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_Ridgewingjose: Have you heard of PlayCanvas on Ubuntu ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml1_lQ1z4lI13:16
_Ridgewingpopey: ^13:16
joseme? I haven't13:17
joseI'm in class, but will check when I get home in an hour13:17
_Ridgewingpopey, It was a click package for games . also being discussed here -> https://redd.it/3rdk0713:18
popey_Ridgewing, yeah, I posted it on twitter and G+ last night13:30
popeythere's a reply from me in that thread from 11 hours ago :)13:30
popeyIt looks great!13:30
_Ridgewingpopey, Ok, no probs - Looking forward to the session.13:32
_Ridgewingpopey, Thank-you for guiding me to the funding page! - I asked for $30 for a years work. Not much, but I am happy to help out where I can13:42
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_Ridgewingmhall119: are we getting ready (?) - and more importantly , can we join in again, like yesterday ?13:52
dholbachhey hey13:56
_Ridgewingdholbach: Are you ready in 2 mins for the stream ?13:58
dholbachI am :)13:58
dholbachhey dpm13:58
dpmhey hey13:58
dholbachhere to join today :)13:58
dpmsetting up the hangout now13:58
dpmthanks _Ridgewing14:00
_Ridgewingdholbach: Ready? 'cos the countdown timer has ended.14:00
dpmdholbach, and anyone wanting to join: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYdK-btAvxswMpRyialQFVHspZ0XE-Q2otOPpNv00oMWLkN4gw14:00
dholbach_Ridgewing, almost there - just a minute :)14:00
dholbachbroadcasting now! :)14:03
dholbachdo you have any questions or anything you'd like to discuss?14:04
dholbachor if you want to join the hangout....... let us know :)14:04
dholbachyou're all invited14:04
_Ridgewingopening ... cheers.#14:07
josewill join in a bit14:12
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dholbachany more questions or feedback or topics you'd like to discuss?14:27
dholbachpopey, let's work on that together14:37
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cm-tIll spam #convergence from our ubuCon :P14:43
cm-tnexus4 with 2m screen14:44
cm-tcommon leak some dates, you're just on live trhought internet14:47
Mister_QI'm sitting here with my bluetooth keyboard and mouse and my slimport but I'm waiting for my Nexus 7 to arrive but amazon dont like me today . the website says its already delivered :(14:49
cm-tthe wait is long, i had same feeling last week waiting for my slimport;)14:50
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_Ridgewingthanks everyone.  \o/15:00
Mister_QYoBoY: hi :)17:49
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dpmfor anyone wanting to join the hangout18:01
sturmflutHey guys :)18:04
svijsturmflut: oh no not you again ;)18:04
cm-tby the way, i see a nice haircut over there18:04
Mister_QQUESTION: why does svij look even better than usual ? :D18:04
zonov_romanHello, everyone!18:11
Jonathan___Universities are slooow at making decisions :I18:11
Jonathan___Having technical troubles right now :D18:12
zonov_romanStrange things with IRC - I can open link only with anonymizer. Strange, that our (Russia) government blocks IRC chat...18:13
Jonathan___What do you mean by more than 2-3 days?18:13
svijJonathan___: we're thinking about extending with an extra program18:14
svijwe'll coming to that point later18:14
zonov_romanHow I can join talk?18:15
svijzonov_roman: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYfYU3cYqe3IVXHtR2kv-fTZmPM3oLiwIbPEk5bgQ_W_g6NGzA18:15
Jonathan___The biggest room is for ~150-200 ppl w/ chairs, the others are designed for ~30-4018:17
Jonathan___Hopes are, that not everybody stacks in one room :)18:17
svijJonathan___: thanks!18:17
Jonathan___Essen is the ninth biggest city in .de ;)18:22
cm-tin paris, for food, we made a fair price of 2€, the rest of the price is "sponsored" by ubuntu-fr itself18:26
cm-tubuntu-fr could pay for the full meal, but we don't want people think "it's free, i can waste"18:31
cm-t2€ is symbolic price18:31
Jonathan___Well, the University is not crowded so much at a Saturday or Sunday. ;) Furthermore, it is important for the University, that the attendees can be recognized by e.g. a lanyard  or otherwise.18:32
cm-tubucontest should be at the ubucon of course18:40
cm-tthe winner pay the beer18:40
Jonathan___We're trying our best :I18:51
cm-tQUESTION: where do you think UbuCon Europe will happen in 2017, and why  it will be Paris ?18:52
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svijthanks everyone!18:57
svijand thanks Jonathan___ :)18:57
Jonathan___Thanks everybody :)18:58
Mister_Qthanks everybody !18:58
svijI'm even more motivated to put time into the ubucon now ;)18:58
Jonathan___So I'm off, going to write another e-mail to the professors about the current status of our application.  ~.~18:58
svijJonathan___: good luck!18:59
Jonathan___See you soon in Essen. :)18:59
dpmfor those wanting to join the session19:03
* svij joins the hangout19:03
cm-tIs there a wiki page, so we can understand the difference betwwen ubuCon and ubuCon summit ?19:08
cm-tQuestion: ↑19:09
svijis there no central site for ubucon summit?19:18
cm-tand why the next will be in Europe19:19
cm-tQUESTION: I live far (europe for exampel while it happend in the USA) Can I find a way to sponsorise my travel  cost?19:22
svijcm-t: Community Donations, I guess.19:23
svijas an ubuntu member19:24
* popey has never been to SCALE19:25
dpmcm-t, yes, community donations is the way to apply for sponsorship. We cannot guarantee that we can sponsor everyone, but we'll try to help a few community folks to attend. What I'd recommend,19:25
dpmis that if you are willing to attend, if you are willing to propose a session, that would help with sponsorship as well19:26
popeyQuite fancy giving a talk or two.19:26
svijdamn, need to talk to my future employer (startin in january…)19:27
cm-tQuestion: So ScaleX is an event, and ubucon summit will be  an area of that event if I understand well ? (sorry I'm new to scaleX)19:29
popeyHelp us get more donations ;)19:29
popey*cough* http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/contribute19:29
mhall119cm-t: yes, we'll have a couple of the SCaLE rooms at the convention center19:29
cm-tthat makes sense19:30
cm-tthank for the anwser dpm :)19:31
cm-tand mhall11919:32
* balloons pokes his head back in19:34
cm-tQuestion: Is there a UbuCon logo ?19:47
mhall119cm-t: http://ubucon.org/19:47
cm-tI beleive the logo at http://ubucon.org/ will be reboot'ed with the new design ?19:48
cm-t(we are looking for a logo for "ubucon europe", could be cool if same idea in the logo19:48
mhall119an ubucon in Asia would be great19:51
cm-t+1, and Africa  too  I think ubuntu-tn are quite active19:52
mhall119morocco too I think19:53
cm-tany idea about the south ?19:54
mhall119south what?19:54
cm-tof africa19:54
balloonsQUESTION: apologies if this was asked; how many ubucons per year are you looking for? Will the venues stay the same or change over the years?19:54
cm-tmorroco and tunisia are both north19:54
joseI'll catch up later19:54
mhall119mauritius is very active, but they're not on the contident19:55
mhall119south africa I believe is active19:55
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