pieter2627morning all05:26
magespawngood morning05:27
pieter2627it's a cold morning... brrr..05:44
magespawnthere was some rain here this morning06:01
pieter2627still hoping for proper rain here06:11
inetprogood mornings06:33
inetpromagespawn: rain, what is that?06:33
pieter2627hi inetpro06:37
pieter2627rain is the meds to improve sleep :P06:38
inetprohere in Gauteng we just jump between extreme heat and almost extreme winter conditions all the time06:39
* pieter2627 invisioned a white christmas this morning06:40
andrewlsdMorning all.07:05
magespawninetpro: this sort of wet, slightly cold stuff that falls out of the sky, i had to go look it up07:31
magespawnif i ssh from byobu to a server, then run htop on the server, how do i stop htop without killing the byobu window/07:33
magespawnhey thatgraemeguy 07:33
thatgraemeguyuh, how do you normally exit htop?07:33
thatgraemeguyah i see you can use F1007:35
thatgraemeguypress 'q' just like plain old top07:35
magespawnright thanks07:35
magespawnhah, works like a charm07:36
magespawnplaying around using byobu on my local machine 07:39
inetpromagespawn: Ctrl+C07:41
magespawnthanks inetpro, that works as well07:43
* Kilos waves15:58
grembleAre any of you having trouble connecting to IRC with mweb?16:31
MaNIleft mweb a long time ago but had endless IRC problems wi th them before I did FWIW16:41
stickyboyKilos: Dude, what happened to our communities?17:30
Kiloswhat you mean stickyboy ?17:31
Kilosive been slack i spose17:31
stickyboyKilos: I'm leaving Kenya permanently in 3 weeks. :(17:32
Kilosoh my17:32
Kilosbefore you go get the ubuntu users in that lug to join the africa channel17:32
Kiloseven the other linux users17:33
Kilosstickyboy ^^17:34
Kilosfind someone to head things there17:35
stickyboyKilos: I'll still be involved, but I might start a new cult of personality in Bulgaria.17:36
Kilosenjoy yourself17:37
stickyboyEight years in Kenya...17:38
Kiloslike home already17:38
Kilosif you arent happy with leaving then why do it17:39
stickyboyKilos: Nah, it's home, but I am ready for new adventures. :)17:48
Kilostell those lug peeps to join us man17:56

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