Unit193tachibana: Howdy.05:46
jay38748some burned cds I have cant be read by lubuntu.06:15
jay38748lubuntu just shows up chinese language icons, it does not show any wav, mp3 or doc files on the cds06:15
jay38748the cds were burned under windows 706:16
netrobyatmobileAny lubuntu developer online?06:27
netrobyatmobileToday lxterminal add very impressive feature, add setting options for default windows size06:27
netrobyatmobileThe commit here: https://github.com/lxde/lxterminal/commit/06509bc0e1b266aadd7e483e6edb1f559667295d06:28
netrobyatmobileis it possible to getting delivered to ubuntu deb repository?06:28
ianorlinum the git version would depend on the lubuntu daily ppa07:02
ianorlinI think this was techincally possible maybe before in openbox07:02
ianorlinnetrobyatmobile: ^^07:02
netrobyatmobileI am using lubuntu 15.10, and tested it .07:04
netrobyatmobilelooks very well07:04
Unit193Patches like that don't usually get backported, you'd have to wait for 1604 if the next lxterminal is released by then.07:07
* netrobyatmobile I hate the linux worlds. slow software update period. :X07:09
Unit193Kind of crazy to backport all new git features/commits, though.07:10
mohsen-rashidihi. new lubuntu user here. looking for layout switching applet16:01
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LangleyHelp, I want to set VLC as default for mkv but it doesn't show up in neither the Open With list or the LXSession list thing18:00
LangleyOh wait now it actually does18:01
LangleyNevermind then!18:01
LangleyWhat do I use for taking screenshots in lubuntu19:01
leszekLangley: scrot I would assume. Its a command line app basically saving into home by default19:04
ScaniatruckerLangley: You can use scrot19:04
redwolfusually the print screen key runs scrot19:06
redwolfand it leaves a picture in your home folder19:06
LangleyThat's kinda unituative... oh well thanks19:07
wxlwell that's how windows works, Langley :)19:08
LangleyWhat windows?19:08
wxlwell windows xp anmd everything before it19:08
LangleyWhy are you bringing windows up when I am running linux19:09
redwolfas an example, I guess :)19:09
wxli'm saying that the notion of using the print screen key to make a screenshot is not uncommon19:09
wxlso intuitive or not, it's fairly "normal"19:09
wxlwhat would you think intuitive would be?19:10
LangleyAn addition of a camera sound, flash, or some effect that doesn't require you to magically know something has happened19:11
wxlbut how would you know print screen works to begin with?19:11
LangleyFrom its name19:12
wxlok so that's intuitive, you just need some sort of notification19:12
wxlwe'll give it some consideration but i can't think of anything that does that except mobile devices19:12
LangleyI've tried other distros that comes up with a Save As box19:13
redwolfthat happens using gnome-screenshot, it opens a dialog. and it's not only Ubuntu-Gnome who uses it19:15
redwolfLubuntu's solution is straight forward19:15
wxlactually looking at the scrot manpage, there's an option to prevent beepnig, which implies beeping is the default19:16
LangleyOnly if you knows it exists in the first place. Why not just pop a little "Screenshot saved to Home folder" notification box in the corner19:16
redwolfI think everybody knows the use of the prtscr key19:17
redwolfI still remember using it in MS-DOS19:17
wxlredwolf: can you confirm the beep?19:17
redwolfI have no beeper :D19:17
wxlredwolf: so scrot does not beep for you or you have no way to hear a beep?19:18
redwolfI think it can't19:18
redwolfI planned to do a modification, so you could hear a real camera sound while pressing the key19:18
wxlhuh i don't hear it here19:18
redwolfI might post that "trick" to the blog19:18
wxlwell that might be useful19:19
wxlLangley: watch the lubuntu blog for your solution XD19:19
redwolfbut I didn't do yet! :D19:21
LangleyAnyways for how long with 15.10 get security updates19:27
wxlshould be listed in the release notes, Langley19:27
mijowhhello. why is it that in synaptics when i mark firefox for removal it wants to remove lubuntu-desktop? do i need lubuntu-desktop?19:42
redwolfbecause lubuntu-desktop is a metapackage that includes the browser too19:43
mijowhso its unnecessary?19:43
redwolfyou don't really need it, just be careful when removing it, so other dependencies don't go away too19:43
mijowhthats what i thought but i dont want to break anything19:44
redwolfyes, you can keep the lubuntu-core and the additional apps and packages19:44
redwolfbut I don't recommend removing it19:44
mijowhok, thank you19:44
mijowhthen how do i remove firefox19:44
redwolfyou're welcome :)19:44
redwolfit's the only way, removing firefox will remove lubuntu-desktop too19:44
redwolfor you can simply keep it and add another one19:44
mijowhalright, thanks for clearing that up19:45
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