bbrawnerHi everyone, I'm looking into getting involved with the Ubuntu Development team, and I figured patching bugs would be a good place to start. Is there some way I could filter them by language though? I'm hoping to find some packages written in python that I could contribute to00:12
tewardbbrawner: there's no way to filter packages by that unfortunately00:12
tewardnot easily00:12
bbrawnerteward: Got it, thanks00:13
teward(for all intents and purposes, a "Package" is just that - a package, there's no tracking there of primary language)00:13
wxlactually you could probably make a py program to do that00:13
wxlleveraging the lp api00:13
tewardwxl: if and only if the projects are all on LP and state the languages, no?00:13
wxlindeed, teward, but at least you could shake something out00:13
tarpmanthere's debtags, not sure LP exposes them anywhere though00:13
tewardtarpman: i don't think it does00:14
tewardbut that's a #launchpad question00:14
wxltl;dr use the lp api bbrawner XD00:14
tarpmanhttp://debtags.debian.net/search/bytag?wl=implemented-in::python anyway00:14
bbrawnerwxl: I'll give it a shot00:14
tewardbbrawner: ^ that from tarpman, those packages probably exist in Ubuntu and can give you startpoints00:14
bbrawnerteward: tarpman: Thanks, I'll take a look at this too00:15
wxlbbrawner: see #launchpad-users for more help with that00:15
tarpmanyou could probably combine the LP api and debtags api and do some interesting stuff00:15
* wxl nods at tarpman 00:15
bbrawnerHaha sounds good00:15
tewardwxl: s/-users//00:15
teward(there is no launchpad users channel)00:15
wxlteward: you're a liar :)00:15
tewardwxl: go check it yourself00:16
wxlok fine you win00:16
wxlit's the mailing list that's launchpad-users :/00:16
teward#launchpad is the IRC chan ;)00:16
melodiehi, just a word to say I added the packagers/maintainers in charge of libgtk3-0, on the bug report page here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+3.0/+bug/151070914:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1510709 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "In Wily GTK libs depend upon additional packages relative to Vivid" [Low,Confirmed]14:08
tewardmelodie: you likely shouldn't be subscribing people unless you are told to.  No need to add the packagers/maintainers, usually people see these bugs...14:09
melodieteward ok, then what should I do to get the packagers to consider this seriously, even if it's marked as low?14:11
melodieteward I am doing my best to do things the right way, and if I fail doing so once a while I'm willing to do better14:12
melodiepatience : I'm very patient14:12
teward'get the packagers to consider this seriously' is also a sign you're impatient14:12
melodieI'd like it to be fixed by the time we reach the next LTS and I know that everything takes a lot of time14:13
melodieteward I can remove them from being suscribed, however I'd like them to be aware. How Debian and Ubuntu users could built their own light and lean version if the packages get 300 or more MB unexpected and uneeded depends...14:14
tewardI think you're missing some points there.  If it's really that huge an issue, file in Debian first for Debian to address.  If it's Ubuntu specific then update accordingly in Ubuntu, and propose a change with a patch or such.  Either way, you need developers to look at it, and you will need ***Patience***14:15
tewardand quite a bunch of it14:15
tewardespecially with UOS and sprints going on right now.14:15
melodieteward alright, I'll see if I can try something with Debian netinstall then, and reproduce the bug in Debian.14:16
melodiethere is a French buddy Debian user who is willing to test around this issue during this afternoon, and I'll try to see what version we must investigate.14:17
melodiethank you for your advice14:17
tewardyou're welcome.  :)14:18
melodieyour advice are always welcome!14:22
melodieI appreciate your help a lot14:23
tewardthat's one of the reasons we're here though :)14:26
* melodie sends a hug to teward 14:27
melodietoo late ^^14:27
tewardfiancee will 'nuke you from orbit'(TM)14:27
tewardshe doesn't like others hugging me14:27
teward(I don't really like it either :P)14:27
melodienever mind I send a hug to her too14:27
melodieand advice you to take good care of her :D14:28
melodiebetter : you could both come in vacation in my area, this is a wonderful place14:28
melodieok, now I have to go to other chans, thanks again and have a nice day14:29
tewardmelodie: good, you can pay for the vacation loljk14:29
melodieif I could I would but not being able to, I'll just offer the best adresses if you wish some in the future14:29
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