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Guest42341good morning all05:21
* Guest42341 such a beautiful day, today. great for science and such05:22
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elimistevegreetings :-)06:22
guest123124i need coffee06:31
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* Mirv tries to get both phone and KDE on xenial work on the Qt 5.5.1 PPA before the Qt session in <4h :)10:13
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Wednesday, and happy Stress Awareness Day! 😃10:14
abeatotsdgeos, morning, could you give a try to the now updated silo 9? It should improve the freeze, although you will see it is not not 100% gone10:30
tsdgeosabeato: busy somewhere else, will try to have a look this afternoon10:32
abeatotsdgeos, great, thanks10:32
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victor_bqdoes any body miss the keyboard pop up in r26?11:06
victor_bqI'm looking for people whose keyboard is not being shown11:06
mcphailvictor_bq: happens to me at times11:07
victor_bqin all apps? just Ubuntu store?11:07
mcphailvictor_bq: when it goes missing, it doesn't come back in any app until reboot11:08
mcphailvictor_bq: has happened to me twice, but I haven't explored further11:08
victor_bqtake a look please https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/150675311:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1506753 in Canonical System Image "keyboard does pop up not after update to r26" [Undecided,Incomplete]11:11
victor_bqthat's right is where I attached some logs11:12
victor_bqis not critical but a little anoying :(11:12
om26erHi! How can I programmatically check if I am on 3G or Wifi ? is there a command for that ?11:13
mcphailvictor_bq: the bug report is not very well written, unfortunately, so I can't really +1 it as I don't know if my experience is the same11:17
popeyom26er, does the qt connectivity api help?11:18
om26erpopey, no, I am looking for something commandline/pythonic11:19
popeyom26er, ahh, "nmcli d"11:19
popeyom26er, should see a couple of lines (on bq) for the ril devices (two sims) and one for wifi11:21
om26erpopey, thanks, that'll help11:21
popeyom26er, also look at /proc/net/dev11:21
popeyom26er, interested to know what you decide to use :)11:23
om26erpopey, i'll probably go with with nmcli11:23
zzarrhello! is there a list of fixes for OTA-8?11:26
guest123124zzarr, https://launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+milestone/ww46-2015 ?11:33
zzarrthanks guest12312411:33
Dragonkeeperanyone know how to create a drop down menu in an app ?11:39
oSoMoNgreyback_, hey, do you have an ETA for landing https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/qtubuntu/ubuntuscreen-physicalsize/+merge/273965 ?11:46
greyback_oSoMoN: it's in silo21, which Saviq is handling11:46
greyback_oSoMoN: one last issue was found, fix in progress11:46
SaviqoSoMoN, will hopefully be QA Ready later today11:47
oSoMoNexcellent, thanks guys11:47
oSoMoNthat’s one huge silo11:47
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guest123124hi, i have question12:13
lotuspsychjeguest123124: ask12:14
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mhall119Mirv: are you all set to host the Qt for 16.04 session in ~45 minutes?13:16
Mirvmhall119: otherwise yes, I just need to know if I need to do any setupping of hangout our if you will just give me an url 10 minutes before the session starts13:28
mhall119Mirv: it would be better if you set it up yourself, you have the access13:29
mhall119Mirv: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS/Sessions explains how to do it13:29
Mirvmhall119: ah, thanks for the link, the summit <-> wiki interlinking is not that heavy13:30
mhall119yeah, we've got some low-priority work items to improve that13:30
wligtenbergMy scopes seem to hang when I move to the video scope. I cannot find a way to get it to work again, except for a full reboot. Does anybody know how to restart the scope thing?13:40
davidcallewligtenberg, do you have big video files on your phone? I've been experiencing this earlier today, while copying a large video to the phone.13:42
wligtenberg@davidcalle I don't think so13:42
wligtenbergbut let me check13:42
davidcallejamesh, does it look like mediascanner stalling to you? ^13:43
davidcallewligtenberg, to restart scopes, you can run "restart unity8-dash"13:44
davidcallewligtenberg, it just restarts the scopes UI and should be enough to unlock you13:45
wligtenbergdavidcalle: ok got to have the terminal in the shortcuts then :)13:45
davidcallewligtenberg, right :)13:46
jameshdavidcalle: the mediascanner shouldn't be able to stop the dash UI from responding13:46
wligtenbergdavidcalle: will do that now then :D, btw I have no videos on this device.13:46
davidcallewligtenberg, ok13:47
guest123124last night i caught mediascanner eating my battery and i killed it13:47
jameshguest123124: is that on a device with removable storage?13:48
guest123124jamesh, nope13:48
wligtenbergAah, it is the Video scope13:49
wligtenbergwith youtube stuff etc13:49
jameshI'd be interested to know what it looked like it was doing13:49
wligtenbergI just swipe there, and it freezes13:50
wligtenbergI end up halfway there13:50
wligtenbergMy guess it will be trying to pull stuff from the internet13:50
Mirvmhall119: was there some ubuntu overlay for the lower third?13:51
Mirvmhall119: nevermind, added logo plus color13:52
davidcallewligtenberg, it does, but it shouldn't freeze for this, you should trying taking a short vid with the camera app, and see if it freezes again if the "My videos" scope (aggregated by the "Videos" scope) isn't empty.13:52
* davidcalle brb13:53
wligtenbergdavidcalle: I did that, I see the new video in the top left of the Video scope, but it still freezes halfway, so I actually see it on the right of my screen.13:57
wligtenbergdavidcalle: I did that, I see the new video in the top left of the Video scope, but it still freezes halfway, so I actually see it on the right of my screen.13:57
wligtenbergdavidcalle: repeated in case you don't use something like irssi :)13:58
davidcallewligtenberg, I don't :) Ok, I'll see if I can reproduce on my end13:58
wligtenbergdavidcalle: I'm on a nexus413:58
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wligtenbergdavidcalle: and when I deactivate the Videos scope, it happens on the Ubuntu store scope, which was before the Videos scope. So maybe it is trying to preload the next scope, and then the problem is in the next scope, not this one...14:08
mcphailWas there any news about timeframes for the phone to switch to snappy from the keynote yesterday?14:09
wligtenbergdavidcalle: and then I disable another one and it moves to the one in front of the app store... weirdness14:13
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stripeHi all, do I need a ubuntu pc to install touch to a nexus 7 (2013)? (use debian on my pc's)14:36
mcphailstripe: i _think_ so, unfortunately14:44
stripemcphail: thanks, will set it up on one of my servers :)14:45
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Mirvvitimiti: thanks, I found your bug #1513098 an added the qt5.5 tag there!15:32
ubot5bug 1513098 in appmenu-qt5 (Ubuntu) "The global menu isn't working properly on QtCreator." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151309815:32
vitimitiMirv, perfect15:32
Mirvvitimiti: oh and also, calibre is now there15:34
Mirvand built15:34
vitimitiMirv, will try15:34
vitimitiMirv, calibre-bin can't be installed15:35
vitimitiqtbase-abi-5-4-2 can't be installed15:35
Mirvvitimiti: did you apt update? that sounds like it's trying to install the old version15:37
vitimitiMirv, hm, let me try15:37
vitimitiMirv, done, it works, thank you15:43
Mirvvitimiti: you're welcome!15:45
khodKenvandine everything going well so far pulling apart the flappy clone. I've removed the collision for the ground so it can be rode on, and fixed the jump and gravity to my liking........but how can i make something just jump and not fly?16:03
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stripehi all flashing a nexus7 (2013) \nd getting a "cant flash recovery image" error when trying to install touch, any ideas?16:59
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geniewgenПривет! Подскажите навигацию для toch17:39
k1lgeniewgen: most guys in here read/write english so that would have better chances to get support.17:40
lotuspsychjenice1 sil210018:33
dobeyooh, we're going to get stable image numbers across devices? huzzah!18:51
stripehi all, instaling to a 2013 nexus 7, now getting a "Cache formatting was not successful" error, anything I can do about it?18:52
lotuspsychjestripe: wich channel did you install?18:52
stripestable, the default from the wiki18:53
lotuspsychjestripe: try devel-proposed for nexus7 mate18:54
lotuspsychjestripe: i run it myself18:54
stripelotuspsychje:  thanks mate, would that would read touch/devel-proposed/ubuntu ?18:55
lotuspsychjestripe: yes18:55
stripelotuspsychje: sweet, thaqnks man :)18:56
lotuspsychjestripe: works like a charm here, and seems best channel for the nexus7 too18:56
lotuspsychjestripe: did you buy it new? or 2nd hand?18:56
stripelotuspsychje: I have had it since new, got it when first released,18:57
lotuspsychjestripe: ah just asking because heard roumors google stopped selling them18:58
stripeI have heard the same18:58
dobeystripe: did you have android 5.x on the device?18:58
stripedobey: yes 5.1.1 I think, was up to date, just didnt go to 6 whith my other devices19:00
dobeystripe: reflash to 4.4.4, boot into android, reboot to fastboot, and then do ubuntu-device-flash with the --bootstrap option19:00
dobeythe android 5.x recovery/kernel messes things up and ubuntu currently only flashes correctly if it had 4.4 on it19:01
stripethanks dobey will try that19:01
stripelotuspsychje: dobey cheers lads, just tried a different cable and a motherboard mounted usb port and it seems to be loading great now :)  thanks very much20:07
lotuspsychjestripe: on devel-proposed?20:09
stripesticking with stable till i learn the OS20:09
lotuspsychjekeep in mind devel-proposed might work better20:10
stripelotuspsychje: will do, but until i learn how to fix things, lol20:10
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dobeymardy: where is the source code for the actual UI that gets embedded in the gtk+ control-center on ubuntu-desktop images?20:58
mterryalecu, I have a couple apps that could implement IAP if you need more people to pilot it21:24
alecumterry: that would be great, thanks! I'll add you to the lp team21:31
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uzgidebashi. i have a q23:43
uzgidebasis anyone tried to install ubuntu touch on iphone?23:43
k1ldoes the iphone have a open bootloader?23:45
k1land where to get all the linux drivers then23:45
uzgidebasidk.. i wish if i can install linux on my iphone.. finally we have ubuntu touch/linux os23:47
uzgidebasbut idk how :(23:47
k1lnot possible. if you want a phone to flash other OS, never buy a iphone.23:48
uzgidebas:( iphone have iOS which is amazing... but i wish linux on my iphone... thx k1l, i must buy another cellphone then23:52

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