wileeeuser is not new and knows support limits here00:20
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Bashing-omHad all I can stand, can't stands no more. Gnight .04:12
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lotuspsychjegood afternoon to all11:36
lotuspsychjeTJ-: hi mate11:45
lotuspsychjeTJ-: did the acpi guy solve his issue?11:45
TJ-I don't know :)11:49
BluesKajHowdy folks13:17
BluesKaj'Morning TJ-13:19
lotus|xenialgood afternoon from xenial14:39
TJ-hiay Mr XXx14:40
pauljwHi everyone14:41
lotus|xenialTJ-: my linksys wifi card has dissapeared from system, and its plugged in14:41
lotus|xenialhey pauljw14:42
TJ-lotus|xenial: how is it connected? Which bus?14:43
lotus|xenialTJ-: pci14:43
TJ-lotus|xenial: does "lspci -nn" show it?14:44
lotus|xenialTJ-: no, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13101733/14:44
lotus|xenialTJ-: and it worked on trusty fine14:44
lotus|xenialTJ-: could this be a kernel thing?14:45
TJ-lotus|xenial: looks like there might be a PCI bus windows issue. can you "dmesg | pastebinit"14:45
lotus|xenialive tested 2 different pci slots14:45
TJ-lotus|xenial: this is the same motherboard as had Trusty on?14:47
lotus|xenialTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13101755/14:47
lotus|xenialTJ-: yes14:47
TJ-[    0.100479] acpi PNP0A03:00: fail to add MMCONFIG information, can't access extended PCI configuration space under this bridge.14:48
lotuspsychje_system freeze lol14:49
TJ-[    0.100479] acpi PNP0A03:00: fail to add MMCONFIG information, can't access extended PCI configuration space under this bridge.14:49
lotuspsychje_TJ-: should i bug it?14:51
TJ-lotuspsychje_: try adding to the kernel command-line: "pci=nocrs"14:51
lotuspsychje_ok brb reboot14:54
lotus|xenialTJ-: no luck14:57
lotus|xenial2.171409] ACPI: PCI Interrupt Link [ALKA] BIOS reported IRQ 0, using IRQ 2015:00
lotus|xenial[    2.175241] ACPI: PCI Interrupt Link [ALKA] enabled at IRQ 2015:00
lotus|xenialweird stuff15:00
TJ-lotus|xenial: OK, instead of that try "pci=realloc"15:02
lotus|xenialok holdon15:02
lotus|xenialreboot :p15:02
lotus|xenialTJ-: nothing15:05
lotus|xenialok gonna test trusty live to compare15:14
TJ-lotus|xenial: grab the dmesg and lspci -nn15:15
lotus|xenialTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13101969/15:17
lotus|xenialTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13101978/15:18
TJ-haha I meant from Trusty!15:19
lotus|xenialah kk lol15:19
lotus|xenialin a bit15:19
TJ-if it was upgraded to xenial, rather than a fresh install, there should be an older backup dmesg.X.log* from the previous version with the info in15:21
lotus|xenialTJ-: yeah upgraded from 15.1015:22
TJ-do an "ls -latr /var/log/dmesg* and pick one with a date that would have been the previous release15:23
lotus|xenialTJ-: only 1 dmesg log around15:25
lotus|xenialTJ-: not sure it worked on 15.10 either so15:27
lotus|xenialill test out trusty lspci first15:27
OerHeksyay .. Ubuntu Software Centre To Be Replaced in 16.0416:45
TJ-grief! some people :)18:00
OerHeksOh, you are fond of USC ?18:01
TJ-Eh? No - I was commenting on pikapi managing to destroy Ubuntu 3 times a day apparently18:12
OerHeksoh, reinstalling windows would take a day or more :-D18:14
lotuspsychjegood evening guys18:29
lotuspsychjeTJ-: trusty didnt see the wifi card either, so i played around with bios and just cant find it18:30
lotuspsychjeminimal defaults,optimized,all pci settings,...18:31
lotuspsychjetomorrow ill try cmos reset18:31
TJ-did it work ?18:35
lotuspsychjeTJ-: nop18:35
TJ-has it been dislodged in the PCI slot slightly?18:35
lotuspsychjeTJ-: cant find what happened18:35
TJ-worth reseating it18:35
lotuspsychjeTJ-: tryed both slot, but ill try again tomorrow also18:35
TJ-oh yeah, you did say, sorry... very tired here18:36
lotuspsychjeno sweat mate18:36
lotuspsychjegood evening wileee18:42
wileeehowdee pardner, heh18:42
wileeefrom the really really "west" coast18:43
TJ-There's some great upstream work for a centralised UEFI firmware update service18:45
lotuspsychjegood evening OerHeks19:18
OerHekshi lotus :-)19:19
lotuspsychje!ping | wileee19:19
ubot5wileee: pong!19:19
wileeetwang yee all19:28
* lotuspsychje gets his snappy translator drone19:29
wileeemissed talked like a pirate, I proclaim this talk like a country western stereotype daze19:30
lotuspsychjehi BluesKaj19:39
BluesKajhey lotuspsychje19:40
BluesKajtaking a break from raking leaves ... a beautiful day here , sunny and 20C19:40
TJ-mmmm, leaf mulch19:41
lotuspsychjegood for the dogs to run in19:41
TJ-nooooo! leaf mulch is wonderful stuff; give it a year or 2 to rot down19:42
BluesKajtoo much for mulch here, send then to my friend's farm for landfill19:42
lotuspsychjeproteins for the ground19:44
BluesKajok , the rake awaits ..bbiab19:47
wileeegood aerobics20:01
wileeefor you and the ground20:01
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lotuspsychjenite nite guys20:56
daftykinsi can only imagine these folk keep closing the program offering the update when the times come...23:20
Bashing-ompoint and click, point and click, never see else - duhhh .. what is a terminal ?23:22
OerHeksyes, like now on 15.0423:22
OerHeksstill havent updated yet.23:22
Bashing-om15.04 -> 15.10; My plan next month, when the load on the servers is lessened . But my main squeeze is 14.04 !23:24
daftykinsseems we've got the "can't read" convention in town today23:32
Bashing-omdaftykins: Has the greater patience than I .. " read the instructions, and then we discuss" is a general mind frame for me .23:33
wileeethis user always has these issues been coming here for awhile23:34
daftykinsi dunno about that ;) i want to murder them both23:34
wileeeheh called a troll23:35
wileeeis the one I meant23:35
Bashing-omWhat gets me is people looking this gift horse in the mouth - and not making any contributions .23:36
daftykinsyeah ablest is an idiot23:36
wileeeI think we get really young people maybe hard tp say23:36
daftykinsdefinitely, you can spot the teens and kids a mile away usually23:37
daftykins"omg omg help me"23:37
wileeelol lol lol23:37
wileeeby them23:37
Ben64ablest1980 = 35 years old?23:37
daftykinslet's hope not ;)23:38
daftykinsoh great now Twirl is back too23:38
Ben64like me, ben64 = ben1964 = 5123:38
Bashing-omIf they are willing to learn, we can help . " Buy a man a fish" kinda thing . Else, enablement to cause destruction .23:38
Ben64although thats not correct at all23:39
Ben64tgm4883 = -2868 years old = time traveler23:40
OerHeksnever gets older23:40
daftykinsBen64: hmm i had you pegged for closer to me :P23:40
wileee51 here, just practicing 'get off my lawn' on occasion as of now23:41
Ben64i wasn't born in 64, but i've had many people ask me that with this nick23:41
Ben64its actually for the n6423:41
Ben64which probably gives you a better idea of my age23:41
daftykinssamthewildone = troll?23:43
OerHeksn64 - 1996–200323:44
Ben64rip :(23:44
OerHekszx-81 5 March 1981 - 198423:45

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