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popeyelimisteve, join https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-etherpad11:57
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Mirvok so if someone wnats to join the hangout, feel free to start up https://plus.google.com/events/c4rl28824pjdubk89ovm2p6279g13:55
Mirvmhall119: isn't that 'event' url the one people can use if they want to join to the video call?13:56
mhall119Mirv: yes13:59
mhall119and the video url is the youtube one13:59
Mirvquestions with QUESTION: prefix14:00
tsdgeos_webi'll listen14:00
mhall119QUESTION: 5 years is a long time to stay on the same version of Qt, has there been any discussion of adding it to the list of things we will upgrade in LTS point releases without using a PPA?14:04
mhall119I'm asking more for desktops than phones14:08
tsdgeos_webQUESTION: Wouldn't it make more sense to aim for Qt 5.6 that is also going to be an LTS so it's a good match?14:09
jrjrtgergif qt has a good test suite, than backporting it should be easier now with the new SRU procedure14:09
mhall119tsdgeos_web: Qt does LTS releases?14:09
tsdgeos_webmhall119: Qt 5.6 will be the first14:09
jrjrtgergbackporting point releases I mean14:09
mhall119tsdgeos_web: brilliant14:09
jrjrtgergif we know it's going to be an qt-LTS we can start shipping the beta.. thoughts?14:11
jrjrtgerganyone know how long the QT5.6 LTS is supported for?14:12
jrjrtgergQUESTION: what can we (the community) do to help land qt5.5?14:15
jrjrtgergoh, what's the bug link?14:15
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tsdgeos_weba cat! the internet is happy!14:17
vitimitiI will test it14:21
tsdgeos_webQUESTION: For the phone, have we investigated in having two sets of Qt available so that old apps don't break but new apps can use newer Qts?14:21
vitimitiI'm on xenial, anyway, I will add the PPA now14:21
vitimitiBTW: using the webbrowser-app is gorgeous right now, I'm only missing the ability to download files with it14:22
jrjrtgergI don't see the networking bug you referred to.. on https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=OPINION&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=IN14:24
vitimitiWith the ci-train-ppa-service/landing-012 PPA I'm getting an upgrade of 145 packages, and 3 packages removed (which are the calibre suit, basically)14:24
sgclark2we need 5.5 now really14:25
yofelwe'll tell you if we need it, for now we need 5.5 asap14:25
sgclark2not yet14:25
vitimitiI'm upgrading to 5.5.1, when I'm done I'll reboot and try it out :314:26
tsdgeos_webjrjrtgerg: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=qt5.514:26
tsdgeos_webjrjrtgerg: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtbase-opensource-src/+bug/150894514:27
vitimitiQUESTION: Since the PPA shouldn't delete pacakges, but calibre gets removed, where can I report it?14:27
Mirvthank you, I'm obviously here on IRC still14:27
vitimitiMirv, where can I report the calibre suit being removed by the PPA?14:28
Mirvvitimiti: ah, no need to report, I've been working on these xenial packages for the last 3 days so some omissions are still there. but pyqt5 just finished building, I will push calibre and it should be hopefully ready for use within 1h!14:28
Mirvvitimiti: I'm aware of all private header using packages that need rebuilds14:28
vitimitiMirv, oh, that's really nice, I'll reinstall it later, then14:29
tsdgeosMirv: it's just a month late, no? https://wiki.qt.io/Qt-5.6-release14:36
tsdgeosit's not that terrible14:36
Mirvtsdgeos: well it's three months late from what they would want (Apr / Oct cycle) and what we would want, but only one month now late from what they considered "let's make late already beforehand"14:37
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Mirvtsdgeos: but consider Qt 5.5 was out 1st of July and we still haven't managed to land that. by that example, we wouldn't land Qt 5.6 before April/May14:38
Mirvif it takes similar amount of time14:38
tsdgeoswell we would need to put more effort into it, that's for sure :)14:38
Mirvso therefore the hardness to estimate 5.614:38
Mirvtsdgeos: I'd welcome that, but I fear people will have some extremely tight deadline comes January / February due to other priorities :) I'm happy if I find my fears unfounded.14:39
tsdgeosyeah there's always other "more pressing stuff"14:39
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tsdgeosit seems14:39
vitimitiHi again, on Qt 5.5.x14:42
vitimitiThe global menu for QtCreator stopped working14:47
vitimitiIt appears, until I click on a menu, then it disappears14:47
vitimitiBut I still can use it through the Alt key14:48
Mirvvitimiti: thanks for testing! the desktop has been less tested than phone, please file a bug against https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/appmenu-qt5/ (and use tag "qt5.5") so that sil2100 can look into that14:49
vitimitiI will14:49
BrianLinuxing2Question: how stable (overall) do people feel the Ubuntuphones are? I saw one the other week and really liked it.14:53
MirvBrianLinuxing2: if you buy a Ubuntu phone (Bq models currently, I think Meizu may have sold out), it's working pretty stable. I and certainly a lot of others are using it as my only phone, and it serves me well.14:55
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willcookehangout details updated in summit14:58
willcookeIf you are joining the video:  https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYeH-spuCQ64ZSU22T5-bbBTyadsSoxk_ogT9vAXnTefcoiR-w?hl=en-GB&authuser=014:58
willcookeseb128, ^^14:58
vitimitiMirv, I am giving Qt version, lsb-release, qt-creator version, the PPA I'm using, uname -a and Unity version. Would I need anything else?14:59
willcookeTrevinho, ^^14:59
Trevinhowillcooke: yep14:59
cm-thi o/15:01
vitimitiHi, cm-t15:01
Mirvvitimiti: just the problem description is pretty much enough, we can get the person behind appmenu-qt5 to test on his own machine15:02
vitimitiNice, I'll post it now15:02
willcookeJust getting ready....15:03
willcookeFor reference:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-1604-planning-sprint15:04
Laneyu*o*s and not u*d*s15:07
mhall119QUESTION: will these be CLI/service snaps, or GUI/desktop snaps?15:10
core_apps_policethis session is only for the unity7?15:12
mhall119QUESTION: sorry, one more about snappy apps on the desktop, will these be run under confinement like phone apps, or unconfined like traditional desktop apps?15:12
willcookecore_apps_police, yeah, traditional desktop15:12
jrjrtgergyea, let's not call it developer desktop... that seems odd15:13
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cm-tQuestion, maybe didrock can anwnser: Does umake in long term, can be replaced by the regular snappy installer, or ?15:16
uuartQUESTION: it is hard to find unity 7 documentation (for example how to write scopes) because all the old links from askubuntu etc now go to unity 8 docs. will this be fixed so it's still possible to write unity 7 scopes?15:16
core_apps_policeQUESTION: There will be any change to the default apps?15:16
mhall119uuart: it's still possible, but since it's doing away as soon as we can make it go away, we're not really encouraging people to invest in it15:17
core_apps_policeuuart: that's quite true... difficult to find documentation on that15:18
Laneythe incoming list should be triaged15:18
Laneyby nominating to the "X" series15:18
Laneythen it goes to rls-x-...15:18
uuartmhall119: but it is not going away until 2019! my desktop is using the dash every day and i am not able to customise it because all the docs are for a thing i will not be running for at least two and a half years15:20
Sweet5harkseb128: yes, going with 5.1 ...15:21
seb128Sweet5hark, thanks15:21
seb128willcooke, ^15:21
mhall119QUESTION: willcooke, I floated the idea a while back of upgrading Unity 7 to use the new Scopes API, have you been able to evaluate the work required to do that to see if it's feasible?15:21
willcookethx Sweet5hark15:21
mhall119https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-13.10/python/Unity-7.0.html very old API docs for Unity 7 scopes15:22
mhall119but no longer tutorials for it15:22
didrockscm-t: also, I plan to be able for ubuntu make to create snappy package in a headless environment. That way, we will deliver directly snaps to user (if the license enable us of course to redistribute the software)15:22
didrockswillcooke: FYI ^15:22
Sweet5harkseb128, willcooke: ... also LibreOffice will ship with a new default icon theme (breeze instead of human) -- this is already done on xenial as of now ;)15:23
CheeseBrgWill the deb version of Ubuntu move to Unity8?15:23
CheeseBrganytime in the future15:24
kyrofaCheeseBrg, eventually, but not xenial15:24
cm-tdidrock: Cool. Thank15:24
mhall119willcooke: thanks, that's what I expected15:24
mhall119QUESTION: we have an emoji font on the phones, will that be available on the desktop? (saw someone ask on G+ a few days ago)15:25
vitimiti+1, too15:26
mhall119everyone wants that poop emoji15:26
* mhall119 no longer has an optical drive15:28
ahoneybunno/ balloons15:28
ahoneybunnballoons: I'm on lunch break15:32
uuartQUESTION: can there be emoji support on the ubuntu desktop? (colors, a way to type them easily, use emojione set of icons)15:32
kyrofaQUESTION: Will empathy be replaced with something then?15:33
kyrofaOr are we just removing chat altogether?15:33
kyrofaBecause I certainly use it15:34
kyrofaAnd I like the integration15:34
LaneyInstall it from the archive, none of that is going to go away15:34
jrjrtgergQUESTION: additionally will empathy be removed from main?15:34
kyrofaLaney, I'm not worried about it going away, I just thought the social apps were important by default15:35
LaneyNot so much these days15:35
LaneyLike the popular ones stopped working with third party IM clients15:35
jrjrtgergpidgin is still in main, btw15:35
seb128kyrofa, they are, but if they don't support the services users are using it's not useful15:35
seb128jrjrtgerg, yeah, but that depends on gtk2...15:35
uuart(sorry mhall119 I didn't see your question... i'd like to see colours, and an emoji panel to pop up when in text fields)15:35
kyrofaseb128, makes sense, thank you15:36
Laneybecause of telepathy-haze -> libpurple15:36
cm-t2questiin about emoji: Read them (cf phone,s font) and type them15:36
seb128is that different?15:37
CheeseBrgSo is the Gnome Software Center going to be the base for the new Ubuntu Software OR is it just a temp solution?15:38
cm-tyes, reading just need a font, typing need a keyboard (hardware or software) layout15:39
CheeseBrgQUESTION: So is the Gnome Software Center going to be the base for the new Ubuntu Software OR is it just a temp solution?15:39
uuartjust a font means that emoji are in black and white only :(15:39
cm-tso reading easy to release, typing, more complex15:39
willcookeCheeseBrg, it will be *the* solution15:40
CheeseBrgwillcooke:What does that mean?15:40
LaneyIt will be the program to use to install software15:41
willcookeCheeseBrg, GSC will be the software centre15:41
nommyhave you looked into app grid like Ubuntu MATE is using?15:41
willcookenommy, I think AppGrid is closed source15:41
mhall119it is15:41
CheeseBrgwillcooke: Ok.15:41
kyrofaI say leave flash off. Firefox will take care of prompting15:41
nommyit's bsd or mit15:41
mhall119oh, well it used to be proprietary15:42
kyrofaEncourage its death15:42
core_apps_policeQUESTION: I will be able to reinstall my purchased apps with the Gnome Software Center?15:42
CheeseBrgThats what I was wondering. So Unity8 will have its own software center. Thus the Gnome Software Center is a Unity7 solution15:43
TrevinhoCheeseBrg: yep15:44
LaneySo's everything we talk about here15:44
mhall119thanks everyone15:44
CheeseBrgSo for the new Unity7 Software Center, do paid for apps need to be snaps? If not, what is the method to upload new apps or is that disabled?15:45
core_apps_policeHope I can reinstall the games, if not it was just wasted money?15:46
willcookecore_apps_police, they'll still work on 14.0415:46
willcookecore_apps_police, but yeah15:46
seb128core_apps_police, in any case software-center is not going away, it's still in the archive and you can keep using it15:46
willcookeI would imagine that app devs would want to move to snap packaged apps, it makes their lives easier15:47
CheeseBrgwillcooke: And the new store will support snap apps?15:48
willcookeCheeseBrg, yeah15:48
willcookeCheeseBrg, well15:48
willcookethere will be a Snap store which can be browsed/installed via the GSC15:48
willcookeand on U8 there will be only a snap store via the scope15:49
CheeseBrgSo all current apps in the app store needs to be repackaged as snaps15:49
CheeseBrgthe paid for apps I mean15:49
willcookeCheeseBrg, eventually, yes.15:51
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tedgHmm, not even getting the countdown on the webpage.16:00
stephenw_mhall119, I  think I need some help here16:01
kenvandinei think hangouts are busted right now... i can't get to anything16:01
tedgkenvandine: You broke all of hangouts instead of just the camera this time!16:01
tedgTime for the beauty classes.16:02
stephenw_please stand by16:02
balloonsgive me libertine or give me death!16:04
stephenw_I'm not on my usual computer16:04
dobeyballoons: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0375920/?ref_=nv_sr_116:05
alecuballoons: lol16:05
dobeyballoons: spoiler: it's mostly death anyway16:05
bregma_https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYdyXtsUdGtOgUj6Ep80kY_CMNDiEtC6ujxIY07Y1XAQR2YIIA?hl=en-GB&authuser=0 for those who want to join16:06
balloonsdobey, alecu "He didn't resist temptation. He pursued it. "16:06
alecuthe temptation to run deb packaged X apps on snappy?16:07
* balloons realizes it all makes sense now. It's a Johnny Depp movie16:07
mhall119stephenw_: sorry, I was away, do you stillneed help with the hangout?16:07
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alecuI keep refreshing, and I still can't see the stream in the summit page16:09
balloonsbregma_, we can't see you yet16:09
mhall119bregma_: what's the youtube URL?16:09
alecubregma_: in the summit page, click on "Edit hangout details": http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22609/supporting-legacy-applications-on-ubuntu-personal/16:10
balloonsworking on it now :-)16:11
kyrofaWorking now16:11
mhall119I've updated summit16:11
mhall119bregma_: stephenw_: you're good to start16:11
justCarakaswe see you16:11
mhall119balloons: ^^16:11
tedgOh, heard people in the other room. Back! :-)16:12
mhall119yes you're live now16:12
kyrofabregma_, you've been good for a while now16:12
balloonsbregma_, you are good to go16:12
dobeyrunning emacs on your fridge16:13
mhall119vim for fridges!16:14
mrQ_snappy for all16:14
Sweet5harkLibreOffice compiles for room heating!16:14
dobeyrice krispies go in the pantry, not the fridge16:14
mrQ_so we can use apt-get install on personal?16:16
mhall119QUESTION: will libertine apps be confined from each other, or just from non-libertine parts of the system?16:16
tedgmhall119: They'll be in each container, there can be multiple per distro series or other archive.16:17
mrQ_so how do you install gimp?16:17
mrQ_snappy install gimp?16:17
dobeythe front end app for libertine16:17
tedgmrQ_: libertine-launch apt-get install gimp16:17
mrQ_oh x216:17
tedgmrQ_: Though long term there'll be a GUI16:17
dobeyyou can run apt-get inside the container, but not the host personal system16:17
mrQ_so you can use apt-get install16:17
mrQ_ok, i see16:18
mhall119"enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot" :)16:18
mhall119Libertine: makes mixing snappy and deb as easy as mixing analogies16:19
kenvandinelegacy app support has landed in content-hub16:19
mhall119kenvandine: I was that video recently, cool stuff16:19
kenvandineso the apps in the container could show up in the peer picker as destination16:19
tedgKinda, it's more like mixing a margarita and an elephant.16:19
kenvandinethat landed this week :)16:20
mhall119kenvandine: how about as the requester? Can gimp use content-hub to get images to edit?16:20
kenvandinethat would require changes to the apps16:20
mhall119you don't want to apply ugly hacks to GtkFileChooser?16:21
tedgYeah, I mean if someone in the community wanted to create a patch for GTK we'd be happy if someone built that and made it installable. But this is designed to be enough to limp.16:21
kenvandineit would be terrible :)16:21
kenvandineand not all apps use that16:21
tedgSo you'd be able to write to a folder and have content hub find that.16:21
mrQ_oh x316:22
dobeybregma_: i think you have yourself selected so other people talking don't get focused in the hangout16:23
mhall119can someone un-click bregma_ so we can see who's talking?16:23
mzanettibregma_, can you please focus the video16:23
balloonsbregma_, indeed, click Chris so we can see it16:23
kyrofaAll I see is bregma16:23
dobeyyeah, ChrisTownsend's video is very small16:23
balloonspoor guy16:23
tedgkyrofa: Heh, a dream or a nightmare ?16:23
kyrofaThere we go16:23
kyrofatedg, :D16:24
justCarakasit is not in focus16:24
justCarakasnow it is16:24
mhall119video is in focus, but not playing16:24
tedgjdstrand: For instance things that require system level services won't work for instance.16:25
tedgjdstrand: I'd expect most "leaf applications" to work.16:25
mhall119screen recording apps I assume won't work16:25
mrQ_so the legacy apps are running on xmir?16:25
mrQ_in a container16:25
dobeymrQ_: yes16:25
tedgmhall119: They'd work for recording something in the same XMir ;-)16:25
mrQ_dobey: thanks16:25
mhall119true, which means only themselves if I understand bregma_ correctly16:26
tedgmhall119: As long as you change you're definition of "work" we're good ;-)16:26
mhall119tedg: yeah, I've tried that with my boss, it's not that easy :)16:26
mhall119so what's going on with this video?16:26
alecuyo dawg, you are about to watch a youtube video inside a hangout streamed thru youtube, so you can youtube while you hangout while you... tube, or something.16:27
dobeymhall119: you don't like staring at a paused youtube video in a hangout?16:27
mrQ_can we have the link to the video?16:27
balloonsbregma_, ChrisTownsend are we going to play the video or?16:27
mhall119dobey: that's my new definition of "work" :)16:27
tedgI hope that one day, we'll all be able to use the web through Google Hangouts.16:27
balloonsbregma_, we're staring at a blank youtube page16:27
mrQ_it doesn't load all the video16:27
mhall119ChrisTownsend: did you put it into fullscreen?16:28
tedgChrisTownsend: I think you've selected the browser but not the full screened window.16:28
tedgChrisTownsend: You need to select the window after making it full screen.16:28
mhall119no, we can see the video fine16:29
balloonsit's locked to his video16:29
mrQ_omg just give us the link :D16:29
balloonsbregma_, had it locked16:29
mhall119well now it's unlocked :/16:29
dobeycan we get some designers to fix hangouts so people can understand how to use it? :)16:29
tedgTechnology sucks.16:29
mhall119technology \o/16:29
mrQ_enchanche url16:29
mrQ_got it16:29
* tedg can't wait to get the video via cassette tape16:30
mhall119so what is the difference between libertine and puritine?16:30
* dobey sends tedg a betamax version16:30
mzanettiawesome :D16:30
mrQ_wat?? what is puritine?16:30
mhall119QUESTION: so what is the difference between libertine and puritine?16:30
ChrisTownsendYeah, didn't realize that the fullscreen had to be selected.16:30
mrQ_QUESTION: can you share the youtube link?16:31
ChrisTownsendSorry 'bout that.16:31
mhall119you can un-select chris now16:31
tedgHeh, it's fun to watch ChrisTownsend16:31
kyrofaChrisTownsend, strike a pose16:32
tedgDance developer, dance!16:32
mrQ_ChrisTownsend: thanks16:32
mhall119bregma_: so is puritine like a proof of concept or reference implementation of libertine?16:32
* tedg is very excited16:33
* mzanetti too16:33
balloonsQUESTION: How can we try this out for ourselves?16:33
balloonsQUESTION: Will this work for games or graphically intensive apps?16:33
justCarakasQUESTION what if I have an app that doesn't work with it, will it be fixed or only the big programs16:33
mhall119read: Steam16:33
tedgballoons: It'll depend on the app, but for the most part XMir pulls the GL through directly to Mir. So for instance the WebGL aquarium demo worked well.16:34
balloonsQUESTION: How can we report bugs or provide feedback should we try it out after the session?16:34
tedgjustCarakas: Probably Canonical will have a set of applications that it supports, but as people have problems we'd be happy to work with them to get their fixes and problems addressed.16:34
mhall119QUESTION: for apps that are .deb packaged but will run in Mir, can those run in libertine without X11?16:36
mhall119QUESTION: and the opposite, an app that needs X11 but can be snap packaged, can those use libertine?16:36
tedgmhall119: Yes, we have an explicit desktop file key that needs to be set.16:37
mhall119tedg: you should be on the hangout answering these :)16:37
tedgmhall119: Yes, we have an explicit desktop file key that needs to be set :-)16:37
tedgAh, well, you won't have a DISPLAY variable depending on the Desktop file :-)16:38
dobeymhall119: do multi-windows apps like gimp and such, work well on mir?16:39
mhall119dobey: not yet, but they're working on that16:39
tedgjdstrand: It should just work if you add a "stage-packages: xmir"16:40
tedgjdstrand: You'll get quite a bit added to your snap. But "should work"16:40
balloonsQUESTION: Any issues with devices? For instance, will my USB connected devices be ok? Can I scan, print, provide input without worry?16:43
mrQ_balloons: has a question16:44
tedgYeah, I can't imagine that we'd be able to support HW access.16:46
balloonsQUESTION: Any integration plans between the container and unity8 besides content hub? Or can we expect access issues like this with HW16:46
mrQ_i guess it will be easier to just use a VM for legacy apps16:46
balloonsQUESTION: is networking done via bridge or ?16:47
dobeytedg: how am i going to run the windows app in wine that i need to talk over a serial port? :)16:47
tedgdobey: MS will sell you a Slate ;-)16:47
mrQ_xmir wine exe16:47
dobeytedg: i'll charge it to your card :)16:47
dobeytedg: and be sure to only use it with  your wifi network, so it doens't upload my wifi passwords to the open internet ;)16:48
tedgdobey: That's a feature!16:48
tedg"Upload to NSA"™16:49
mrQ_QUESTION: from where can we download Ubuntu Personal and how can we install it?16:49
mrQ_there is one question16:49
kyrofamrQ_, video is a little delayed :)16:50
mrQ_oh x416:50
mrQ_thanks kyrofa :D and all16:50
mrQ_nice session16:50
balloonsthanks for the session guys!16:51
tedgThanks bregma_ ChrisTownsend jdstrand tyhicks !16:51
balloonsseems more fun to grill you from IRC I suppose16:52
tedgNow to watch ChrisTownsend 's video :-)16:52
tedgLove the recommended videos from this one.16:54
balloonsI'm definitely watching the wedge cake video16:55
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tedgChrisTownsend: Cool progress on the GUI app.16:58
ChrisTownsendtedg: Thanks:)16:58
thecoder15yes just in time17:43
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tsdgeosUnity8 session starting in ~1 minute17:59
tsdgeosOk, let's go for it18:00
horses_ois start?18:04
tsdgeosi'm speaking18:04
horses_overy cool18:04
CheeseBurgI see nothing18:05
horses_oi'm wathing your18:05
horses_oyes black video but soon18:05
horses_oChanServ: tsdgeos speaking18:05
horses_oin video18:05
tsdgeoscan you see the video?18:05
tsdgeosor just audio?18:05
chuckaI see and hear nothing18:05
horses_onone is just a black rectangle18:06
horses_owith a starting soon text18:06
horses_oStarting soon...18:06
tsdgeostechnical problems18:06
tsdgeosmhall119: any help? it says live but people can't see me18:07
horses_oturn camera on18:07
horses_ois black becose camera is not on18:07
mhall119tsdgeos: what's the youtube URL?18:07
horses_ois over :(18:07
CheeseBurgoh no18:07
tsdgeosi'll create another one18:07
horses_ook, then see you twomorow18:07
mhall119horses_o: it's not over18:07
mhall119horses_o: just technical difficulties18:08
horses_ois start?18:08
horses_oi think i hear sounds18:08
mhall119horses_o: working on it18:08
CheeseBurgThe stream is over but the loading thing is still spinning18:08
horses_ounity8 is better than wayland18:09
tsdgeosok give me a minute, should be on air at http://youtu.be/NblPnHrA1YQ soon18:09
mhall119refresh the page to get the new video18:09
chuckaI can see video after refreshing18:10
icblnkI can see the video as well18:10
horses_oOi see now18:10
CheeseBurgREFRESH WORKS18:10
horses_oOand hear keyboard18:10
horses_oOQUESTION: why unity8? what was wrong with unity7?18:12
mhall119X11 == no confinement18:13
mhall119compiz == requires X1118:13
mhall119compiz + nux == hard to develop and contribute to18:14
CheeseBurgQUESTION: I used the unity8 ppa on a virtualbox but it just freezes at login. Is that because of the drivers?18:14
horses_oOcanot compiling unity7 with mir?18:14
horses_oOi see18:14
horses_oOQUESTION: can compile unity8 on 14.04?18:21
tsdgeosno, see https://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unity8/18:21
tsdgeos for the support18:21
horses_oOonly 15.04 and 16.0418:22
horses_oOi not understand18:22
horses_oOQUESTION: why not compile on 15.10?18:22
horses_oOis not 15.10 the supported ubuntu now?18:23
mhall119horses_oO: not on devices, they are still on 15.0418:23
horses_oOQUESTION: what is ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/stable-phone-overlay ?18:23
horses_oOisn't 15.04 unsuported in 2 month?18:24
mhall119not for devices18:25
kyrofahorses_oO, phones will be using vivid for a while yet18:25
horses_oOstill not understand, can compile unity8 on 15.10?18:25
mhall119no, 15.10 is missing dependencies18:26
horses_oObut 15.10 is the current ubuntu and 15.04 is dead soon18:26
horses_oOok, thanks18:26
mhall119unity 8 was never supported on 15.1018:26
horses_oObut how to develop?18:26
mhall119it was supported on 15.04 and will be on 16.0418:27
horses_oOinstall 15.04?18:27
horses_oOi have 15.1018:27
mhall119horses_oO: that's a good question to ask tsdgeos18:27
tsdgeosyou need either 15.04 or xenial or a cheroot of those18:28
horses_oOwhat is chroot?18:28
tsdgeosit's explained in the page i linked18:29
horses_oOtahnks reading18:30
h4ck3rChroot is an operation that changes the apparent root directory for the current running process and their children. A program that is run in such a modified environment cannot access files and commands outside that environmental directory tree. This modified environment is called a chroot jail.18:30
horses_oOso is safe to install 16.04 chroot18:31
mhall119horses_oO: it's a bit like a container, only more lightweight18:31
horses_oOreading chroot link from doc, this is complicated https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot18:32
mhall119so you could make a directory that contains a 16.04 install, then execute the build process in side that directory, with i thinking the directory is the whole system18:32
horses_oOi understand18:33
h4ck3rthe directory act as FS18:33
horses_oOthe chroot documentation from unity8 page is very old is for lucid18:33
horses_oOis working also on 15.10?18:33
mhall119tsdgeos: ^^ we should get that updated18:34
horses_oOoh qml looks script, easy18:38
horses_oOhow long to compile unity, not have strong PC18:39
josharensonhorses_oO: depending on what you mean by "not strong"... I can't see it taking more than 30 min18:40
horses_oOpentium 418:40
horses_oOQUESTION: unity8 runs faster than unity7 on not strong pc?18:41
thecoder15is this ovelr18:42
h4ck3rwhat is difference between unity8 and unity8-lxc18:43
horses_oOh4ck3r: what is unity lxc?18:44
kyrofah4ck3r, I believe unity8-lxc allows you to run unity8 within LXC18:46
h4ck3rim on ubuntu 15.10 and i have searched for unity8 installation in this i got answer in form of installing unity8-lxc i dont kno what really it is18:46
josharensonhorses_oO:  Just timed it as I needed to do a clean build... I have a core i5 w/ 8gb ram and it takes  me ~5  minutes to do a clean build (with 3 jobs -j3) and thats with a bunch of chrome tabs open and streaming this talk18:46
h4ck3ri think so18:47
horses_oOjosharenson: woa you have strong computer18:47
josharensonhorses_oO: :-)18:47
h4ck3rcode link for unity8?18:47
horses_oO5 min is very fast18:47
horses_oO5 min wait to open firefox :))18:48
tsdgeosok, end of video for me18:48
tsdgeosi'll hang around for a few more minutes in case somebody has any more question i missed18:48
horses_oOomg the unity8 code is so unintentionaly obfuscaded due to all the corner  cases     requierd for convergence that's not even... funny18:50
horses_oOnice session 10/1018:50
horses_oOudsbotu: is over18:51
horses_oOudsbotu: the video is close18:51
tsdgeoshorses_oO: appreciate your comment :)18:52
horses_oOthanks :D18:52
horses_oOudsbotu: is over not 3 minutes18:52
udsbotuhorses_oO: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:52
horses_oOnow i feel stupid18:52
horses_oOtalking to the irc bot18:52
horses_oObye udsbotu18:53
tsdgeosOk, dinner time for me18:54
* tsdgeos waves18:54
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-uos-convergence to: Track: Convergence | Ubports (Ubuntu touch porting) Planning | Url: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22643/ubports/
LarreaMikelno ubuports session?19:01
justCarakasQUESTION can you tell a good joke to fill the time19:06
LarreaMikelGood to see Marius! I have been  following his work on the opo forums19:08
LarreaMikelThe video is frozen.... the sound is ok19:13
LarreaMikelQUESTION: What about the updates?19:15
LarreaMikelthe video is ok19:15
LarreaMikelyes canonical updates19:16
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: How much works on the CM version of Ubuntu touch?19:18
ahayzenmariogrip, can you post the links into the etherpad ?19:18
SarangLol sorry19:19
SarangI like flashing other Os like sail fish and Ubuntu  so what do you think it will get a bit  stable?   This month?19:21
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Will Ubuntu touch working on the OPO with things like calling working be your christmas gift to the world? ;P19:23
LarreaMikelQUESTION: if someone tries to port using this CM base, do he have to host something in a personal server??19:27
SarangYes you are right Wi-Fi calling is much more important than GPS I barely use GPS once a month19:27
iz_late_i turn GPS off and tape the camera on android19:28
iz_late_i'm 90% sure i have NSA in android19:28
SarangI vote for one plus one :)19:29
LarreaMikelwill prefer to see ubuntu touch in a xiaomi device... mi4c for example would be great19:30
iz_late_why not kickstart porting ubuntu on phones?19:30
iz_late_EXCLAMATION: let's kickstart ubuntu porting19:31
ChloeWolfieGirlWe have a pateron19:33
wdehoogQUESTION: I tried to port to Galaxy Tab 2 (P3110). Unfortunately nothing happens after flashing. No debug log at all. How can I proceed?19:34
iz_late_i live in moldova, i can store the money here19:34
iz_late_ChloeWolfieGirl: link?19:35
wdehoogyep is empty19:35
iz_late_thanks ChanServ19:36
iz_late_ChloeWolfieGirl: sorry19:36
wdehoogyou are right. it is not empty. but it shows nothing from my kernel.19:38
wdehoogQUESTION: how can we build the same image s you have?19:39
SarangTalk about what you wanna talk about we will listen for Ubuntu19:39
LarreaMikelmaybe canonical could support this project...19:39
iz_late_QUESTION: how do you like Ubuntu "Touch"? and do you think it needs   added in the future19:40
LarreaMikelwould be interesting to achieve more devices ported19:40
=== leslie is now known as Guest69756
iz_late_QUESTION: what can Canonical do to help you in porting Ubuntu?19:40
Guest69756Is this a daily driver?19:40
iz_late_QUESTION: what are your favorite ubuntu native apps?19:41
ChloeWolfieGirlPersonally my faves are Telegram and podbird they're are amazing19:42
iz_late_ChloeWolfieGirl: telegram2 runs so smooth <319:43
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: When will you only use ubuntu touch for you phone and have you tried telegram v2 its so much better :P19:43
Guest69756Can we install Google apps on UbuntuTouch phone?19:45
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Do you think you'll port to alot of cheaper devices such as ones that are around 2 years old or  a few expensive new phones?19:45
iz_late_Guest69756: yes but it's silly19:45
ChloeWolfieGirlGuest69756:  depends not native apps no19:45
iz_late_Guest69756: and i will not tell you how19:45
ChloeWolfieGirlGuest69756: you can use most if not all there services though19:45
iz_late_i like mariogrip :D19:46
ChloeWolfieGirlmariogrip is cool :P19:46
iz_late_such cool and smart19:46
Guest69756There are certain apps which I absolutely need on daily basis. If it supports Gapps, it good to know.19:47
G_to_the_WDo you think time is of the essence? Ubuntu announced convergence years ago when they tried to sell through kicksarter. Now they will be surpassed by Windows' continuum19:47
iz_late_time and timing is everything19:48
ChloeWolfieGirlUbuntu touch on the OPO is the one I use the most but I need to keep my Xperia t around till everything works on the OPO19:51
ChloeWolfieGirlSent you the click ;P19:52
ahayzenhttp://telegram.org/ :-)19:52
ChloeWolfieGirlThat makes sense :319:53
Guest69756Is this a daily driver now on OPO?19:55
ChloeWolfieGirlGuest69756: nope doesn't do calls, camera, headphones yet19:55
Guest69756Alright thanks19:56
ChloeWolfieGirlGuest69756: welcome :P19:56
wdehoogthank you as well19:59
Guest69756Thank you for all of your hard work.19:59
deyannnThanks for summarizing! I missed like 50 minutes of this session!19:59
ChloeWolfieGirlAnd telegram groups :P20:00
deyannnThanks for the work on this one!20:00
iz_late_thanks mariogrip! best session today20:00
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ahayzenthanks for the interesting session mariogrip :-)20:01
=== iz_late_ is now known as Guest543231
_RidgewingQUESTION: Is there a port for the new Nexus Google 5c etc ?20:03
_RidgewingWhat is the nick of the presenter on youtube ?20:05
_Ridgewingmhall119: ping20:07
_RidgewingThe video is fine on youtube .20:14
_RidgewingWhat channel are they using ?20:26
_Ridgewingmhall119: ping20:27
=== rdieter is now known as rdieter_work
mhall119_Ridgewing: pong21:19
_Ridgewingmhall119: All ok now, cheers.22:28

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