ali1234ogra_: so, u-boot can dump a fdt in memory. this is the diff between the dtb put in memory by broadcom, vs loading the same dtb with u-boot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13111353/09:34
ogra_ali1234, well, pretty much the cmdline .... overlays would show up there too i guess10:15
ali1234i didn't load any overlays but yeah they would10:15
ali1234but the serial number/mac stuff is in there too10:15
ali1234i reckon u-boot is capable of even loading overlays10:16
ali1234and even parameters10:16
ali1234it would need a really big script though10:17
ogra_i dont mind big scripts .... :)10:41
ogra_the question is, can uboot pverwrite 0x100 after you already loaded the blob fdt from there10:42
ali1234sure, of course10:42
ali1234it's just memory10:42
ogra_well, i guess it can ... the question is can it re-read from there rather10:42
ogra_or does it fall over if you call the fdt command twice10:42
ali1234no, absolutely not10:43
ali1234you can load a fdt, extract stuff from it, load a new one and insert stuff into it10:43
ali1234you can even have more than one in memory at once if you like10:43
ogra_so you can read the cmdline stuff and then overwrite with your own dtb10:43
ali1234you just change the active one with fdt <addr>10:43
ali1234*fdt addr <addr>10:43
ali1234and you can store the values into variables10:44
ogra_sure, thats what i do already when loading the initial dtb10:45
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