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flexiondotorgballoons, dholbach I've got a couple of questions about my UOS session later.10:09
flexiondotorgI did UOS 15.05 and had some difficulty linking up with Hangouts.10:10
flexiondotorgCan one of you help with that?10:10
dholbachflexiondotorg, balloons and davidcalle should be around to help10:11
flexiondotorgWhat nearer the time?10:12
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS/Sessions is what it should take to set it up10:12
flexiondotorgdholbach, Thanks.10:12
dholbachif you can't get the session set up, they'll help you10:12
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bzoltan_Hello all13:52
James_MulhollandHi balloons!14:01
James_MulhollandHi all14:02
zbenjaminhi all14:03
core_apps_policehi everyone !14:03
balloonsAny questions you have, feel free to leave them here and I'll ask them to the presenters :-)14:03
balloonscore_apps_police, your name is so fun. I love it14:04
core_apps_policeQUESTION: What is happening with the design editor? I'm learning to code, and that feature was helping a lot..14:05
balloonsstuart gets a shoutout . . .14:07
balloonslive demos ALWAYS go well ;p14:09
ahayzenQUESTION: What happened to Akiva's autopilot plugin for the SDK, is that still WIP ?14:10
ahayzenQUESTION: Which build process is now 'recommended' cmake, qmake, qmlproject etc ?14:11
core_apps_policeI think qmake..14:12
core_apps_policebut is just my opinion :p14:12
balloonsI'll ask everyone's questions after the demo, so hang tight for a few14:13
ahayzenhehe yeah most of the coreapps moved to cmake ages ago, i've used qmake on a few others14:13
ahayzeni'm sure balloons remembers the transition to cmake :')14:13
bzoltan_ahayzen: I will answer the second question in a sec14:15
ahayzenoh sweet :-)14:15
balloonsbzoltan_, if you look in the pad, you'll see all the questions that have been asked thus far14:15
bzoltan_balloons:  ohh.. nice14:15
balloonsshould you want to answer them sooner ;-014:15
* ahayzen assumes there is an easy way to run QMLTestrunner from inside QtC ...14:16
balloonsanymore questions? now's the time to ask14:19
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ahayzenQUESTION: Is there ETA on convergence features like scrollbars, right click menus, global menu bar support etc appearing in the SDK ?14:20
mhall119QUESTION: how will MainView work in a world where apps can have multiple windows? Will MainView still be the root component for apps, or will an app be able to have more than one MainView, each in it's own window?14:22
ahayzenmhall119, i had a Window { MainView {} } before that then spawned another Window from a Loader {} inside that14:23
ahayzenmhall119, i wonder what we would 'expect' to happen if you tried to open another Window when on a mobile device though ?14:24
mhall119ahayzen: mzanetti mentioned design discussions about that yesterday14:27
mhall119is ActionBar in 1.3 or coming in 1.4?14:28
zsombimhall119: MainView will be the main view of the apps, as its name states. Additional windows will have other root components, perhaps Window will be good enough or we'll need a dedicated one to show a modal window14:28
zsombimhall119: ActionBar is 1.3 All you see presented by kalikiana is 1.314:29
zsombimhall119: remember, 1.3 API is not frozen yet14:29
mhall119zsombi: um, it's not?14:29
ahayzenzsombi, there is a modality property :-) http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-qtquick-window-window.html#modality-prop14:30
zsombiahayzen: then once Mir has it, we can use that :)14:30
mhall119zsombi: bzoltan_: we need to have a discussion about when/why/how APIs get frozen14:30
bzoltan_mhall119:  no it is not14:30
bzoltan_mhall119:  have you read my mail about this on the ML?14:31
mhall119bzoltan_: which ML?14:31
balloonsQUESTION: What keyboard support exists right now? Can I tab between text fields, ctrl+a to select all text, etc?14:31
balloonsarrow keys to switch between things14:31
bzoltan_mhall119: https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg16138.html14:31
zsombiballoons: yes14:32
zsombiballoons: arrow kesy never switch between things :)14:32
Sid_PaytonQUESTION: About a year ago a new text selection function for better and easier textselection was discussed and postponed.  Is it back  on the plate? Still a bit hard to select text on Ubuntu Touch14:33
mhall119bzoltan_: thanks, reading those emails makes sense14:38
bzoltan_mhall119:  I was asked the same (very valid) qustions that I had to send that mail... but of course we need to talk about it.14:38
balloonsQUESTION: Can you define seperate options for similar actions (For instance the swiping on phone and right clicking on desktop). Do these need to perform the same code or can they be different?14:40
balloonsI hope that question makes sense14:40
mhall119QUESTION: Bottom edge on desktops isn't nearly as usable as on a device, are there any designs yet for how that will converge?14:41
mhall119QUESTION: Can we have an API to change the icon color for header/actionbar actions? My use case is a "mail" icon that I want to change color when there are new messages, currently I have to change the icon source14:42
ahayzenQUESTION: What has happened to the HUD? Maybe would could integrate Mycroft with the HUD ?14:45
mhall119ahayzen: that's probably not a question for the SDK team, more for design and Unity devs14:46
ahayzenhehe, is it on the sdk teams radar though ;-)14:46
balloonsNo harm in planting the seed in someone's mind by asking eh?14:46
ahayzenexactly ;-)14:47
mhall119QUESTION: The webbrowser app's convergence tabs work really well, can we bring that into the UITK for other apps to use?14:47
mhall119yay designers! \o/14:49
James_Mulhollandmhall119 - Yes, adding a convergent tabs component is in the plan14:49
mhall119thanks James_Mulholland14:49
mhall119the UITK is growing up so fast :)14:50
James_Mulhollandmhall119 - no probs, I'm the one working on that so ping me if you have any subsequent questions! :)14:50
roadmrQUESTION: any suggested workarounds for the case where I'm using an encrypted home? (bug 1427264). Could the SDK at least detect this situation so it doesn't explode?14:51
mhall119James_Mulholland: my questions will be more for those implementing it I think14:51
mhall119but thanks14:51
mhall119did somebody ask about Menus yet?14:51
ahayzenmhall119, what type of menus?14:52
zbenjaminkalikiana: didn't you use a encrypted home? How did you fix it?`14:52
mhall119like app/window menus14:52
faenilahayzen: I'm currently working on the Scrollbar implementation, feel free to contact me if you have additional questions14:52
kalikianaI do. I'll check, there's something in my fstab I think14:52
ahayzenfaenil, oh cool :-) will that be automatically added to Flickable's ?14:52
zsombimhall119: yes, I just said, there will be menus, context menus and app menus as well, but context menus have higher priority14:52
James_MulhollandAnd I'm working on Menus (contextual, app menus. etc)14:52
James_Mulhollandso ping me after the session if you like!14:52
mhall119thanks zsombi, bzoltan_, kalikiana, zbenjamin, Femma_A and James_Mulholland14:52
roadmrthanks for the session!14:53
ahayzenthanks guys :-)14:53
faenilFlickable is a QtQuick component, so we can't change that to be specific to our UI14:53
mhall119James_Mulholland: any chance you're working on the HUD redesign too? :)14:53
ahayzenfaenil, ah damn, but the UbuntuListView etc right ?14:53
faenilahayzen: the current plan is to add ScrollView which will provide the scrollbars, and you just add the Flickable as ScrollView's child14:53
ahayzenfaenil, ah awesome :-)14:53
roadmrballoons: thanks :D :D14:54
James_MulhollandThanks all!14:54
ahayzenfaenil, i think Tim said you had been working on scrolling the head sections ?14:54
faenilahayzen: yes, I did a prototype a few months ago, it's public. But timp is in charge of the productized version14:54
James_Mulhollandmhall119 - not working on HUD Im afraid, you can check with Femma regarding current plans for UITK components though14:54
ahayzenfaenil, ah cool, i wonder if it would fix this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/148959114:55
kalikianaroadmr: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/click/+bug/1427264/comments/1514:55
mhall119James_Mulholland: do you know who is working on the HUD designs, or who was working on them last?14:55
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faenilahayzen: it surely should :)14:56
* flexiondotorg is ready, just needs some Hangout help :-)14:56
ahayzenfaenil, :-)14:56
roadmrkalikiana: thanks, I'll try that!14:56
flexiondotorgballoons, Will you be setting up the Hangout on Air?14:57
balloonsflexiondotorg, I cannot set this one up, I'm in another14:58
balloonsHowever, I will get someone to help14:58
flexiondotorgballoons, Thanks.14:58
flexiondotorgnadrimajstor, Hi :-)14:59
flexiondotorgfrecel, Hello :-)14:59
popeyjose is on his way15:01
flexiondotorgpopey, Thanks.15:01
joseflexiondotorg: ping, mind a quick PM?15:02
_RidgewingI can see you .. now.15:05
frecelI can hear you15:05
bbrawnerI can hear and see you15:05
freceland see you15:05
RPiAwesomenessO_O Martin does not look like I had imagined him from the Ubuntu podcast15:06
AdamRPCSI can see but not hear15:06
_RidgewingI can see the slides, and hear you.15:06
bbrawnerI can see the slides15:07
nadrimajstorHe can clearly speaks with authority... He got glasses :D15:07
_RidgewingHaha ha .15:07
AdamRPCSI can see and hear now15:08
justsomeoneQUESTION: would unity 8 work?15:10
BrianLinuxing2Coming late to the session.15:11
BrianLinuxing2Question: what approx. time for an install?15:11
BrianLinuxing2thank you, a good answer.15:19
_RidgewingMartin, lost audio15:27
ali1234_Ridgewing: questions better on irc than etherpad15:27
_Ridgewingmaybe me thou.15:27
ali1234no it's dead for me too15:28
r0m1Dead here too15:28
ali1234flexiondotorg: we can't hear you15:28
flexiondotorgCan anyobne here?15:28
BrianLinuxing2just dropped too, whilst I was enjoying it!15:28
ali1234last thing i heard was when you started talking about dd'ing the image15:28
BrianLinuxing2me too15:29
_RidgewingREFRESH THE PAGE should work ...15:29
ali1234no it just plays the last 10 seconds when i refresh15:29
flexiondotorgAll good?15:29
flexiondotorgHear me?15:29
flexiondotorgSee me?15:29
_Ridgewingno sound.15:29
ali1234"we create a big file either 4G 8 G or 16G"15:29
_RidgewingNo sound or video.15:29
justsomeonemeh :/15:30
justsomeonewhat happened?15:30
ali1234technical difficulties15:30
flexiondotorgI'm being told that some people can hear me.15:30
flexiondotorgSo, those that can't, please refresh.15:30
BrianLinuxing2It is a very polished presentation, which falters as he's explaining the DD part15:30
nadrimajstorHe is not using openwrt firmware :D15:30
ali1234i refreshed like 10 times15:31
flexiondotorgWho here can hear me?15:31
bbrawnerI'm not sure if it's my internet or not but I'm stuck on a loading screen15:31
BrianLinuxing2Refresh didn't work for me, but will do it on the YouTube channel again.15:31
_RidgewingQUESTION: Are you aware of this campaign & Did you collaborate ? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-raspberry-pi-build-cluster-for-ubuntu#/15:31
RemixDaveFrozen at DD here.15:32
justsomeoneagainstill doesn't work ...15:32
justsomeoneagainneither on youtube nor here :(15:32
bbrawnerI refreshed and it's just loading15:32
flexiondotorgSorry some of you have lost the connection.15:32
josefolks, there's some delay on youtube, you can blame google for that15:32
justsomeoneagainhowever, carry on, will watch it late15:32
r0m1Refreshed, still stuck (same thing on the Youtube page)15:32
* _Ridgewing clicks .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9BM20J_D0Y to no avail.15:32
flexiondotorgThe organiser says the stream is still live.15:32
flexiondotorgI'll press and come to IRc for questions is a few mins.15:32
_Ridgewingflexiondotorg: What distro are you using ?15:32
ali1234good cos i have lots of questions15:33
RPiAwesomenessThis will be available afterwards on YT, correct?15:34
ali1234it might just cut out at the same place though so who knows15:34
RPiAwesomenessBothersome thing won't load for me :(15:34
RPiAwesomenessOh, so it's cutting out for you too?15:34
ali1234for everyone here15:34
ali1234nobody has spoken up and said it works for them yet15:35
frecelWe basically create a big file...15:35
bbrawnerRPiAwesomeness: https://www.youtube.com/user/UbuntuOnAir/videos15:35
RPiAwesomenessLet's hope it works, this looks really interesting15:35
bbrawnerVids should be uploaded there if I'm not mistaken15:35
* _Ridgewing goes and makes a cuppa Horlicks. suggestions ?15:35
* nadrimajstor off to make a cup of coffee15:36
BrianLinuxingI was really enjoying that!15:36
_Ridgewingdpm, We're having issues with Martin's audio and video.15:36
* _Ridgewing is Back with Horlicks.15:37
* _Ridgewing decides to take a sneaky peek of the rest of the slides : http://ubuntu-mate.org/slides/uos-1511/15:37
dpmthanks _Ridgewing for the heads up. Might be worth pointing it to jose, as he was hosting the hangout15:38
josedpm: looks like it's the youtube lag, because everything's working fine on the HO15:39
dpm_Ridgewing, ^^15:39
dpmthanks jose15:39
_Ridgewingjose: ^ no audio & video in this hangout at moment : http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22575/ubuntu-pi-flavour-maker/ Done.15:39
jose_Ridgewing: it's the lag I believe?15:39
ali1234what is "the lag"?15:40
ali1234the youtube stream doesn't work for anyone at all, it just plays the last 10 seconds when you reload15:40
ali1234flexiondotorg: YES15:40
ali1234QUESTION: How much of this is automated? I missed the start...15:40
josethere's a lag between things are said and emitted on youtube. also, I double checked and it's your end. I opened the video and can see/hear alright.15:40
ali1234jose: that is not the problem15:40
RPiAwesomenessYeah, but it just plays for a few seconds & then stops playing15:41
ali1234you open the video, it plays for 10 seconds then freezes15:41
RPiAwesomenessIt just loads forever after ~10 seconds15:41
josethen it's a connection error15:41
ali1234you refresh, it plays the same 10 seconds then freezes15:41
_Ridgewingflexiondotorg: Seems to be using some obscure ubuntu system called Mate. Oh Think Of The Children ! https://greylining.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/think-of-the-children.jpg15:41
ali1234the same 10 seconds for everyone here15:41
flexiondotorgali1234, It is 100% automated.15:41
ali1234cool, i will definitely try it out on Xubuntu then15:41
ali1234QUESTION: Do you support device tree in the Pi kernel?15:41
flexiondotorgali1234, Although, if you install the optional Pi 2 software Jack needs a preseed.15:41
joseI'm playing it alright. it'll be recorded anyways, so you won't miss anything15:42
ali1234for stuff like enabling the i2c, spi and other hardware15:42
flexiondotorgali1234, Yes, device tree support is exactly the same as the Raspbian Kernel.15:42
_Ridgewingflexiondotorg: Where is the bug list for this project in Launchpad or git-hub ?15:43
flexiondotorgSo, the new Raspberry Pi Touch screen works once the approrpaite device tree is enabled.15:43
ali1234QUESTION: Are you aware of LTSP on Raspberry Pi?15:43
flexiondotorg_Ridgewing, All in Launchpad. Althought I'm using git not bazaar for source control.15:43
RPiAwesomenessYeah. Just full reloaded (Ctrl-F5) and tried opening the hangouts link. Same issue15:44
flexiondotorgali1234, Yes, I am aware of LTSP on Pi.15:44
_Ridgewingflexiondotorg: Yes , but can I have the address to the bug-list, please ?15:44
flexiondotorgali1234, However, I typically X2Go.15:44
* _Ridgewing Wants to help-out !15:44
ali1234did you know that they can now boot the ubuntu kernel over the network from u-boot?15:44
ali1234i ask because the thing preventing it was related to device tree15:45
flexiondotorgali1234, Did know about u-boot.15:45
flexiondotorgBut noth the network thing.15:45
ali1234it now fully boots with only u-boot and config.txt on the sd card, nothing else15:45
flexiondotorgIf might be possible to use uboot with berryboot to create a single image with every flavour on it.15:45
ali1234don't even need berryboot15:46
flexiondotorgali1234, You know you stuff. Please join the team :-)15:46
ali1234you can have u-boot throw up a menu15:46
_Ridgewingflexiondotorg: so want your telling me from this address -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-pi-flavour-maker15:46
ogra_ali1234, sadly uboot cant load the devicetree on its own though15:46
_Ridgewingflexiondotorg ... is that there are no bugs listed for this, as of yet ?15:46
ali1234ogra_: yes it can15:46
ogra_(i mean it can load it but the kernel wont accept it)15:46
ali1234ogra_: we did it in raspberrypi a couple of days ago15:47
ali1234oh hey the stream is back15:47
_RidgewingI hear audio !15:47
ogra_ali1234, uboot can nly load the dtb from ram ... the blob loader needs to do the actual loading15:47
flexiondotorg_Ridgewing, Just enabled Bugs in LP :-)15:47
_Ridgewingok cheers.15:47
RPiAwesomenessEy, it's back now15:47
ogra_elsre it will all fall back to ATAGs and peripherials wont work ... nor will dtb overlays15:47
ali1234ogra_: u-boot can load the dtb from a tftp server and put it in ram. the kernel will then use it15:47
ali1234it can also load the dtb from fat partition15:48
ogra_not in my testing15:48
ali1234in fact if you do not supply a dtb the kernel will not get past "uncompressing linux"15:48
_RidgewingAll we can see is the slides !15:48
ogra_it always uses ATAGs ... and broadcom confirmed to me that this isnt possible15:48
ali1234what do you mean "it"15:48
flexiondotorgI'm going join IRC fully. ANd end the hangout.15:48
_Ridgewingflexiondotorg: QUESTION: Are you aware of this campaign & Did you collaborate ? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-raspberry-pi-build-cluster-for-ubuntu#/15:49
ogra_the kernel falls back to ATAs if the dtb doesnt come from ram, preloaded by the blob loader15:49
ali1234ogra_: that's not correct any more. the upstream raspi kernel no longer supports ATAGS15:49
ogra_so you will boot but with degraded HW capabilities if you load it from uboot only15:49
ogra_unless that changed in the last 8 weeks15:49
ali1234and the dtb does not need to be loaded by the blob, u-boot can do it and it works just the same. why would it make any difference?15:50
flexiondotorgOK, the hangout is ended.15:50
ali1234ogra_: so two days ago i tested all this and got it working15:50
jose5 minutes - Q&A time!15:50
flexiondotorgWe've got 5 mins to feild any questions.15:50
ogra_ali1234, ah, i'm only taslking about the official ubuntu kernel :) which is mainline plus rpi patches15:50
* ogra_ likes security support for his installs :)15:50
balloonsflexiondotorg, I missed the whole session. got a TLDR :p15:50
ali1234with no dtb the kernel hangs at "uncompressing linux" and when u-boot loads a dtb it boots fine and everything works15:50
balloonserr TLDW15:50
flexiondotorg_Ridgewing, Yes, was aware. Backed it.15:50
ali1234ogra_: this was with a raspbian kernel and with an ubuntu kernelm they both did the same thing15:50
ogra_ali1234, with broken dtb it shoudl just fall back to atags15:51
ogra_it definitely does here15:51
flexiondotorg_Ridgewing, Even shared my Arch Linux cluster knowledged to 2x Pi 115:51
ali1234although to be honest i do not know precisely where the ubuntu kernel came from15:51
ogra_it boots fine but you end up with no /proc/device-tree15:51
ogra_ali1234, it was initiated by having the official snappy rpi2 image15:52
ali1234ogra_: i know that it should, and indeed it does when booting from the blob15:52
flexiondotorgali1234, The current kernel provides a default DTB that works just like the default Raspbian kernel.15:52
josevideo recording is up now in case anyone wants to re-watch!15:52
ali1234but if you boot from u-boot with no dtb it hangs15:52
flexiondotorgali1234, This is not using the Raspi2 kernel for Snappy in 15.10.15:52
ogra_it also provides all overlay dtbs15:52
flexiondotorgUbuntu Pi Flavour Maker uses a "port" of the Raspberry Pi Foundation Kernel.15:52
ali1234yes, u-boot cannot do overlays15:52
ali1234ogra_: can you point me to the vmlinuz of an official ubuntu kernel to test this?15:53
ogra_ali1234, sure and if you boot with one that was loaded from somewhere else than ram (0x100 specifically) it will use ATAGs15:53
flexiondotorgLooks like we're done.15:53
ogra_ali1234, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-raspi2/4.2.0-1014.2115:53
flexiondotorgThanks to everyone who attended, please do join the team if you're interested in this project.15:53
flexiondotorgogra_, Thanks for all the useful info.15:54
ogra_flexiondotorg, np :)15:54
ogra_thanks for running that topic (i sadly had other duties during half of it)15:54
flexiondotorgAnd we're done. I hope you all enjoy the next session.15:54
flexiondotorgogra_, Well, hopefully the video recorded OK and you can watch it at your leisure.15:55
ogra_yeah, will do :)15:55
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ali1234ogra_: what exactly are we arguing about here again?15:56
ogra_ali1234, uboot cant load device trees properly and will set atags if the dtb doesnt come from ram15:57
ali1234i just want to be sure :)15:57
ali1234what do you mean by "come from ram"15:57
ali1234you mean "was already loaded by the blob"?15:57
ogra_ali1234, how about we go to #ubuntu-arm15:57
ali1234sure np15:57
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balloonsall set presenter?18:01
LarreaMikelHi, no plasma mobile?18:13
balloonshey, it seems so.18:17
popeyfanahh well, at least i can go eat before the next session :)18:19
balloonsI went ahead and removed it from the schedule18:20
balloonssorry for that. I wanted to see it also, but the presenter isn't about atm18:20
balloonsNot sure what happened18:20
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LarreaMikelok, no problem ;)18:26
ovidiu-florinmhall119: ping18:48
mhall119ovidiu-florin: pong18:50
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ovidiu-florinmhall119: our link: http://youtu.be/fVkGnKfavnw18:50
ovidiu-florinfor the Kubuntu Podcast18:51
mhall119ovidiu-florin: thanks, got it in summit now18:51
ovidiu-florinthank you18:51
ovidiu-florinsgclark2: hello18:58
ovidiu-florinapparently I'm the only one here18:58
ovidiu-florinmhall119: can we start?19:00
mhall119ovidiu-florin: whenever you're ready19:01
mhall119ovidiu-florin: aaron might be in the ubports session?19:03
ovidiu-florinI don't know19:04
mhall119he's marked as attending that one anyway19:04
sgclark2Correct @ Randa :)19:06
_Ridgewingovidiu-florin: Could we have English at the top of the language-chooser by default ?19:07
sgclark2too late19:10
* sgclark2 takes a month vacation19:11
_Ridgewingsgclark2: Too late for what ?19:12
sgclark2Over working myself in open source19:12
_Ridgewingovidiu-florin: where's THE BEER ?19:13
_Ridgewingsgclark2: I feel for that.19:13
frecelI never got into using activities in KDE. I can see why some people like it but I just don't know how to use it it my workflow19:21
* sgclark2 hides19:25
clivejo2can we clones Scarlet?19:26
clivejo2hlaf a dozen Scarlets and Kubuntu would be amazing!19:26
frecelThere should be a big GET INVOLVED button on the front page of kubuntu.org that links to a wiki page with all the information about how one could help the kubuntu community19:27
_Ridgewingsgclark2: Oh yeah .. what's the patreon account, address ?19:28
_Ridgewingoh , got it !19:28
_RidgewingHappy to help out with, promotion , here !19:30
clivejo2it would take me more than 20mins to download it!19:30
* clivejo2 kicks slow internet19:31
sgclark2lol last minutes19:32
_Ridgewingovidiu-florin: I just thought of another outlet for 16.04 . How about distro-watch ... ??19:45
ovidiu-florin_Ridgewing: what about it?19:45
_Ridgewingovidiu-florin: It's just another "softpedia", that I need to contact.19:46
ovidiu-florinwhat about distro-watch?19:50
ovidiu-florin_Ridgewing: ^19:50
_RidgewingIn the last podcast, yesterday . I was put in charge of self-propotion for Kubuntu (i.e. contacting softpedia etc) . Distrowatch is another outlet that I need to contect to keep their page for Kubuntu updated , Ok ?19:51
valoriesounds good, _Ridgewing19:53
valorieI've been listening at my other computer while cooking and eating. :-)19:53
sgclark2Need to add my new backports to website :)19:53
* ahoneybun works on that19:55
_RidgewingHere's a good Show-and-tell , be sure to subscribe ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73YRk9P9l9Y19:55
valorieamen! report bugs19:55
valorievery important contribution19:56
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/Artwork19:56
ahoneybunhe made those awesome cards too19:56
_Ridgewingovidiu-florin: http://imgur.com/Wjn1cvc19:56
_RidgewingAlso here: Album http://imgur.com/a/ZRjjz19:57
_RidgewingI hate the bot !19:58
_RidgewingHere's the video: https://youtu.be/fVkGnKfavnw19:59
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_RidgewingGreat video ..)20:01
ovidiu-florinthank you20:01

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