* keithzg was tempted to just build it, but the documentation makes it look like a bit of a mess to do so...never reassuring when there's insistence on using a custom patched version of Qt to compile an application with...00:07
geniikeithzg: Yes, seems odd about the Qt patching.00:23
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Voyage I did nvidio-current and purged all others but I am having the same issue again. All this started when I sent an intrupt signal to xorg process accidently. What can I do to solve my messed up gui in some apps like skype or some right click menu etc00:57
gombeanhey all, I'm experiencing a lot of screen/page tearing on 15.10 using nvidia-352.41 on a 780ti with dual monitors. cheers01:04
gombeanit's most notable when scrolling in firefox01:04
Voyage I did nvidio-current and purged all others but I am having the same issue again. All this started when I sent an intrupt signal to xorg process accidently. What can I do to solve my messed up gui in some apps like skype or some right click menu etc01:06
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Seven_Six_Twois there a ppa or package with a fix for Amarok scanner error"void CollectionScanner::ScanningState::setLastFile(const QString&) QSharedMemory is too small to hold the data."02:10
Seven_Six_Twoapparently the limit is hardcoded in src/scanner/GenericScannerJob.cpp on line 4002:10
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gorilychhi there! My Kubuntu 15.10 does not list all modes for external monitor in System Settings > Display Configuration all of a sudden. I had to use xrandr to set correct mode.03:27
gorilychis it a known bug?03:27
Alzabohi guys04:52
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trixialmost every time my system boots up I get this error message http://i.imgur.com/TX9PWd7.png11:48
trixiI couldn't find anything about it11:48
trixiso I feel like it's time to ask11:49
trixidoes anyone know what this could be?11:49
hateballtrixi: do you get that after you have logged on to your desktop?11:51
hateballtrixi: googling suggests it happens if you run spotify and save your session, could that be it?11:52
trixiwow, how did you find that? :D but yeah I do have spotify!11:53
hateballI have a black belt in google search :p11:54
hateballWell then, simple solution is to close spotify before you quit and save your session11:54
trixiclosing as in logging out?11:54
hateballOr change options to always start with a blank session11:55
hateballtrixi: Yes11:55
hateballtrixi: alt+space to launch krunner, search for "session"11:55
hateballtrixi: there you can change settings. should be able to blacklist spotify also11:55
BluesKaj'Morning all11:55
trixiwhat does blacklisting do? (sorry)11:56
hateballtrixi: oh it just means that it wont save/restore the state of that application11:58
hateballtrixi: so if you use session restore to have all other apps start when you login, it would mean you need to manually start spotify11:59
trixiok cool11:59
hateballor if you dont need that, just choose to start with a blank session11:59
trixiwell thank you so much!12:00
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Doylesystemd-tty-ask-password-agent is the worst... Is it safe to remove?15:31
ced__un francais dans le lot ?15:36
Macerhm. the user manager that kubuntu uses doesn't have an option to encrypt a home dir15:39
Maceris it ncessary to do this from a shell?15:39
Maceror did i miss something?15:40
denza242Macer: i think that's a install-time thing15:52
Macerdenza242: yeah for the first user16:21
Maceranybody after that requires that you do it from a shell16:21
denza242Macer: hmm...16:41
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spine55I'm having some wierd video issues when installing kubuntu 15.10 as a guest in virtualbox19:44
spine55the issue is with the default panel19:44
spine55It disappears when I click on it to select a menu item19:45
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gombeanhi all, is there any way to separate my FLAC and MP3 files in Amarok so I can just listen  to .flac or just .mp3?20:14
EluusHow do I get rid of this screen flicker while maximizing/minimizing windows?21:17
Eluuson kubuntu 15.1021:17
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soeeflicker /21:19
Eluusyes the application in the background flickers when minimizing/maximizing with the effect on21:20
EluusI disabled the minimizing/maximizing effect but the flickering happens while doing some other stuff too21:21
Eluusshall I change the opengl version or something?21:21
soeei would have to see this, hard to say what it is :)21:23
EluusGuess I'll have to make a video some time then21:23
krsyim new in kubuntu22:02
krsyfirst linux in my life22:02
krsyi have a question22:02
krsyanybody from poland ?22:02
krsymy eng is bad :)22:02
krsyi wanna delete bacround from ikons on desktop22:03
krsyanybody can help  me ?:>22:03
soeedelete background ?22:07
krsyfrom icons on desktop22:07
soeefrom texts ?22:07
krsyi have folder on desktop and this folder have name "dolphin" and ahve milk backgorund22:09
krsyi wann delte it and have only folder ikon and text22:10
soeecan you show screenshot ?22:10
krsyall ikons have this milk bckgorund22:10
krsymust upload22:10
soeeyes and you probably wont be able to remove this background22:10
krsyand i have secon question, how i can creat "my computer" icon on desk ?::)22:14
soeethere is not such thing as "my computer" :)22:14
krsyah ok, dolphin = my computer22:14
krsyand i cant remove this mil backgorund ?22:14
soeewelll create shortcut to home folder22:15
soeekrsy: only text shoudl have background22:15
krsysoee can u link your desk for example?22:15
krsyhow its look22:15
krsyand i save screen on desk, but i canst see it why ?22:16
krsysoee u from poland ?22:16
soeeyes, but this channel is english only, so pleae peak english22:17
bpromptkrsy:     I use 12.04,  but you can customize the desktop at System Settings   > workspace  apperaance,    the  background image, you can change it by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing I think is Properties22:23
krsyhmm i dont see this, have polish version:p22:29
krsymaybe somoe have video "kubuntu for begginers" etc ?:P22:32
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krsyhmm i install steam22:45
krsyclick on the icon and its doesnt work ..22:45
krsyanybody know a aplication to control home router wifi ?22:57
krsygood night al23:04
clivejoIn 15.10 when I use the task manager bar to flick between applications, my cursor often picks up a shortcut to the application I switch to and wants to place it on my desktop, has anyone else experienced this behaviour?23:08
NaizugaiGuys, Kubuntu is really, really awesome. I can't believe I haven't tried it sooner!23:33

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