Kiloshellooo africa06:22
elachecheKilos, !15:04
elachecheWhen is our next meeting?15:04
elachecheI mean #ubuntu-africa15:04
Kilosoh my elacheche15:04
Kiloswhen ever you guys have the time15:05
elachecheWe should fix a date..15:05
Kiloswe can have it on the 4th wednesday of this month if you like15:05
elachecheWhat date is that x)15:06
Kilosbut you remind everyone this time15:06
elachecheDo you want me to send a poll to vote about the next meeting date?15:06
Kilos25th i think15:06
Kilosyou can if you like15:07
Kilosi dont fancy voting for everything15:07
elachecheOK, I'll do it asap15:07
Kilosmeetings were on the 4th wednesday of every month15:08
Kilosjust i been out of it for some months15:08
elachecheKilos, cbj is a Tunisian too :) He's the founder of the project OpenTunisia.. You can check it out via opentunisia.tn and he have a project to Africa..15:08
Kilosohi cbj15:09
elachecheHe's probably AFK :D15:09
Kilosi think i greeted him yesterday or day before15:09
Kiloscant remember if he replied15:10
elachecheYou know Kilos, we are 24/7 on irc, but AFK :) just like what I do :p15:10
Kiloseasier to set your client to show when you afk15:10
Kiloslike it looks like everyone is at the kb atm15:11
elachecheKilos, the cli based terminals don't let you see that thing :) it depends on the client :)15:13
Kilosnow i can see emoticons15:23
Kiloskonversation is very lekker15:23
elachechelool Kilos :D15:23
Kiloselacheche is there a meeting tonight for the membership board15:27
elachecheYes Kilos15:27
Kilosor did i miss it15:27
elachechedidn't check the details yet :/ am too busy15:27
Kilosive read his pages15:27
Kilosseems a surety15:27
Kilosoh no 22.00 to 23.0015:29
Kiloshope thats not utc times15:29
elacheche22:00 UTC15:30
Kilosah ok midnight it is15:31
Kilosif im asleep keep pinging me please15:31
elachechelool ok15:35
=== who_da_fly is now known as superfly
Kiloselacheche i wanna sleep18:37

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