:31
LaneyI also can't remember what the answers were :P09:32
Laneyhope they don't come up ever again in my life09:32
didrocksugliest hack ever \o/09:37
didrocks(can't use a system virtualenv and can't install gobject in pypy, so had to do it :/)09:37
didrockshey andyrock09:56
davmor2didrocks: that's an outrageous lie, ever is a long time I'm sure you will come up with something uglier :P10:09
didrocksok, found a less-worse way to "fix it" (and escape from virtualenv)10:57
Laneywell done!10:59
didrockshttps://github.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-make/commit/db38b8c53c1729d0eaa7e95b6c0a8c173bf912d4 :p11:02
didrocksthe "magic" was just to add /usr/bin to PATH (before the virtualenv one)11:03
didrockstrying to have virtualenv both liking pure-python module (with PYTHONPATH), but also compiled one (like python-apt) was a nightmare…11:03
didrocksand https://travis-ci.org/ubuntu/ubuntu-make/builds/89194583 should be happy again :)11:03
* didrocks will then readd badge and run that on PR (even if it's only pep8 and small tests, that's already something…)11:04
* didrocks should see if the access to dockerhub is granted to run medium tests…11:04
didrockslarge tests, I doubt, there isn't a full machine with unity installed11:04
Trevinhoseb128: do you know why it might happen that - only on i386  and in jekins - unity tries to run make check also (not only make check-headless)11:20
seb128Trevinho, no idea11:21
Trevinhoseb128: ok, np... i didn't see antyhing weird on rules about that11:21
seb128could be something in the env, special hack or something...11:21
pittiGood morning12:09
seb128hey pitti, wie gehts?12:09
pittiseb128: gut, danke! wieder 5:30 aufgewacht...12:09
pittii. e. seems I'm in perfect sync with the timezone, just like at home :)12:10
seb128I was going to say :-)12:10
pittihow are you guys?12:12
Laneyahoy pitti12:12
didrocksyeah pitti!12:15
* pitti ^5s Laney and didrocks12:16
seb128pitti, good! busy doing debian merges and updates ;-)12:16
seb128pitti, how is the sprint going?12:16
pittiseb128: quite well indeed! mostly worked on the autopkgtest MaaS stuff yesterday, and some small apport fixes with Brian (more of that today)12:17
larsumorning pitti!12:17
larsutoo bad you're not in Berlin though ;)12:17
pittihey larsu!12:17
pittilarsu: yeah, I'm regretting this too12:18
larsupitti: I might go for you12:18
pittilarsu: prepped my talk with Michael last week, but won't be able to present it with him12:18
larsupitti: oh? Why not?12:18
seb128larsu, what is in Berlin?12:18
larsuseb128: systemd conference12:18
pittilarsu: because 7000 km? :-)12:18
seb128oh, ok12:18
larsupitti: oh, a talk here... I thought in Austin12:19
attentegood morning12:29
larsumorning attente!12:32
pittiwow, it's not totally foggy today, time for some running12:38
Laneyindeed, I can see the prison up the hill today12:38
Laneysuch joy12:38
seb128hey attente12:52
desrtgood morning desktop12:57
seb128hey desrt12:57
seb128looks like I got used to you being on an european tz, it's feeling weird to see you get online now ;-)12:57
* desrt is almost back in the fold of things12:58
desrtbut first: breakfast!12:59
didrockshey desrt!13:04
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willcookeLaney, ara confirmed that the HW Cert tests are using the normal ISOs, but uses Ubiquity pre-seeds13:14
willcookeLaney, but we can't run them "on demand" on their infra.  Considering our options, perhaps we can get our own infra to test on?  Finding out...13:15
seb128RAOF, hey, do you plan to update colord(-gtk) in Debian/xenial?13:25
didrocksand webstorm just fixed their md5sum :p13:29
seb128TheMuso, there is a gnome-orca .1 update, would be nice if you could have a look13:34
RAOFseb128: Yes. Let me check my git repository...14:02
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seb128RAOF, hey, I didn't expect you to be up ... are you in Austin?14:03
RAOFNo, London.14:03
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seb128oh, ok ;-)14:05
RAOFOh, so colord 1.2.12 is in git. And I haven't tried to upload it because...14:07
Laneywillcooke: when are they run then?14:07
willcookeLaney, cron job by the sounds of things.  Going to see if I can get a meeting with someone on their team next week to get all the low down details.  I will let you know when that is14:11
LaneyNot sure we want to be on the hook maintaining some infrastructure...14:12
Laneythese new ubiquity tests will already be better14:12
willcookeLaney, you've got mail14:12
Laneyhow exciting!14:12
LaneySubject: P45 enclosed14:13
willcookeIt's from this guy whose uncle is some big deal in Nigeria.  Sounds like a pretty sweet deal14:13
willcookeIs 419 even a thing any more?  I miss those guys14:13
LaneyAh they offer to merge changes14:16
Laneymaybe it wouldn't be too hard...14:16
* Laney runs14:16
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qenghoOh, Larissa. She's so wise.14:22
willcookeqengho, I thought Marrisa was his favourite14:22
qenghowillcooke: I think Marissa is responsible for the ducks.14:23
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mhall119willcooke: are you all set for your developer destkop session?14:49
willcookemhall119, yeah all good thanks14:49
willcookeIt's the desktop session at UOS now.  desktoppers:  if you want to join the call: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYeH-spuCQ64ZSU22T5-bbBTyadsSoxk_ogT9vAXnTefcoiR-w?hl=en-GB&authuser=015:01
* didrocks goes to IRC channel15:02
Laneywhat is the channel?15:06
larsuLaney: hm? http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22576/developer-desktop-plan-1604/15:07
Laneythe IRC channel15:07
Laneythere now15:08
larsuoh maybe I should join that as well :)15:08
attentei have to take my dad to the doctor, bbl15:08
Laneytrying: glib2.0 accepted: glib2.015:10
pittiLaney: you fixed why?15:17
LaneyI forced it15:17
Laneystarted working up the stack of uninsts to get it to pass15:17
Laneybut it's like 4 levels deep, didn't fancy waiting for that15:17
Laneyshould get it uploaded today hopefully15:20
Laneyin time to sync glib tomorrow after I upload it to exp shortly ;-)15:20
Laneyshortly> not started working on it yet though15:22
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mhall119bregma: are you all set for the legacy apps support session in ~15 min?15:45
bregmamhall119, as ready as I'll ever be15:47
seb128Trevinho, let me know if you need debug info about bug #151311015:47
ubot5bug 1513110 in unity (Ubuntu) "global menus are broken and cannot be clicked" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151311015:47
seb128I've it too and though it was maybe a local issue and waited to restart my session15:47
seb128it seems u-p-s exit when clicking a menu15:48
bregmamhall119, we have a demo video, is there a way to play that over a hangout?15:48
seb128no segfault in gdb15:48
seb128just process exits15:48
Laneywhat made that start?15:48
Laneynew unity didn't migrate15:48
seb128dunno, I had 300M of xenial updates yesterday15:49
Laneyyou are on the previous one right?15:49
seb128do you see the issue as well?15:49
Laneydidn't restart session15:49
seb128ii  unity                                                 7.3.2+15.10.20151016-0ubuntu1               i386         Interface designed for efficiency of space and interaction.15:49
Laneyso yes15:49
seb128Laney, try to killall unity-panel-service it might be enough15:49
mhall119bregma: screen share is the best way I think15:49
pittioh, menu bar trouble?15:49
seb128pitti, yes15:50
pitticyphermox filed bug 151311015:50
ubot5bug 1513110 in unity (Ubuntu) "global menus are broken and cannot be clicked" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151311015:50
Laneynaughty bug reporter15:50
seb128pitti, yeah, see backlog15:50
Laneynot including the version15:50
willcookebregma, I'm due to be in a Python 3 session in 10 mins - do you need me to be in the legacy apps session?15:50
bregmawillcooke, no, we're really just talking about Libertine then taking questions15:51
willcookebregma, I have questions!! ;)15:51
bregmaI mean, you're welcome to come but it's OK if you don't15:51
bregmamaybe it's better if you don't15:51
willcookebregma, I'll catch up with the recording in the morning15:51
Laneyseb128: got it on a quite small upgrade set15:56
Laneynux, gtk in there :)15:56
bregma_mhall119, uh, how do I set up a hangout for UOS again?15:58
* bregma_ makes a sad face15:59
didrocksbregma_: I guess the "all set" was to ensure you were prepared :p16:01
didrocksbregma_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS/Sessions16:01
seb128Laney, I hope it's not gtk :p16:01
Laneytried downgrading it already16:01
didrocksnuxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;)16:02
Laneyunless I am messing up reproducing this :)16:02
willcookebregma_, you sorted?  I can guide you if not16:03
Laneygot it16:04
Laneyspot the problem16:04
pittiVersion: 0.5.2~bzr0+15.10.20150627.1-0ubuntu1 isn't enough?16:05
pitti(of bamf)16:05
Laneyi bet the new symbols didn't get a high enough version16:06
Trevinhoseb128: I think it's the last nux change fault...16:06
TrevinhoCan you check it?16:06
Laneyyou think wrong16:06
seb128Laney, did you restart u-p-s in between?16:06
TrevinhoLaney: no there are two issues16:06
Trevinhothe visual one is nux problem16:07
seb128what "visual"?16:07
seb128what I see there is that u-p-s "exit" on clicks16:07
LaneyI'm going to revert this indicator-appmenu upload16:10
LaneyTrevinho: can you fix bamf's .symbols file to have a high enough new version and rebuild it please?16:10
seb128[Inferior 1 (process 27832) exited with code 0177]16:10
LaneyI think you can use 0replaceme?16:10
seb128Laney, it's appmenu's fault?16:11
TrevinhoLaney: but...... is that because not properly linked or what?16:11
Laneythe new symbols didn't get a high enough version16:11
Laneyso you got a depends which was insufficient16:11
Laneyso it went in before bamf did...16:11
seb128is that because bamf didn't migrate?16:11
didrocksyeah, it should have used 0replaceme16:11
seb128and bamf is blocked by the big transition?16:12
Laneybut the depends is wrong anyway16:12
Trevinhodidrocks: 0replaceme means? /me newbie on symbols files16:12
Laneyit's a train magic16:12
didrocksTrevinho: it's a CI Train trick, it's "replace this string with the version that is going to be released"16:12
Laneyto put the upstream version number in16:12
didrocks(as the train generates its own version number)16:12
didrocksso you can't predict future, only the train has the truth here :p16:13
didrocks0 is used at first because you can't have non digits as first version characters in a symbol file16:13
* didrocks should have put 42 or so, but I was afraid of a bug not changing the version and blocking people for most version ;)16:14
didrocksTrevinho: and as you asked for doc: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DailyRelease/FAQ#I.27m_exposing_a_new_C.2BAC8-C.2B-.2B-_symbols_in_my_library.2C_it_seems_that_some_packaging_changes_are_needed.2BICY- :)16:14
didrocksor http://blog.didrocks.fr/post/Unity%3A-release-early,-release-often%E2%80%A6-release-daily!-(part-3) :)16:15
didrockswaow, I really did write a lot of doc at the daily release time16:15
TrevinhoAnd I also read that at the time,... :(16:15
TrevinhoSorry I forgot16:15
jcastrowhat's the package name for GNOME Software in xenial? it's tough to search for16:15
didrocksTrevinho: no worry ;)16:16
seb128jcastro, it's not in the archive16:16
seb128it depends on packagekit 1.0 which is blocked on mvo_ to land some click work16:16
seb128mvo_, ^ what's the status of that?16:16
LaneyTrevinho: do you understand what to do?16:18
TrevinhoLaney: for your pleasure https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/bamf/0.5.2-replaceme0/+merge/27667016:18
TrevinhoLaney: So, what's next should I do a new silo with this and indicator-appmenu?16:19
LaneyTrevinho: use the same one16:19
Laneyjust push a new merge, rebuild bamf, rebuild indicator-appmenu, publish that16:19
TrevinhoLaney: can you approve the branch?16:19
Laneydidrocks: ^ merge looks good to you?16:20
didrocksLaney: Trevinho: just top approved! :)16:21
Trevinhofair enough16:22
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LaneyI uploaded the revert16:25
Laneyneed that to migrate before we publish another one16:26
seb128Laney, thanks16:34
Laneyany time!16:34
seb128mterry, do you plan to merge duplicity? (it's showing as outdated compared to upstream/debian on our versions page)16:34
seb128Laney, do you want me to look at gst-plugins-base1.0 or is that on your list for this week?16:34
mterryseb128, I hadn't looked at merges with my name on them yet.  I can do duplicity16:35
Laneystill there16:35
seb128mterry, thanks16:35
seb128Laney, thanks16:35
Laneyglib first16:35
Laneyprobably tomorrow16:35
mdeslaurseb128: I see you've merged nspr, are you doing nss too?16:42
mdeslaur(just curious before I look at it)16:43
seb128mdeslaur, no, I had a look and it was less trivial16:44
sarnoldsorry mdeslaur :)16:45
seb128I'm mostly trying to clean red items from http://people.canonical.com/~platform/desktop/ubuntu-desktop.html16:45
mdeslaurseb128: np, thanks16:45
mdeslaurwow, that's a lot of red :P16:46
seb128mdeslaur, can you do curl as well? you seem to unsually do it, robert_ancell did an upload for a small change but I doubt he's looking at the merges page or is going to do it16:46
seb128mdeslaur, yeah :-/16:46
seb128well look at the bottom chart, it's not that much overall16:46
mdeslaurseb128: sure, I'll do it16:46
seb128mdeslaur, thanks16:47
seb128mdeslaur, we are improving btw, that was a week ago, http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/Capture%20du%202015-10-27%2013-35-28.png16:48
seb128oh, didrocks has the plymouth merge under his name ;-)16:53
didrocksshould be because of the fsck theme16:53
Laneythe update police are patrolling16:53
Laneyeverybody look busy!16:54
* Sweet5hark looks busy/17:14
LaneyTrevinho: you needed to wait before building stuff against the new bamf17:22
TrevinhoLaney: why? Isn't the new bamf already on the ppa?17:22
Laneyah wait, you did?17:23
LaneyI got confused maybe17:23
Laneybecause of 2015-11-04 17:15:21,997 INFO Including bamf, compiz, indicator-appmenu, nux, unity.17:23
Laneybut the ppa itself looks right17:23
LaneyDepends: libbamf3-2 (>= 0.5.2~bzr0+16.04.20151104),17:24
TrevinhoLaney: it looks fine yes...17:25
didrockslooks like… today!17:25
Laneyyou rock!17:25
LaneyI suck!17:25
didrockshave a good evening guys!17:59
jcastroif I had unity8 feedback is that here or #ubuntu-touch?18:02
willcookejcastro, #ubuntu-unity is probably the right place18:02
Laneyalright, i'm out too18:03
seb128Laney, have fun!18:06
willcookegnight all19:18
mdeslaurcyphermox: yo, I'm back22:15
cyphermoxmdeslaur: do we really need to discuss usb-creator much or is it a JFDI?22:15
cyphermoxbecause I could just as well merge your code or whatever if you're already happy with it, and we don't need to be sitting around the same table22:16
mdeslaurcyphermox: find someone to accept my merge proposal, and we'll bump the version to 0.3 or something22:16
cyphermoxI'll take care of all of it22:16
mdeslaurhave you tried it&22:16
cyphermoxnot yet22:17
cyphermoxI'll merge and test and all, starting nowish22:17
mdeslaurcyphermox: the only thing I would like to see is a fix for the cancel button22:18
cyphermoxwell I'll hack on this today and tomorrow22:18
mdeslaurbut that's not critical, can be fixed whenever before release22:18
mdeslaurcyphermox: want me to bump the version and add a debian/changelog entry before you merge it?22:20
cyphermoxthere's more code changes to do along with it22:20
mdeslaurah, right22:20
TrevinhoSweet5hark: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/3rjbj4/ama_request_for_libreoffice_team/23:51

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