* Guest42341 such a beautiful day, today. great for science and such05:22
RAOFSaviq: Daily builds of Mir are available in ppa:mir-team/staging09:05
zzarrI just read the explanation why Canonical chose to create Mir instead of using Wayland and I completely agree with the decision. I knew in why earlier but not in the depth that I know now09:36
zzarr(not saying I got deep knowledge or anything, but deeper)09:37
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anpokzzarr: how is your crome os thing coming along?11:42
zzarranpok, I'm trying to install ubuntu in a chroot under arch linux which have gpu 3d acceleration11:43
anpokoh I thought you had a crome os rockchip board11:44
zzarranpok, I have had alot to do so I haven't started with any freon -> mir wrapper, but I may do it11:44
zzarranpok, I have a ASUS Chromebook flip with a rk3288 (rockchip)11:45
zzarranpok, do you have a rockchip based device?11:46
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mzanettihey, is it possible to start a windowed Mir on top of X11?13:36
mzanettilike XMir, but the other way round13:36
mzanettikgunn, ^13:38
zzarranpok, would you like to start a project with me? (freon -> mir wrapper)13:53
kgunnmzanetti: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCsZ2jYUTqk14:03
kgunnthat waht you mean ^14:04
mzanettiyes! :)14:04
anpokzzarr: nope .. just saw a few cheap and impressive rk boards14:11
zzarrahh, okey14:13
zzarrseen this? http://www.cloudsto.com/products/android-mini-pc-s/new-rikomagic-mk68le-linux-edition-64-bit-octa-core-4k-ubuntu-linux-mini-pc-2gb-ram-16gb-flash-detail.html14:13
anpokoh arm6414:18
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zzarrI wonder why it comes with Ubuntu 14.10 instead of 14.04 LTS14:32
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SaviqRAOF, mirserer-dev needs a dependency on nettle-dev, otherwise nothing will build against it18:39
Saviqwhat's your process there?18:40
bschaeferSaviq, (no sure if you saw the message): https://launchpad.net/~mir-team/+archive/ubuntu/staging/+packages18:42
bschaeferi bumped it to xenial as well (so it has arm)18:42
bschaeferhas trunk mir (which will turn into 0.18)18:43
bschaeferSaviq, also, the nettle-dev should be a depend in the ... deb stuff?18:43
bschaeferare you saying the pc file is missing it?18:43
* bschaefer thought we fixed that18:43
Saviqbschaefer, the .pc file has it18:44
Saviqbschaefer, but debian/control doesn't18:44
Saviqwhich means if you install libmirserver-dev, it's not usable (cmake complains mirserver isn't there, actually)18:44
Saviqbut that's because it can't discern between that and missing .pc dependencies18:45
bschaeferSaviq, hmm i see it under the Source: mir ... nettle-dev18:45
Saviqbschaefer, yeah, I'm "fixing" the staging ppa18:45
Saviqbschaefer, not enough18:45
bschaeferthat should have been in the main server branch change18:45
Saviqbschaefer, install libmirserver-dev, you need nettle-dev18:45
Saviqbschaefer, just try this: uninstall nettle-dev, `pkg-config --cflags mirserver`18:46
* bschaefer does18:46
Saviq(with Mir trunk, btw)18:46
bschaeferSaviq, hmm i dont see that but i dont have trunk installed as part of the archive18:47
bschaeferSaviq, i think the nettle depends gets pulled in from mir common18:48
Saviqbschaefer, basically, any dependency in .pc has to be replicated in debian/control18:48
bschaeferright, which i thought we had by adding nettle-dev to the Source: mir?18:48
Saviqbschaefer, no, that's a build dependency for Mir18:48
Saviqbschaefer, and the dependency in .pc is a "runtime" dependency of libmirserver-dev18:48
Saviqi.e. if you want to build anything against libmirserver-dev, you need nettle-dev, too18:49
bschaeferSaviq, o right yeah i see18:49
bschaeferi need to add that in the libmircommon18:49
bschaeferwhich should get pulled through to libmirserver18:49
* bschaefer double checks if the libmircommon that it is depending on18:49
Saviqwhich means libmirserver-dev needs a *runtime* dependency (Depends: under Package: libmirserver-dev, not Build-Depends: under Source: mir)18:50
* bschaefer broke to many things with that18:50
Saviqbschaefer, right, it might be going server → common → nettle, not sure18:50
bschaeferSaviq, let me get a branch out (but ill need to chase down the right sport)18:50
bschaeferthanks for poking about it :)18:50
Saviqbschaefer, but whichever .pc declares it, the package that ships that .pc needs a Depends on it18:50
bschaeferwas going to find which pc held the nettle depend18:51
bschaeferSaviq, looks like mir client18:51
bschaeferRequires.private: protobuf-lite >= 2.4.1, mircookie18:51
bschaeferthe mircookie is what depends on the nettle18:51
bschaeferwhich is strange...18:52
bschaefersince the server doesnt depend on the client?18:52
Saviqthat I don't know, but if that's ↑ from mirserver and mircookie deps on nettle, then mircookie-dev should depend on nettle-dev18:53
Saviqbschaefer, yup http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/development-branch/view/head:/src/cookie/mircookie.pc.in18:54
bschaeferSaviq, the only issue, i dont see mirserver depending on the mir client18:54
bschaeferin the pc file18:54
* bschaefer checks the deb18:54
bschaeferSaviq, nm18:54
bschaeferi just cant read :)18:54
bschaeferRequires.private: mirclient18:54
bschaeferprivate requires18:55
* bschaefer adds to the libmirclient-dev the nettle-dev requirement18:55
Saviqbschaefer, yup18:55
Saviqbschaefer, not libmirclient-dev, libmircookie-dev18:55
bschaeferSaviq, i ... dont know why i haddent added that before...18:56
Saviqme neither ;)18:56
bschaeferSaviq, mixed up the source + the libmircookie part18:56
* bschaefer thought for some reason the source get propagated to the *-dev parts for w/e reason18:56
bschaeferSaviq, https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/mir/libmircookie-dev-needs-nettle/+merge/27668818:59
Saviqbschaefer, acked19:02
bschaeferSaviq, sorry about that!19:02
Saviqbschaefer, no need to be sorry :)19:02

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