nhainestsimonq2: There's no "active".  Just start meeting and planning events.00:57
nhainesAfter about six months, if you are still active and have plans for the future, you can submit a verification application to receive Verified Team status.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/TeamVerificationGuidelines00:58
tsimonq2THAT is what I was kinda asking about00:58
nhainestsimonq2: you're welcome.  But remember, "verified" status basically just means that when you submit a request to Canonical, they know that you have a proven track record.  There's nothing you can't or shouldn't do as far as events or representing Ubuntu regardless of status.  :)01:00
tsimonq2:) ok01:02
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ahoneybunjose: I am willing for sure, I just need a confirm about the times and I'm down11:51
ahoneybuno/ dholbach11:54
dholbachhi ahoneybun11:54
ahoneybundholbach: http://docs.kubuntu.org/11:58
dholbachwow - nice work!11:59
dholbachwhat do you use to make the site?11:59
ahoneybunsome scripts in it make the html and css from text files11:59
dholbachah, great12:03
dholbachthat's what we use for packaging.ubuntu.com too12:03
ahoneybunI see cool12:04
joseahoneybun: that's great :) remember you only have a couple days12:19
ahoneybunto put my name in?12:20
ahoneybunhow do I do that jose?12:30
joseI'll do that for you. so it's a yes? :D12:31
ahoneybunif the time works12:37
ahoneybunjose: if google calendar converted the fridge right I can make the meetings12:56
josefridge is utc12:58
ahoneybunit says GMT12:58
ahoneybunwhich is at 8pm in GMT but google converts it to my timezone I think which would be 3pm12:58

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