knomeis is too much work to keep the source dirs as is?00:02
knomei mean, it doesn't sound like a huge issue even then00:02
knomewe're cp'ing dirs anyway00:03
krytarikNope, no extra work, the opposite really.00:03
krytarikBut, inconsistency... :P00:03
knomewe have that already though...00:04
knomeand there's the rationale that descriptive names are better for contributors working on the docs00:05
knomeand shorter names better on the built docs00:06
krytarikNo no, I'd just change "desktop-guide" to "user-docs".00:06
krytarik(And leave "contributor-docs".)00:07
knomei'll make slickymaster decide :P00:07
knomeanyway, can we make the script support both templates now?00:08
knomeand make the building work with the new structure00:08
krytarikOnly 'pdf-create.sh' needs to be adapted, the rest is all in the Makefiles.00:09
krytarikWe'll first have to fix the directory structure though.00:10
knomeif you do MP's for that, i can merge them into main00:10
krytarikAlso, we'll have to create a startpage for contrib.00:10
knomemmmm.. nope actually00:10
knomei was thinking we'd just use the same startpage for both00:10
krytarikYeah, that'd work too, I guess.00:11
knomebut let's leave that for $later00:11
krytarikOk, I'll work on the whole thing in the next days then - except the startpage.00:13
knomei'll be off most of the day tomorrow00:15
knomebut back in the evening00:15
krytarikThat is, I'll move the current one along the user docs, and have none for the contrib ones.00:16
krytarik+ with00:16
bluesabreevening folks00:16
Unit193bluesabre: Hi.00:16
knomehey seany00:16
bluesabrehey guys00:18
bluesabreflocculant: yes, 11utc is a-ok!00:18
bluesabreI pick c00:19
bluesabreflocculant: the overlay scrollbars in synaptic... yeah, apps running as root don't have the same environment00:20
Unit193/etc/X11/Xsession.d/56xubuntu-session ? :D00:21
bluesabreUnit193: yeah, but those vars are not in the session when running as root00:23
krytarikknome: You aware that the contrib docs' .pot isn't updated yet, after the latest additions?00:30
knomekrytarik, yes00:30
knomekrytarik, i'm not exactly waiting for translations there yet, either00:30
krytarikAnd much stuff to be added still too.00:31
knomeand likely somewhat lot changed00:31
knomeso yeah, not worried yet00:31
knomel, m, n, op00:42
knomeclever, right?00:43
bluesabrestop breaking things you two!00:56
* knome drops the vase00:56
bluesabremic check, 1 2 1 200:57
knomean angry, voiceful bluesabre appears00:57
knome@ = cinnamon bun00:58
meetingologyknome: Error: "=" is not a valid command.00:58
knomethat was surprising00:59
knomebig-mouthed bluesabre 00:59
knome"look ma, a whole cinnamon bun in my mouth!"01:00
kauefrThanks everyone for another wonderful release. Xubuntu is the best distro and it gets even better every release. Thank you.01:10
knomekauefr, you're welcome and thanks for the feedback01:14
bluesabreguess we can't mess it up for 16.04 then01:18
knomeof course we can01:18
bluesabreknome: -v me please01:18
knomemake bluesabre design the walpaper01:18
knomeactually you can do it yourself01:19
knomejust s/voice/devoice/ in the command01:19
bluesabrenot a channel operator01:20
knomeit was Unit193 who gave you that :D01:22
* knome giggles01:22
Unit193And yes, /cs devoice works.01:23
kauefrJust filed a bug report (#1512922), I hope I did it right.02:00
Unit193LP #151292202:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1512922 in xfce4-settings (Ubuntu) "Reverse scroll direction doesn't work in every application" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151292202:00
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flocculantcan't make contributors anymore 07:11
Unit193flocculant: make contributors-html07:56
flocculantmmm - why so? 07:59
flocculantjust out of interest you understand 07:59
Unit193Sure, because for the user docs the targets are 'html', 'style', 'translate', etc.  So in order for it to follow suit, same deal.  Also, -html only runs html, not clean or anything (I added clean to the global clean target.)08:02
flocculantk - think I get that :)08:02
flocculantthanks Unit193 :)08:02
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flocculantubuntu dropping software centre apparently - what does that mean for us and having it for 3 years ?18:48
bbrawnerflocculant: They're going to replace it with the gnome software center 18:52
ali1234who is they?18:53
bbrawnerali1234: Canonical? I'm not sure18:54
bbrawnerI just heard this from the online summit18:54
bbrawnerI think it was in the Python 3 talk that they mentioned it18:54
flocculantnothing official yet, but if it does happen we need to be aware if we have it for 3 years19:10
dkesselnext meeting is not on the team calendar :p19:23
flocculantwouldn't be - no-one's done that19:24
flocculantand the date is stc ;)19:24
dkesseloh right, there was that discussion19:24
dkesselsorry, now i remember19:24
dkesselwell i probably would be there for a 20/21/22 utc meeting19:25
flocculantit won't be then for sure :p19:25
flocculantbluesabre micahg - can you 2 try and come up with a compromise - if it's ok for me then I'll go for that - thanks19:27
dkesselso I sent this guy to #xubuntu - any idea on how to help him? :)19:34
bbrawnerHey so I'm looking to get involved with Xubuntu, preferrably development. Where would be a good place to start?19:36
dkesselwhat do you guys think about trying to include xfce4-appfinder built against gtk3 for xenial?19:37
dkesselbbrawner: you might want to look at this: http://xubuntu.org/contribute/19:38
dkesseland if you're interested in programming, the link "Development" might be interesting for you19:38
bbrawnerdkessel: Thanks!19:39
knomebbrawner, and introducing yourself and asking here isn't a bad idea either19:40
dkesselbbrawner: feel free to ask the others questions afterwards ;) i am away for today though19:40
bbrawnerThanks guys. I work as a web developer doing mostly php and javascript but I'm familiar with python as well19:41
knomebbrawner, if we decide to run a community wallpaper contest for 16.04, those skills might come in handy - we might build a platform for the submissions19:42
knomebbrawner, and hello, i'm the website lead :)19:43
bbrawnerknome: Cool, I'd love to help with that!19:43
bbrawnerNice to meet you!19:43
knomebbrawner, you familiar with wordpress?19:43
knomethere's nothing right now we need done, but in the future, maybe...19:43
bbrawnerknome: I do a ton of work with wordpress19:43
knomefwiw, here's our theme branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-website/xubuntu-website/theme19:44
bbrawnerknome: Sweet, I'll have to take a look at that19:45
ali1234anyne interested in a xubuntu image for raspberry pi?19:45
ali1234ubuntu mate released all their scripts, apparently it can build xubuntu19:46
bbrawnerali1234: Yeah, that looked interesting19:46
ali1234i'm going to try it at some point unless someone beats me to it19:46
knomeali1234, for an official image i don't think we have enough testers, but if there are volunteers to maintain it, i think we can enable a "community build"19:48
knomeand for the ISO itself, why not, though i don't have a pi (at least yet)19:49
ali1234the ISO itself?19:49
knomewell the image itself19:49
ali1234you don't use an install ISO on a pi...19:49
knomeOH WELL19:49
knometoo bad19:49
knomewhatever really19:49
* knome shrugs19:49
ali1234it needs a special bootloader setup and has to run oem-setup on first boot19:50
bbrawnerI don't have a pi either but I could use this as an excuse to get one haha19:51
flocculantali1234: for an official thing <bluesabre> flexiondotorg: so, that's all three xubuntu-release folks... I'd suggest holding off on those pi2 builds for xubuntu19:55
phillwhi guys, I've marked http://launchpad.net/bugs/1510911 as a duplicate on the grounds it shows exactly the same symptons to me as the 'master' bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1447038 which was in the Wily release notes.22:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1447038 in casper (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1510911 Shutdown/Restart of live session guest does not work in Virtualbox or VMWare" [High,Incomplete]22:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1447038 in casper (Ubuntu) "Shutdown/Restart of live session guest does not work in Virtualbox or VMWare" [High,Incomplete]22:00
bbrawnerknome: Where can I find more info on getting involved with the website team?23:10
knome<- bbrawner 23:10
bbrawnerHaha, well how can I get started?23:10
knomewell, as i said, at the moment we aren't looking for anything specific23:11
knomebut during this cycle we might need that submission platform for wallpapers23:11
phillwhiyas knome :)23:11
knomehello phillw 23:11
bbrawnerGotcha. Well I subscribed to the devel mailing list so I'll keep my eyes out for stuff on that. I'll also make it a point to log into this chat whenever I'm on so that I'm available if you need me23:12
knomebbrawner, great; subbing the ML is good and hanging around here is good23:12
knomeand of course, if you have ideas of your own...23:13
bbrawnerSure, I'll take a look around the site and see if anything comes to mind23:13
knomehttp://tracker.xubuntu.org/ too23:14
knomethe code for that isn't in a repository (yet)23:14
knomebut i should push it at some point23:14
knomei guess at least another pair of eyes for making sure the code makes sense wouldn't be bad23:14
bbrawnerCool, I can take a look at it. Are you by chance from Finland?23:15
knomeyou'll also notice that website is useful for other reasons ;)23:15
knomei am :)23:15
bbrawnerOlin vaihto-oppilas suomessa pari vuotta sitten :D23:15
bbrawnerHaha yeah, it looks good23:16
knomeoho :)23:16
knomeMissä opiskelit?23:16
bbrawnerLukiossa haha23:16
knome(though we really should take that one to #xubuntu-offtopic, a favorite messaround channel for the developers)23:16
bbrawnerSounds good!23:16
ochosiflocculant: sorry, the backlog was too long but if you havent found out what to report your scrollbar issue against yet, that'd be xubuntu-default-settings. bluesabre set the scrollbars to not hide by default (which is what they do in gtk3 by default, but obviously not in gtk2)23:20
knomeo hai ochosi 23:20
ochosiflocculant: so yeah, that's theme-independant23:20
ochosievening knome 23:20
ochosii saw you mentioned a greybird-hdpi theme..?23:20
ochosiis there something out there that i dont know about? :)23:20
knomei don't know23:20
knomedo we not have that in a repository?23:21
knomei have it here23:21
knomemaybe that was some WIP stuff23:21
ochosi(there's even an issue about that, but i never did a theme for hdpi)23:21
ochosiyeah, only xfwm4-default has those variants23:21
* knome shrugs23:21
knomei have no idea where that came from then23:21
knomegot no complaints though....23:21
* knome whistles23:22
ochosiyeah, nvm then :)23:22
knomeso what's up?23:24
ochosiphu, not too much tbh :)23:26
ochosijust saw flocculant's inquiry and felt i should reply today at some point23:27
ochosinow i'm tired and should head to bed :)23:27
knomehow nice of you23:27
ochosialso, i saw the news of USC being dropped, and i would be lying if i said i'm sorry about that23:27
knomewe should sit down some day and plan the artwork etc blueprints23:28
knomeoh, i didn't23:28
knomebut ha.23:28
knomewhat now?23:28
ochosii was never really a fan, and if more effort goes into gnome-software, then heck let's try that one then23:28
ochosiyeah, i added some issues from my side to -artwork23:28
ochosihaven't added anything to -devel, cause i'm unsure i'll really have time for it atm23:28
ochosiwe can also decide to go back to synaptic, but it won't be a very user-friendly choice23:29
ochosi(only a power-user friendly choice, and then again, most of those use cli anyway)23:29
ochosianyway, we should put that on the agenda for next meeting23:33
knomeand some blueprints...23:34
ochosiyeah, discussing blueprints in the next meeting is fine23:35
knomeno, i meant we need some work items23:36
ochosialthough to some extent team leads should take care of that23:36
knomebut that too, probably :P23:36
ochosithanks for up'ing the bps23:36
ochosivery sane to do that straight away23:36
ochosianyhow, i'll install gnome software now23:37
ochosiand i guess we should all do that so we can take an informed choice23:37
knomei'll have to postpone that to next week23:37
knomebut yeah, should do that23:37
knomedid you see an official source for the news (eg. not OMG! Ubuntu)?23:38
ochosiand humm,it doesn't even seem to be freely available in the wily repos23:39
ochosiwell, if you have time plz ask around whether there's any substance to this in case of doubt23:39
ochosiright, looks like the issue for that was carried forward from wily to xenial23:40
ochosigee, it's not even in the gnome3-staging ppa...23:41
knomeif it's going to mainbuntu LTS23:43
knomei'm sure it will go fast forward23:43
knome...or then they'll just bail out and keep USC for one more LTS23:43
knomedidn't that kind of happen with light-locker?23:44
ochosii'd say so too23:44
knomei mean23:44
knometoo many lights23:44
ochosinot sure now don't remember the introduction of lightdm23:44
knomei mean mainbuntu bailing otu23:45

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