pleia2wxl: thanks :)00:14
wxlnp, pleia2 :)00:14
davidcalleMorning o/08:51
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czajkowskidavidcalle: https://twitter.com/Czajkowski/status/66220483133198336409:56
czajkowskithey do in fact exist :p09:56
davidcalleczajkowski, pains au chocolat! Fresh out of the oven? Do you *really* want me to hate you? :p09:58
czajkowski*nyom* nyom* sorry what did you say *nyom*09:59
davidcalleczajkowski, I hope they still have a lava-temperature chocolate core. :p10:02
czajkowskimelting in the mouth :)10:03
* dholbach relocates to the office, brb12:03
dpmdholbach, mhall119, davidcalle, popey, balloons, I'll be afk for ~1h, but back in time for the start. Could you promote the last day on the main Ubuntu social accounts?12:30
dpmballoons, all set for the closing plenaries? Plenary scheduled in summit too?12:30
balloonsI guess we need a session for that and slap it in there13:18
balloonsWe need someone around at 1500 for the mycroft session. davidcalle and i will both be occupied13:20
balloonsczajkowski or hggdh going to be around ?13:42
* dholbach won't be available :-/13:47
* davidcalle relocates home for UOS*, brb13:49
dpmthanks balloons13:50
czajkowskiballoons: sup13:55
balloonsczajkowski, howdy. So in 1 hour, we're having a mycroft session on the track, but no one is around to help Ryan set it up and make sure everything goes ok. Will you be around to help?13:56
czajkowskiballoons: aye can do what's needed, be on irc13:56
czajkowskior soemthing else ?13:56
popeyballoons, i can do it13:56
czajkowskiwas going to attempt to silence bash and all :)13:57
balloonspopey, thanks13:58
balloonsmhall119, are you summarizing the convergence track?14:07
balloonsmhall119, also if you have notes about UOS in general (how many people, # of sessions, etc), please add it to the track summaries document14:08
mhall119balloons: I will over lunch today, yes14:08
balloonsmhall119, I mean you will present it as well right during the closing ceremonies?14:08
jcastrohey guys14:19
jcastromy summary will be shirt/tiny/list of urls14:19
jcastroall our stuff was like workshops and demos14:19
czajkowskiI'd like a shirt too :)14:26
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jcastroI will have shirts for fosdem. :D14:37
josejcastro: GIMME14:41
popeyballoons, mycroft ryan is all set14:54
balloonsack, thanks gaina14:54
czajkowskijcastro: I shall have to send you a tshirt so!15:13
jcastroare you coming?15:14
jcastroto fosdem I mean15:14
czajkowskiI've missed it once in 10 years15:19
czajkowskiand I was exceptionally sick last year!15:19
czajkowskinever again!15:19
dpmballoons, I've prescheduled the track summary session as the Ubuntu On Air summit, updated ubuntuonair.com and the summit page. You should now be able to hit start as the G+ Ubuntu On Air user, and the presenters can join with the link in the summary doc15:42
* balloons hugs daker15:43
* balloons hugs dpm15:43
* dpm hugs back :)15:43
* daker hugs balloons too :p15:44
balloonshugs for everyone :-)15:47
davidcallepopey, can you help pstolowski for starting the Introduction to scopes session?15:48
popeyuh, okay.15:49
davidcallepopey, or anyone else from your track :)15:49
popeynah, it's all good :)15:49
czajkowskimhall119: you're missing frm the CC channel15:51
balloonsmhall119, popey, davidcalle, dpm, dholbach not sure how many of you can / will join http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22622/future-plans-for-uos/, but https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYdVv1skwyyfr7QPHAg3Y7g_1Fu59XAPbHFZDRnpcXD0ycJUzg?hl=en&authuser=115:59
dholbachin a session15:59
popeyi plan to15:59
popeybut helping others atm15:59
dpmballoons, I'll join. I was actually going to start it, so good you did already :)15:59
dpmballoons, will join in a minute once I've sent this e-mail15:59
mhall119balloons: let me make sure my convergence session is running okay and I'll join16:00
dpmballoons, omw16:02
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dpmhi daker, around?17:07
dakerdpm: hi17:09
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dpmdaker, there's a session coming up that you might be interested in, for the API integration part on loco.ubuntu.com: "Meetup.com for LoCo teams"17:11
dpmin 50 mins at http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22618/meetupcom-for-loco-teams17:11
dpmor on #ubuntu-uos-community if you're interested to join in17:11
dakerdpm: i'll try to join the irc and follow the session17:11
hggdhsorry, life got in the way, and we have a few dr appointments from Monday on.17:29
* dpm hugs hggdh17:39
* dholbach hugs hggdh too17:43
* hggdh hugs everybody (and get ready for one more dr appointment)17:47
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pleia2is anyone interested in writing up a basic wrap up of the UOS for the newsletter? I'm imagining something like, link to mark's keynote, link to jane's Q&A, link to track summaries video and "here's where you can find the rest of the videos about $foo, $bar, etc"18:25
mhall119pleia2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TVyB5jZDHbhVOzng_v9vuUZMYsuecd62ZEbS5K3RBJg/edit has most of the info, just needs to be edited/formatted18:26
pleia2mhall119: requested access18:26
mhall119pleia2: or maybe just link to http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/all/18:27
wxlwell the newsletter does tend to be more textual :)18:27
pleia2mhall119: I was asking for someone to actually write this up :) I know how to find the links to all the things18:27
pleia2wxl: ++18:27
pleia2I don't really have time this week to do it justice18:28
pleia2and with no one blogging about summits anymore to give summaries, UWN has been very very lean on coverage these past couple years18:28
popeyjcastro, does askubuntu still have that "make an advert for your thing, and it appears on the site" thing?18:29
pleia2so far all we have are a couple articles from softpedia and omgubuntu18:29
mhall119pleia2: where would somebody send such a writeup to get it on the newsletter?18:29
pleia2mhall119: the prep google doc http://bit.ly/vDkJyf18:29
pleia2I created a === Ubuntu Online Summit Concludes === header18:29
popeyfound it http://meta.askubuntu.com/questions/12379/community-promotion-ads-201518:30
mhall119pleia2: I'll try and do that after the summary plenary, but I can't promise anything18:30
pleia2mhall119: thanks18:30
mhall119thank me if I do it :)18:30
jcastropopey: yeah gimme a minute to find it18:32
pleia2hopefully someone can, would be a shame to let all the effort that goes into UOS go unreported to our community again18:32
jcastropopey: ^18:32
popeyjcastro, does it reset on jan 1?18:34
jcastropopey: they usually do but like all you do is C&P the old one into the new one18:38
popeyjcastro, and starts with all new adverts, so those at 32 votes can be usurped?18:47
jcastroit only needs 10 to make the rotation18:49
jcastroif you have 11 your ad isn't shown any less than the one with 5018:49
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balloonsso we should upboat popey's promo ad?19:41
popeynot yet19:41
popeydoesn't exist yet19:41
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