ubottuwafflejock called the ops in #ubuntu (spam jaguarlord)06:39
ubottuIn #ubuntu, KrysTaLiZed said: !8ball is sh0lla's husband in Wisconsin?10:40
ubottuIn #ubuntu, cfhowlett said: !debian } virgosun, debian is not supported here.11:01
bazhangpikapi has been warned multiple times about the excessive chattiness17:54
k1lwell, quiting and joining all the time doesnt make it better to communicate with him17:54
bazhang<pikapi> TJ-, so i will just format the whole drive as NTFS and install ubuntu on it?17:55
bazhangseems to be a bit trolly as well17:55
k1liirc he is talking about a live usb setup.17:56
bazhanghis reason was that ntfs is faster than ext417:56
bazhanghe also has this greetery type behavior/with certain nicks17:58
Picihi this is pici too17:59
bazhangI will refrain from single word ALL CAPS17:59
bazhangso as to prevent excess trauma17:59
hggdhyou WILL?18:10
bazhangI will take this to the HAGUE!1118:11
bazhangfeelers hurt here!18:11
hggdhI AM sorry. I think.18:11
hggdhnah, not really ;-)18:12
bazhang@random waaaahmbulance emacs HURD18:12
hggdhsee, still all caps18:13
Picioh deary19:58
Pici<?greyfriend> i just installed 7.10, i go to install apache, and the repo... is gone?20:01
geniiYes, I've been trying not to laugh20:01
PiciI had to do a double take20:01
hggdh7.10? Not a typo?20:04
Picinot a typo20:04
Piciseems he wants to recreate an old environment, I've given him a bunch of warnings about it20:05
hggdhwell, he could try to reset the repositories to old-releases.u.c20:05
Piciyeah, thats what I suggested20:06
k1luh, osx is now the same as ubuntu, too.21:05
k1li wonder where all the hate comes from if all seems to be based on ubuntu ;p21:06
geniiI thought it was bases on BSD21:07
k1l2015-10-24:03:47:24<           RudzZ > raspberian OS exactly23:08
k1lsometimes dafty is not only a bad grumpy one.23:09

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