valoriehi folks, someone posted this link in #kubuntu the other day: http://www.ryananddebi.com/2015/07/13/linux-getting-find-working-in-dolphin-on-kde-linux-mint-and-kubuntu/00:15
valorieand I wonder if we can test and fix whatever the problem is, or at least file bugs on the appropriate places?00:16
valorieI don't know where to start00:16
sgclarkvalorie: hmm I cannot reproduce00:35
keithzgvalorie: Well, I can tell you at least that I can repro the problem on my 14.04 install at work.00:35
keithzg(as in, I hadn't realized it was more than just me, heh)00:36
sgclarkoh I see00:36
sgclarkbecause I have baloo installed...00:36
valorieah, that's trusty, right?00:36
keithzgvalorie: Yup.00:36
keithzgAnd yeah, baloo not installed.00:36
sgclarkso dolphin or in the case of trusty kdebase-apps needs a depends on baloo00:37
sgclarkI can fix that00:37
valoriethe one thing that didn't ring quite right to me is that we didn't have baloo installed by default00:37
* sgclark goes to fix00:37
keithzgEhhh should we really be doing that? I don't *want* baloo installed on this machien.00:37
sgclarkok I am confused then00:37
keithzgAnd as the post points out, Dolphin doesn't actually need baloo to run searching, it's just one of the possible ways it can.00:38
valoriebut I hadn't heard about that problem before, and it sounds like it is a linked set of problems, not the lack of baloo00:38
valoriewhich is why I raised the issue here00:38
* sgclark finishes reading00:38
sgclarkwell, it certainly does appear to be an issue brought up in various forums and the like. Surprised it is my first of hearing it. Heh. Definately needs to be brought up upstream I think. If indeed baloo should not be required.00:49
sgclarkwell I do not even have the settings manager bit for desktop-search so I cannot reproduce any of it :( but I know it is a valid problem out there. SAdly I do not see any bugs reported at bug.kde.org so I am also not sure how to procedd here.00:57
sgclarkClosest I found https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34791600:59
ubottuKDE bug 347916 in search "Search does not work when performed from $HOMEDIR/$USER" [Normal,Unconfirmed]00:59
sgclarkasked the reporters to see if their issue was close to the blogs01:00
sgclarkguess that is a start.01:00
sgclarkanyway I need a break, off till tomorrow01:00
keithzgClosest I found wasn't very close either, https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34890201:30
ubottuKDE bug 348902 in General "search is broken - searching in the status bar forever and never finds anything" [Normal,Confirmed]01:30
keithzgIt does mention that to manually search in Dolphin you use either  baloosearch:/ (Baloo package) or filenamesearch:/ (kio-extras package), 01:32
keithzgand I can confirm that manually searching with baloosearch:/ results in an identical-appearing error while filenamesearch:/ appears to work (never actually returns any results, mind you, but I really don't know the syntax so that's not necessarily a surprise).01:34
soeehiho, firefox 42 in updates today07:47
_RidgewingMorning everyone \o/ (stretches to the ceiling)09:23
_Ridgewingsick_rimmit: Are you not well, today ?09:39
ovidiu-florinyofel, Riddell sitter, or whomever, I don't have admin on the Kubuntu Romania Trello Board. 10:37
ovidiu-florineither please give me rights, or archive the board10:38
Riddellovidiu-florin: done, I think10:38
ovidiu-florinthank you10:38
clivejoyofel: regarding ksuperkey, what are the plans for it?10:57
clivejooooo a new version of Kubuntu is available!11:13
mparilloclivejo: yofel: I thought NetRunner used ksuperkey, but when I asked Riddell about it maybe a couple of months ago, he said upstream recommended against it.11:40
Riddellboth of those things may be true :)11:40
clivejoRiddell: only maybe?11:41
Riddellthe second one is, I know nothing about netrunner11:42
clivejowhy do upstream recommend against it?11:42
Riddellbecause it messes up key bindings11:45
Riddellhe gets lots of bug reports which are just caused by it being installed11:45
clivejoRiddell: would it not make sense to have it as part of plasma?11:55
BluesKaj'Morning all11:55
clivejohi BluesKaj11:55
BluesKajhey clivejo11:56
Riddellclivejo: no, poor martin hates it11:56
Riddellask him yourself if you like11:56
clivejomgraesslin: why do you hate the superkey (windows key)?11:58
mgraesslinclivejo: if you phrase it like that you can be sure that you won't get an answer. Be constructive!12:06
clivejomgraesslin: taking into account many keyboards have a superkey and many users try to install ksuperkey in order to make use of this pesky wee button, surely it makes sense to be able to use it in plasma, without the use of 3rd party code which may/or may not cause unforeseen proplems with debugging etc12:11
mgraesslinclivejo: please stop. I'm now no longer in any mood to discuss that12:11
clivejoI can see many advantages of having such a feature and Im interested in hearing the disadvantages12:12
mgraesslinand I'm not interested in explaining them12:12
clivejoI feel that went well12:13
Riddelluh oh12:14
Riddellso aye, an emotive issue12:14
clivejoI’m genuinely interested on hearing why not :/12:16
clivejois it political, religious, have to rely on proprietary drivers or code?12:18
* clivejo goes to find something more constructive to do12:36
jmuxRiddell: do you have any news from the guy, whose student wanted to write a KF5 backend for LibreOffice? I remember he wanted to come back after two weeks, but that was 4 weeks ago...13:11
Riddelljmux: nope, not heard anything13:12
Riddellit was Dani Gutiérrez Porset and his student Iñigo Carrera13:13
Riddelljmux: I've e-mailed asking for an update13:14
jmuxRiddell: thanks13:15
sittersgclark valorie are you joining hangout?13:58
sgclarkuhh just woke up.13:59
sgclarknot fit for human consumption but sure without video13:59
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Riddelljmux: the student replied! first time I've heard from him14:09
Riddelljmux: he asks for a meeting on monday, are you about?14:10
jmuxRiddell: Sure depends on the time. CET 14:00+ I'll have time. 14:25
jmuxWhere do we meet? #libreoffice-design again?14:28
ovidiu-florinshadeslayer: https://www.kdevelop.org/frameworks/kdevelop-master-now-depends-kde-frameworks-514:54
ovidiu-florinsgclark sitter ^14:54
ovidiu-florinthat was a long time ago14:54
shadeslayerovidiu-florin: https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kde-std/kdevelop.git/ < create kubuntu_unstable branch14:55
sgclarkvery aware, time.. is a factor here14:55
shadeslayerthen adjust packaging14:55
shadeslayerovidiu-florin: then add to https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/ci-tooling.git/tree/data/projects.json  under kde-std14:55
sgclarkthanks you two, great jb14:55
shadeslayersgclark: hope that explains a bit of the CI :)14:56
sitterrather long winded rambling I feel :P14:56
sitterCIs are shit to talk about14:56
shadeslayerit was quite long14:56
sgclarkI still have alot to learn lol. 14:56
ovidiu-florinwho has to create the branch?14:57
shadeslayersitter: https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/frameworks/kconfig.git/commit/?h=kubuntu_unstable14:57
ovidiu-florinor, who can?14:57
shadeslayerovidiu-florin: someone who has commit rights to the repos14:57
shadeslayeryou can ask in #debian-qt-kde for access14:57
sittershadeslayer: I think the problem is that -dev deps -bin while it should dep -bin-dev14:57
ovidiu-florinso that branch is needed in the upstream repo?14:57
sitteralthough foreign also helps :P14:57
sitterovidiu-florin: on git.debian there needs to be a kubuntu_unstable branch14:57
shadeslayer^^ :O14:57
shadeslayerthough I guess yeah we can drop the -bin dependency14:58
kfunkyou could also ship kdevelop-4.7.2 -- contains a nice bunch of bug fixes14:59
shadeslayersitter: I'm having permission issues when cleaning workspaces14:59
shadeslayer( build artifacts apparently have screwed up uid/gid ? )14:59
sittershadeslayer: that's because some of the mobile scripts don't chown14:59
* sgclark pulls her hair out looking at her to-do list14:59
sitteror rather. that's because docker still doesn't have proper subuid support QQ14:59
shadeslayersitter: ok, lets fix the chown'ing ?15:00
shadeslayeror well, how do we fix the chown'ing15:00
sitterjust needs the exit handler from builder.rb copied all over the place15:00
shadeslayersitter: btw you should install the project manager plugin 15:00
sitterto resolve the existing problem you should simply root chown I guess15:00
shadeslayerfor atom15:00
sittershadeslayer: I think I had it, and I think I hated it15:00
shadeslayerwhy :O15:00
sittercan't recall15:00
sitterin fact, I'd be perfectly alright with kate if it supported ruby a bit better :P15:01
shadeslayerdidn't kdevelop have a ruby plugin15:02
kfunkit does15:02
sgclarkoh we have releases up as well. oh my15:02
sitternow someone just needs to teach me how to kdevelop :P15:02
kfunksitter: so, you know this apt-get thing?15:02
sitterkfunk: isn't it experimental?15:02
kfunkmaybe you've heard of it15:02
sitterI totally think it was experimentally broken last I looked at it15:02
shadeslayersitter: FileUtils.chown_R('jenkins', 'jenkins', @workspace_path, verbose: true) < that needs to be jenkins-slave ?15:03
sitterruby support, not kdevelop that is :P kdevelop just has too many buttons for my puny mind XD15:03
shadeslayerdoes the container know about jenkins-slave?15:03
sittershadeslayer: oh yes. that is probably why I didn't want them to use jenkins-slave :P15:03
kfunksitter: it shouldn't be totally broken. at least the KDE4-branch15:04
sittershadeslayer: what if a build runs on master? on master the user is called jenkins :P15:04
shadeslayerok what then :P15:04
* kfunk didn't try for a long time15:04
sittershadeslayer: dunno. needs figuring out15:04
sitterI am saying it's not straight forward because of name difference15:04
shadeslayerwhat uid are the slaves15:05
shadeslayerif the GID is the same on all slaves, then we can just set the GID15:05
shadeslayeras well as chown to jenkins15:06
shadeslayeror perhaps if the jenkins and jenkins slave UID's are the same ...15:06
sitteroh actually15:06
sittershadeslayer: isn't the user jenkins inside the container no matter what?15:06
shadeslayerit is15:06
shadeslayerbut we build as root15:07
sittershadeslayer: yaeh but the containers have a user15:07
sitterthat's why chef coerces a GID to begin wiht15:07
sitterhttps://github.com/blue-systems/pangea-tooling/blob/master/deploy_in_container.rake#L88 && https://github.com/blue-systems/pangea-kitchen/blob/master/site-cookbooks/jenkins-slave/recipes/default.rb#L2215:08
shadeslayeryes we do have jenkins inside docker15:09
sitterso on the slaves it is hardcoded to 100k and inside the docker it is also hardcoded to 100k15:09
sitterthat's why the chown works to begin with 15:09
sittername doesn't matter anyway, the uid needs to be the same, which it is due to the hardcoding15:09
shadeslayerso just chown to jenkins then15:12
shadeslayergot it15:12
sitterovidiu-florin: ps1 and vim and so forth https://powerline.readthedocs.org/en/latest/15:28
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-166-g7755c65 * Aleix Pol: discover/qml/UpdatesPage.qml15:40
pursuivantUse correct icon15:40
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-167-gca1ed9b * Aleix Pol: libmuon/backends/DummyBackend/DummyBackend.cpp15:40
pursuivantReport ratings as soon as we get them15:40
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-168-g5d86c61 * Aleix Pol: discover/qml/ApplicationDescription.qml15:40
pursuivantShow the application rating15:40
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pursuivantmuon (Plasma/5.4) v5.4.2-13-g456c5a0 * Aleix Pol: libmuon/backends/PackageKitBackend/PKTransaction.cpp15:53
pursuivantFix package resolution after un/installing15:53
pursuivantThanks a lot to Elia Devito for the patch!15:53
pursuivantBUG: 35456215:53
ubottubug 339148 in gnome-app-install (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #354562 gnome-app-install crashed with ValueError in _refilter()" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33914815:53
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-172-g4d83be1 * Aleix Pol: libmuon/backends/PackageKitBackend/PKTransaction.cpp15:53
pursuivantMerge branch 'Plasma/5.4'15:53
pursuivant# Conflicts:15:53
sgclarkoh good grief everything being tagged today it seems16:08
* sgclark drowns16:08
* mamarley throws sgclark the torpedo buoy.16:17
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marco-parilloI subscribed to the trello board. I assume an admin would need to make me a member before I can comment on any cards. If so, could an admin add me?19:01
sgclarkmparillo: added19:22
sgclarkmparillo: to 16.04 . Seems I am not even a part of kubuntu team haha19:23
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clivejosgclark: I dont really know how to use bzr :(19:51
sgclarkit isn't a whole ton different from git19:52
clivejosgclark: I tried to move the calligra packaging to debian - http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kde-std/calligra.git/19:53
sgclarkclivejo: if you are interested in helping with kdevelop you can apt-get source it and then upload to your ppa and then I can grab and bzr it.19:54
clivejobut to be honest Im not sure if Im doing it right19:54
clivejoI can grab from bzr, just dont know how to push my changes back to it19:58
soeeare there 5.4.3 tars already ?19:58
clivejoon depot yes19:58
clivejosoee: they are on depot, but not sure if QT is ready to build them 20:01
soeeclivejo: why ?20:01
soeeit is just bugfix release so why QT can be not ready ?20:02
clivejoyou mean for wily or xenial?20:02
sgclarkclivejo: bzr push :parent20:02
clivejosgclark: are you working on calligra?20:02
sgclarksoee: I am fixing CI builds to prepare and then I will work in it20:03
sgclarkclivejo: no, my plate is ffull, over full20:03
soeeclivejo: wily, is there any point building it for xenial ?20:03
soeexenial will ship with 5.5 that is going to be releaed (beta) in 2/3 weeks20:04
clivejowould you be able to point me in the right direction? 20:04
soeeso imo. building it for xenial than for wily is wast of time :)20:04
clivejoI checked out bzr and moved it to debian git20:04
sgclarkclivejo: for calligra? no not in the immediate future. it would be better to knock out stuff we can actually do fast right now and work on the beasts later20:05
sgclarksoee: no it is not, that is the workflow20:05
sgclarkdevelopment -> backports.20:06
clivejoI think I can manage calligra, just nned a bit of help with the bring it over to git part20:06
soeesgclark: yes but it will be replace in xenial soon with 5.520:06
sgclarkok I have got to get back to work, not enough time in the world to get this all done20:07
sgclarkclivejo: kubuntu_unstable branch is there, I don't understand what is wrong. 20:09
sgclarksoee: 5.5 what are you  talking about? qt5? that has nothing to do with
sgclarkalso debian merges need to done, hmm20:11
soeesgclark: Plasma 5.4.3 will be released soon, than you said it first will be build for Xenial than Wily. What i'm thinking is that Plasma 5.5 beta is planed soon also (2/3 weeks ?) so it will replace 5.4.3 in Xenial anyway so what is the point building 5.4.3 for Xenial :)20:12
sgclarkthink I will wait and get with yofel to come up with a real plan.20:12
sgclarksoee: ahh I see. yes that makes sense20:12
sgclarkI can run it for wily then. 20:13
clivejodo we still have access to weegie for QA?20:24
ahoneybunwe should have a blog post like this: http://www.whizzy.org/2015/09/big-bug-bonanza-16-04-lts/20:33
sgclarkclivejo: weegie?20:41
clivejoisnt that the name of the machine - http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/plasma/ ?20:42
sgclarkoh. Yes I suppose that is being taken away as well. So no, not that I am aware of.20:43
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mparillosgclark: Thank you for adding me21:03
valoriewell, effing hell, I totally forgot the CI session23:10
valoriemy apologies sitter, sgclark23:10
sgclarkheh, I barely rolled out of bed in time, I suspect it was way early for your sleep schedule23:48
santa_yofel, sgclark, clivejo: now the automation-ng scripts are almost ready, I just need to add a couple of scripts to add/remove the ppa version suffix23:59
santa_↑ updated pdf with the design23:59
sgclarkoooh, think it will be ready for a test run tomorrow santa_ ?23:59

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