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dholbachslangasek, do you know who's running the node.js/libv8 session?14:49
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dholbachslangasek, ping?14:55
dholbachalecu, do you maybe know who's running the next session?14:55
alecudholbach: it says "Created by: Matthias Klose"14:58
dholbachok... but he's not online14:58
dholbachslangasek, ^14:58
dholbachI can set the session up14:59
dholbachbut I'm not sure what to say.................14:59
ogra_you could show a slideshow of nice V8 cars :P15:00
alecudholbach: I guess somebody from distro and the people in security team that are marked as attending the session need to be in that15:01
dholbachsetting it up now15:01
alecudholbach: I'm joining because we are using node.js and v8 for the new scope bindings.15:01
dholbachok, give me another sec or two15:01
tyhickscan chrisccoulson and I join the hangout?15:02
slangasekdholbach: sorry, was working on getting it set up; I'll join that one15:03
dholbachwe'll start in a minute15:04
dholbachNotes are up here: http://pad.ubuntu.com/uos-1511-nodejs-and-libv8-for-160415:07
marcustomlinsonyes node embeds v8 it does not depend on a shared v815:12
marcustomlinsonwe are embedding node into our own binary15:14
marcustomlinsonas it is not available in universe or main15:14
marcustomlinsonour executable embeds node and is shipped within a scope click15:15
marcustomlinsonwe take on the responsibility of keeping the node we embed up to date15:16
marcustomlinsonwe update node, we fix our internals, and our API/ABI to remain stable15:18
dholbachmarcustomlinson, if you want to join the hangout, let me know15:18
marcustomlinson(sorry I have bronchitis, voice is broken)15:19
dholbachok, no worries15:19
dholbachI relayed your comment15:19
marcustomlinsonyes, v8 code is litterally part of the node source tree15:27
marcustomlinsonthey pull it in statically, no dynamic linking15:28
tyhicksget to feeling better, marcustomlinson :)15:28
marcustomlinsontyhicks: will do15:29
dholbachyeah, all the best!15:29
dholbachdoko, do you know if barry is running the next session?15:50
dokodholbach, we will be both there, he created https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-x-python3-only15:51
dholbachok... is anyone of you setting up and running the session?15:51
dholbachhey barry15:52
dholbachare you setting up and running the session?15:52
barrydholbach: hi15:52
barryyeah, i guess i should go to the other room now (we're sprinting15:52
dholbachok cool15:53
dholbachlet me know if you need help15:53
barrydholbach: technically it's doko's session :)15:55
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dholbachI asked doko earlier15:56
dholbachI wasn't quite sure who was running it15:56
dholbachI think the time of the session was set wrong15:58
dholbachthe video currently says 9:00:4515:59
slangasekbarry: ^^15:59
dholbachbut maybe it doesn't matter and you can just hit start and it'll just work15:59
slangasekdholbach: hmmm I said 'starting now' :)15:59
dholbachI don't know <315:59
dholbachoh ok15:59
dholbachthat's on http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22568/python3-only-on-the-images/?15:59
dholbach8:59:50 now16:00
slangasekdholbach: when creating the hangout16:00
slangasekso anyway, I don't know16:00
dholbachmaybe just start the hangout and see if it works16:01
dholbachok, seems to be working :)16:02
dholbachcan hear you16:03
dholbachgo go go16:03
smadden_landscaplandscape-client-ui-install can be purged.  It is unsupported today16:05
slangaseksmadden_landscap: oh great :)16:05
slangaseksmadden_landscap: did you want to join us on the hangout, or are you just delivering the good news?16:06
smadden_landscapsure, I'd like to join16:06
slangaseksmadden_landscap: //plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYdzlG929T3_3v8ifrDi3Hp2h0Tz8wZVRcdk07fcQA61nJdA6g?hl=en&authuser=016:06
willcookeTrevinho, any ideas on what Python2 is needed by U7?16:06
Trevinhowillcooke: it's needed by Autopilot, but not by unity itself I think16:08
Trevinholet me check whether the unity script needs, it but  I don't think so16:08
Trevinhoor the migration scripts..16:08
barrywillcooke: tools/unity.cmake16:08
jrjrtgergthe unity scope depends on software-center in my testing (or at least apt daemon)16:09
barrywillcooke: LP: #151290916:09
barry(there's a patch for that but it doesn't build yet for unrelated reasons i think)16:09
willcookeTrevinho, ^^16:10
demmotyou can authenticate to the rnr server and or the store without using the ubuntu-sso-client fairly easily16:13
demmotit's a few oauth calls16:13
demmotunity scope applications gets its data from the software-center database though..16:14
willcookethanks demmot16:15
willcookeseb128, I'll speak to robert_ancell about that ^^16:15
seb128willcooke, k, thanks16:15
smoserrdepends also shows python-apt16:22
Laneyyes I think that g-s uses xapian16:22
Laneyvia libappstream16:23
Laneyyou can see they are linked16:23
Laneyseb128: slangasek16:23
slangasekLaney: thanks16:23
seb128Laney, thanks16:25
slangasekbarry, doko: we seem to have skipped over system-config-printer on the desktop?16:34
slangaseksorry, my hangouts connection failed, so the broadcast will have been interrupted16:34
smoseroh.. to come back to it.16:36
smosercloud images were free of python2.716:36
zygaabout checkbox16:36
smoserbut not libpython2.716:36
zygapython2 is only needed by one test16:36
smoserthere was a vim bug /dep on libpython2.716:36
zygawe can drop that test from the desktop16:36
zygait's OpenCV related AFAIR16:36
zygawe can easily separate that as checkbox and the tests are separate packages16:37
zygacheckbox and plainbox are pure python316:37
dokosmoser, we could just build vim with python3 bindings16:37
zygawe requested the removal of the checkbox package to replace it with a new stack that uses SDK apis16:37
smoserinfinity had some comments on that (vim and python3)16:37
zygaso please stay reassured that checkbox will by python3 clean :)16:37
barryzyga: thanks16:38
yofelWell, from a kubuntu side we can look at things ourselves, but we're also affected by stuff like apt-xapian-index or ubuntu-sso-client, so some coordination place would be nice16:40
dholbachbarry, there's delay16:42
smoser(i've verified and updated etherpad. 15.10 server install with default ends up with only libpython2.7-*, and that is rdpended on only by vim)16:43
smoser http://paste.ubuntu.com/13102639/16:43
smosercloud image now has lxd -> lxc -> cloud-image-utils . and smoser will drop/fix cloud-image-utils need of python216:43
jrjrtgergplan is to drop ubuntu software center really soon?16:46
yofelnah, the bugs are probably enough16:47
yofelwe can just mark those as affecting it16:47
barryyofel: cool thanks16:47
yofel*affecting us16:47
jrjrtgerglubuntu bug - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lubuntu-meta/+bug/146531316:47
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jrjrtgergsamba and system-config-printer seem like the big ones that are cross flavor issues16:48
slangasekare you familiar with this technique? http://paste.ubuntu.com/13102740/16:52
slangasek(we may have talked about this before, smoser ?)16:53
smoseri did see that.16:53
smoserslangasek, yeah.16:53
smoserits interesting.16:53
smosercurtin has a solution too16:53
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cyphermox^ for anyone who wants to follow, we'll watch questions on IRC too of course17:59
cyphermoxwho is here for this session17:59
slangasekcyphermox: can we share the hangout url here too for anyone else who wants to join the discussion?18:00
cyphermoxyeah I was just grabbing that18:00
cyphermox^ the hangout URL18:00
cyphermoxI won't make it broadcast unless we aren't the only ones here for the session though18:01
slangasekcmagina: hi, here to talk about capsule updates?18:01
ogra_nespresso !18:01
cyphermoxogra_: ?18:02
ogra_(no, wait , different capsules)18:02
slangasekheh, nespresso capsules18:02
TJ-I'm here :) but not on hangouts/whatever18:02
cmaginaslangasek: curious about it :)18:02
pjonescyphermox: turns out I can't watch it anyway due to some video compat problem :P18:02
slangaseksorry this capsule is not signed with the right key18:02
cyphermoxalright, let's give it a go then18:02
slangasekpjones: shoulda run Ubuntu18:02
TJ-Interested in this since I've had some experience with capsule updates - painful18:03
pjonesslangasek: oh yeah, that's probably the issue :P18:03
TJ-I looked at the blueprint; i'd suggest the capsule path be /usr/share/uefi/capsule/ or similar, rather like /usr/share/misc/, rather than /opt/<vendor>/18:05
superm1is the URL18:10
TJ-Also, with the fwupdate tool, some easy-to-use mechanism to delegate the update work to a BIOS vendor's own tooling, such as H2O-FFT18:10
superm1fwupd puts it the appstream data in /var/cache18:10
pjones(also https://beta-lvfs.rhcloud.com/ may be more interesting)18:11
superm1and of course http://www.fwupd.org/ being most interesting18:12
superm1has support for fwupd18:14
superm1once fwupd clears NEW in debian we were planning to enable it in Debian with gnome-software too18:14
superm1the vendor specific tooling isn't supposed to be activated until UpdateCapsule() is called.  it's all a vendor specific implementation at that point18:19
cyphermoxTJ-: do you have more questions?18:22
cyphermoxquigley: and you?18:22
TJ-Idea rather than question: Being able to preload a portable image with many capsules and use it on multiple systems should be a use-case to cover. Enterprises may not want to risk their users handling/invoking a firmware update, but have it done either remotely, by PXE boot image, or USB mass-storage18:22
superm1mass storage is already supported18:23
superm1fwupdmgr install blah.cab18:23
quigleyI don't see why that wouldn't just work18:23
cyphermoxyou could already do that, as long as the device loads the efi binary for fwupdate18:23
pjonesTJ-: from an upstream perspective, we've been assuming the enterprise will have the ability to remotely schedule it without the user involved, but it still runs through the local userland software18:23
TJ-Good. just didn't see anything specific mentioning it18:24
superm1at least today most BIOS'es don't support PXE in UEFI mode18:24
superm1you have to load a CSM18:25
pjones(pxe booting it won't *quite* work yet; we need a local filesystem currently.  but it's on my todo without a lot more work to do on it.)18:25
cyphermoxbut it can be done18:25
pjonessuperm1: lots do support dhcp+tftp (as opposed to the bios "pxe" api), but yeah.18:25
cyphermoxoh right, because we look locally for the firmware images?18:25
pjonescyphermox: right; right now we don't support network device paths18:25
superm1yeah, but that's also assuming a working network stack in the BIOS at that time too18:25
pjonesI have like 80% of that in my local tree from this friday.18:26
pjonessuperm1: yes, it is.18:26
TJ-The only thing that occurs to me, based on the Whiteboard... is there a Process: Option 0 = a check-script that looks up the system ID against available updates and lets the user know... which would lead to Options 1/218:26
TJ-in other words, prior to a download action by the user, to make them aware without them needing to initiate18:27
cyphermoxTJ-: right now you need to run fwupdmgr refresh to look for updates, it could be cronned18:29
cyphermoxbut in the future we might want to get that done graphically/automatically some other way18:30
pjonesI think if you're using gnome-software it'll do that for you?18:30
cyphermoxie. gnome-software that we mentioned earlier18:30
slangasekwell, and in fact if this is going to be using the appstream service and using gnome-software, there will need to be integration for that18:30
* pjones isn't really sure about that end of the stack18:30
slangasektoday we use a cronjob + update-notifier to display the status of update availability18:30
zygasuperm1: hey, I'm curious about pxe and uefi mode, why is that not supported?18:30
cyphermoxslangasek: it's not like we couldn't do what software updates do already, look every once in a while and ask the user ifthey want to apply the new updates18:31
slangasekI don't know in the gnome-software world what polls for updates, but that would surely need to poll this service18:31
pjoneszyga: many firmwares don't support it, and those that do typically only recognize the addressing if they've been configured to boot via the network18:31
pjoneszyga: so even if they know about it, using the network to fetch the image without actually /booting/ from it won't work without a lot more code.18:32
zygaI see18:32
pjoneszyga: so basically because hardware vendors believe netboot is a value add and don't support it on their low-end machines.18:32
superm1zyga: traditional PXE support as we all know and love comes from the CSM generally (legacy boot mode)18:32
superm1UEFI netboot operates a bit differently in what you'll actually be booting18:33
zygaI'm interested in using the UEFI network stack18:33
zygato do $stuff18:33
zygawhere stuff is related to replacing what I'm booting18:34
pjoneszyga: at the risk of being too helpful to ubuntu people, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Testcase_UEFI_pxeboot :)18:35
pjonesexcept that was written for our hacked up grub 0.97 efi binary; substitute a grub.cfg for the obvious difference.18:36
zygapjones: interesting, I was thinking about something slightly different but I will check it out to lear more about it18:36
zygapjones: I was thinking about using the network stack to boot one or other local disk18:36
zygapjones: not about complete netboot18:37
TJ-cron-job + update-notifier approach would be good especially for headless hardware, and to support non-gnome flavours18:38
superm1TJ-: yeah a script around fwupdmgr refresh and grep fwupdmgr get-updates would be sufficient for that.  when you want to do an update it's just fwupdmgr update18:39
TJ-longer-term, something like the debian/control Modaliases: might be useful too, to search archive packages using ubuntu-drivers18:40
pjonesTJ-: superm1: if either of you wanted to help with that in fwupd , a "give me esrt info for this system" and a "look up info for this arbitrary ESRT dataset" call would let you split that up pretty nicely...18:42
TJ-Good to see the progress on this; seeing far too much firmware-bug induced user issues the past 12 months - that combined with ACPI firmware bugs18:42
superm1it would be easier to teach ubuntu-drivers to parse appstream data in my opinion18:42
pjonesso you could connect to dbus with whatever remote agent you have and ask for details, and then grab stuff on a common server end.18:43
superm1than to repackage all the data into dummy debian packages18:43
TJ-superm1: right, just thinking about the common tool and how it currently works18:43
pjonesWell, write what you like.  I just hope we can avoid too much unneeded duplication of effort.18:44
superm1Yeah agree18:44
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h4ck3rsecureboot sign for ubuntu EFI18:59
h4ck3ris there any method to implements signature for EFI with ubuntu EFI file?19:00

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