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lindolhi all14:33
kozukumiI have an issue with gdm not respawning in Ubuntu Gnome 15.10 (Gnome Shell 3.16) when auto login is enabled. All works fine if I do not have autologin enabled. Anyone seen this? I can't find any errors in the log files. It just doesn't respawn with some text on the screen, last line saying "A start job is running for Wait for Plymouth Boot Screen to Quit (47s / no limit)"21:06
muellikozukumi: sounds strange.  Mind you that logs are done via journalctl nowadays.21:47
kozukumiyeah journalctl says nothing21:50
kozukumiAll I get is this http://i.imgur.com/BuUOpH3.jpg21:51
muellikozukumi: that's not journalctl though ;-)22:01
kozukumiyeah indeed, that is a picture of the screen when it errors ;)22:01
darkxstthat should timeout and continue after 2mins though22:03
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kozukumidarkxst why is it happening though?22:38
darkxstkozukumi, idk, did gdm crash?22:45
darkxstget the logs from journalctl22:46
kozukumiwhat is the best way to get the logs related to the crash?22:46
kozukumijorunalctl list thousands of lines22:46
kozukumiok i will do it next time i logout and crash it ;)22:47

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