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ewethi, are there any plans to integrate the Application Finder into Whisker?09:26
flocculantewet: not that I know of09:29
flocculantI assume you mean for launching things09:30
flocculantthe one thing I often run app finder for was root thunar - just made a new menu item for it09:33
Name141How long does the LTS have before 16?09:50
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Xubuntu will be supported for 3 years. The current LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)09:55
Name141It seems 15 was a little more responsive on boot/shutdown11:52
Name141than LTS11:52
Name141But, since I like to be left alone.. I'm staying LTS11:53
Name141Nothing else seemed different enough11:53
sim642Abiword and Gnumeric were removed in 15.10, right?12:16
krytariksim642: Not installed by default, yep.12:17
sim642right, I have a friend who supposedly installed 15.10 and had them not libreoffice12:21
knobGood morning everyone =)12:22
krytarikknob: Hey there.12:23
knobHow's it going krytarik ?12:23
krytarikknob: Quite nice, but we have -offtopic too. :)12:24
knobSuper.  I'll head over there. =)12:25
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behalebaboI've freshly installed Xbuntu 15.10 and after that installed dolphin and kate, but I don't have any folder or file icons in dolphin or the menus in both.15:38
JohnnyComeL8lybehalebabo, you don't have an icon pack, most likely.15:48
JohnnyComeL8lyProbably need the "oxygen" one.15:48
JohnnyComeL8lyOr, configure the programs to take "humanity" or whatever else is already there.15:49
behalebaboI have oxygen-icon-theme installed15:49
JohnnyComeL8lyYou do have folders in ~ don't you?15:50
JohnnyComeL8lyI don't have either installed... try looking at the preferences though.15:51
JohnnyComeL8lySee if there's a setting or a few that need to be tweaked.  Remember, this isn't what most ppl will install, so maybe an additional package with settings that they depend upon is missing. (Just a thought).15:52
knomeotoh, apps should probably depend on themes if they need them (or at least recommend them if they have no icons without them)15:54
knomebut that's not really something xubuntu can do for dolphin/kate15:55
behalebaboI noticed this in the output of kwrite: 'QXcbWindow: Unhandled client message: "_GTK_LOAD_ICONTHEMES"'15:55
knomebehalebabo, the package qt4-qtconfig might help16:05
JohnnyComeL8lybehalebabo, is Thunar or Mousepad not good enough?16:11
JohnnyComeL8lybehalebabo, is Thunar or Mousepad not good enough?16:11
JohnnyComeL8lyI find they work quite well.16:11
behalebaboI can always fall back to other programs, but I like Kate, and use Kdevelop too.16:11
knomebehalebabo, just realize that you are then using two toolkits, which will slow down the system16:12
behalebabokdevelop doesn't appear to have the problem though16:12
knomebut of course if you are using qt anyway... then it doesn't matter that much16:12
knomeor "at all" really16:13
JohnnyComeL8lybehalebabo, you should look into using something like LxQt.16:13
behalebaboI have done this in 15.04 and 12.10, only after upgrading to 15.10 from 15.04 did it stop working.16:13
JohnnyComeL8lyI see.16:13
behalebaboAh, I found the answer: XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=KDE16:16
behalebaboThanks for your help16:17
knomethere are likely problematic issues with that, but however you like...16:17
knomei mean obviously you can only select one.16:17
JohnnyComeL8lyknome: I assume you do some blending of KDE and Gnome yourself by your name.16:17
knomeJohnnyComeL8ly, nope.16:18
JohnnyComeL8lyWhat does that name come from?16:18
knomesomething completely different, which is not really topic for this channel :)16:18
xNearHello, I have problem with xUbuntu.19:32
xNearAny person wants to help me?19:32
xNearHelp needed... http://askubuntu.com/questions/693181/no-mouse-pointer-at-second-monitor-xubuntu-lts-14-04-3-xfce-4-10-newest-f20:21
knomexNear, not a solution, but you could make sure that file is removed on every boot...20:21
* m3n3chm0 nasZ20:41
knomem3n3chm0, yes?20:41
knomem3n3chm0, if you don't have a question, please don't repeat it on this channel as it will mean many people will need to check out the channel activity - this channel is for support, not chat20:52
deshipuhi guys20:58
deshipucan anyone tell me how to prevent lightdm or whatever script it runs from completely deleting my xorg.conf and replacing it with a broken one?20:59
deshipuin the newest xubuntu20:59
deshipubrilliant idea, by the way20:59
knomegreat attitude, by the way21:00
deshipuI'm not saying it's yours21:00
knomeyou are implying it's a "decision"/idea21:01
knomeyou know better...21:01
deshipuyeah, it just "happened"21:02
deshipusomeone had a bug to fix, and fixed it that way21:02
knomeregressions can happen21:02
deshipuand someone else accepted the patch21:02
knomeand deshipu didn't help us test the ISO :(21:03
deshipuor are you sayying that the file is getting replaced with a badly autogenerated one by accident?21:03
knomeno. i'm saying that bugs aren't introduced on purpose.21:03
deshipusure, I bet it looked like a great idea, I'm sure of that21:04
deshipulet's completely ignore user data and do our own thing, we know better21:04
deshipubut I'm not going to discuss the *buntu development practices21:04
flocculantdeshipu: you appear to know what's wrong - so the way to deal with it is propose the fix - not here of course - we don't have any control over lightdm21:05
deshipuI'm just wondering if anybody in here hada similar problem or has any pointers as to which script may actually be doing that21:05
deshipuflocculant: I know what is wrong, there is just 1000 places where they might have hidden that21:05
flocculantdoesn't read like that - just reads like a sarcastic whine21:05
deshipuflocculant: that may be caused by my agitated state of mind21:06
deshipusorry for that21:06
knomedeshipu, let me assure you - i haven't heard of any change that would touch xorg.conf21:08
knomedeshipu, and i also haven't heard anybody report this issue before...21:09
* flocculant neither21:11
deshipuwell, it is happening, and I'm pretty sure I didn't add such a thing21:12
flocculantthere was bug 131048921:12
ubottubug 1310489 in Linux Mint "xorg.conf overwritten by booting system" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131048921:12
deshipusorry, nop browser without X21:12
flocculantthen write it down and look another time21:12
vidplace7Anyone know what became of https://launchpad.net/xfce4-keyboard-overlay ?21:15
xNearknome: I know, but...21:17
Unit193It was put on hold for now, think the idea was to use Vala as it'd be snappier to pop up.  I could be wrong of course.21:17
xNearThis file deletes too monitor configurations. It would force me to configure every time monitor settings... Its weird.21:17
vidplace7Unit193: Anything ever pop up for a Vala version/21:17
deshipuok, if anybody has a similar problem, disabling gpu-manager in the configuration doesn't work, you have to actually delete the executable21:20
Unit193vidplace7: No, other projects like mugshot, catfish, gtk-theme-config took precedence, wasn't clear there was a real need for the overlay.21:22
vidplace7Unit193: I'm working on a project that's effectively a specialized version of Xubuntu with tweaks to run very well on ChromeBooks.21:23
vidplace7We rewrite a ton of shortcut keys because the function buttons are media keys instead21:23
vidplace7So we wanted to fork it and modify it, if it existed ;)21:23
Unit193vidplace7: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-x-development21:30
vidplace7Oh cool, so there's a posibility it'll be implemented in the next 6 months :)21:36
vidplace7Not bad21:36
Unit193vidplace7: Slight.21:37
vidplace7lol, just a low priority enhancement, aye21:37
roninwhat are sysadmins usually using for monitoring commands users run?21:39
soreauIf autologin is enabled, what's the 'best' way to get rid of the keyring popup when auto-connecting to wifi?22:40
knomeWalliski, hello?23:44
WalliskiHi :P23:45
WalliskiNice discussion with mr. xubuntu15d :P23:45
knomethat happens, sometimes people are lonely.23:45
Unit193Hiiii knome.23:45
knomeor are reading the documentation, join the channel to ask something but find the answer in the documentation23:46
knomeoh no, no that Unit193 stalker again23:46
WalliskiI would feel guilty about the stalking part23:46
WalliskiI got superliked onm tinder by a real cute girl23:46
knomethat's the purpose of me saying that >:)23:46
WalliskiShowed it to my friend23:46
WalliskiHe swiped left23:46
knomeok, now let's move onto #xubuntu-offtopic ...23:46

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