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TURKISH_UBUNTU_Lhey guys13:36
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_Ridgewing25 minutes to go till Jane !16:36
dpmeveryone ready for the Q&A?16:49
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balloonsq and a time!16:55
_Ridgewingdpm: I am, not sure about the oTher guys.16:57
* _Ridgewing slides PopeyFan a beer.16:59
dpmok, about to start17:00
_RidgewingWhere do we paste questions in ? Here or the etherpad ?17:00
popeyQUESTION: Are Microsoft buying Canonical :) ?17:01
_RidgewingI can see Jane .17:01
_RidgewingQUESTION: Can you give us 'some' idea as to what month the Convergence Phone will be ready in the online stores ?17:01
mhall119popey: you can do tech support calls for them :)17:01
dpmthanks everyone,17:01
dpmpicking the first questions now17:02
BrianLinuxingQuestion: Jane, what are your thoughts on the UbuntuPhone? Release date, markets, availability etc17:02
_RidgewingQuestion: what are your thoughts on religion and believe system ? e.g. Is Open source a belief system ?17:02
mhall119QUESTION: what current Ubuntu development are you most excited to see happening over the next year?17:03
popeyQUESTION: What laptop do you personally own, so we know which one to get which will get bugs fixed faster :) ?17:03
CheeseBurgQUESTION: When will Unity8 land for broader testing? When do you think it will be default?17:03
cm-t>< popey17:03
kyrofapopey, hahaha17:03
ahayzenQUESTION: How has the return rate of the devices been? And are the manufacturers generally happy with how the releases have gone?17:03
bananananaQUESTION: are the orange matchboxes (raspbery pi) for sale? and if not why not17:03
dpmgood questions everyone!17:03
dpmoh, missed popey's one!17:03
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faenilpopey: lol17:04
BrianLinuxingGood question about the phone.17:04
_Ridgewinggood answer !17:04
ogra_dpm, that tells everything !!!17:04
mhall119QUESTION: I remember in a previous Q&A you said that you personally use WhatsApp and need it on your daily driver phone, is there any progress on partnering with Facebook to get that, or are you working on migrating to Telegram?17:04
cm-t↑ that means it is included or not in the "good questions" everyone ?17:04
mariogripthis is so cool, I feel like a "fangirl" when the ceo at canonical here!17:04
bananananaQUESTION: what happened with the Meizu Ubuntu Phones?17:04
ogra_(softpedia: canonical not wanting to admit being bought by microsoft in public !!)17:04
mhall119ogra_: lol17:05
dpmwow, great questions everyone!17:05
bananananadpm: thanks17:05
_RidgewingQUESTION: Where did you go to University ?17:06
BrianLinuxingQuestion: are Canonical intent on buying Microsoft ? :)17:06
cm-t"everyone" does this really include popey ?17:06
svijcm-t: haha17:06
ryanleesipesQUESTION: Are there any partners Ubuntu is in talks with that have a focus on North America?17:06
BenaissaWhat's the new about ROS (Robot Operating System) in ubuntu17:06
_Ridgewing^ ryanleesipes : excellent question !17:07
ryanleesipes(In regards to the phone)17:07
mhall119QUESTION: Red Hat's CEO recently wrote a book about leading an open-source oriented company, have you given any thoughts on writing a book?17:07
BrianLinuxingThanks Jane, good answer.17:07
mhall119Benaissa: start your question with QUESTION or it will not be seen17:07
mhI just wanted to say "Thank you" to everyone who works  on Ubuntu.17:09
mhall119I suppose I can allow two :)17:09
_Ridgewing.... so Open source is a Tool, then. Good.17:09
mariogripQUESTION: What was the Canonical's response when  Microsoft released continuum?17:09
JarlathQUESTION: You mentioned expanding app, scope and feature offerings in the future. Can we expect performance to improve or should current users upgrade their hardware if they want better performance?17:09
bananananaQUESTION: in witch country/contintent is Ubuntu the most popular?17:10
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Where do you see open source and Ubuntu in the "Internet of Things" market that is growing. Do you think this will affect the appeal of open source more traditional markets like desktop computing?17:10
mhall119mariogrip: mine was "welcome to the future, what took you so long?"17:10
popeyQUESTION: What release of Ubuntu would you take when stranded on a desert island?17:10
_RidgewingQTESTION: What is canonical's position on doing a Tablet kickstarter campaign, as MShuttleworth has said develoment is sorely needed in his Q&A, yesterday.17:11
cm-tpopey >.<17:11
BenaissaQUESTION: What's the new about ROS (Robot Operating System) in ubuntu ?17:11
mariogripmhall119: :P17:11
popeySo many questions!17:11
cm-tis true :')17:11
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Do you see an opportunity in smart cars? Has there been any interest from any partners?17:11
pstolowskiQUESTION: would you say cloud is becoming more important given how much market share ubuntu has in the cloud? or do you see all markets equally important?17:11
mhall119yeah, better get questions in now or there won't be time to answer it17:11
komputesQUESTION: Could you elaborate on why you feel Ubuntu Edge is not a good convergence scenario?17:12
_RidgewingMuch Questions #dodge17:12
mhall119komputes: ?17:12
svijQUESTION: If you have a chance to go back in time and change something in Ubuntu, which you can't do now anymore. What would it be?17:12
mariogripQUESTION: will we ever see an Ubuntu watch? (snappy watch :)17:12
kyrofakomputes, wasn't that a hybrid Ubuntu/Android device?17:12
ryanleesipesQUESTION: Have you considered a deep partnership (or acquisition) with companies like System76 in order to bring a line a convergent devices?17:12
ogra_snappy !!17:12
komputesmhall119: she said it as 'clunky', which doesn't explain discontinuing it.17:13
_Ridgewingdpm, We need to speed up question (not just from me) .. as there are so many, and Jane is taking 5 mins per question.17:13
svijQUESTION: Are you coming to UbuCon Summit and UbuCon Europe? ;)17:13
mhall119komputes: oh, you mean Ubuntu on Android17:14
komputesPersonally I still think a dockable computer the size of a phone is very interesting alternative to a laptop.17:14
ogra_komputes, it will come ...17:14
mhall119komputes: that's still planned, it just won't be a phone running Android17:14
mhall119it will be a phone running Ubuntu :)17:14
komputesogra_: perhaps virtualization on top of a phone OS  at some point.17:15
mhall119komputes: so it was the Android use that was clunky17:15
svijQUESTION: What do you say about criticism about Canonical IP policy? Don't you think a bit clear policy would be better for everybody?17:15
ogra_komputes, why would you virtualize ? you can run native ubuntu for both usecases17:15
kyrofakomputes, agreed, but the reason it wasn't a "good convergence scenario," in my mind, is that it isn't just pure Ubuntu17:16
ogra_komputes, but once the phone moved to snappy even running VMs will be possible17:16
ryanleesipesQUESTION: What is Canonical doing as a company to promote the desktop to PC manufacturers?17:16
mhall119QUESTION: This UOS we had a 10 year old wondering what he needs to learn in order to one day work at Canonical, do you have any advice for young students who already have an interest in software and open source?17:20
mariogripQUESTION: Will Canonical ever have own brand phones like the nexus (or lumia)?17:21
_RidgewingQUESTION: Do you agree they'll be a good benefit to a massive #convergence party to celebrate the convergence phone in Q1, 2016 ? Esp. London.17:23
ryanleesipesQUESTION: An Artificial Intelligence background, eh? Are you familiar with the Mycroft project. Any interest in getting something like this available in Unity 8 to operate like Siri or Cortana on their respective platforms? (Shameless self-promotion).17:25
tedgHeh, when the machines take over, will they be running Ubuntu? ;-)17:26
kenvandineof course they will be17:26
frecelhardy heron had the best default wallpaper of all Ubuntu releases17:26
_Ridgewingagreed !17:26
mhall119tedg: "I am what I am, because of who you all were" :)17:27
ogra_tedg, you havent heard of snappy skynet yet ?17:27
tedgHeh, it is still under review in the store ;-)17:28
mhall119now I'm curious which shirts she doesn't like17:29
ogra_the sevilla UDS one was definitely the worst17:30
frecel_Ridgewing: I just have to find someone who will make me a matching brown KDE theme17:30
CheeseBurgryanleesipes: I second your question17:30
_Ridgewingfrecel: www.fiverr.com17:30
mhall119ogra_: what was that, jaunty or karmic?17:30
ogra_mhall119, i think jaunty, not sure anymore17:31
_Ridgewingfrecel: The artist'll probably v=be from India or Pakistan, thou ;-)17:31
* mhall119 wasn't there, so didn't get that shirt17:31
ogra_you wouldnt want it :)17:31
mhall119I don't have dresser space for any more anyway17:32
mhall119though I do want one of those Wily shirts17:32
kenvandineme too!17:32
hwpplayer1What are your standards when you talk to other communites and Linux companies ?17:33
mhall119hwpplayer1: start your questions with QUESTION17:33
ogra_... else they get lost17:33
mhall119also, please be more specific in your question17:33
hwpplayer1QUESTION : What are your standards when you talk to other communites and Linux companies ?17:34
hwpplayer1i'll try for a better question thanks17:35
ryanleesipesQUESTION: Pricing for services like Landscape seemed very much aimed at large enterprises. Have you considered a stripped down, cheaper version of the service for startups, small to medium-sized businesses, and local and state governments?17:36
frecelQUESTION: When talking vendors does Canonical put any emphasis on promoting open/libre software or simply promotes the software supported by Canonical?17:38
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ogra_frecel, whats the difference ?17:38
kyrofafrecel, Canonical software IS open... ?17:38
mhall119frecel: we were able to get MediaTek to release their kernel sources as part of our partnership with Bq, that was a pretty big ddeal17:39
frecelogra_: it is, but I can encourage someone to use Ubuntu without ever mentioning the fact that it's open source17:39
ryanleesipesQUESTION: Will you answer questions you didn't have time to during this, in a blog post or the like after?17:39
_Ridgewingshe needs to-do an AMA !17:40
frecelan AMA in r/Ubuntu would be awesome17:40
Dragosdpm:  Hi17:40
mhall119an AMA is a great idea17:40
Guest16648What us talking you too long to deliver Unity8/Mir17:41
Dragosdesktop gadgets for ubuntu will be cool17:41
Dragosanother thing will be cool will be ubuntu 16.04 LTS using mir instead of X1117:41
michelrQUESTION : beside convergence, can we imagine some kind of equiv of Apple's continuity, specifically 'Handoff'' : instant communication between  a phone and a computer  ?17:41
DragosQUESTION:How do i join canonical?17:42
Guest16648It will be good to know what Dragos said17:42
JasonSinasQUESTION: I have an important question: How the hell do you pronounce Ubuntu?17:42
Dragos? Guest1664817:42
JasonSinasI think thats what everyone wants to know.17:42
ogra_Dragos, http://www.canonical.com/careers/all-vacancies17:42
Guest16648about mir and X1117:42
mhall119Dragos: 16.04 will be using Unity 7 and Xorg, it's already been decided, but there will be a testable version using Mir and Unity 817:43
Dragoswhat happened to Unity 817:43
mhall119Dragos: still under heavy development17:43
Guest16648can anyone please explain the difficulties in releasing a stable Mir?17:43
komputesCheeseBurg: QNX is probably best placed  regarding  self-driving cars.17:43
ogra_Dragos, 16.04 has to be supported for 5 years ... you dont want that with a super new and not yet fully tested desktop17:43
mhall119Guest16648: implementing enough features in Unity 8 for it to replace Unity 717:44
_RidgewingQUESTION, Will Jane do a reddit AMA ???17:44
_Ridgewingdpm: ^ make sure you ask this so we can continue ...17:44
JasonSinasHAHAHAHA @mhall11917:44
Guest16648Its almost 2 years but still its junk..17:44
mhall119Guest16648: it's not a small task17:44
dobeymir is "stable"; it's shipping on retail phones.17:45
ogra_Guest16648, it supports so much more things than Xorg and Xorg took many years too17:45
mariogripWorking at Canonical is my biggest dream...17:45
Guest16648i know, i personally think that Oragnization is not helping new comers to learn and connect to build things17:45
JasonSinas@Guest yess17:45
French_31# QUESTION Hello J17:46
DanChapman+1 mariogrip17:46
Guest16648its too complicated to even report a Bug17:46
mhall119Guest16648: if you think you can help us impove that, I encourage you to get involved17:46
Guest16648i wanna get invloved and i have tried but i got no where17:46
ogra_Guest16648, start at the #ubuntu-mir channel17:47
Guest16648just answering questions of ASKUBUNTU17:47
ogra_thats where the developers coordinate their work17:47
hwpplayer1QUESTION : How many Linux community do you support ? Will you support more  ?17:47
JasonSinasAre you even a developer? @Guest17:48
Guest16648It depends what i have to develop in ur sense of talk17:48
French_31Don't you think it's urgent to port ubuntu phone apps to desktop ubuntu  ? add value to all !!! : valorize devellopers work, enchance desktop possiblity and lightness of the os ^^17:48
kyrofaJasonSinas, https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu = "oo-boon-too"17:48
_RidgewingTablet +117:48
Sid_PaytonQUESTION: with the Discussion about background processes in mind, do you think that you need more developers for the phone project?17:49
DragosQUESTION:Will ubuntu 16.04 LTS will suport touchscreen interface with touchscreen module?17:49
dobeyFrench_31: no, the solution to that is to work to further convergence17:49
JasonSinas@kyrofa THANK YOU!!!17:49
JasonSinasI was hoping for oo-bun-to...17:49
mhall119French_31: Ubuntu phone apps will already run on the desktop17:49
Guest16648what exactly is a developer? JasonSinas17:49
mhall119but the current desktop doesn't offer safe confinement, so they're not made available through the store17:50
dobeya developer is one who develops17:50
kyrofaDragos, Ubuntu has supported touchscreens for... ever17:50
JasonSinas@Guest developer17:50
JasonSinasnoun: developer; plural noun: developers17:50
JasonSinas    a person or thing that develops something.17:50
JasonSinas    "a property developer"17:50
Dragosoh ok17:50
Freya_guyhello, sorry I'm late! I hope we still have sometime. I have a question.17:50
dobeymhall119: the phone apps also do not integrate well with the traditional environment17:50
tedgHa, kyrofa I'm telling bregma that you called him forever old ;-)17:50
kyrofatedg, HAHAHA17:51
Guest16648In Open Source community what developers develop?17:51
_Ridgewingdpm: PLEAASE ask about Jane doing a Reddit AMA before we end , cheers.17:51
dobeyGuest16648: they develop open source17:51
Freya_guyaww.. is the question about unity dock has been asked yet? Especially about its  movability?17:51
mhall119French_31: it's been asked a million times in the past, always the same answer17:51
dobeymhall119: Freya_guy not French_3117:52
Freya_guyalso can 15.10 users download and use Gnome Software center?17:52
JasonSinas@Guest Depends what you develop in particular...17:52
Freya_guyso no? :( thanks17:52
mhall119dobey: thanks, tab-complete failed me17:52
cyphermoxalways the mythical man-month story really.17:52
Guest16648then it should be simple for new people to come and understand whts going on in is this community17:52
JasonSinas@Guest For example, I work for Xiaomi and I develop HTML5 applications.17:52
dobeyGuest16648: it's plenty simple17:53
JasonSinas@Guest Umm17:53
Dragosmhall119: is it posible to run osx apps on ubuntu>17:53
mhall119Guest16648: again, if you can help us, come help us. Join #ubuntu-community-team or #ubuntu-devel17:53
mhall119Dragos: no17:53
cyphermoxGuest16648: what makes you feel that it's complicated? you should bring your specific concerns to the other channels, as mhall119 mentioned :)17:53
mhall119JasonSinas: when will we get a Xiaomi Ubuntu Phone?17:53
dobeyGuest16648: however, joining an irc channel and trolling because you for some reason don't like a piece of software, is not developing things :)17:53
Freya_guy1 minute left in this session! <-- what is this?17:53
JasonSinas@mhall Totally agree.17:53
Dragosmhall119: can i help?17:53
Guest16648but i dint think so... lets head to Mir site for proofing itd simplicity17:53
mhall119Dragos: anybody can help :)17:53
cyphermoxFreya_guy: just reminder because the schedules can be tight17:54
French_31 Thank's, i did'no know :) Ubuntu miss a REAL "end user commity to drive the dev work ^^ Its a real weak to by pass what end users have to say ^^17:54
Dragosirc client for ubuntu?17:54
_Ridgewingdpm: PLEAASE ask about Jane doing a Reddit AMA before we end , cheers.17:54
Freya_guyDragos: pidgin17:54
mhall119French_31: in Ubuntu, the people who do the work decide the work17:54
mariogripneed year i think we need 2 hours for Q&A with the ceo17:54
mariogrip(next summit)17:54
JasonSinas@mhall I have not heard of any plans for a Xiaomi Ubuntu phone.17:54
mhall119Dragos: there are many IRC clients for Ubuntu, XChat, irssi, even empathy and pidgin17:55
JasonSinas@mhall And it is unlikely at this point.17:55
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mhall119JasonSinas: just saying, Xiaomi and Ubuntu would be a great match :)17:55
mhall119nice hardware, nice software17:55
Guest16648haha mhall11917:55
JasonSinas@mhall Yes, but the problem is much more complicated.17:55
Dragosmhall119: sudo apt-get install joy happines comunity17:56
mhall119JasonSinas: oh I know, but a guy can be hopeful right?17:56
dobeymhall119: follow the porting guide ;)17:56
JasonSinas@mhall We have worked on MIUI for a long time (nearly five years now).17:56
Guest16648Dragos now whitespaces in apt-get install please17:56
mhall119dobey: you over-estimate my technical abilities17:56
DragosGuest16648: sudo apt-get install sorry17:56
ogra_mhall119, but it has the exact steps !17:56
mariogripsnappy install :)17:56
mhall119ogra_: still over-estimating me :)17:57
wililupyjuju deploy :)17:57
ogra_mhall119, nevar !17:57
JasonSinas@mhall What we are doing however is opening up out platform more, for example Windows 10 for the Mi417:57
dobeymhall119: convince ogra_ to do it for you. i hear whisky helps ;)17:57
Freya_guyI have another question although it is too late to answer on the video, why does installing gnome-desktop breaks Ubuntu? I have done this twice and it always breaks light-dm and gdm. I am a vapid distro hopper, I remind you. lol17:57
kyrofaAh! Not an LTS?!17:57
popeyCorrect answer!17:57
mhall119maybe JasonSinas can help me port Ubuntu to a Xiaomi phone17:57
kyrofaWhat if it's unstable?17:57
Guest16648we dont compare things like Windows does so dont say anything about windows here17:57
BrianLinuxingGood set of questions, I enjoyed Jane's candid answers :)17:58
CheeseBurgThanks Jane!17:58
JasonSinas@mhall logsington@gmail.com for any questions.17:58
JasonSinasNot a good place to ask this.17:58
_Ridgewingit's over.17:58
popeyNicely done silbs!17:58
dobeyFreya_guy: why don't you install the ubuntu-gnome metapackage?17:58
mhall119thank you for all the answers silbs17:58
BrianLinuxingthanks dpm17:58
ogra_thanks silbs !!!17:58
hwpplayer1Have a good day17:58
JasonSinasHowever, I would be more than happy if Canonical contacts my people at Xiaomi about this. @mhall17:59
wililupyBye, Thanks!17:59
Freya_guydobey: I installed the full desktop package for gnome. But after I removed it  (gnome-dekstop), it broke the lightdm.17:59
elopiothank you.17:59
_RidgewingBye Jane !17:59
balloonsthanks everyone!17:59
Guest16648why its hard for ubuntu to use latest stable Kernel?17:59
Freya_guyso im on elementaryos right now, its okay to use.17:59
dpmthanks everyone!17:59
Dragosubuntu for kids :)17:59
dobeyFreya_guy: i don't think that's what gnome-desktop is17:59
balloonsmy favorite asrtwork is also hardy heron :p17:59
mhall119JasonSinas: if you can PM me a good contact email or phone #, I will be happy to pass it on to someone at Canonical who can do that17:59
dobeyGuest16648: it does use it just fine17:59
dobeyGuest16648: stop trolling :)17:59
dpmsorry we couldn't go through all of the questions, but I think it was a great one17:59
Freya_guyanyway, thanks for this AMA guys17:59
Freya_guylater. cheers18:00
JasonSinas@mhall Thing is, if Xiaomi contacts us about this, we would be more than happy to co-develop a custom ROM for   Ubuntu for the Xiaomi flagship devices.18:00
mhall119JasonSinas: didn't you say you work for Xiaomi?18:01
ogra_JasonSinas, dont hold back !18:01
ogra_(i'd buy it)18:01
Dragosmhall119: ubuntu for kids18:01
Dragosmy project18:01
mhall119Dragos: look at edubuntu and join the #edubuntu IRC channel18:01
JasonSinasI am mainly a HTML developer for MiCloud18:01
JasonSinasThere are lots of departments where I work18:02
mhall119JasonSinas: understood, but if you can give us a contact for the correct department to talk to about this, I'll have somebody from our side do that18:02
Dragosno not edubuntu an text based os with teaches kids how to install packages, add repositories etd, until they have a fully working kubuntu laptop18:02
JasonSinasAgain, Canonical is more than welcome to contact us, just like Microsoft did with their Windows 10 ROM.18:02
JasonSinas@mhall Sorry, didn't read that.18:03
* popey would love a Xiaomi phone running Ubuntu. They make some nice devices!18:03
JasonSinasI can't eactly do that. We have a LOT of departments and most of them are Chinese only.18:03
mhall119JasonSinas: feel free to PM me, probably don't want to post contact details in a public/logged channel18:03
mhall119JasonSinas: we have people who can contact those departments18:04
JasonSinasOkay, please link?18:04
mhall119JasonSinas: link to what?18:04
JasonSinasI am just used to chat.18:04
JasonSinasWe use WeChat.18:05
JasonSinasLink me to a convo and I'll be there in a flash.18:05
JasonSinasI am legitimately untrested.18:05
JasonSinas@mhall I meant II am not used to chat on IRC. My keyboard is running out of juice so it is doubleclicking18:07
Guest16648Can anyone explain why there is games for Ubuntu?18:09
mhall119JasonSinas: you can email me mhall119@ubuntu.com to continue this if you'd like18:11
JasonSinasI will reply by tomorrow and then forward you to a few departments.18:13
Andreas_288Are there plans to bring Ubuntu touch to the Fairphone 2?18:54

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