rick_h__jcastro: that's ok, it'll snow this weekend just because it can01:18
rick_h__ok, so not snow...but more typical late fall stuff01:18
jrwrenglobal warming!02:36
greg-gglobal weirding05:30
cmaloneygreg-g: Will check it out12:00
cmaloneyunrelated: Good morning12:01
brouschOh sure, my new job starts in 12 days and now rick_h__  wants Python devs ;)14:26
jrwrenbrousch: its a SWEET project too.14:30
jrwrenbrousch: its almost one of those once in a lifetime opportunities to be part of something special.14:30
jrwrenalmost... :p14:30
brouschAh well, after a few years at this new job I'll be a whole new level of developer14:31
brouschWorking with a team of devs better than I am14:32
jrwrenbrousch: I hear that.14:34
* jgransden rethinks diving into c++ and cracks open a python book :)14:35
jrwrengreg-g: alan shore your schadenfreude18:09
jrwren"Shadenfreude. From the German words, Schaden and Freude, damage and joy. It means to take spiteful, malicious delight in the misfortune of others. We used to dismiss this as simply an ugly side of human nature, but it is much much more than that. Recently a Stanford professor actually captured Schadenfreude on a brain scan. It's a physiological medical phenomenon. When we see others fall it sometimes18:11
jrwren causes a chemical to be released in the dorsal striatum of the brain which actually causes us to feel pleasure. If you watch the news or read the papers, which of course you don't because the Judge said not to, but if you did, you would see the undeniable delicious joy of the media and the public over Kelly Nolan's plight. I have no doubt that you want Kelly Nolan to be punished. She married for mone18:11
jrwreny, she had an affair, she carried on naked in the pool with her boyfriend. She's cold, materialistic, unlikable, and it might bring you all pleasure to see her go to jail. But as for evidence to establish that she committed a murder beyond all reasonable doubt? It just isn't there. The only possible route to a guilty verdict here is Schadenfreude. "18:11
cmaloneyWhat the hell was that? :)18:13
jrwrenalan shore on schadenfreude18:13
jrwrengreg-g was making fun of my comcast.18:13
greg-genjoy your data caps18:14
greg-gI saw it coming and switch a while ago18:14
cmaloneyHey, you can pay $35 for unlimited18:14
cmaloneyand then another for unlimited unlimited18:14
jrwrenI'm going to switch to business class18:14
greg-gplus, sonic.net is rolling out FTTH in my area, the more people with their DSL service the more likely that area gets FTTH18:14
cmaloneyI'm sure you'll be able to bundle your unlimiteds together18:15
greg-g"Get all 3 Unlimiteds for just $199 extra per month!"18:15
greg-gyeah, fuck that shit, not what I want to support in the world of "money == votes"18:15
cmaloneyWell, in the "you're costing us money in fulfilling our promises" business model18:16
cmaloneysee also: Microsoft One Drive18:16
cmaloneyapparently unlimited != 75TB18:16
greg-gheh, yeah18:16
jrwreni get as fast or faster than some folks I know with FTTH. :p18:20
cmaloneyYes, but there's a huge difference between fiber and cable18:21
jrwrenmoney == votes - isn't that the definition of the free market? :p18:21
cmaloneyComcast can't handle their fiber.18:21
cmaloneyTried a pun18:22
cmaloneynot sure if pun worked or not18:22
greg-gthey weren't regular?18:27
rick_h__ moar fiber!18:27
rick_h__cmaloney: chc tonight?18:28
cmaloneyrick_h__: Planning on it18:30
rick_h__yea should be down tonight18:30
jrwrenSo... I got my first CherryMX KB yesterday. They are reds.19:00
jrwrenThey are not as clicky as the ALPS that I'm used to.19:00
jrwrenI still like it, but not as much as I thought I would.19:00
rick_h__booo reds19:01
rick_h__clear are my fav atm19:01
rick_h__jrwren: let's trade my shirts for a keyboard with clears at chc :)19:02
jrwrenrick_h__: that is doable. What time are you going to be out there?19:10
rick_h__jrwren: 8pm19:14
cscheibI got a Razer keyboard that has the equivalent of I think Browns in it... I quite like it19:15
jrwrenrick_h__: i'll probably be able to make it by 9ish.19:16
cmaloneyjrwren: Doubly awesome19:21
brouschOne of the guys at work came across this Modustri (my new job) article in a business magazine http://mibiz.com/item/23016-modustri%E2%80%99s-capital-raise-leads-to-partnership-with-caterpillar . Now I'm  getting ribbed for being "top-tier talent"19:46
_stink_better start wearing a suit19:47
brouschNo way. You see what CEO is wearing?19:47
brouschNo more khakis for me!19:48
jrwrenbrousch: not sure if that counts as getting ribbed.19:49
jrwrenbrousch: its like trying to rib michael jordan for being the best ever. :p19:49
brouschIt's all in how you say it19:49
_stink_"oooOOOOOhhh brousch, look, your new place only hires TOP TIER TALENT, ehhhhHH??"19:51
_stink_like that?19:51
brouschSee, _stink_ understands19:52
jrwrenoh brousch... you are actually trying to better yourself.19:57
jrwrenoh no!19:57
jrwrenwhoever is ribbing you sounds like the kind of person who would tease and alcolholic for not drinking, or another addict for not smoking crack.19:58
brouschVery likely20:00
cmaloneyhttps://plus.google.com/u/0/+Jos%C3%A9Cazalon/posts <- Wants to join CHC community20:31
cmaloneyAm thinking he's not serious.20:31
brouschYou cannot reject him. What if he's real? You will have alienated someone awesome.20:50
cmaloneyLike all of the coffee sellers that wanted to join the community. :)21:10

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