darkxstdoko, ok thanks00:04
cyphermoxugh, please reject multipath-tools in wily, that's wrong... :(00:33
slangasekcyphermox: done00:44
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Ian_Cornecyphermox: hmm that's to the ubstable debian then, or?07:12
Ian_Corneahno, SID probably?07:12
cjwatsonsnakefruit (various archive cron jobs, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/, etc.) going down soon for a RAM upgrade10:46
cjwatsonsnakefruit back11:30
cjwatsonyofel: do you know who would be a good contact to receive Kubuntu image health check mails (which basically whinge about oversizedness, any uninstallable packages, etc. unless corrected)?  they're currently going to Riddell and ScottK, and at least Riddell has asked not to receive them any more and suggested "kubuntu-devel@ or someone relevant" - would this sort of cron mail be welcome on kubuntu-devel@ or could you suggest a ...11:45
cjwatson... recipient or two?11:45
yofelgood question, how frequent are those sent?11:46
yofelcan you please send them to me for now then? I don't think that's something we want to spam -devel with, and I'll come back to you once we have a better place11:48
yofelbtw. with Riddell quitting as release manager, I (and sgclark as subsitute) would like to take over the job11:49
yofelanything/anywhere in particular we have to apply for to do this? Other than a mail to ubuntu-devel11:49
cjwatsonI'm not sure, somebody techboardy should know, maybe infinity or stgraber11:53
cjwatsonyofel: is your @kubuntu.org address OK?11:53
yofelcjwatson: it should be, yes11:53
cjwatsonall right, done, thanks, can easily change on request11:54
* xnox ponders who manages @kubuntu.org domain11:54
* yofel assumed canonical11:57
Odd_Blokexnox: "Registrant Organization:Canonical, Ltd."11:57
yofelat least the address updates are done in the same way as for @ubuntu.com11:57
xnoxah, cool. so probably done in bulk with the rest of them.11:57
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stgrabercjwatson: IIRC ubuntu-release is basically self-managed, that is, existing members vote on new members. infinity could confirm.15:49
stgraberI believe the main requirement besides time is that you have to be a coredev15:49
infinitystgraber: Pretty much, yes.15:53
yofelstgraber: well, there are no kubuntu devs left that are core-devs, so we would have to do without being on the release team for now.16:17
yofelit's something we'll be aiming for in the future, but that'll take a while16:17
infinityyofel: You're not the only flavour without an ubuntu-release presence, it's not the end of the world, but you should certainly aim to get some core-devs again.16:18
yofelso, do we need to do anything beside that?16:19
sgclarkyes I am aiming for that as is yofel16:19
stgraberFYI, I'll be releasing the network-manager SRU for wily in a couple of hours, I'm looking at the ppc64el regression (looks like the usual NM race, will retry the adt) and will do a bit of VM testing to make sure it doesn't break the world (but testing on xenial showed it's fine here)16:48
bdmurrayarges: Could you have a look at that apport upload?18:09
argesbdmurray: yea18:11
Ian_Corneis there somewhere a template for a bugreport i can file to request a new version of a package being uploaded ?18:59
Ian_CorneI've tried going the reportbug way with -B debian, but it feels so much like a real bug report, i'm unsure if it's the good way to go18:59
LoganIan_Corne: it's fine to report a bug like that19:20
Loganjust make sure it has wishlist importance19:20
Ian_Corneok, thank you19:20
Loganno problem!19:20
Ian_CorneI can do it like this?19:20
Ian_CorneYour version of ibus (1.5.10-1ubuntu1) is newer than that in Debian! Do you19:21
Ian_Corneicorne@topian:~$ reportbug -B debian ibus19:21
Ian_Cornesorry, pasted, wrong one19:21
Ian_Cornedamn, it's been submitted by icorne@topian19:33
Ian_Cornethat's obviously not my email :p19:33
argesbdmurray: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+queue?queue_state=1&queue_text=systemtap can you review this, i've tested built it on a power8 machine and should unblock libguestfs21:23
bdmurrayarges: is there an SRU bug for that?21:25
argesbdmurray: I suppose i need to add one for that21:25
argesbdmurray: let me add that and re-up21:26
argesbdmurray: ok please review now. Thanks21:31
bdmurrayarges: waiting on the diff generation21:38
cjwatsonbdmurray: *muttermutterserialisednonsense*21:44
cjwatson(it's currently processing a firefox diff, and has been for 20 minutes ...)21:44
bdmurrayinfinity: Could you review ubuntu-release-upgrader in wily-proposed?22:57

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