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mardyDanChapman: hi! I can't find it, maybe there wasn't one. If you file one to ubuntu-ux, please subscribe me or ping me here so that I follow it07:35
rpadovanipopey is offline? Heck!09:10
mcphailrpadovani: isn't that the first portent of the apocalypse?09:19
rpadovaniit is, it is.09:19
mcphailrpadovani: it would explain why I saw a crow flying backwards...09:20
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rpadovanipopey, o/ we were worried, you weren't online O.o10:51
popeyhad internet issues at home10:52
popeyengineer had unplugged my internet connection!10:52
rpadovaniwow, that's sad10:52
rpadovanipopey, when this[0] branch will land, could you please release an update of the calculator? We have a *lot* of bugfixes10:53
rpadovani[0]: https://code.launchpad.net/~gang65/ubuntu-calculator-app/ubuntu-calculator-app-bracket-push-fix10:53
rpadovani(there is a trivial conflict gang66 has to fix)10:53
popeyYeah, I had a chat with bartosz about it earlier in the week10:53
DanChapmanmardy, done :-) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ux/+bug/151343511:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1513435 in Ubuntu UX "[online-accounts] No edit UI" [Undecided,New]11:10
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rpadovanithere is any ppa for qt 5.4 for precise?11:20
popeyrpadovani, Mirv is the keeper of qt ppas11:39
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Mirvrpadovani: double-checking precise == 12.04? there's just 5.0.2 for precise. 5.4 is only available for vivid/wily/xenial in a traditional sense and trusty too if needed via the new SDK builds11:57
Mirvrpadovani: you can consider simply getting the upstream Qt 5.4 installer for precise (not sure if they support it still, but it might be so)11:57
Mirvdepending on what's needed11:57
rpadovaniMirv, argh, right, trusty - I need it to have dell drivers on xps 1311:58
rpadovaniMirv, I just want to be able to develop also on my notebook :-)11:58
Mirvrpadovani: I was wondering :) my xps 13 is also running trusty, although not really dell drivers anymore but 14.04.3. you can use the new ubuntu-sdk-ide from https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+archive/ubuntu/tools-development/ which will replace the normal SDK - it includes the whole Qt and installs alongside system Qt12:00
Mirvit will soon be made the recommended choice for all12:00
rpadovaniMirv, I already installed it, I'm able to compile apps, but then it says module "QtQuick" version 2.3 is not installed12:00
rpadovaniat runtime12:00
Mirvbzoltan_: zbenjamin: ^12:00
bzoltan_Mirv:  yes, sir!12:01
Mirvbzoltan_: zbenjamin: is the new SDK going to solve the running on the desktop problem, or is it left for the developer's exercise?12:01
Mirvrpadovani: I think you might want to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /opt/blah/qt:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH something12:01
bzoltan_Mirv:  the new SDK IDE does solve it12:02
Mirvrpadovani: how do you run it, from QtC's menu?12:02
Mirvbzoltan_: here we have a volunteering beta user :)12:02
bzoltan_rpadovani: welcome aboard ... here is the instruction12:02
bzoltan_rpadovani: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/tools-development  && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:03
rpadovaniI'll love to provide as many feedbacks as possible12:03
rpadovanibzoltan_, done12:03
bzoltan_rpadovani:  14.04, 15.05 and 15.1012:04
rpadovani14.04 here12:04
bzoltan_rpadovani:  the next is ... "PROFIT"12:04
rpadovanibzoltan_, well, when I try to run something it says 'module "QtQuick" version 2.3 is not installed '12:05
rpadovani(from the sdk itself)12:05
bzoltan_rpadovani: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk-dev12:05
rpadovanibzoltan_, already done too - I found the bug reported by kalinkiana12:06
bzoltan_rpadovani:  let me check one thing12:10
bzoltan_rpadovani:  do you see the Desktop Kit in the Options dialog?12:10
rpadovanibzoltan_, no, there isn't a desktop click build target, should I create it?12:11
bzoltan_rpadovani:  not there... in the Run&Build ... Kits12:13
rpadovanibzoltan_, yap, there is12:15
bzoltan_rpadovani:  and where the Desktop Kit points?12:15
bzoltan_rpadovani:  What Qt is it using?12:15
rpadovanibzoltan_, QT 5.2.1 in PATH (System) - there is only QT 5.4.1 (ubuntu-sdk-15.04-armhf) that mentions 5.412:18
bzoltan_rpadovani:  right ... so the desktop kit registration is not good12:18
bzoltan_rpadovani: let's pull zbenjamin in... I have the same issue12:18
bzoltan_rpadovani:  hehh.. no.. I do have the Ubuntu SDK Desktop Kit12:19
zbenjaminrpadovani: apt-get install ubuntu-sdk-dev12:19
zbenjaminrpadovani: if you have that, then you need to add the "Ubuntu SDK Desktop Kit" to your project and run with that12:20
zbenjaminrpadovani: if you have a qmlproject you need to select the correct runconfiguration12:20
zbenjaminrpadovani: the rc should be named like your project12:20
zbenjaminbzoltan_: ^ another reason why qmlproject is bad. It seems to not care about the used Qt when executing qmlscene12:21
bzoltan_rpadovani: http://picpaste.com/pics/Screenshot_from_2015-11-05_14_20_27-N8lIHCbp.1446726063.png12:21
bzoltan_zbenjamin:  crap.. that is a reason to be sacked12:21
zbenjaminbzoltan_: it autocreates a RC which sadly is the default selected one over ours12:22
rpadovanizbenjamin, bzoltan_ https://img.rpadovani.com/public/qtwrong.png12:25
zbenjaminrpadovani: what ubuntu version you are on?12:26
rpadovanizbenjamin, 14.0412:26
rpadovanizbenjamin, bzoltan_ sorry, I have only 40minutes of lunch break, so I need to go right now, I'll ping you in ~1 hour? Thanks for your availability meanwhile12:26
bzoltan_rpadovani:  feel free to ping me anytime12:27
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rpadovanibzoltan_, zbenjamin here I'm, do you have some time to help me have it working?13:32
zzarrhello! I used "Activity Tracker (BETA)" to store a route, do anyone know how to access the coordinates that are stored?13:43
zbenjaminrpadovani: sure14:09
zbenjaminrpadovani: so since when do you have the ubuntu-sdk-ide installed? Because that long lists of qt versions is a bug we fixed a few days ago14:10
rpadovanizbenjamin, I installed during the UbuCon, soo, a couple of weekends ago?14:10
rpadovanisomething like this14:10
rpadovanilike 23 or 24 of Oct14:11
zbenjaminrpadovani: ok make sure you have the most recent version14:11
zbenjaminrpadovani: apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade14:11
rpadovanizbenjamin, all updated14:12
rpadovanizbenjamin, I've also the ppa ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa14:12
zbenjaminrpadovani: ok then, close qtc and delete (or move) ~/.config/QtProject/qtcreator/qtversion.xml14:13
zbenjaminrpadovani: that will clean up the long list of qt versions14:13
zbenjaminrpadovani: maybe it will break some kits too but those can be fixed by assigning the correct qt version later on again14:13
rpadovanizbenjamin, done14:15
zbenjaminrpadovani: next step: make sure ubuntu-sdk-dev is installed: apt-get install ubuntu-sdk-dev14:15
rpadovanizbenjamin, yap14:15
zbenjaminrpadovani: does /usr/ubuntu-sdk-dev/bin/qmake exist?`14:16
rpadovani-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 3.0M Nov  3 23:40 qmake14:16
rpadovaniseems so14:16
zbenjamincan you execute it? /usr/ubuntu-sdk-dev/bin/qmake -query14:17
rpadovanizbenjamin, yes, and now it says QT_VERSION:5.4.114:17
rpadovani(well, it says a lot of things)14:17
zbenjamincool, run "ubuntu-sdk-ide" now and see if you got the new desktop kit14:18
rpadovanizbenjamin, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13112563/14:20
zbenjaminrpadovani: where do you get that?14:21
zbenjaminrpadovani: running your project?14:21
rpadovanizbenjamin, as soon as I open ubuntu-sdk-ide in the console14:21
zbenjaminrpadovani: ok ignore that one for now14:22
zbenjaminrpadovani: thats a problem of either the friends plugin or the qmlplugindump14:22
rpadovanizbenjamin, ok, I changed the kit in the project tabs and now seems to work (I miss Bacon2d) - I try with another app, hang on a sec14:23
rpadovanizbenjamin, it works \o/14:25
rpadovanizbenjamin, thanks *so* much14:25
zbenjaminrpadovani: yaaay :)14:25
rpadovanizbenjamin, the only thing is that by default it uses 'Desktop' kit instead of 'Ubuntu Sdk Desktop', but it's not a so big problem14:26
rpadovanioh well14:26
zbenjaminrpadovani: when you create your project you need to select what kits you want14:26
zbenjaminrpadovani: just do not select the normal "Desktop" kit :)14:26
rpadovanithere is a 'Make default' button in the kits tab :D14:26
zbenjaminright :D14:27
rpadovanizbenjamin, next question: is it possible to build command line? :D14:27
rpadovaniwhat the heck I wrote?14:28
zbenjaminrpadovani: its possible to build commandline :D14:29
rpadovaniI mean, is it possible to build apps using hte command line with the new desktop kit?14:29
zbenjaminrpadovani: sure14:29
zbenjamincd <path_to_src> && mkdir build && cd build && /usr/ubuntu-sdk-dev/bin/qmake -r ../ && make14:29
jgdxany suggestions on how I could create a transient setting that is unset on reboot from qml?14:29
rpadovanizbenjamin, same thing for cmake? Of course s/qmake/cmake?14:30
zbenjaminrpadovani: depending on the tools you use you probably need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH though14:30
rpadovanithanks *so* much :)14:30
zbenjaminrpadovani: with cmake you need to tell cmake where to find the cmake files. So it picks up the correct qt14:30
zbenjaminrpadovani: i think those files are in /usr/ubuntu-sdk-dev/lib/cmake14:31
zbenjaminrpadovani: but i cannot remember the env var or cmake arg to pass that on14:38
rpadovanizbenjamin, if I try to use the sdk to compile webbrowser (cmake) I have this error? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13112684/ there is a better solution than give 777 to .ccache?14:41
zbenjaminrpadovani: weird , why would anything in your home folder not belong to you?14:49
rpadovanizbenjamin, well, no idea. To be honest I have no idea why it is .ccache and not .cache14:50
zbenjaminrpadovani: well ccache is something different: https://ccache.samba.org/14:52
rpadovanioh, I see14:53
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rpadovanizbenjamin, anyway, I fixed permissions there, now it says I miss <QtCore/QStorageInfo> - how can I install packages in the kit?14:57
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bzoltan_rpadovani: I am here too15:24
bzoltan_rpadovani:  I see I have arrived late :)15:25
bzoltan_zbenjamin:  you see, how easy to make people happy? :D15:25
zbenjaminbzoltan_: ;)15:26
hasselmmhi, how would i install qtdeclarative5-private-dev to chroot:click-ubuntu-sdk-15.04-armhf?15:27
hasselmma plain (and obviously stupid) "sudo schroot -c chroot:click-ubuntu-sdk-15.04-armhf -- dpkg-query -l qtdeclarative5-private-dev" doesn't seem persistent15:27
zbenjaminhasselmm: click chroot -a armhf -f ubuntu-sdk-15.04 maint apt-get install qtdeclarative5-private-dev:armhf15:30
hasselmmzbenjamin: ah, cool! thanks alot!15:31
hasselmmhmm... doesn't seem like qt 5.5 is available yet?15:37
dobeynot on the phone, no. it's 5.415:39
hasselmmhmm.... hmmm..... too bad. no quick porting then :-/15:41
rpadovanibzoltan_, zbenjamin yap, thanks for help - the only thing I miss that dependency - QtCore/Storage16:00
bzoltan_rpadovani: what package is that?16:01
zbenjaminrpadovani: be careful, you can not mix packages that are compiled with the system Qt and projects using the ubuntu sdk desktop kit16:02
rpadovanibzoltan_, should be in qtbase5-dev - zbenjamin, I'm trying to compile webbrowser16:03
zbenjaminrpadovani: are you trying to compile against the new Kit?16:03
rpadovanizbenjamin, yap, from inside the sdk16:05
zbenjaminrpadovani: you can not build against default qt packages then. Everything that is not part of ubuntu-sdk-dev you need to compile yourself (when itd depends on Qt)16:05
rpadovanizbenjamin, well, it should be part of qt 5.4 #include <QtCore/QStorageInfo>16:07
zbenjaminrpadovani: yeah its there16:08
rpadovanizbenjamin, well, then I don't understand why it says it's missing16:10
zbenjaminrpadovani: webbrowser is using cmake?16:10
rpadovanizbenjamin, yes, it is16:10
zbenjaminhmm maybe thats the problem and there is something wrong with the cmake installation16:10
zbenjaminthe cmake files of qt i mean16:10
rpadovanizbenjamin, something I can do to help you debug it?16:11
zbenjaminrpadovani: you sure its not something inside the cmake project files that checks for that file in the wrong place?16:11
rpadovanizbenjamin, on xenial I'm able to build it without any issue, so I don't think is related to the project16:12
zbenjaminrpadovani: but on xenial you build against the default system qt right, which is in a standard location16:13
rpadovanizbenjamin, right16:13
rpadovanizbenjamin, but it's strange i have problems only with that package - I include others libs before it and I have no problems16:16
rpadovanilike <QtCore/QStandardPaths>16:17
rpadovanizbenjamin, and indeed if I do locate QStorageInfo I have nothing16:19
rpadovaniand in /usr/ubuntu-sdk-info/lib there is nothing about storage16:19
mzanetti-popey, are we?16:29
popeymzanetti-, tricky with uos, can we tomorrow, maybe?16:30
mzanetti-popey, it's lunch break now :D16:30
mzanetti-popey, anyhow, no worries... tomorrow is fine I guess16:31
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